Story of two broken heart Episode 9

Thnks guy for comments and i think you are geting bore of my ff as i am not getying good response of you want me to stop i can or you want to give suggestion pleasr give it and please tell me what you like on my ff and whay you dislike

Next morning sumi goes to swaragini room and finds it lock and see through window and see ragini slepping in swara lap

sumi thinks god give all the happiness to my both daughters and may their love btw them never ends and see them and smile and go down
shekar and dadi sitting on sofa sumi comed their
shekar: how i face ragini
dadi: yeah i never think about the pain which she going through
shekar: i am a bad father cant understand my both daughters
sumi: dony say like this and goes to him
on the othet side in room ragini wake up and her eyes are red due to crying and she see swara sleeping and start carying her face
ragini: why swara yoi love me this much
swara get wake up see ragini ragini bend her head in guilt and start crying
swara see this and make her see up and wipe her tears
swara: no ragini you will not cry frm now

ragini: why swara why you love me this much after what i did with you why
swara: bcz you are by sistet and i love you more than any one and i know what you did with me but i also know that in this process yoi were hurt more seeing me
ragini: no swara i dont deserve this love i only deserve is hatness
swara: no ragini you deserve only love
ragini: no swara i have taken your lovr from you
swara:no ragini you havent taken anything from me and about lakash ragini you know love depends only on trust and he doesnot turst me it was not love ragini it was only attraction
ragini: but swara
swara: no ragini forget about past and become my old ragini bcz i miss her and our masti ans smiles
ragini hugs her and thank god for giving such a lovely sister and swaragini plays in bacground
rishtey yeh suro se banati

bajati ha yeh pyar ki duhan
ek dhup chanchal ek chandni phir bhi ek duje ke liye bani
dilo mr ha pyar bhara
suro se saje ha swara rago se rachi ha ragini swaragini swaragini
they both break the hug
swara: come ragini lets go downstairs
ragini: but how can i face them all
swara: dony woory i am with you
and hold ragini hand and goes down simi shekar and dadi stand seeing them and ragini see them and hide behind swara they botj come down
dadi: i am soory ragini i cant understand your pain
shekar: yeah ragini i am not the best father
ragini hering tjis brak down
ragini: how can you all forgive me so easily how
sumi: bcz you are daughter and its parents responsiblity that if their child go on wrong
path then takr them on right path by love
and she hug ragini

dadi: ragini please forgive us
ragini: no dadi please forgave me and dad yoi are the worlds best dad
ragini: i am so lucky that i got such a family mu sister mom dad dadi but i stupid betray my sister for that guy who dont even care of my fellinh how stupid i am
sumi: rahini forget about past and start a new life
ragini goes and jug sumi shekar and dadi
sumi like a child: everyone forget i dont talk to anyone
all laugh on her act
ragini: come my sona
and swara goes and hug they all have a group hug and song plays in background
ek dusare se karte ha pyar hum
ek dusare kr liye bekarar hum

ek dusare ke waste marna pade toh ha tyar hum
ha tyar hum

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