Story of two broken heart Episode 17


Soory guys please paradon me really soory for this much late update as I am having net connection problem hope you guys understand
Todays episode start with lucky coming home and see ragini helping ap in kitchen and he goes to room and get freshnup and all members are sitting at dinning table and lucky goes and see ragini not their
Lucky: ma I am coming in one sec.
Ap: ok beta
Lucky goes to kitchen and see ragini their both see each other
Lucky: vo I want some water
Ragini: ok wait I will give
Ragini take the glass of water and about to give him but due to water on floor she was about to fall but lucky hold her and both have a deep eyelock and bg music ma soch na sake song plays after some time they compose themselves

Lucky: are you fine
Ragini: yeah I am fine
Ap: ragini beta come fast
And they both go and see only two chairs are vacant and that to near each other ragini and lucky see each other
Ap: come beta sit
Ragini: no ma I will serve you all then I will eat
Sujata: no we have two hands and today we serve itself you sit
Ragini sit next to lucky and start eating all gesture each other by smile as they want both of them to be one
As ragini eating she started coughing badly lucky get panic and give her water and start rubbing her back and see worriedly
Lucky: eat slowly ragini food is not running

Ragini see him nd then he see his hand on his back and imdeatly take off and they again started eating
Here in swara come from office and tell them about her going to goa tomarrow for meeting firstly sumi don’t agree then she get agree and they do dinner and go to room here ragini and all do dinner and go to their rooms
As ragini go to guest room and start seeing moon and recall today incident and lucky also go in blcony and see moon and think today ragini after so many days talk to him and a smile come on hie face as it is the first step on his mission
And ragini recalling lucky care and a tear of drop come in her eyes suddenly her phone ring and swara name is flashing on it a smile came on ragini face
Swara: ragini I am missing you badly
Ragini: me to my sona
Swara: what happen ragini are you crying did lucky said something to u tell me
Ragini: no swara I am missing u that’s it
Swara: paka na
Ragini: ha meri ma aur bato ma baba dada dadi kase ha
Swara: all are fine and missing you
Ragini: ok swara when are you going to goa for metting
Swara: tomarrow you know I will go with my boss
Ragini: its ok swara but take care of yourself and before going call me ok
Swara: ji lado ma aur kuch
Ragini smiles: no
Swara: ok bye ragini take care of yourself love u
Ragini: love u too my sona
And both sleep

Next day swara get ready and pack her stuff and do breakfast and take blessing of all sanskar comes out and swara goes and sit in car
Sanskar: gm sir
Sanskar: gm swara all files are ready
Swara: yeah sir
Swara: oh shit lado will kill me now
Sanskar: what happen swara
Swara: nothing sir I have to call my sister
Swara calls ragini ragini is busy in making breakfast seeing swara call
Ragini: ma swara has called me so will I go
Ap: go beta
Ragini go and attend the call
Ragini: swara why didn’t you call me you know its 8:30am I am missing your call
Swara childish expression: soory lado
Sanskar see this and smiles
Ragini: its ok have you taken all your stuff na
Swara: yeah ragini I am on the way of my journey
Ragini: ok put phone on spekar
Swara: why
Ragini: I telling you na do that
Swara put phone on speaker
Ragini: excuse me sir I want a favor from u

Sanskar: yeah tell me ragini
Ragini: sir you know me
Sasnkar: yeah your sister talk about you by the way I am sanskar
Ragini: sanskar ji please will you take care of my sister she is still a child by her behavior
Sanskar: yeah that’s right
Swara: ragini I am big now I will take care of myself
Sanskar: really
Swara: yeah
Ragini: swara you don’t fight I know you very well sanskar ji please take care of her
Sanskar: ok ragini I promise I will take care of your sister
Ragini: thnku and swara happy journey love u
Swara: love u too

And cuts the call
Sanskar : oh now I have to take care of a child now
Swara : very funny I am not a child understand
Sanskar: really but see your expression and laughs
Swara: what I am mature and lado she is always telling like this only
And swara also laugh and sanskar see her laughing
Here scene shift to mm

Ragini: ma I am going to music classes
Ap|: ok beta
Their lucky comes
Lucky: I am going if you don’t have ant problem I will drop u
Ragini: but
Ap: its ok beta go with him
And ragini go with lucky screen splits on ragini going with lucky and swara going with sanskar
They 4 don’t know that they are going with their soule mates


Credit to: queen

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