Story of two broken heart Episode 8

Thnks guys for support today my ff is little bit long if you get bored then I am soory
Todays episode start with ragini flowing swara and phone lucky
Lucky: yeah ragini
Ragini: laksh you urgently come to badi with ma papa
Lucky: what happen ragini anything serious
Ragini: you please don’t ask question come fast
And ragini cut the phone and swara reach to that mandir and go behind the temple on bridge
Swara: why god why you save me that day I cant tolerate this much hatness of my father god and now I have no strnght left I coming to you god
And she is about to jump ragini hold her hand

Ragini: what are you doing swara
Swara: ragini let me die after that everything become normal
Ragini: no
Swara: ragini let me die
And swara again try to jump but ragini hold her and give her a slap
Ragini: you will not do this
Swara: then what I do ragini
Ragini: I know
And she take swara to badi and swara see their lucky dp and ap dadi sumi shekar and eyes ragini questionly

Ragini: come with me
And they all go inside the house
Ragini: today I want to tell you something eyeing swara
Swara understand what ragini want to say
Swara: ragini please don’t do this please
Ragini: no swara today I got the courage if I not told tody I will die by this guilt
Shekar: what are you talking ragini
Sumi: yeah ragini there is no need of this
Ragini: please all of you let me talk I want to confess my crime today
Dadi: crime

Ragini: yes dadi ma crime you all know that swara is taking drugs but it is not actually true I have given her drugs and tell her to do what I say so that laksh family hate her but this not happen so at the marriage day I go swara with temple and I pushed swara in river and left her for death and came here and marry laksh and she started crying
Dadi gets shocked shekar get broken by ragini words and sumi and swara are crying lucky is eeing towards ragini shocked and goes to her
Lucky: don’t lie ragini you know what are you telling
Dadi: ha ladoo
Ragini: ha dadaima and this is truth
Ap: ragini I don’t except this from you

Dp: yeah ragini don’t your hand get shiver by pushing your sister in river
All see towards swara with a guilt and thought what they said to swara
Lucky goes and shakes her
Lucky: why you do this with me ragini why
Ragini: bcz I love you laksh I cant live seprate to you and I cnt live without you
Lucky angry: but you know na I love swara very much
Ragini: please laksh forgive me I love you laksh
Lucky: forgive and you no way ragini I will never love you I will only hate and now I will give divorce to you
All get shocked Ragini goes and hug laksh
Ragini: l love you laksh please don’t leave me give me one chance
Lucky: leave me and pushed her but swara hold her on time
Swara: enough of you all enough
Dadi: what are you saying swara she did this much with you and you
Swara: wait dadi I cant hear any word about my sister
And after hearing this ragini eyes her emotnally

Swara: what she did you all know but what we all did with her I told you
Swara: dadi firstly you restricted ragini in all her work and when its come to her marriage you fix her marriage without asking her and without asking her decision and when you know about laksh truth you give him chance and ragini starting loving laksh she imagens him as his husband but for ma baba she broke the relationship that much she loves ma baba but dadi you only opposes your decision on her never ask her decision you gave her false hope dadi about laksh
Ragini eyes swara emotnally and tear coming from her eyes

Swara: now you laksh maheswari firstly you broke the engament with ragini when she started forgetting you you came again in her life bcz you left house you again plays with her felling and fix enagemnt with her and when she again starting loving love from the core of the heart you again broke her heart telling that you love me not her think laksh what she fell that time you have only use her for your benefit nothing elase today the heart broken felling you have this felling you gave her two times

Swara: and me also never understand her pain she alays telling me that I love laksh but what I do I love you I betray her and mom and dad we never see her pain we all are responsible for the chage in ragini but she loves me too much that she knows after telling truth all hates her her husband to which she loves like mad hate her but she tell truth so that I don’t want to suffer
Swara: and uncle you if you first ask laksh about the alliance then nothing this will happen
All pesons are head bend in guilt as they know there is a role of their in ragini chage behavior and tears dropping from their eyes and wara also cryong
Ragini crying thinking what swara says and think how foll I am I betray swara for laksh who don’t love what I did I don’t have right to live

And she run and closes the door swara sumi shekar ap and dadi goes behind her and lucky is standing their only
Sumi: ragini beta open the door
Ragini: no ma I have done a big crime this is the punishment of my crime
Sumi: no ragini bets please don’t do this
Swara: ragini if you do anything to you then I will also do something
Ragini: no swara please
Swara: without you who gave me sister love
Ragini: I don’t deserve to be your sister swara
Swara: you know na ragini how stumbron I am open the door
And ragini open the the and goes inside and swara step inside all are try to come but swara stop them

Swara: I will take care of my sister and closes the door
And here lucky also go in his car to a sunshan area and start drinking
Here swra take ragini in her lap both are crying
Ragini swara I am soory I hurt you so much
Swara: no ragini I also hurt you
And swara start carrying her face and their sumi and shekar crying in their room and dadi in her room and lucky on road drinking
Ragini remember her moment with lucky bg music plays ya raba

Pyar hai ya sazaa, Aye mere dil bata,
Toot ta kyon nahi, Dard ka silsila,
Iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan,
Yeh pyar likhe kaisi kaisi dastan,

Ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar
Ho ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar

Ho pyar hai ya sazaa,Aye mere dil bata,
Toot ta kyon nahi, Dard ka silsila,
Ragini remember her metting with laksh and his rejacting her and she durgs swara and she pushed swara in river and swara fight for her to family and laksh words she cries
Kaisa hai safar waffa ki manzil ka,
Na hai koi hal Dillon ki mushkil ka,
Dhadkan dhadkan bikhri ranjishein,
Sansein sansein tooti bandhishein,
Kahin toh har lamha honthon Pe fariyaad hai,
Kissi ki duniya chaahat mein barbaad hai,

Ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar,
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar,
Ho ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar,
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar,

Swara remember her childwood days with ragini and moments of her with lakash and how ragini pushed her she also cries
Koi na sune sisakti aahon ko,
Koi na dharre tadapti baahon ko,
Aadhi aadhi poori khwahishein,
Tooti phooti sab farmaishein,
Kahin shak hai kahin nafrat ki deewar hai,
Kahin jeet mein bhi shaamil pal pal haar hai,

Ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar,
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar,
Ho ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar,
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar,

Ho Pyar hai ya sazaa,Aye mere dil bata,
Toot ta kyon nahi, Dard ka silsila? Ho-o,

Here on road lucky recisiming what she did with ragini and his moment with swara and swara words echoed in his mind laksh you are selfish you have use ragini felling for your own intest and when your work over you left her and laksh shout stop it and cries
Na pooch dard mandon se,
Hansi kaissi khushi kaissi,
Musibat sar pe rehti hai,
Kabhi kaissi kabhi kaissi,

Ho rabba, rabba,
Rabba ho-o-o,
Ho-o-o rabba.

And screnn splits in laksh crying and drinking and ragini in wara lap crying while swara carrying ragini crying

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