A Story of True Love ch.1


Hi Guys!! I am Vidisha. I am writing a fan fiction for the first time. I need your constant support for this. This is a short story, so the number of chapters will be less. I may end it within ten episodes. This ff is completely based on swasan, so my apologies to raglak, swalak and ragsan fans. Guys, please bear with me…….
“Ma, the temples in Kolkata are much better!!!!!!!!! Ami bari jabo!!!(I want to go back to home)”,yelled a girl.
“What happened my dear shona?”,the mother asked her.
Swara Bose, a live and bubbly girl with beautiful black eyes and black curly hair replied, “In the temples of Kolkata we atleast get bhog(Prasad) and it has a lot of delicacies like khichdi, payesh , luchi and alurdom and here in this monastery dur dur tak pani ka bhi ata pata nahi hai and I am thinking of bhog!!!!!”

“Shona, every place has a different code of conduct.”, replied Sharmishtha Bose ,Swara’s mother.
“Ma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look behind.”, said Swara jumping like a small child.
Meanwhile, a boy was watching all this. Another boy suddenly ran towards him and tapped on his shoulder,”Bhai, what’s going on????? Yeh kali kali aankhen tu ru ru ru tu ru ru ru Yeh gori gori gaal,RIGHT??”,said Laksh mischievously.
“Lucky ab toh tu gaya!!!!!!!!!!!!”,he ran after that boy.
“Ok.Sanskar bhai, stop chasing me ,pleeeeeeeeease,bache ke jaan loge kya?”,said Laksh.
Sanskar Maheshwari, a final year MBA student finally stopped chasing his younger brother Laksh.
Swara was at cloud nine when she saw two monks coming towards them with plates loaded with various delicacies. She ran towards them and asked ,”Sir are these bhog?”
The monks were perplexed. After composing themselves they calmly replied,”These are for tomorrow’s puja.”

Swara’s face fell .”I told you ma the temples of Kolkata are far better.” Shomi laughed at her innocence and told,”Swara you have completely lost it but the timming of the monks were perfect!.” “Did you come to know today that I am mad?? By the way ami Kolkata jabo jabo jabo( I will go to Kokata)! No one can stop me. Enough of visiting these places and if you are done with your North Bengal tourism then please can you persuade baba to go back, PLEEEEEEASE”, her face could convince anyone to comply to her wishes.”Lets see beta”,said Shomi.
“She is so innocent na bhai…..”,Laksh said to Sanskar. Sanskar was unaware of the atmosphere and his eyes were completely fixed upon Swara. Unknowingly he replied,”Yes”. Suddenly realizing the situation he quickly replied “NO!!!! Laksh you have completely lost it. Bade bhai ko pareshan karte hue sharam nehi ata hai???”

“Sharam aur wo bhi Laksh Maheshwari ko!!!! Ha ha ha!!! Bhai why are you behaving like Farida Jalal of the movie Aradhana . You are behaving as if I am Rajesh khanna and I am singing the song baghon main bahar hain and I am telling you Kya dil beqarar hai , you will reply hai, Mujh pe aitbar hai, you will again reply hai,Jeena dushvar hai, you will again reply hai, Aaj somvar hai, you will tell arre baba ha hai and then I will ask tumko USSSE pyaar hai ,you will unknowingly tell ha hai and then na na na na na na na na na naaaa”
“Shut up Lucky , bade papa is calling you” , and saying this he ran off.

Swara was constantly thinking about Kolkata and suddenly someone whispered “Don’t you think the story of gupi gayen and baga bayen is impossible in real life.”(Gupi gayen and baga bayen is a famous Bengali cinema where the King of the Ghosts give both of them three boons and in one of the boons they could simply get food by clapping their hands, Sanskar referred to this part of the film)
“What do you think, I am a bhukkad?” yelled Swara. “Seems like so “,replied back Sanskar.
“Tum he toh mai…………”,Swara shouted but she fumbled for words.”She is so cute and even refrains from saying abusive language,yar sanky u have completely gone mad.”
“Shona”, sumi called her.”Aschi ma(Coming ma)”,she replied.”Phir mélenge”, Sanky replied . Swara glared at him and went. Suddenly Lucky maharaj started ot whisper near Sanksar’s ear, ”Palat Palat”.”Ab kya hua, Lucky ji???”, said Sanskar.”Nothing bhai ,I was simply checking whether Shah Rukh Khan’s plan will work for you or not.”Sanskar was about to give him a punch but he suddenly shouted,”She looked back!! Yippe!!!!” Even Laksh started to shout and he started to sing “Raja ko rani se pyaar ho gaya”. After receiving a punch he stopped and both of them headed back towards their family.

