Story of two broken heart Episode 2


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Todays episode start with ragini coming home and sumi goes to swara and doesnot find her she check washroom and the whole house but doesnot find swara any where then she goes to ragini
Ragini is thinking what she has done with his sister but her mind telling that she has done write and her mind overpower her heart thought and she come in senses by hearing sumi voice
Sumi: ragini beta have you see swara
Ragini: no ma

Sumi: you has gone with her temple na
Ragini: no ma she said that I do work here she will go alone
Sumi call her but she is not picking the call sumi get worried and tell to shekar and all gets worried as barat has come on the doorstep and swara is no where after some time shekar goes to dp and tell him that swara is nowhere she has gone to temple but didn’t come till yet
On the other side ragini has send a vedio message of swara which she has taken by giving him drugs and by swara mobile send it to laksh phone
Dp tells everyone that swara is missing all get shocked and dp is about to call police but laksh stop him

Lakash: wait papa I know where is swara
And start the vedio all see the vedio and lucky get shatter and think why swara why you did this to me
All belive in vedio but sumi doesnot belive and tell that swara cant do any thing like that
Ragini: yeah ma is telling right if swara has done mistake we have to give him another chance
Sumi: belive me my sona cant do this there is something happen to her
Dadi: after seeing the vedio you are telling this I cant belive swara can do this
Shekar is stunned and not talking
All are chanting about swara and telling that when one sister is like that then another one is also like that now who will marry ragini
Ragini hear this and go to room and close the door and all go behind her and they see ragini from a open window she is about it drink poisin
Lakash: wait ragini what are you doing

Dadi: lado ruk ja
Ragini: no dadima two times my engagement is broken and now swara did this now who will marry me
Lakash: I will marry you ragini please open the door
Ragini open the door and laksh take to the hall and announce that he will marry ragini
Raggini and laksah marriage start and laksh is thinking that swara why you betray me I will never forgave you and their marriage completed and they take elder blessing
On the other side swara is flowing with the flow of water and get hit by a stone and after some time a boy come out of his car and sit there on a stone and a voice echoed in his mined you know my babu I love this place why I don’t know but I love it and a smile come on his face suddenly he see swara lying and goes to her and see jis head get hurt and take in his arms and put in car and go to hospital and admit her

Sanskar: doctor save him
Doctor tell him we have to do operation do you zare his relative as without permission we cant do opearation
Boy: she is my wife
Doctor tell him to do formalities and the boy goes to do formalities nurse gave him the form
The boy completed the form but left the relative column and the boy is about to go nurse call him
Nurse: wait you have left the relative column blank you are his husband na then write your name here

The boy written the name sanskar and swara is taken to ot and after some time doctor come and tell sanskar that your wife is out of danger and give him the list of medicine to buy
Sanskar goes to buy medicines and come and meet doctor and doctor tell him that she has gain consciousness and sanskar goes to meet him
Swara gain consciousness and see him in the hospital and ask nurse who brought me here and nurse tell him your husband and point towads sanskar and swara shocked and nurse goes outside and swara seeing sanskar shocked

Sanskar come near her
Sanskar: hey don’t think me wrong they ask me the relation with you and I hurridly say you are my wife I am soory If you get hurt
Swara: its ok and thnks for the help
Sanskar: how did you fell in that river
Swara start thinking how ragini pushed him amd start crying
Sanskar see him crying say ok you don’t want to tell me its ok
Swara see sanskar and tell him that you have did this much help of me do one more helpi want to go go my home you please drop me
Sanskar: no your are weak and doctor told complete rest
Swara start crying: please I have to go please drop me
Sanskar : ok

And swara goes to change and is walking but not able to walk then hold him in his arms and take it to car and sitted him and drove towards her house

Credit to: queen

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  1. ragini is such a devil

  2. dont right same stry of serial yar

  3. hey queen dear just a doubt , in your ff is ssanskar involved in ragini’s plan and all that acting as a mad person as in the epsiode i feel like this is their first meet ,please confirm my doubt dear

  4. Your story is same as shown in serial.
    There is no suspens
    Little boring

  5. Nice….keep on writing

  6. Yeah its their first meet and their is no role of sanskar on breaking swara marriage

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