Story : The Billionaire’s Girl ( Swasan fanfic)


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Darkness was about to engulf his mind. The chasm of inky depths were pulling him down into the hell fire. He sure was going into hell. There wasn’t place of heaven in his life. He was rather happy being the lord and manor of the hell. He hadn’t done any good or anything closer to it. He had a fight club. His very own cage stage. Men blood thirty and money hungry mongrels fought till death in it and he got the ultimate profit through the winnings of the fighters. The name of it was apt. HellRise. It wasn’t exactly a place of worship. A place filled with every kind of leechy fox soughting for some adrenaline and enjoyment at every nook and corner of his place. It wasn’t illegal. He had the honest rights.

He got out of the bright street of his club in a tottering mess. Cold started to spread and seep into his muscles slowly. Hot seer of pain hit his left arm and a sharp hiss of breath left his lips.
He didn’t realize that he had been stabbed. The scuffle was the usual brawl he had been in. It wasn’t anything a normal shit of a day. The workout had been hard and he had to take care of new fighters and their share of hard earned blood money.

A roar of anger left his lips. He was going to grab the neck of the f**ker who dared to stab him. Although he proudly bared many of the worst marks on his body. Broken bones. Broken jaw. Broken arms. Wasn’t anything unusual in his life. He rather welcomed it.

He staggared on his feet. He felt his body falling to the cold hard ground but he didn’t reach it. A pair of furtive thin arms went around his waist. Those bands steadied him to the ground. His other arm moved around a tiny body.

He felt like being lifted up by a buttefly. The god damned secretary of his was a piece a gutter slug. He had to fire the useless junk. A scowl fierce and sharp crossed his dark swarthy features.

“Did f**king Nian not know that I don’t encourage a pu**y around my place.” He growled low.

His eyes drew down and he encountered a pair of dark brown eyes. Mouse. Furtive. Nervous. Skittish. Uncertain. Pure. A f**king virgin.

What the hell was a woman like this doing around his place. The most scandalous and ever impopular a dangerous area. The Place where such lady of dainty little ankles shouldn’t set her feet around here.

“Nian is my father.” Came the soft whisper of a strained voice from the mouse.

She steadily was making him walk in the darkened lane carefully. Even though the girl looked tiny and soft, her touch was stronger than he imagined it.

A slow sardonic smile touched his lips when he felt her quiver with the weight of his arm laying heavily over the thin shoulders. He was tethering almost into unconsciousness.

The mouse was entertaining. She had her hands around his waist tight. As if trying to steady herself instead sorting him help.

“Does Nian send now his daughters to my cage? For doing what I wonder. I’m afraid, mouse, there isn’t place for you around my territory. You don’t suit to dance or strip. You ain’t capable of being around the hell. Better go burry yourself someplace safe.” He mumbled now annoyed, his voice though went gravelly and slurry.

She stayed quiet like a patient bug.

“You’re bleeding.” Came her caustic reply.

He pushed his mind to working and chuckled deeply. His body was turning lethergic and dead.

“Like a gutted cow. Glad that it got to your notice. Now that you see it, what are going to do? sew me up?” He questioned in a drawl and a sneer.

He squeezed her shoulders hard but she didn’t even flich or cry out except stiffening up. He was impressed by her mind and strength.

“I’m a doctor.” Came another reply, this time a little in pride.

He was impressed.

They crossed a lane and the girl was dragging his body to someplace he didn’t know.

“Tell me my little mousy doctor, where are you planning to throw my dead b..body i…in…” He again tried to talk, but his tongue felt weird as gasped on the words like a choking fish.

“Hush, you mustn’t speak.” She scolded him softly.

He was going to bleed to death and speaking was the only thing he wanted to do before plunging into darkness.

Her arms tightened around his waist as he staggared to hold some pride not to fall into a stupor infront of this girl. That would be a stinking shit if such a thing happens. He hadn’t had the tendency to fall sick but this was going to take his life. Though why he felt like explaining to her his situation, was beyond his f**ked up mind. A kind of a confession to such pristine plainess would lead to some of the black mess to disappear from his life before his death. His mind replied in cynically. Yes, that was it.

