Story of two broken heart Episode 3


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todays episode start with sanskar drove swara her house and at badi ragini bidai get started
dadi: lakash keep my lado always happy and hug him and then ragini goes to shekar snd hug him shekar blesses him and then she goes to sumi she is sitting like a stone thinking as what happen to their daughter life
ragini: ma hume ashirwad nahi degi

sumi hear thid and tear start flowing down from her eyes and she hug ragini then all bidai ritual done then they are about to go dadi stop them
dadi: dp we all know this marriagre is happen in which condition so i want to come with lado
dp: ok

and ragini and all left to maheswari mansion
on the other side swara is reciming his childwood daud with ragini how used to they love each other and how she pushed hom in the river she started crying and sanskar see this and think that seems shr get a life biggest pain and gives him his hanky swara takes and and wipes tears and they come to badi and swara came out of car and directly go inside but siddenly she thought that i have tell thank to that boy and goes but he left the place swara think he has no relation with me but he helped me so much such a nice guy and then she enter badi and see all guest are gone and she goes to her house and knock the door sumi open the door
sumi: swara where are you beta and whats this pointing towards his head how this happen
shekar comes and tell who is this sumi and see swara
shekar: now why are you here go and enjoy your freedom
swars: papa please listen to me
shekar: so now you want to tell something but i dont want to lisent sumi tell him in this house she live or me
and goes from their and swara start crying
sumi console him and tell him ro say what happend and swara says him the whole truth and sumi
shocked hearing this truth

sumi: i cant belive ragini could do this
swara:ma i also cant belive
thid but this is true
sumi is going to tell this to shekar but swara stop him
swara: ma please dont tell anything to any one i dont want my sistet face any hatred please ma i know how she fell when she pushed me in river
sumi: but beta you are paying for that punishment which you have not done
swara: ma ragini will realise jis mistake and she herslef tell every one and you promise you dont tell anything to anyone till that promise
sumi cryinly say my daughter become so matured and hug him swara is about to go
sumi: where are you going i will talk to your father
swara tell no ma noe come in this house when papa come and take me without forcing
sumi: but beta where do you livr
swara: in that house pointing towards sumi mom hoise and goes in to take stuff and goes to that house anf sumi see him going
on the other side maheswari mansion ragini grhapravesh is done and ragini is taken to room with dadi


Credit to: Queen

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  1. hey queen dear , don’t you think you made ragini’s character very evil as in the serial sanskaar made her evil but in your FF she did it all herself seriously shocked dear , and dear hopefully its not same as serial and ragini becomes good soon…

  2. Nice…keep on writing

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