Story of two broken heart Episode 4


Guys thanks for your support I will make ragini character positive soon in which she become innocent ragini again

Todays episode start with swara going to sumi mom house and sumi also goes and sumi tells
Sumi: but swara you love lakash
Swara: no ma our love is not thar much strong as if our love is strong lucky should have wait for me but he doesnot belive and wait for me
Sumi: I will ask ragini why she did this with you
Swara: no ma you will not tell anything to ragini it’s a promise and if you tell anything I will do something to me

Sumi: stop it swara ok I will not tell anything to her but I live with you
Swara: no ma papa needs you more you go please I want to be alone please ma
Sumi goes from their and swara close the door
And on the other side dadi parineta take ragini to lucky room
Dadi: lado from today your new life is starting god bless you
Parineta: yeah ragini if you need something tell me
Ragini noded in yes and dadi and parineeta left the room and ragini start cheking room and see swara and lucky name and fells bad after sme time when lucky not come she goes to balcony and hear some voice

Ragini soul: so now you are happy
Ragini: who are you
Ragini soul: I am your inner voice
Ragini: what you want
Ragini soul: nothing I came to congratulate for your marriage with your sister lover
Ragini: no he is not of swara he is mine only
Ragini soul: no he is only of swara he married only you in anger nothing else
Ragini: no way he is only mine
Ragini soul: then where is your so called love for which you have try to kill your own sister
Ragini: but I love him he my life he is my only love
Ragini soul: what love ragini so you forget the love which swara is given to you from childwood and what you did you betray her why ragini why
Ragini doesnot answer
Ragini soul: what happen to you you also know that you did wrong with your sister you betroy her ragini

Ragini: stop it
Ragini soul: you betray her ragini you betray her
Ragini closes his eyes and shout stop it and open eyes and see there is no one and fell on floor and tell yeah I betray my sister but what should I do I love laksh and crying bitterly
On the other side swara in her room thinking about her childwood how much ragini love her and all the moments coming in front of her eyes and she started crying and thinking why ragini why you did this with me if you tell me once that you love laksh I will automatically remove from your way but why you make my fun in front of whole world and families I am not that much hurt that lucky doesnot belive me but I am life less by your betrayal ragini and lay on bed and started crying

Screen shift ragini showing her crying and then on swara shown crying and bg music plays
Yeh kasie bat hui ha
Dil ke sang gath hui ha
Appna hua ha bewafa
Chal jatti ha jab dil pe arriya
Ek pal me bikhar jati ha yarriya
Koi dil ke tukade gine
Koi dil ke tukade chune
Ruthi ha sur se ragini
Swaragini swaragini

And screen split in two parts showing both sister crying
Then scene shift on road where lucky is sitting on his car and drinking alcohol and thinking his moment with swara and think swara I thought this will be the best memories of mine but now these memories are night mare for me why you did this with me I love you from the bottom of my heart but what you did you betray me for your so cold freedom I will never forgive you swara neaver ever and broke the bottle on road suddenly their police come and the head see lucky in drunken state and drop him to maheswari mansion and he goes to his room and ragini see him and goes and see him in drunken state

Ragini: lakash you drink wine
And lucky goes near her and in place of ragini swara is seeing
Lucky: so swara you come you know swara I hate you I hate you swara and tightly hold her hand I hate you I will never forgave you swara but I cant hate you swara I love you and put hand on her cheeks and see swara smiling and fall sleep he is about to fall ragini hold him and put on bed and see his hand which become red due to his grip and then see him and cry screen splits in three parts swara and ragini crying and lucky in sleep telling swara i love you


Credit to: queen

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  1. Superb waiting for next episode

  2. Nice episode..continue

  3. hey dear very nice episode actually i left watching swargini after this track as i felt that making ragini evil was wrong but reading your ff is making me understand the story as well as your ff nd dear please make ragini positive soon not like the serial where it iss still in development and dear can you please give me link to written updates of this song as i wanted to read them and tried to search but didn’t get it so please
    i mean song of swaragini tittle song

  4. Nice episode

  5. […] Story of two broken heart Episode 4 […]

  6. Hyyyy it’s almst sm in d real srl knw evrytng is same almst

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