Story of two broken heart Episode 11

Soory guys for late update as I am having exams so I didn’t post my ff and I have also start a new ff swaragini destiny make us patners hope you all like it and thnks for suppodt and comments
todays episode start with shekar and ragini breaking the the hug and they all do break fast and shekar go outside and they 3 goes to work
on the other side swara in taxi thinking please god sve me today from my boss and reach office and hurridly go inside
riys see her and come near her
riya: swaraa why are you late I tell you na our boss is very punctual
swara: I know riya I was stuck in traffic
riya: oh but you go to sir cabin he is calling you
swara: yeah
riya: best of luck
swara: thnks
and swara crossed her fingers and goes towards cabin
sanskar is comletly busy in his work
swara: may I come in sir
sanskar see her
sanskar: so miss swara you came see your watch don’t any one tell you I hate those prersons who are not punctual
swara: I am soory sir I was stuck in traffic
sanskar: I don’t want to hear any excuse

sanskar: type your resignation and I will sign it
swara is get shocked
swara: sir please give me one chance it will not do any mistakes
sanskar: ok but you have to bear a punishment for todays mistake
swara: ok sir
sanskar: take this two files and complete it today itself
swara shocked: today
sanskar: any problem
swara: no sir
sanskar call riya and tell her to understand the work to swara and take her to her cabin
they both go from their and riys explain her about work and take her to her cabing and goes
swara comes in cabin from her cabin she can see sanskar clearly and she sees him busy in work and thinks I know he save but how akadu he is his much work for a small mistake and looks sanskar angrly
swara jerks her mind: swara concentrate you have to complete this work star working now
on the othe side shekar come and tell about senid divorce notice and ragini admission in musical school ragini hear this and go to her room
dadi is about to go behind her but sumi intrupted

sumi: ma let her stay alone for some time
dadi: but
shekar: I know ma she is hurt but we have to give her time
dadi ok
and on the other side lucky in his room crying and thinking the incident happen in his life how dp fix his marriage with ragini but he is not happy with it how enagment break how dp insult ragini family how he get angry on dad and dp make out of house how he goes to ragini house and start felling for swara and for staying their how he announce his engament with ragini in fornt of badi and how he broke her heat telling he love swara and her accident and he heard a voice mr. laksh maheswari you have use her for your selfishness you always hurt her you always used her as toy you are selfish laksh maheswari and ragini face with tears come in fornt of him why did you broke my heart again and again tell me
laksh: stop it I know ragini I have hurt you I had made you like this ragini I know I love swara but ragini I don’t want to betray youi again I want to repent my mistake please ragini give me one chance

and he calls her here ragini is lost in thuogths of her and lucky and lucky saying he love swara and a drop to tear come out of her eyes
ragini: why lucky you always broke my heart I am human I have emotions I am not a doll I also fell pain
and suddenly her phone ring and laksh name is flashing she see it and cut the call
lakash: please ragini pick the phone
he again call and ragini cut and swith off the phone
ragini: why are you calling me lakash please leave me alone just go away from my life go away
lucky again call and a voice came the no. you are trying to call is switch off
laksh: ragini talk to me give me one chance I will not hurt you again I will not let a tear drop from your eyes please give me one chance
and come out of his rom and goes to hall and see ap crying and sujata consoling her
laksh: whaat happen ma
dp: ragini has sent this divorce papers
lakash see the paper she cant do this with me I have to talk to her and goes from their to badi
after sometime he comes to badi and knock the door
shekar open the dorr and seeing lucky gets angry
shekar: what are you doing here
dadi: who is on door shekar and goes and see lucky and get angry
dadi: now what you want from us
lucky: dadi papa I want to talk to ragini

dadi: but she don’t want to meet you
lucky: dadi please once
ragini came out of room hearing noise and see lucky
lucky: ragini please once talk to me please
ragini doesnot utter a word and go to her room and sumi also go behind her
lucky: ragini wait listen please
dadi: you get your ans na now go from here
shekar closes the door and tears come in lucky eyes and goes from their
ragini goes to her room and start crying sumi come to room
sumi: ragini beta
ragini see her and hug her
ragini: ma why don’t he go from my life is he get happy seeing me in pain
sumi take her to and put her head on her lap and start care her face
sumi: ragini tell me what you want to say I will lessen your pain
ragini: ma for that person I have hurt my sister who only betray me only broke my heart only use me for his purpose but now I want to free from his thoughts he is again coming in my life I cant have strength to handle his betrayal again ma
sumi: its ok beta I understand I will be their in any of your decision
ragini: thnk u ma god gave me best gift by brining you and sona in my life
sumi: I we also lucky to get you lado
and they talk ragini fells better in her mom lap
on the other side in office swara is completely busy in work all the employs are gone her concentration break by phone ringing swara attend the call
swara: ha lado
ragini: sona see the time where are you
swara see the time its 8:30 pm
swara: lado I am in office I will come till 9:00pm ok
ragini: ok take care
swara see all the employs gone and she alone in office and get scared suddenly she see towards sanskar cabin who is busy in work get a relif of sign seeing someone
in badi
sumi: ragini come beta have your dinner
ragini: ma I will wait for swara
sumi: ok beta
they 3 dinner and dadi goes to her room and shekar and sumi sit in hall
here in office swara completed her work and goes to sanskar cabin
swara: may I come in

sanskar: yeah
swara comes in cabin and hanover the files to sanskar and sanskar cheks it
sanskar: impressive I didn’t except that you will complete it
swara: sir If I take some work I surely do it
and goes from cabin and sanskar thought about her words and he get some flasing
girl: hey sanky take your project I completed it
sanky: impessive cutie how you did this project in such less time
girl: you know na sanky if I will take some work I defiantly do it
sanky: yeah my cutie and for this I give you reward
and kises in cheeks suddenly he come out of thought bcz of his hand some file get fall
sanskar: no she cant be like my cuite she is only one no one is like her and see towards swara cabin and see her packing stuffs of her


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