A Story of True Love ch.3


Hello everyone!!!!!! Vidisha is back with the next episode. I want to thank everyone from the core of heart for the wonderful comments. Frankly speaking, it has motivated me a lot. In my story Swaragini comes from a Bengali family and Sanlak comes from a marwadi family. Four of them are from the same college, Swara and Laksh are in fourth year, Sanskar in fifth year and ragini in third year. All are MBA students. Happy Ram Navami to everyone!
Swara: Ragini, he sings well. You know he even called me beautiful but I do not know whether he really meant it or not.
Ragini : Oh God! Swara!!!! I think that you are giving too much importance to that person. I guess you should concentrate more on the scenic beauty which we can see from the window of the train. You were grumbling from two days that you want to go back to Kolkata and now when we are going back to Kolkata you are thinking about that person. Only God knows that how I live with this pagol(mad) girl.
Swara: Seriously, Thank god!!!! This North Bengal tourism has finally ended. I guess you are right. I am giving too much importance to that Mr. shobjanta gamchawala. Wait….You called me a pagol!!!!!!!! Ragini ki bachi let me show you know what a real pagal is…..
Swara had a false cockroach with her. She quickly threw it at Ragini. Ragini began to shout loudly and after some time she realized that it was a false one. Everyone in the train was looking at them. Shomi and Shekhar were surprised.
Shekhar: Is everything okay??

Swaragini: Ha baba shob thik ache(Yes. Baba everything is fine)
Ragini (whispering to Swara): Wait……….I will not leave you and you have even given him a name??Mr. Shobjanta gamchawala!! Oh ho!!! I need to investigate this case.
Another compartment of the train where the Maheshwaris were travelling,
Sanskar: Lucky, you know she called me handsome. I guess she did it unknowingly but still she called me handsome!!!! Dekh lucky akhir mai Sanskar Maheshwari ka jadu cha gaya. (See Lucky, in the end Sanskar Maheshwari’s magic worked. ) Learn something from me Lucky!!!!!!
Laksh: Lol!!!! You must learn something from me bhai. Don’t forget if I was not there then you could not extract any information about Swara.
Sanskar: That is true!!!!! You are seriously my lucky maharaj!!!! Thank God both of you are in the same year and that too in the same college. If this was not the case then everything would have become popat(useless). Another thing, did she see you? She should not come to know that we are brothers.
Laksh: Chill bhai!!!!!! She has not seen me. We, fourth year MBA students are extremely intelligent than you ppl!!!! I mean the fifth year MBA students. You should be knowing about her. You are only one year senior to us. By the way you should be thankful to me for providing all the information about her.
Sanskar: Huh!!!! Intelligent than u ppl! Don’t forget Lucky maharaj that I am your elder brother. Don’t worry I will definitely give u a treat, my dear Lucky maharaj!!!!!!! Your elder brother is not a kanjus (miser) but even I do not understand after being in the same college why I did not know about her.
Laksh : Hota hai… Hota hai( It happens sometimes)
Howrah station (Kolkata),

Swara: Yippee!!!!!!!! We finally reached Kolkata. I just hope that now I do not have any encounter with that shobjanta gamchawala.
Ragini: Swara!!!!!! Again………. You are hopeless. How many times have I told you that not to think much about those insignificant people. Wait, I guess that now the word insignificant should be transformed into significant, right my dear Swara????(Ragini mischievously smiled at this)
Swara: Ragini!!!!! I guess your larynx , i.e. Your voice box is becoming too much active these days. Now be prepared because we need to start going to college from today itself. We have missed a lot of classes due to this North Bengal trip.
Ragini (almost wailing): Swara ……………… you are seriously a very big pagol. I know that it is just 6:15 am but ektu rest toh dorkar (Little bit rest is needed) Swara this is both mentally and physically torture on your younger sister!!!!!! Iss pyaari si, komal si, phul si bachi ki jaan loge kya!!??(Will you take the life of this sweet and delicate child)
Swara: Chup!!!!!!!!!!!! STUDIES FIRST…..
On the way to college,
Sanskar (almost tensed): Lucky, will she come today????
Laksh: Of course Bhai!!!!! She is extremely serious about her studies like you, not a lafanga (brat) like me.
Sanskar (extremely happy): Sach???(True)
Laksh : Absolutely!
Sanskar (gleefully) : Ms. Swara Bose, wait I am coming………..

During recess,
Sanskar: Mil gaya!!!!!! (I found her) Ms. Bhukkad…… Wait, now I will show another magic of Mr.Shobjanta gamchawala. He tapped on her shouder.
Swara turned and she was utterly shocked. She was constantly mumbling under her breath, ”Oh God! From where did he come??”
Sanskar: I can hear that someone is constantly thinking that from where did I come. Let me tell that person that I come from a planet named Earth. In Earth there is continent named Asia, In Asia, there is a country named India, In India, there is a state named West Bengal, the capital of West Bengal is Kolkata and there is a house called Maheshwari Mansion in Kolkata. I am coming from there. I guess now that person can hear it and she will not irritate God anymore by asking these questions. Even God needs some rest!!!!! Kya bhagwan ko rest karne ka time nehi milna chahiye (Does not God need anytime for rest?)
Swara: I know geography but I think that a person is totally bent upon proving himself to be a shobjanta (a person who knows everything). By the way, what are you doing here?? Kya larki ke peeche peeche bhagna tumhari aadat hai (I think running after a girl is your habit)
Sanskar(with some attitude): I am your senior. This is not my habit!!! Girls run after Sanskar Maheshwari. You should not forget that you called me handsome!
Swara: First you called me beautiful! How did you manage to pass all these years with such a weak memory????
Sanskar: I am the topper!!!!!!!! I guess instead of buying food from the canteen you should accept this rose. Eat this whenever u want! Save those food for the “bechara” students of our college Ms. Bhukkad! So can we be friends???
Swara: What do you think that by giving roses every day you will become my friend? Flirt karne ka toh irada nehi hai na, Mr.Maheshwari???(Do you have any intentions for flirting?) To show you that I am not that rude I am accepting this rose and your friendship. By the way, even I am a topper!
Sanskar: Flirt! With you!! Forget it!!! But I think Mr. shobjanta gamchawala sounds better.

Thank you everyone for reading this and for bearing this entire thing. Have a good day!!!!!!!!!! Guys, please comment!!! I am writing a fan fiction for the first time. My confidence level will fall down if I do not get enough comments. Silent readers PLEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE comment. It is my humble request! Not proof read.
Previous epi’s link : http://www.tellyupdates.com/story-true-love-ch-2/

Credit to: Vidisha

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