Story of two broken heart Episode 1


Hey guys this is my first ff hope you all like it
all the charactes are same but sanskar entry is late i will start my ff from the marriage day of swara
all were busy in marriage prepration of swara and swara is nervous and on the other side ragini is in store room think why swara why you did this with me fate always play with me when i love someone it will go away from me i always respect my elders and their order first they tell me that lakash is my husband and after that lakash break engament with me telling me that he loves you swara but what is my fault swara i have love him from the botom of my heart and i cant see him to becoming of anyone else i have to do this please swara forgive me and she wipes her tear and go to swara room and see sumi and swara talking
sumi: today is mu princess weding i cant belive that when she become so young
swara: ma

ragini see them and a tear roll from her eyes but she wipe it and enter
ragini: yeah ma you are telling right
suddenly dadi came and tell sumi to come
ragini: dadi you forget something
dadi: what lado
ragini: dadi its our tradition that a newly bride should go to temple before marriage to take blessing
dadi: yeah lado i forget swara you get ready and go with ragini to temple and sumi you come with me
sumi and dadi goes and after some time swara come and both go to temple but none see ragini going to temple with swara
at temple:
both reach temple and ragini take swara phone and send him alone to temple
panditji: swara beta come
swara: panditji from today onwards my new life is starting so please pray for me
panditji: god bless you beta hope you get all hapiness of your life
and do the pooja and tell him to flow this phool in the river behind the temple
swara came out of temple abd doesnot find ragini and thought to call him but then think that her phone is with her and she go behind the temple and see ragini standing on bridge
swara: ragini you here
ragini: i know after pooja you come here you know swara my fate is like that when love someone he or she get away from me

swara: what are you telling ragini
ragini: see swara the person which is becoming my husband is now yours and you get all happinesd but what i get only pain why swara why always me
swara: if you have problem with this marriage tell me i can do anything for you
ragini: so you can do anything for me na then leave lakash for me dont do this marriage
swara shocked hearing this and come in front of ragini

swara: its ok ragini thos marriage happening so fast thats why na
ragini: no swara this all hapening with me from last 5 to 6 days and swara the person who is giving you drugs is only me so that lakash hate you but
swara got shattered hearing this
swara: ragini you did this to me
ragini: please swara give me my lakash i cant live without her i have no option left swara and pushed swara in the river and shout swara please forgave me i have no other option and crying bitterly and see swara going with the waves of river when swara completly get in water then ragini stand up and put the thal and phool in river and come home

if you like it then please conment

Credit to: Queen

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  1. queen why you show ragini like that, plz change her character

  2. nice….continue

  3. Awesome but plz make swasan

  4. y did u strt ur stry at this tym its really bad moment which separated 2 sister swaragini separated

  5. Super start

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