Story of two broken heart Episode 12

Thnks for support and comments but i am not getting good response i think you all get bored of my ff if you you tell to stop i stop it
Todays episode start with swara packing her stuff and goes out start searching fot taxi but their is no taxi on road
swara thinks oh god this problem please god help me
suddenly sanskar come with his car and see swara on road and goes to her a car stop towards swara swara get afraid but dont show the person in the car lover the mirror and swara see its sanskar
sanskar: its late night swara i will drop u
swara: no sir its ok i manage
sanskar: its not to go alone at this time

swara: i know i manage
sanskar think i am insisting first to anyone and she is showing attitude what a girl
swara thinks bcz of him i get late now came here for help show off
and swara see here and their for taxi but she see two person coming that way and she get afraid here sanskar is about to go
swara: wait sir i am coming
sanskar: bur you tell you will manage
swara: i think their i will not get any taxi and its late night also my family is worried
sanskar smile little and open the car door and swara sit in it and hr drove the car
on thr other side ragini and sumi shekar tensed as swara is not come yet
in car their is a complete silence btw them suddenly swara phone ring
swara: yeah lado

ragini: sona where are you are you ok na come fast we all get getting worried
swara: wait lado take a breath and i am ok and i am on the way
ragini: ok come fast
and ragini tell sumi and shekar that she is coming and tell them to go and she go on badi gate
on the other side sanskar see swara smiling and questonally
swara see this and say : she is my sister sir she care for me so much
sanskar smile and again their is complete silence after some time they reach badi and swara see ragini stading outside sanskar also see that
sanskar: so she is your sistet
swara: yeah sir
sanskar: u are lucky that you got such a caring sister otherwise nowadays only we get only betray by them
swara: sir i cany understand

sanskar: nothing you go she is so worrired for you go
swara: ok sir bye thnks for lift
sanskar:its ok
and swara goes and sanskar see her going she goes and hug ragini and ragini take him inside and sanskar is seeing this and a tear come in jis eyes he remember his time with his bhai
sanskar: why lucky why you do this to me i belive you so much but you betrayed me i will never forgive you but also i cant hurt you
and start the car and goes
swara and ragini come inside the home sumi shekar see her
sumi: why are you late
swara : their is work at office and get busy i cant remember time
sumi is about to say something ragini intrupts
ragini: ma now she come na i think she is hungry and i am also so swara go fast and get fresh up go
and swara goes frim their
sumi: ragini you always save her

shekar smile
sumi: ok ragini we are going in roon you both take dinner ok
they both go and swara comes
swara: lado i am very hungry
ragini: come
and they both feed each other and sumi shekar see then and smile
sumi: god save them from every black eye and they become always like that
shekar: sumi dont take tension they both are attacted by heart
and they both smile seeing each other on the other side swaragini goes to room
ragini: so now tell me why are you late

swara: lado you massage my head na its paning and i will tell you
ragini: ok
ragini brings oil abd start masaging her head
swara: today u know na i was late so that my akadu boss get angry and gave lot of work to me and in that i got late and also tell her about how she not get taxi and thar person and he drop her
ragini : swara u and laughs but suddenly stop laughing swara senses something
swara: mera ho gaya lado now come i massage your head
ragini noded
swara: ragini tell me what is bothering you
ragini: swara today i have sent divorce papers to lakash and he came here to meet me shall i meet him or not

swara: lado dont listen of anyone listen only of your heart
ragini: but i dont want him in my life now so i think its better i should not meet him
swara: ok
ragini: so lets leave it we dont talk about it from now ok
swara: yeah
ragini: you know sona i have taken admisdion in musical classes
swara: great di
and they talk for sometime and then sleep they are facing oppasite to each other and both are crying
ragini thinks i cant forget you lakash and i cant foget your betrayal also but i cant cry if i cry my sona will fell bad thar bcz of her this all happen and i dont want to hurt her again
on the other side swara is crying thinking swara control you cant break like this if you will do like this then lado will also break seeing you like this and she will think that its bcz of her i am crying i have to be happy fot her here ragini is thinking i have to be happy for her and i cant cry in front of her

they both are in pain they both thinking same thing thats why they are soulmate

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