His breathing got laboured and he hardly knew the surronding. He groaned in pain and it vibrated into his shoulder like a scalding seer all around his body when he hit something in the process of all blo*dy walking they were doing.

“I’m gonna wring your delicate neck, you little elf, for all this useless god damn walk you made me do!” He thundered down into her ear.

Right again, she neither flinched nor stiffened.

“Most certainly, Sir. When you get well that is.” She replied unaffected instead.

He was baffled by her passivity. Most of the likes of her would have dissolved into tears and nasty cries. Accusing him that he was a brute and a bastard. This girl did neither. Instead she averted her face tightly.

He suddenly wanted to grin as he realized that he angered her. She was silent. The reason might be her father’s employement in his club. Damn right that she knew her place. But he was surprised his secretary had a daughter. That too a doctor. A sneer curled his upper lip. An idealist. He wondered if she would not gasp and die to have met the ‘The Devil Of HellRise’. A name to his work and doings. He was scandal’s child.

They finally reached to a place where she pushed open and door lead into some kind of salon.

She treaded him to a chair and pushed his body down on it. He muttered a nasty curse when his shoulder ached with such intensity now.

He observed with half mast eyes the place. It was small. Resembled like a reception area. Only an orange bulb penetrated the dark with it’s light.

He saw the back of the girl. He strained his eyes but dammit only a shadow and a blur was all that he could see.

He felt her coming closer. He took a deep breath in of his rescuer. Jasmine. Not the heavy sharp perfume that smothers. It was a breeze. Lilth. Hovering. Light caress of sweetness.

He heard a tear of his shoulder shirt and his body straightened up immediate.

“Wha..t are you doi..doing?” He muttered through clenched teeth of pain.

His hands were curled up in fist on the chair sides and he caught a delicate wrist. He was ready to snap the vulnerable bone but the sharp intake of breath the girl’s breath calmed him down.

He sagged. It was only the mouse.

“I…I was just trying to see the cut.” She whispered nervously.

He focussed his eyes on her face. Pearly white and soft. Nothing other than that he could get. Blurry lines and double vision except that he could only see a pair of large brown eyes.

Earnest and clean. He let go of her wrist muttering under his breath lot of things that she would blush heavily listening it.

“Have at it.” He said hoarsely and grudgingly.

She was a doctor after all.

He felt a furtive light touch around the injured area of his shoulder. Even that hurt like a mother f**ker.

“Careful there!” He roared and grew restless on the chair.

He felt her draw closer. He could feel the softness of weight to his right side of his chest.

“It’s too deep. Cut is bad. Looks like you’ve been stabbed.” Her voice critical and observatory travelled into his ears.

He grunted in heavy displeasure. He was going to kill Nian for sending his mousy daughter to help.

“f**king observatory chick aren’t you. God damned stabbed I was. Now shut your trap and sew me up, mouse.” He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes in a snap.

“Of course.” Came the gentle reply.

He grinded his jaw. She was applying her damned doctory soothing technique to pacify his ruffled feathers. Had he more energy he would have scared her to death but damn this clawing weakness of muscles.

He heard her move away and the warmth too left his side. He didn’t like it. He wanted her by his side. A sudden desperate groan left his lips.

“Where are you going?” He slurred in a grunt.

“To get hot water and the first aid.” She replied back breezily.

He sagged back and a second later she was by his side.

All her moments were praticed and pricise. Like she had been tendimg with injured since a long time.

“How did you become a doctor?” He asked her still slurring.

He felt her breath fall on the top of his shoulder. It was healing a feel somehow. It irked him.

“The general way one becomes.” She answered to his question in a monotone.

A smiled coldly.

“Got a smarth mouth, huh? Saucy minx. What else do you use that for I wonder.” He muttered under his breath jeeringly.

He saw her eyes strain a little at his crude comment but damn the girl had a patience of an old matron.