Guys, please do not hit me and throw roten eggs and tomatoes at me. Pleease. Another thing, My real name is not Vidisha . I will reveal it later. I have a lot of friends here. Actually it is an army. Suggestions are always welcomed and do not throw rotten eggs pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The episode is not proof read.

Credit to: Vidisha

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  1. Was it like throwing rotten eggs?? Shut up or else I would throw rotten eggs now. Just kidding yaar. Don’t take seriously. It was awesome!! Just love it!! Waiting for next!!! 🙂

  2. It’s awsm yr

    1. Thanks ruhi!!!!!!! Glad that you read it.

  3. Thanks Jyotii!!!!!!!!! I was pretty scared before reading the first comment but now I am feeling a bit relieved!!!!! Thank you so much !!!!! Your comment means alot to me.

    1. Thanks ritu!!!

  4. nice update n english pls

    1. Thanks Shan!!!! I will write in English only. Don’t worry. Only some songs I need to write in Hindi. I have to write atleast two line in Bengali since Swara is a Calcuttan but I will provide the translations. I am really glad that you all are reading it.Even for the hindi songs I will try to give the translation. Please keep reading!

  5. Are u a calcuttan
    Plz tell me cuz there is no other calcuttan other than me i thinkso
    Khobi sundor ????

    1. Hi Shagun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tumi bangali and that too from Calcutta! Wow!!!! Ami o Calcutta theke.
      Tomake onek onek dhonnobad !!!!!!!!!! Amar khub bhalo laglo je sheshmesh ami ekjon bangali ke ekhane khuje pelam. Please porte theko ar tomar comments o dite theko. Amar khub bhalo lagbe

    2. Hey even i am a bengali. Kolkata’r manush??

  6. Hy yar please write in English I don’t know hindi

    1. Nirmi and Devi dont worry I will write in English. Even my hindi is not so good. Since Swara is a Bengali and Sanskar is a Marwari I am writing some sentences in vernaculars just to emphasize their cultural backgrounds. Dont Worry I will provide the translations. Please keep reading……..

  7. Please write it in English yar … I don’t know Hindi..

    1. I guess you and Nirmi are the same persons.

      1. S am actually nirmala devi it’s a mistake .. Continue waiting fr yr episode

  8. Nice story Vidisha. Khub bhalo!!!!!!! Keep writing!!!!!

    1. Thank you!!!! Tonmake onek onek dhonnobad!!!!!!!! Porte theko

  9. Nice one !!

    1. Thanks Vinu!!!!

    1. Thanks Anu Ann!!!! Your comment means alot to me

  10. Viddddddiiiiiiiiiii……luv you luv you luv you, its soo damn good that no body can even think of throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes on you or ur ff. Its going awesome and i am eagerly waiting for your next episode. I just loved it??????

    1. Kavu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Even I luv u luv luv u. Thank u so much!!!!!! I am so glad that u liked it. I was confident that ppl will throw rotten eggs or tomatoes but now I am so happy!!!
      Onek onek dhonnobad!!!
      When are you uploading your ff??? I am missing it badly.

      1. Il update it soon…likhte shuru kore diyechi

  11. It was awesome yaar how can u think tht some1 will throw rotten eggs?

    1. Thanks Kavya!!!!!!!!!!
      Seriously I am feeling so elated after seeing the comments!

  12. I am from kolkata also.khub valo story.and funny also

    1. onek onek dhonnobad Sumita

  13. Vidhisha ah?Vinita,m still angry as u didn’t tell about this ff,why you really want rotten eggs and tomatoes?then we will go,won’t throw,it is such a lovely,feel good ff,I was smiling through out,I knew you would write nicely,it was really nice,characters portrayed nicely…

  14. Vidhisha sorry Vinita,had read all and posted comments yesterday. Was closing the open tabs n checked your episodes,my comment not displayed under this n epi 6 ,ok dear,you write really well,I knew this ff will good n it is really good,keep going dear ,it is a sweet,lovely,feel good ff.

  15. Oh it got displayed, my mistake,sorry.

    1. Di!!!!!!!!! Thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love u diiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hey Vinitha read ur first epi now….its really nice dear..bukhad swara haha…
    And by d way darling Vinitha.. U r also visited.. North Bengal na
    .ahaa hmm hmmm..

    1. Thank you sethu di!! I visited north Bengal….???

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