Story of two broken heart Episode 15

Soory guys for late update
Guys I have two ideas which I imply please comment
1) In ragini life new entry of any one and make them pair
2) Or new entry in ragini life and lakash relaise his love by that
3) Guys please give me your opinion
Episode start with next day in badi swara call office and take half day
Ragini: thnku swara for coming with me
Swara: so u don’t think me your sister
Ragini: no no nothing like that
Swara: then why are u saying thnku

Ragini: acha baba soory
Shekar: ragini swara come
And shekar with sumi swara and ragini left for court here dp,ap and lucky left for court
Shekar sumi and swaragini reach court and after that dp, ap and lucky also reach their as their case has to be started after some time so they have to wait
Swaragini take blessing from dp and ap while shekar and sumi greets them
Ragini stares at lucky who is staring ragini ragini is felling low seeing him swara senses it and goes and hold ragini hand and ragini see her and gave a fake smile
After sometime their case hearing start judge hear all the arguments and declare his decision
Judge: we are giving you both 6 months time and in that time u both have to live with each other and you have to give chance to your relation ship and then after you want divorce you will get it
All are shocked hearing the decision all came out of court
Shekar: no ragini we cant left u their
Ragini: its ok papa its only six months time I will manage
Swara: ragini are u sure

Ragini: yes swara
Ragini: but bade papa I will go to my musical class
dp: no u are the daughter in law of our house what people will think
ragini: bade papa I am daughter in law of your house for 6 months after I have to make my own image on my strength and I will not do any work which will ashame u
dp: ok ragini
lucky is happy as he got chance to repent his mistakes
all go to their home but swara go to office and ragini to musical class
swara reach office and riya tell her that boss has called her to cabin swara goes in sanskar cabin
swara: sir may I come in
sanskar: yeah come in
swara goes in and
swara: sir thnk u for tomarrow and soory that I become emotional
sanskar: its ok miss swara but is your sister fine now
swara: yeah sir and thank u for asking
sanskar: so miss swara take this gupta file and I have to tell u that after 2 days we have to go goa for a meeting with gupts and sons so be ready with this file completed
swara: ok sir
and goes from cabin and goes in her cabin and sanskar see her and thinks I know you are in pain your eyes are saying swara but wait why I am effecting by this no no sanskar don’t think much and started doing work
here swara is thinking about ragini and get sad

after office swara goes to room and ragini and swara both goes to dinner
swara: ragini please today you feed me na
ragini: only on one bet u also have to feed me
swara: ok
and they both feed each other and all 3 see them and get teary eyed
after dinner swaragini goes to room and swara sleep in ragini lap
swara: ragini today u will go in that house
ragini: yeah swara
swara: I will miss u so much
ragini: me too swara
swara: ragini are u happy with this
ragini: I don’t know swara wheather I am happy or not
swara: ragini please try to forget old memories make new memories
ragini: I will try my best swara
swara: and ragini whatever your decision I will be with u
ragini: I know my sona never left me
swara: and yeah ragini after 2 days I am going to goa for a meeting
ragini: goa did you tell ma baba
swara: no ragini my boss sanskar tell me today and I have told u first
ragini: take care of your swara
swara: yeah but I will call u whenever I want to talk to u ok

ragini: ok my sona
and they both hug each other
and swara again sleeps in ragini lap and ragini start caring her face after some time both falls asleep
and bg music swaragini plays
here in maheswari mansion lucky is in his room
lucky: thank god for giving me chance now I will get my best frnd back I will make her smile again thanks for giving me chance and see ragini photo
screen splits in swaragini sleeping and lucky seeing ragini pic


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  1. very nice …

  2. superb

  3. i do no y…..all mistakes s ragini even laksh realized his mistakes….den y ragini s ignoring as if laksh did d mistakes….all r angry on laksh der s no logic n dis….dis s my opinion….dey must be angry on ragini she tried to kill her own sister….bt dey forgived her easily…..laksh dint do any mistakes bt al r ignoring him….i dint like dis alone other than dat nice

  4. Raglak forever

  5. it’s nice
    plz don’t add any new entry in ragini’s life but make them realise their love by entry of laksh’s friend who already have to engage with some other girl

  6. raglak plZ

  7. New entry.. In ragini life…. May be her childhood friend… N make lucky jealous.. N realize his love…..

  8. Raglak pls

  9. Raglak only. 2 option will be best

  10. Opt 2 plz n superb update

  11. 2option better ..

  12. idea no. 1

  13. RagLak please make a new entry to make Laksh realise his love for Ragini but please make it RagLak please

  14. 2nd option is nice and please also concentrate on swasan please

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