Just as his eyes were closing a deep thronging pain so bad jacked up his body on the chair.

“What the hell are you doing?” He growled.

He saw her jump back a little at his thunderous roar.

“It’s anesthesia. You need it or it’s going to hurt.” She replied hastily.

He scowled fiercely.

“Don’t dare to bring the needle anywhere closer.” He warned her in a hard voice, gripping the chair arm tight with his good hand.

He could tell she was frowning.

“But it would hurt you without the injection.” She mumbled in confusion.

He remained stubborn and gritted his teeth.

“Give me the pain, mouse. I have seen better days. And f**king hurry or is it your plan to see my body bleed to death? Is that how you became a doctor?” He bit out icily sarcastic.

She got into movement again arranging hot water closer to his side on a wooden roller stand.

“Your wish. Don’t curse me later for the painful stitches.” She muttered under her breath in a cold voice.

He had the audicity to grin into her displeased face, which seem to infuriate her more. He could see her mouth set in a grim line.

“Sweet, don’t worry your little head for me. I’ll surely manage.” He muttered back and sagged down on the chair and closed his eyes.

“I don’t care for your pain.” She replied now in an irked tone.

He gritted his teeth all throughout when she washed the large cut travelling from his shoulder and to the forearm.

“And I least give a damn for the likes of you.” He gritted harshly, the teeth while she pressed on the wound a little hard.

Damnation, that hurt like hell. Black fog misted over his eyes.

He sweated profusely. It trickled down his chest and dampened the jeans he wore. Her right hand fluttered over his shoulder and down his chest.

Was the mouse checking him out?

A delicious grin spread his dry lips.

“Coping a feel? If so, I have lot of parts in my body for you to explore. Wanna go down on me?” He murmured staring heatedly into her eyes, and observed her face turning flushed. Affected by his proximity finally. Satisfaction never felt so good. He went on to sneer at her more…” Is it the plain exterior that is starchy or the inside of your body is just as smouldering as I know it will be…” He started to mutter in a crude remark, that would have made her turn away in head in disgust, but dammit for the extreme pain that sizzled his shoulder which didn’t lead to complete humiliating her.

It was like a hot iron brand over his flesh.

“f**king witch! You did it on purpose, didn’t you?” He muttered in a growl when she started sewing the wound with the needle and thread quite hard.

He saw a ghost of smile cover her lips. Surprised he just glared at her through misted eyes.

“I though you could take the pain.” She countered in a challenge…”But, here you’re screaming like a woman going through a labour.” She muttered under her breath sarcastically sweet.

She did not intend for him to hear it but he did hear it anyway.

His nerves rankled at her amusement.

“I heard that and you better think of your father’s position in my club before…” His voice carried out a warning, but she jabbed the needle into his flesh again making him howl in pain.

He cursed heavily but gripped the armrest hard. His anger did not unfaze her. The damn girl was taking a revenge on his body. He better shut up or she was determined making a mince meat out of his flesh if he jeered at her more. He grudgingly kept his silence until his lower lips bled with the pain.

“There. It’s done.” She said in a strain of a voice, taking a deep breath after the last sew.

He was almost dead and it’s done already, he thought cynically. He glanced down to his shoulder. Nothing of the blood remained and the open flesh was mostly stitched back.

“I advise you to take pain killers, because later it’s going to hurt a lot more than you can bear. Though you should have it looked into a hospital. This is only my small clinic. I don’t have all the things here and…” She started on in what seemed to be a nervous talk.

He wasn’t listening to her but kept admiring the work on his arm. She was really good at this.

“It’s b*t*hing.” He murmured, looking at the stitches.

The advise she was spewing without a break trailed off at his curt reply.

She blinked.

“What?” She asked, looking all thorougly confused.

“Your work. It’s b*t*hing.” He said again flatly and tried to get up.

One of her eyebrow raised up and she gave him a caustic look. He could see her large eyelashes flutter. Long and angelic.

“b*t*hing?” She asked quizzically.

