A Story of True Love ch.5

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Another day,
After college Swara decided to go to a temple.
Sanskar: Ms.Bhukkad where are you going?
Swara(laughed): Sanskar! You will never change. You are again calling me Ms. Bhukkad! You forgot so easily what happened last time.
Sanskar: What happened last time!!!! Oh God!!!! How can I forget it Swara? Because of you I had to go through so many hurdles.
Swara(skeptically): Because of me, Sanskar!!! I guess it was you who called me a bhukkad and not me. I guess you are highly exaggerating it Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: Mr.Maheshwari!!! Swara, I told you that I do not like to hear Mr. Maheshwari from you. I like to hear Mr.shobjanta gamchawala from you. Seriously, that incident!!! I can never forget it.

Swara was pretending to be extremely angry because Sanskar called her a bhukkad. That whole night she was thinking what will Sanskar do to pacify her. Next day, when she reached college she saw a chit kept in her desk. It was written,
“ Swara, I very well know that u are pretending to be angry and u want me to do something for you. I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING!!!! UNDERSTOOD!!! Ha ha ha!! Enjoy your day!!!
Initially Swara was shocked,” How did he come to know this??? He will not do anything! Wait Sanskar, now I am really angry on you but why should I be angry, I am just his friend, nothing else than that why am I feeling sad because of this….. No No I should not feel sad. Why will he do anything for me? I am just his friend and one year junior to him. That’s all. I should take out these stupid thoughts out of my mind.
During recess, She found another chit. It was written,
“Swara, if you are still angry on me then I am really sorry but do not think that I am going to do something like yesterday.”
Swara was dejected but she thought, “Its OK., Sanskar . I am just your friend, NOTHING ELSE than that.”
After college one person came to her and handed her another chit. It was written,
“Swara, come to the backside of the college once.”
After reaching that place, she saw that a person was holding a big sorry card. I t was handmade and pictures of that monastery and those Prasad were pasted. In bold letters it was written, “I AM SORRY MS. BHUKKAD”.
Swara could not control her happiness. It is not needed to say that the person was Sanskar. She quickly took the card and she was jumping in joy .
Swara : I really thought that whatever you wrote on the card is true. This card is so pretty. You did it yourself?
Sanskar: No swara! My ghost suddenly came and did this!!
Both started to laugh incessantly.

Sanskar: Did you really think that I will not do anything for you? (He cupped her face) Swara, you are extremely special for me.
Swara could feel the shiver which went down her spine. She could feel the intense gaze of his eyes. Her eyelashes fluttered. She could not look at him due to that intense gaze. The sound of a car’s honk brought them back to reality. Swiftly moving his hands away, Sanskar asked her, Ms. Bhukkad, did you forgive me??”
Swara ran after him and shouted “Again Ms. Bhukkad!!!”
While running Sanskar fell down and landed in a pool of mud. His face was completely smeared with mud. Swara could not control her laughter seeing his state.
Sanskar: Swara, you are laughing!
Swara: What to do Sanskar!!! Wait… She took out her handkerchief and whipped his face.
Both stared at each other lovingly.
Flashback ends….

Sanskar: So Ms.Swara…. Suddenly temple? What’s the matter?? (teasingly) Do you want to ask for someone to God?? Kitna bar tum bhagwan ko parshan karongi?(How many times will u disturb God?)
Swara(blushing): Nothing like that!!!! You are exaggerating it!!!!!
Sanskar: Ok then even I will come. Chalo lets go.
In temple, they saw a couple tying thread around a tree. They seemed to be a happy one. After sometime Swara noticed that the face of the woman was half burned still the man was taking so much care of her. Tears welled up in her eyes. Sanskar noticed it.
Sanskar: What happened, Swara?
Swara: Just look at that couple. The face of that woman is burnt still that man is taking so much care of her. You know Sanskar, even I want someone like this. Chahe kuch bih ho jay par woh mera saath kabhi na chore. (No matter whatever happens, he should not leave me.) You know that story of Baz Bahadur and Roopmati. The story of Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati endures to this day and resonates in the breathtakingly beautiful ruins of Mandu. Roopmati was a Hindu Rajput singer of Malwa and Sultan Baz Bahadur fell in love with her. Their idyllic bliss was shattered when in 1561, Akbar’s army of Adham Khan and Pir Muhammad Khan launched an attack on Malwa and defeated Baz Bahadur in the battle of Sarangpur. Historical accounts say that one of the triggers for Adham Khan’s attack was his unrequited love for Rani Roopmati and his desire to possess her at all cost. Baz Bahadur abandoned his harem and treasures and fled. When the news of the fall of Mandu reached Rani Roopmati, she poisoned herself. After seeking shelter at various courts, Baz Bahadur finally surrendered to Akbar at Nagaur in 1570 and joined his service and became a mansabdar. I do not want him flee away like Baz bahadur if a crucial time comes. Do you know that song jab koi baat bigar jaye? Some of the lyrics are:
Jab koi baat bigad jaye
jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Tum dena sath mera, o humnava
Na koi hai, na koi tha
zindagi mein tumhare siva
Tum dena sath mera, o humnava

Whenever something goes wrong
Whenever there is a problem
Stand by me (at that time), my beloved
Neither there is, nor was
Anyone other than you in my life
Stand by me, my beloved

Ho chandani jab tak raat deta hai har koi sath Tum magar andheron mein na chhodna mera haath Till there is a moonlit night Everybody stands by you But you, don’t leave my hand in the darkness.. Vafadari ki woh rasmein nibhaenge hum tum kasame Ek bhi saans zindagi ki jab tak ho apane bas mein
Those rituals of faith We’ll stand by our vows Till a single breathe of life is in our control.. Jab koi baat bigad jaye..
Sanksar(in his mind): I promise you Swara. I will never leave your side. No matter what happens I will be there for you always. My every moonlit night and every new moon night will be with you. Till the end of my breath I will never ever leave your hand……
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