A Story of True Love ch.4


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Recap: Swasan became friends

One day, during recess, Swara: Oh God!! Where has this Sanskar gone?? He told me to be on time but he is ten minutes late. Iss ladke ka kya HOGA?? (What will happen to this boy?)
Suddenly someone came with a guitar.
Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezar Main Hoon Na
Dekh Lo Idhar To Ek Baar Main Hoon Na
Khaamosh Kyun Ho Jo Bhi Kahna Hai Kaho
Dil Chahe Jitna Pyar Utna Maang Lo
Tumko Milega Utna Pyar Main Hoon Na Aa
Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezar Main Hoon Na
Dekh Lo Idhar To Ek Baar Main Hoon Na

Swara was familiar with this voice. She turned back in amazement. She never imagined that Sanskar, one of her closest friend, will give her a surprise like. For a moment, Swara thought, “Is this a dream? If it is, then God, please never let it end. Sanskar is one of my closest friend, but whenever he is around I feel so happy, everything seems so perfect. Why I feel that someone is there for me inspite of whatever happens. There is person with whom I can share everything and speak my heart out. Closest friend, is this the correct word for Sanskar?” Her thoughts were interrupted by the tune.
Kehne Ki Ho Dil Mein Koi Baat, Mujhse Kaho
Koi Pal Ho Din Ho Ya Ho Raat, Mujhse Kaho
Koi Mushkil, Koi Pareshani Aaye
Tumhein Lage Kuchh Theek Nahin Haalat, Mujhse Kaho
Koi Ho Tamanna Ya Ho Koi Aarzoo
Rehna Kabhi Na Beqarar Main Hoon Na
Kiska Hai Ye…Pyar Main Hoon Na
Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezar Main Hoon Na
Dekh Lo Idhar To Ek Baar Main Hoon Na
Khaamosh Kyun Ho Jo Bhi Kahna Hai Kaho
Dil Chahe Jitna Pyar Utna Maang Lo
Tumko Milega Utna Pyar Main Hoon Na Aa
Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezar Main Hoon Na
Dekh Lo Idhar To Ek Baar Main Hoon Na

Swara, who again went back to her own world of thoughts,” Sanskar, how did you come to know that what is going on in my mind? These thoughts were wandering in my mind but you are speaking it out through the lyrics. Are you really a Mr. shobjanta gamchawala(Bengali phrase which describes a person who knows everything)”
Suddenly she saw Sanskar sitting on his knees. Sanskar took out a rose and said,” Sorry Swara, I am late because of the lecture. SORRRRYYYYY!!!!!!!! Iss bechare ko maaf kar do.(Forgive me) . Pleaseeeee!!!”
Swara( who was extremely happy): Sanskar!!!!!!!!! You did this entire thing just to say a sorry! Really!! (In her excitement she hugged him) This was not necessary Sanskar(she whispered softly) By the way, why are you saying sorry, did you forget your all time famous dialogue that in friendship there is no sorry and no thank you! (In her mind she was thinking: If this is what you will do whenever you are late then I wish that you should late everyday Sanskar!!)
Sanskar ( who was at cloud nine at that moment thought, I did not forget my dialogue ,Swara , but do you really think that it is friendship or is it something else….)

After they broke the hug, Sanskar spoke up,” Swara, now will you kindly accept this rose but one thing do not eat THIS one up. This rose is not for eating! Got it Ms. Bhukkad??
Swara: Sanskar!!!!!!! You again started it!!!!!!! How mean of you! Do you really think that I am a bhukkad?? You know you are really bad! You are calling me a bhukkad. I will not talk with you!!!! Go and attend your LECTURES!
Sanskar: Hey bhagwan!!!!!! I did not mean it, Swara.
Swara: Then what did you mean, Mr. Sanskar Ramprasad Maheswari?
Sanskar: Swara, it is a misunderstanding. You are getting it wrong.
Swara: I am not getting it wrong, Mr.shobjanta gamchawala!!!
Sanskar: Swara, you are behaving like a typical nautanki!!!!
Swara: SANSKAR!!!!!!! Nautanki and me!!!!!! You are so mean!!!!
Sanskar: Calm down Swara.
Swara: I cannot calm down Sanskar. Go and attend your classes!!
Sanskar: Swara, Sorry!!!!!!
Swara: Sorry se kaam nehi chalenga( Nothing can be done by teling sorry). Sanskar I am extremely angry! Bye.
Sanskar in his mind(Ab tera kya hoga Sanskar!!!! (Now what will happen of you Sanskar!), You need to do something.)
While walking towards her class, Swara is thinking ,”Now let me see what will you do Sanskar!”

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Credit to: Vidisha

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