He sighed at her innocent prod of a question.

“It’s good. Excellent actually.” He muttered and slid up to stand unsteadily.

He didn’t see her face but heard her voice instead when tottered past her.

“Ah…er…thanks. Hey, but you can’t walk. The stitches are new. You’re going to bleed again. Quite heavily this time…”

He gave her none the chance to scold him, because he pushed her against the wall unexpectedly and slid her delicate hands over her head tight.

His body hit her front and he locked her flailing form tight to the wall and to his chest. He deliciously could feel inch of the supple body. His vision cleared. Porcelain skin. Large brown eyes. Oval face. A sweet pink blush on the round cheeks. Top of her br*ast heaved up and down in strained breaths on his chest. She was wearing a flowery long dress. Looked and felt like an angel and he loathed those. Her. This girl.

“Close up the clinic after I leave. From tomorrow, have this place shuttered down before 10PM.” He murmured icily an order in her ear.

His lips covered the softest of the ear shell.

Hands so delicate pushed at his chest hard.

“But I get patients only after at midnight. How can I…” her voice breathy anxious hit his ears.

He moved back and stared at her in a cold glare.

“I’ll have this place teared down in a wink of an eye, minx. Don’t test my patience. I don’t like having a mouse in my backyard burrowing around at midnight in the dark streets. Close the shutters. Reach home before nine. If I catch you snooping around the HellFire, you’ll get an ass whooping of your life. Get that?” He muttered threateningly.

He was going to have a long talk with his secretary. Nian had the dare to establish his daughter’s speck of a clinic behind the lane of the andreline junkie cage fighters. In a place thriving of predators. Nian just commited a crime so bad. Girls like this angel don’t tread into his hell. He forbid it.

She nodded her head rapidly in extreme fright. Large brown eyes stared luminous moon beam into his narrowed gaze.

He saw her gulp convulsively. He observed the delicate tendons of her neck straining. The pulse beat at the base of her neck rapidly. It sizzled his upper teeth in invitation to bite on it. He was almost in to nip at her soft flesh. How would it taste, he thought in anticipation.

His lips almost touch the skin of her neck but he pulled away from her body in complete disgust. He was the creature of gutter and he had no place to touch heaven. It almost made the bitter bile rise up his throat feeling the threads of the clear sky hit his darkness. It’s the damn compelling scent of hers. Soothing Jasmine.

He almost reached the door but her voice sweet and hesitant froze him to the floor. He slid his head to the side wearily.

“Should I close up by nine or ten. Because you just….”

He cut her out there. He could only bear some of the sweetness. This was making him diabetic.

“Ten.” He bit out curtly sharp.

He treaded out unsteady and followed his way through the right lane. Half way across it, his body hit the ground hard finally giving up to the pain. He immediately invited in the darkness to engulf his senses and pour him deep into a sweet smelling solace.

Jasmine. Brown eyes. Saucy minx. Mouse……..

His lips murmured the last word with a delicate smile spreading his face into a grin.


Hiyaaaa Hahha u caught me in the first few line right. lol yep its moi πŸ˜€

Swasan. It aint on the serial. It’s a story. pure fiction. Nothing sembles nothing. Wrote the pair my way or else…it’s the high way or no way hehe.

Had put ‘he’ and ‘she’ and ‘him’ and ‘her’ coz wil put names later.

Hope u got the story. He is a billionaire. she is a doctor. yeah yeah yeah stuff stuff. Wil put a complete one later. Its just a glimpse. Well my own hacked up one. I know cud hv writtn bter but den again dis is the way only i get n write.


He is bad. He aint that bad. He is Hell’s Master. He thorough bad hahahahaha.


I may not update for a while or may write with a vengeance.

Point is, bad days. Hard days. Not so amazing days. Have a bad headache. cant sit stil in peace. even fr a minute. Oh watever im sulkin. sorry yaar frnds cant bring myself to open internet n cm there.


Alrighty den, see ya next time. Keep smiling always and hav good days πŸ˜€


Credit to: kfar

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