Story of two broken heart Episode 7


thnks guys for support and comments but I think you all has loose intrest in my ff so its better I stop it If you tell
Today episode start with swara fall on floor and the boy which come is sanskar and he is seeing her
Swara think what you did swara on the first day and start picking the files and stuff and arraging it on table with out seeing towards sanskar and on the other side sanskar see swara and think that he has seen her somewhere but did not rember
Here swara while arraging stuff said: I am really soory I didn’t did it internally please soory and in fastly her hand touch the pot of flower on table and it fell down and break
Swara closes her eyes and say soory and make a childish face
Sanskar remember her and smile seeing her face
Sanskar: its ok swara but don’t repeat this mistake ok
Swara is surprised hearing her name and open her eyes and see sanskar
Swara: you I think boss come hi that day I forget to tell you thnks
And goes to her

Swara: thnks for saving my life
Sanskar: its ok swara
Swara: so you work here na I also came here for job I heard that our boss sanskar is very rude and worholic
Sanskar: who said this
Swara: someone but you tell is that correct or not
Sanskar: yeah its right
Swara: oh shit I asked you all the question but foget to ask your name
Sanskar: so my name is sanskar and I am the owner of this company
And sanskar goes and sits on chair and swara shocked to hear that he is sanskar and think what she said
Swara goes to her
Swara(tansed): please sir soory I didn’t tell it intensally
Sanskar: don’t take tension all employs has this image of me so here for pa job so lets start the interview ok

And sanskar start the inter view and takes her inter view and tell her to sit outside while he take other interview after interview get over and call swara
Sanskar: so swara you are selected for this job you can join from day after tomarrow
Swara: thnk you sir
Sanskar: and swara be carefull I don’t accept any mistake and lazyness
Swara: ok sir
Sanskar: and our office has dress code better you wear that
Swara: ok sir
Sanskar: and riya tell about your work when you join
Swara: ok sir
And leave the cabin
Sanskar thinks what a talkative girl and here swara think swara cant you control your tounge its better that he don’t get angry and goes from their
Swara reach badi and see sumi and goes top her
Swara: ma a good news I get the job
Sumi gets happy and tell god bless you beta
Swara ask about shekar sumi tell her that he will come late and they talk with each other
On the other side in maheswari mansion

Lucky and all come from office and do dinner and go to their rooms
There is complete silence in ragini and lakash room both are thinking something and after some time lucky falls asleep and ragini see him and think don’t know tomarrow when you know my truth how you react I think you left me but I have to do this I cant see my sister for paying for that mistake which she has not done and lay down on bed but cant sleep whole night
Next morning after lucky and all goes to office ragini take ap permission and go badi and on the other side swara open her house door and see shekar coming and suddenly see the things he has taken fell and swara goes to help but he resist
Swara: baba I want to tell you that I got a job
And their ragini also come but stand on gate seeing swara and shekar standing with each other
Shekar is going
Swara: baba don’t you bless me
Shekar turn

Shekar: what blessing who is I am to bless you
Swara: baba please don’t talk like this I am your daughter
Shekar: I has only one daughter that is ragini
Swara: baba please forgave me na please baba
Shekar: swara I cant forgave you for this mistake you know I tell ragini that be like swara but today I thnk god that she is not like you I proud on her but you insulted me in front of whole world you are dead for me I don’t have any relation with you and shekar goes in the house ragini who is hering all this start crying
Swara after hering this break and start crying and telling don’t talk this baba
And suddenly a thought come in her mind and she tell I have to do this I have no option left and goes from badi ragini call her but she doesnot listen so ragini go behind her swara take auto and goes ragini also take auto and follow her

Credit to: queen

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