Story of two broken heart Episode 10


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Todays episode start with all are happily hugging and after sometime they break hug
swara: mom i am so hungry please give something and make puppy face
sumi: you all sit i take breakfast
they all sit in dinning table suddenly a knock on door
ragini: wait i will go
ragini open the door and shocked to see the person
dadi: who is at door ragini
ragini come in senses by the voice and run and come yo swara and hug her
swara: what happrn ragini

and the person enter he is none other than lucky
all see him abd ragini and swara break hug and ragini hold swara hand
shekar: now what you want
sumi: shekar let him talk
lucky: i am soory to all of you and ragini please forgave me i know i have done wrong with you please give me one more chance
ragini: wait mr. Lakash maheswari you want chance so that you can again betray me again play with my emotions and felling you know what bcz of you now i have no faith on true love time has given me a fact that in this no one could love you more than a family
lucky: no ragini please give me one chance i will give you all happiness
ragini: no lakash you have given me lot of pain but i cant bear more pain so leave me and yeah you want divorce na i will send divorce paper to you and then you can live your life freely
and ragini in tears run towards her room
swara: ragini
and go behind her

lucky: wait ragini please listen to me
dadi: ae chore you hear na what lado said go from here
and lucky go from their crying
swara goes in room and see ragini crying and ragini see her and run and hug her
ragini: why swara why destiny plays with me always
swara : ragini sit and first stop crying
swara: ragini do you really want this divorce but if you are doing anyt hing in guilt dont do this
ragini: so swara but noe i cant bear his betrayl i have no strength
swara: ok ragini whatever is your decision i am always with you ok
ragini: you know you are worlds best sister
swara: and you also my lado
and take ragini in her lap
ragini: no swara i have done this much with you i want to kill you but you forgave me so easily and now i know how much you love me i will not betray you nevet ever
swara: ragini forget past we have to make are present perfect and we are swaragini no one will sperate us
ragini; yeah
and swara start carying her face
swara: you know ragini i have join karma company and tell her about the incident
ragini start laughing swara see her smiling and gets happy
ragini: swara you are too much seroiously

and suddenly ragini stop laughing
swara: now i will make you laugh like this but you have to promise that you will never hide anything frim me
ragini: paka promise
now scene shift to maheswari mansion lucky come home dp and ap pari sujta waiting for her
ap: where is ragini
lucky see his mom
ap: i m asking you something
but lucky runs to his room and lock himself in the roon
dp: do ragini didnt come
ap start crying pari and sujata control her and take her to room
next moring in badi
ragini do pooja and give parshad to every one

sumi: is sona wake up or not today is her office first day
ragini: no ma i go and wake her up
sumi: i am going to make breakfast you go and wake her up
dadi: wait sumi i also come and help you
sumi and dadi goes to kitchen and ragini in room
ragini: sona wake up other wise you will get late
swara: lado bas 5 min na please
ragini: no swara you only told that your boss doesnot like the employ who get late
swara hearing boss word wake up fastly
swara: today that boss take my jaan i know and run towards wash room and ragini smile and goes downstairs swara come downstairs after beinh ready
swara: give my break fast jaldi other wise on the first day my boss give me my resingnation letter
sumi bring the break fast swara fastly eating it
dadi: slowly swara
swara done the breakfast and wave bye to all
ragini: wait my super fast express take this fahi chini
swara take it
ragini: best of luck sona
swara: rhnk you abd kisses on ragini cheek and waves her bye and run
and ragini goes to shekar
papa: papa i want to join my musical class

shekar: ok beta
ragini: and papa
shekar: tell me beta
ragini: i want divorce papa
dadi: think once again ragini its question of your life
ragini: yeah dadi i had think i dont want to put a unwanted relationship to him
dadi: but
shekar: no ma if ragini want divorce
sumi: we are with her
shekar: this time we will not force her and ragini today i will go to vakil and then musical acadamy for your admisson ok beta
ragini: thnk u papa
and shekar hug ragini

dont know what destiny plays now will they meet or not?????

Credit to: Queen

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  2. now thats called a family
    just loved it
    waiting for next

  3. Superbbb… Just luv SwaRagini bonding…

  4. awesome dear. i loved it a lot

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  7. Ur ff is so nice…I really wish this to be the original track of the show…but they separated swaragini… 🙁 If this was the original track of swaragini then I would have been so happy…but…huh….leave that…we cannot change things…very good work…

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