Story of two broken heart Episode 16

Thnk u guys for love and support for my ff
So guys after your suggestions I will make the new entry by which lucky relasie his love with some twist and turns
Todays episode start with swaragini wake up early and ragini is doing her packing and sumi and swara is helping her
Sumi: I will miss u ragini so much
Ragini: me too ma
Sumi: ragini please tell me are u happy going their if not tell me I will not send u
Ragini: no ma its ok its only matter of 6 months
Sumi: ok beta
And hug her
Swara: so u both forget me thast so bad
Ragini: how can we forget our kido sona
Swara: I am not a kid
Ragini: come
And they three hug each other
Outside lakash came and dadi call ragini

Dadi: ragini beta come
And see lucky angrly
Ragini swara and sumi come with ragini luggage
Ragini take blessing from dadi
Dadi: if any problem come talk to me ok
And then she take shekar blessing
Shekar: take care of your beta
Ragini: ji ma
In the mean time swara goes to lucky
Lucky: hi swara
Swara: hi
There is a silence btw them
Swara: lakash plese take care of my sister

Lucky: yeah I will
Swara: and please this time don’t break her heart I have see her crying I nights alone I cant see her in pain again I hope u will understand and goes towards ragini
Lucky hearing this fell that someone stabbed his heart but he control his emotions
Swara goes to ragini and hug her
Swara: I will misss my lado very much
Ragini: I will also miss my sona
Swara: I will call u daily ok whenever I want to talk to u and u if any problem come u will me me promise
Ragini: ok promise to my sona
And they both hug each other dadi shekar sumi get happy seeing their bonding and swaragini plays in background
Lucky: ragini lets go

And he take ragini luggage and bids everyone bye and swara goes with her upto car
Swara: bye ragini I will go office now
Lucky: wait swara if u don’t have any problem I will drop u
Swara: no I will go myself and ragini u take care of yourself
Ragini : yes and you also and come come at time and do your dinner properly
Swara smiles: ok meri lado ma
Ragini smiles and lucky smiles a little bit seeing their bonding but a guilt came in his mind that he came in btw both of them
Lucky and ragini sit in car and swara take a taxi and bid bye to ragini and goes
Here in car ragini is struggling to close seat belt but unsuccessful lucky see this
Lucky: may I help you
Ragini remove her hand signaling him to help
Lucky goes near her now distance btw them is very less and and ragini is seeing lucky and lucky is closing seatbelt suddenly due to air ragini hair come on lucky face
Ragini remove them and say soory

Lucky see her and they share an eye lock and distance btw them is very less bg music ishq wala love plays
Suddenly they compose themselves and lucky sit on driving seat and start the car
Ragini think what happened to u control your emotions and here lucky is thinking what happened to me now and they drove towards mm
Here swara come to office and come to her cabin and sit and start doing work on gupta and sons file and sanskar is in his cabin doing work as working swara hairs coming on her face suddenly sanskar see towards swara cabin and see doing her work and see her hairs coing on her face and she removing them he memerised seeing her after some time swara get irritated and make pony of her hairs sanskar was sataring her and then she put pen in her mouth and looking like a kid a smile come on sansaker face seeing
Sanskar: how childish she

And start seeing him sanskar come in senses by a knock
Riya: sir may I come in
Sanskar: yeah
Riya give him some file and go from their and sanskar think what happeing to me why I am looking like this with her don’t know and start doing his work
After some time swara came to sanskar cabin and give him gupta and sons file
Swara: sir what time we will go tomarrow
Sanskar: at 8:00 am I will pick u from your house don’t take tension
Swara: ok sir
And turn and about to go

Sanskar: so swara how your sister
Swara was surprised by his question as he not ask question like this to anyone
Swara: yeah sir she is fine
Sanskar: I surprised to see your both bonding and think about lucky a pain come in his heart and he hide it but his eyes shown it
Swara: thnk u sir and swara see that pain

Sanskar: ok now u leave
And swara goes to her cabin and think sir is hiding something I have seen intense pain in his eyes don’t know what is that aand see towards sanskar cabin and see him working
Swara: I think that he is so much pain that’s why he always make him busy in work
Here scene shift towards mm and lucky and ragini came out of car and ragini se the house and get emotional all the old memories flashing in her mind and intrupted by a voice
Lucky: come ragini
And they both go inside ap do arti of ragini and by seeing this tears coming from ragini eyes and and she bend her head

Ap: what happen ragini
Ragini: ma humne itni badi galti ki aur aap huse naraj nahi ha
Ap: beta we do all do mistakes in our life if someone repent its mistake and want onther chance so we have to give it
Ragini: but ma I have done a crime not mistake u should be angry on me
Ap: firstly I was angry on u but u realize your mistake and that is very much imposrant and u want to become good so its our responsibility to help u in these
Ragini fell on ap legs

Ragini: I am so lucky that I get a family like u all
Ap makes ragini stand and hug her
Lucky and all family member see this and tear come from eyes and ragini say soory to all of them and all forgive her
Ragini: ma I have a request
Ap:yeah tell ragini
Ragini: ma for this six months I will live in guest room if you alldont have any problem
Ap:but ragini

Dp: ok beta as u wish ap put ragini laggaue in guest room ok
Ragini u now go do some rest and ragini goes towards guest room and lucky go to office with dp
Ragini in room ap word ecoing in her mind if some one want to repent his mistakes we should give them one chance
Ragini think should I give chance to lucky nut her mind is saying no ragini he will again betray u and ragini closes her eyes here in office lucky

Lucky: thank god giving me one chance from now I will make ragini face smiling like she used to smile earlier and get my frnd back and closes her eyes
Screen splits in closed eyes of ragini and closed eyes of lucky


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