Story of two broken heart Episode 13

Thnks guys for comments abd support and thnks to all who reading my ff

Todays episode start with sanskar goes to his house directly in his persnal room this room is full of a girl pics sanskar come on bed and take one photo in he is with that girl
sanskar: hey cutie i am missing you so much and cry and think about his momments and remember the incident when he saw her dead
sanskar: why cutie you leave me alone thats all bcz ok that lakash my so called brother i love him very much and trust him more than me what he did with me betrayed me why laksh why and teae start coming from his eyed and after some time he sleeps
and here in maheswari mansion lucky in his room
lucky: tomarrow anyhow i have to talk to her i want to repent my mistakes
next morning both girls wake up and goes and get ready and ragini take everyone blessing and then they do breakfast and go waving bye to all outside when they are hiring taxi lucky see them and follow them taxi stop at a misucal school
swaragini came out they doesnt see lucky
swara: best of luck lado you are entering in new life
ragini: thnk u sona
and they both hug each othet and swara sit in taxi waving her bye and goes and ragini is tutn and about to go a voice come ragini wait
ragini senses the voice familier and prays god please i dont want to see him and started walking lucky see this and run and come in front of ragini
lucky: ragini wait
here swara came in office and goes to her cabin and see sanskar is not come yet
swara thinks always talking i am puntual now see how much puntual he is and started doing work and after some time a thought come in her mind
swara: oh shit swara tomarrow is metting with gupta abd sons company and where is the file if sir comes to know he will kill me
swara runs and goes to riya
swara: do you know where is gupta and sons file
riya: i think its in sir room
swara: ok thnks he has tell me before i come i want file on my table
and swara run and goes to his cabin their are so many files
swara: oh no now where is gupta and sons file
and she start searching the file and try to take it but not reaching to it so she take the stool and stand on it and trying to take file but her balance distrubs and all files fall and in them mean time sanskar come their and see swara is about to fall he eund and hold her

swara with closed eyes and saskar is staring her
swara murmurs thank god for saving me
sankar: thnks me miss swara
and swara open the eyes and see sanskar holding her they share an eyelock and bg music kuch to ha tere mere darmiya plays after some time they compose themselves and sanskar put her down
swara: thk u sir
sanskar see the files on floor
sanskar: whar is this miss swara
swara: sir i was taking gupta and sons file and my balance distribs and all file fall
and she start taking file from floor and give guta and sons file to sanskar
sanskar: next time be carefull ok
and goes and sit on his chair and see swara arraging files abd think what type of a girl and smiles
the scene shift to musical class ragini see lucky and ignore him and go lucky runs and hold her both hand and push her near him
lucky: ragini wait listen to me
ragini: why now what has left
lucky: ragini please give me one chance i will make everything fine please raginu one chance
ragini: have to completed now let me go
lucky: ni first give my ans
and pushed her more close now they both heart beat are rasing and they share an eye lock and bg music janam janam plays and after some time ragini composes herself and pushes him
ragini: you want ans na so listen i dont want you to in my life angain and stop doing your actung now i cant bear any beateayal i am not a doll so when you wanr to play you can play and when yoy not want just throw it i am a human and i have a heart which now cant bear any pain so just go away from my just go away and runs crying towards house and is standing their like a statue and tear flowing fron his eyes and he see ragini running


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  1. can you please tell me who are the pairs?????

  2. i m sry to say dis…..both ragini nd laksh equally done so many mistakes….bt ragini had done many mistakes infact she tried to kill her own sister……then y ragini s doing as if laksh has done mistakes…..infact he have to ignore her….sry if i hurt u….i just said my opinion

  3. Yes abi you are right but think from ragini side also lakash always use her for his own work and bcz of his ragini become like this so think about her pain also

  4. Who are the pairs???

  5. Very nice

  6. Nice..

  7. So sad yaar

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