Story of two broken heart Episode 6

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Todays episode start with ragini crying and seeing swara going and swara also crying and bg music plays
Yeh kasie bat hui ha
Dil ke sang gath hui ha
Apna hua ha bewafa
Chal jati ha jab dil pe ariya
Ek pal me bikhar jati ha yariya
Koi dil ke tukade kare
Koi dil ke tukde chuney
Roothi ha sur se ragini
Swaragini swaragini

And swara goes from maheswari mansion and ragini is seeing till then she goes and come inside and swara goes to badi
In badi
Swara enter the house and close the door and fell on cry bitterly she is felling pain which is given by both her sister and lover and by her family she want to shout and tell them that there is no mistake of her but she cant do that and but shecan cry and after some time she sleep on floor itself

In maheswari mansion ragini make the sweet and all prasises her and after some time ap tell lucky and ragini that we have to go badi for rituals and they all go to badi
Ragini comes to badi with lucky ap and sujata and dadi see them and hug ragini
Dadi: lado how you
Ragini: hum thk ha dadi
Swara get up by hearing lado name
Swara: ragini has come
And she open the door and see ragini and all and smile but all ignore herand go in home but ragini is seeing her with tear in her eyes
Then dadi come and take her in
Their ritual start firstly ring finding in which ragini win then kuldevi pooja and they did lunch their and after luch ap sujata and dadi talking and lucky is sitting with shekar and ragini goes to sumi

Ragini: ma why swara is leving their
Sumi: bcz shekar does not want to see her face and tell her to not leave here
Ragini get sad and sumi thinking I cant ell you anything that I know everything but I cant hate you also you are my daughter and hug ragini
After sometime they all stated going and swara come out of the house and ragini touching feet of elders
And the women gathered their see swara
Women 1: see how sameless these swara after doing much insult of her family has guts to came here again
Women2: these type of girls don’t have same the girl who can run from her marriage can do anything
Women1: yeah by seeing both ragini and swara no one tell that they are sister one is obident other is sameless

Women2: this only depend upon the sanskar given to them
Women: yeah otherwise till now she should died of same but see there is no guilt on her face
Swara hearing this cryingly goes inside the house and ragini also has tear in her eyes her heart telling that tell them the whole truth that you are responsible you are shameless but not swara tell them but her mind saying no ragini if you tell truth your love will be away from you and she stop herself
And dadi tell them soory and they goes and swara in her room crying
On the next morning swara wakes
Swara: enough is this swara now you will not cry now you have to gain your baba and dadi love and have to move on your life and take newspaper and see job vancy and see a job vacancy of personal assistant in karma company and swara goes and get ready for interview and goes from badi to company
In the maheswari mansion ragini come and cry and think I can live with this guilt I will tell them everything don’t know what happen but now I cant see my sister in pain now its my turn to bear all hateness and pain which is for me not swara
Scene shift to karma company
Swara enter and see a lady (she is riya ) and swara goes to her and tell her about pa post
Riya: so you come for interview
Swara: yeah

Riya: please come with me
Swara: yeah and whats your name
Riya: my name is riya yours
Swara: swara
Riya: nice name
Swara: what is our boss name
Riya: sanskar sir and swara I tell you he is very strict towards work and he need all work on time
Swara: oh so he is a workaholic

Riya: you can say that
And they reach to sanskar cabin and riya tell her to go inside and sit sir is coming swara goes in cabin and say beautiful and goes near sanskar chair and see some file and start seeing them and suddenly a voice come hey who are you what are you doing here and swara got scared and with file and some stuff on table fall on ground
Screen splits in confused face of sanskar and scared face of swara

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