A Story of True Love ch.7

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Precap: Sanskar proposed Swara.

After Swara returned home,
Swara: Ma, Baba,Dadi…….what happened? Why everyone is so silent?
Dadi was glaring at Swara angrily. She simply went towards her and gave her a tight slap. Swara was shocked by this act of hers. Her dadi, whom she loved so much, who doted on Swara all the time, who was Swara’s favourite, she was Swara’s guide, companion, friend and the most important of all, her DADI!!!!!!!! She was unaware of dadi’s this side. For a moment Swara was stunned. She could not figure out what happened. Slowly she composed herself.
Swara(her voice still trembling): Dadi what did I do? Why did you slap me? Did I commit any mistake? Please tell it to me dadi.
Dadi: MISTAKE!!!!!!!!! Wow Swara!!! Shekhar, just see what your daughter is asking! Shomi I told you not to pamper Swara so much but see what she has done. She even does not know that what has she done. Waah!! Kya zamana aa gaya! Ghor Kalyug!!
Swara( almost in tears): Dadi why are speaking like this? Please tell me what didI do?
Dadi: What will I tell! Is there anything left to tell. Shekhar, tell your daughter that what has she done.
Shekhar(who was watching the entire drama grimly): Swara, answer everything honestly. Who is Sanskar?
Swara(stammers): Sanskar is my friend but now…..(Shekhar cuts her in between)
Shekhar: But now what, Swara!!!!!! We saw you in the temple!!! Now I do not think that there is anything left to tell.
Swara(sobbing continuously): Baba, believe me. I was about to tell everything to you. I know he proposed me but I will not to do anything without your wish.
Sharmishtha was upset with these events and Ragini was watching everything with teary eyes. Those harsh words were being told to Swara but those words directly pierced her heart.
Shekhar(shouting): Swara, do you realise that Sanskar is a MARWADI?
Swara was shattered when she heard this. She never thought that one day she will face a situation like this. She remembered a small incident from her childhood.

She was in standard five. It was her History class. They had civics for the first time and their teacher asked them a question, “Children, can you tell me the meaning of Unity in Diversity?”
The class remained quiet. None of the children knew the meaning. The teacher replied, ” It’s ok. Children , I am giving u all a homework. Find out the meaning of this phrase and tell it to me tomorrow.”
After Swara returned home she asked her baba this question. Shekhar replied,” Swara, India is a large country. There are different states, different people, different cultures, traditions, conventions and customs but there is a thread of unity which binds us all. Do you know what is it?”
Swara nodded in negative. Shekhar replied,” That thread is that WE ALL ARE INDIANS, understood beta.”
Swara clapped her hands and she was happy because her homework was done.
Flashback ends.

Suddenly the entire meaning dawned upon her. Her baba who told these things to her once was behaving like a different person. She tried to remind Shekhar of that incident but it was in vain.
Shekhar replied, “Swara, those words were just written on a sheet of paper but this is a question of your marriage. Do you understand? What will people say? Everyone will point fingers towards you because you are a girl and everywhere the first finger is always pointed at a girl!!!”
Swara shuddered at his words. She simply could not believe that her baba uttered this words.
Meanwhile in Maheshwari mansion this same thing happened. Dadi had informed Dp about everything. Dp’s anger was uncontrollable. There was no one who could save Sanskar from the clutches of Dp. Dp continuously reprimanded Sanskar,” Do you know that Swara is a BENGALI girl!!!! Why did you do this Sanskar?”
Sanskar had only one reply,” I love Swara and till my life last breath only Swara is my beloved. This is all I can say.”
Dp : Sanskar, I am your bade papa. From your childhood I have taken all the decisions of your life and it was for your betterment. I have sacrificed my entire life for you kids. Somewhere I lost myself when I was building the company, Maheshwari and Sons just for the four of you. I have always regarded you as my own son and being your bade papa, I think that I have some right left upon you. Will you do me a favour?

Sanskar who was an extremely dutiful son and who was bound by his responsibilities nodded in affirmative.
Dp: Promise me that u will never talk to Swara.
Sanskar was standing emotionless. He was feeling betrayed by his own family but the responsibilities of a dutiful son prevailed upon him. After all family is family. No matter what happens, family is always the first asset of a person but the story of Baz Bahadur and Roopmati did not stop to haunt his mind.
Coldly, he replied, “ I accept your condition but I will never betray Swara.” Saying this he walked out.
Even Swara was entangled in a promise . Her dadi made her promise that she will never talk to Sankar. Swara was shattered. She wanted to spend sometime alone. Before walking out of the house she uttered,” I will remember my promise but I will not betray Sanskar.”
The thought of Unity in Diversity dwindled somewhere which slowly became faint with the passing time.
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  5. Wow Vinitha this is superb….loved it especially the fb..we all r Indians…
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    1. Agreeeeeee wid u yr…………………….

      Different state different language,age,culture but there is something special………. Our Heart connection………. Strong bond na…………

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  14. It is amazing dear,yes,unity in diversity ,in mal it is said as ” nanathwathil ekathwam”,and still remember the classes where we also studied the same,I think no other country would be there,where so many states and people with varied culture,mother tongue,caste ,creed,customs co exist in harmony,it is just amazing the way we realise just like the colour of the blood is same beneath a skin whose colour varies according to melanin pigmentation ,I do believe people with same thoughts,vibes,dreams n passion exist,if ‘ vasudeiva kudumbakam’ happened and humanity was placed above the boundaries n barriers then most of the probs this world is facing now would have not even existed in this century,ha,one more thing ,look at our army itself,no need of explanation about the way all have gelled,coming to episode,really nice,waiting to read how u r going to proceed,u are a good writer.

  15. You are right di!!!!!!!! if people respect the words vasudeva kutumbakam then most of the problems will vanish.
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