Story of two broken heart Episode 14

Thnks for comments I think u are not likin my ff if not please tell me
Todays episode start with ragini running and come to badi and goes in home and run and goes in room and closes the door dadi see this and call sumi
Sumi: ji ma
Dadi: don’t know what happen ragini is crying and runs and closes the door
Sumi: come ma lets see
They both go and knock the door
Dadi: lado what happen open the door
Sumi: ragini please open the door

Ragini: ma dadi please I want some some alone please ma
Sumi: ma I think we should call swara she can only make her understand
Dadi: ha sumi u are telling right
Sumi try on swara phone as her phone is silent so she doesnot pic the phone
Sumi: ma she is not picking the call
Dadi: lado open the door if u have any problem plese share with us
Sumi: ragini don’t punish yourself by this please
Ragini: ma dadi try to understand I want some time alone please
Sumi: ma I think we have to give her time
Both heavy heartly goes to hall and sit

In room ragini is crying vigorously and thinking why lucky u are not going from my life I know I have done lot of mistakes not mistakes but a crime I know I have done a lot with u but u have not try to understand my pain bcz of your love I have given pain to my sister who loves me this much extint and you always given me pain yeah I know I have done mistakes but because of u I tried to forget you but u again come in my life and again betrayed me bcz of u I have lost faith on love but now I cant give u chance to hurt me more don’t know this time u betray me then I cant live and I don’t want to give my family pain so I soory lakash and cries
Scene shift of lakash he is stading like a statue and tears flowing from his eyes and think I know ragini bcz of me become like this I played with your heart but I want to tregret I want my frnd back and sits in car and goes to mm and then to his room and closes the door and take ragini pic
Both ragini and lakash remember their moments and bg music pyar ha ya saaja plays and screen splita in ragini and lakash crying face
Now scene shift to swara office swara arraged the file and goes to sanskar
Sanskar: so all things are prepared for meeting

Swara: yes sir
Sanskar: ok u may go
Swara: ok sir and goes from their
Swara comes to her cabin and see mobile and see 20 miss calls of sumi so she call back her
Swara: yeah ma what happen
Sumi: sona don’t know what happen ragini has closed her in room and not opening the door
Swara: what wait I am coming
Swara goes running in sanskar cabin sanskar see her
Sanskar: slowly swara
Swara: sir please I want to go home urgently please sir
Sanskar tensed seeing her state: something serious miss swara
Swara: yeah sir

Sanskar: ok don’t bother I will drop u
Swara : its ok sir I will go
Sanskar: don’t argue u with me just come
Swara nodes and they both go to car and sit sanskar start driving car
Sanskar see swara tensed
Sanskar: don’t take tension everything will be alright
And swara is trying ragini phone but she is not picking
Swara: what the hell why she is not picking my call
Sanskar: what happen and put his hand on swara shoulder and swara get break by this
Swara: my sister ragini don’t know what happen to her she is not picking my call sir u know she has face so much problem alone and start crying and sanskar fells bad seeing her crying
After some time badi come swara run and goes home and run towards her room
Swara cryingly: ragini open the door ]bnut there is no response
Swara: ragini please for my sake open the door please ragini tell me what happen you cant take all the pain its not your right I am your soul mate I have right on your pain and happiness open the door

And cry and sumi and dadi also crying sanskar who is standing on door seeing this a tear drop from his eyes and he goes from their
After some time ragini opens the door and goes and sit on bed like a life less body swara goes in signals dadi and sumi to stay and goes in
Swara sit beside ragini and ragini see her and break down and hug her while crying
Swara: ragini tell me what happened what is bothering you
Ragini is still crying
Swara: ragini do u trust me
Ragini: more then myself

Swara: then tell me what happen
Ragini tell her about the whole incident
Ragini: swara I know I have done mistakes but why he is not angry with me he is asking me to give him a chance swara what will I do
Swara: ragini mistakes are both of yours but ragini try to give her one chance
Ragini: I know swara but what I do my heart want to give him chance but suddenly my mind stop and tell no he again betray me then what I do swara
Swara: I think ragini u left this question on destiny I will make all thing alright and you know I will be their in all your decision and now stop crying I cant see u like this
Ragini stop crying and swara thought something
Swara: oh shit ragini and runs
Ragini goes behind her: what happen shone

Swara comes out and see sanskar has gone and ragini comes to her
Ragini:what happen swara
Swara: my boss sanskar I tell u na he came here to drop me and I cant tell thnks to him
Ragini: don’t worry swara next time tell him ok
Ragini and they both come in home dadi and sumi see ragini
Ragini: ma dadi I am soory I will make u both cry na
Dadi: na lado
Sumi: ha ragini and dadi and sumi hug ragini
Swara make a angry face: and me
Sumi dadi and ragini laugh and tell her to come and they share a family hug
Here sanskar came to office and felling restless and closes eyes he see swara crying face and suddenly open his eyes

Sanskar: what is happening to me why I am thinking about her so much why I cant see her in pain don’t know whats happening and he try to concentrate on work but swara crying face is coming in front of him so he decided to go home and drove towards home
At evening in badi they break hug and shekar come home and tell ragini and all that tomarrow is divorce hearing so we have to go
All get sad but ragini see them and control her emotions
Ragini: ma give me food I am very hungry
They all understand her pain but don’t want to show it
Sumi: ok bets
And they all do dinner and swaragini go to their room
Swara: are u alright ragini

Ragini: yeah swara u tell na I have left this decision on my destiny I will do what it wants
Swara hug her
On the other side in mm lucky comes to dinner and dp tell him about divorce hearing lucky get sad and after dinner go to his room
Lucky: now I will left everthing on destiny and see ragini pic
Here in sanskar house sanskar come to his personal room and thinks about what is happening to her
Sanskar: hey cutie don’t know whats happening to me why I am felling restless why I am thinking about her so much she is just a employ of mine and sanskar get confused

Here in badi swara and ragini sleep and swara think about sanskar what happen to u swara how u breakdown in front of him why are u felling when he put hand on your shoulder to tell him everything he is only your boss nothing elese then what is happening and swara get confused and on the other side ragini is thinking now my fate is decide by my destiny only and atear come in her eyes
And in mm lucky is seeing ragini pic and think ragini now I will respect all your decision I will not force u I will leave all thing on destiny and a tear come in his eyes
Screein splita in sawsan confused face and radlak teary face
All of them don’t know what destiny made a plane for them


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  3. Rina Sivaguru

    Thats was so sad…. I hope raglak didnt divorce and stay together and swasan realize their love….

  4. nice…
    i think court will give 6 months time to raglak to stay together before decide on divorce

  5. Amazing yaar plzzzzzz continue

  6. Interesting, but plz don’t use same past for sanskaar like his love died in front of him or betrayed him. Try something different and new ( it is only my suggestion). Decision is upto u only.
    And I don’t know weather u have planned this past for sanskaar or something else, it was just my guess that u will also use this past only like others.
    I really like ur plot.

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