Story of two broken heart Episode 5


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Soory guys for late update as I was buys in my projects and thnks to all guys wo are reading my ff and commenting
Next morning swara get ready and think today is my sister first day in his inlaws I should go to meet her and think how she wishes for every new work to her and she came out and see dadi coming and goes to him
Swara: dadi and bend to get blessing but dadi moves away and go to house sumi is standing at door seeing all these
Swara: dadi talk to me if you want to scold me scold but don’t do this
Dadi: sumi tell this girl I am not her dadi and I have only one niece that is my lado and no one else and go inside house and sumi and swara start crying and then swara left to maheswari house

In maheswari house
Ragini get wake up and goes in kitchen and bring lemon juice for lucky and when she come in room she see lucky awake holding his head and goes to him
Ragini: laksh take this lemon juice your hangover get over and extend the lemon juice glass
Lucky take the glass and say soory for his behavior
Ragini: its ok lakash but please don’t drink from now as if any family member see you like this they fell very bad

Lucky: ok ragini I will not do it and drink lemon juice and goes to washroom as lucky goes to washroom someone knocks their room and ragini opens it and see ap and bend to take blessing
Ap: today is your first day in this house so you have to made some sweet for all family member
Ragini: ji ma I am coming after getting ready and ap goes and ragini closes the door
After some time all maheswari family is sitting in hall exept lucky and ragini as they are in their rooms and swara come their all are stunned seeing her
Sujata: chori what are you doing here

Swara: I want to tell you all soory for my mistakes and want to meet my sister
Dp: swara I thought that something happens to you that’s why you not come to attend weeding but you are accepting your mistake I cant belive that you can do this
Tear rolling down from swara eyes
Sujata: I tell you bhaisa that this girl is not eligible for our lucky but you don’t belive
After hearing shout coming from outside ragini and lucky come out of the room and goes towards hall and see swara lucky by seeing swara get happy while ragini seeing swara alive get happy but a guilt come in her heart

Sujata: see jiji such a sameless girl after insulting her family come here and saying soory
And ragini hear this and fell bad for swara all started crusing swara and swara is listening and not utter a word
Lucky and ragini come to hall and swara see them
Lucky: why you came here swara now what is left to destroy you has played my felling now why you come here just enjay your freedom
Swara: lucky I come here to tell you soory
Lucky: not lucky I an laksh maheswari for you you have lost the right of calling me lucky and soory is small word I cant forgave you in my whole life for what you have done with me
And hold his hand and take her out of the house and ragini goes behind her
Lucky: now I have no relation with are such a shameless girl
Ragini who is hearing all this felling bad for swara as she is getting punishment for the mistake which she has not done brust
Ragini: please lakash now I don’t want to hear any word angaist my sister
Lucky and swara look at her

Lucky: see swara how much your sister love you and bcz of you she has to married me
Ragini: lakash please I want to talk to my sister alone
Lucky goes inside now only swara and ragini are standing ragini goes to swara
Ragini: swara I am so happy to see you alive and hug her but there is no response from swara
Ragini: please swara talk to me scold me slap me but please don’t stand like this I cant see you like this why are you facing so much insult bcz of me why you don’t tell everything to them please swara talk your silence is killing me please swara and bend on her knees
Swara make her stand and tell I am her to give wishes to my my sister for her married life you forget I wish you when you first for all your life events and give him a box and tell that I have bring you yours faviroute sweet

Ragini: swara how can you behaving normal after I done this much with you you should cruse me
Swara: no ragini you are my sister and and I love you more than my life how should I cruse you I came here to wish you and tell you toalways make happy your inlaws and give box to ragini and goes as swara truns and start crying and thinking ragini your betrayl has broken me from inside but I don’t want to show you that I know after knowing these you fell guilty and on the other side ragini is also crying thinking swara I know you love me so much but what I did with you I know you are broken from this and behaving normal so that I cant fell guilt in my heart


Credit to: queen

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  1. a small request … can u make swara accept lakshs love when he tells her to come back into his life after evryone finds out raginis truth… plz its a request

  2. Super episode

  3. first time I liked swara character more than ragini character

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