Story: String Of Hearts (Chapter 15)


Chapter-15 ( You )

After they came back to the mansion, he completely avoided her. He had glared across at her when they got into another of his cars that he called for since they were stranded in the middle of the night. Radhika cringed at what she did. His dear car. She had it dragged away. She never wanted to do that. She felt bad for him.

She tried to talk to him but he just pushed away from her and never spoke a word or even glanced at her while the car drove to the mansion. Of course, she made his day hellish. She wouldn’t talk to her if she was in his place. While they got inside he just walked away without a word to her. She closed her eyes and sighed.

Damn. There. She goes and ruins everything. Now he was going to avoid her again. It was really hard to bring him back to actually conversing with her and again it all went square back to one. Radhika dragged her feet sullenly back to her room. She looked around the emptiness of it and worried her lower lip. It was strange to be in a place where she was married but yet was single. It was a laugh. An ironic laugh and a mock of the fate at her. She slid down the bed already feeling tired and sad. She stared up at the ceiling and wondered. Try and might she could but it was never going to be anything at all between them. He was far off and beyond her reach. He seem to have satisfied himself by keeping frozen in a ball. Never let anyone in and just live like that by working continually. Just that. Dear god, she did not know to what level he wanted to reach. He was already apex of his career. Rising high in the mighty waters. What else did he want?

She waited in the morning and looked around the kitchen. He wasn’t there too. She had to hurry to work though. She glanced down at her phone after she was done with her sketches and charcoal work over the large canvas. No messages or calls. It really rubbed off her wrong. What was he made of? Stone? Yes, he was a stone heart.

Radhika was fed up of all that. By afternoon when she found none of the messages. In the evening when she entered into the cabin of her work shop a bag of something packed in a gift wrap caught her eyes. She had just gone out to bring in stuff that she needed. when going out she did not see anything on the counter.

She hurried towards it and tore off the gift wrap. The bag contained all the stuff she needed for her paintings and canvases’. She gulped hard while looking at the brushes, oil paints and water colours. Before she had shopped for herself and nobody did it for her. It dawned a profound affect over her mind that someone did it for her. And that someone was her husband. She looked at the card and the sign on it.

‘For you’- A.

It was all that was written on it. And it was all that she needed. Her eyes started to sting. It wasn’t a bracelet or a necklace. It wasn’t diamonds or gold. It wasn’t as simple as rose. It was something very personal and something which meant a world to her. Her dream. She stayed surprised and revelling with emotions over the counter. It was strange to see someone care about what did she for a living. Which was almost her life. Something ruffled thudded in her chest. Nobody did it for her. And he made the gesture really sweet. She frowned though. Now she didn’t know his mood swings. He wasn’t talking to her but communicating like this.

Should she go for ‘stay away from me’ or that is this one ‘I think of you’ kind of his gesture. She didn’t know what to make of him. His silence said one thing and the things he did staying silent was another. She looked down at the colour filled bottles and canvases with a small smile playing at her lips. Well, if anything she was just extremely pleased today.

He may stay however he wished cold and stiff as the dried up river. She did not care. She was just happy.

With that delightful beam she spiritedly drove back home. For the first in days a flicker of hope coloured her heart and it felt finally good after days of anxiousness.

She reached home with that happy spring in the step. But that dimmed away and so did her smile when she found nowhere. She sighed going back into her room with drooped disappointed shoulders. She took a bath and had a little snack around six. Her eyes moved over the stairs and then at the door. She sat down on the couch and watched some television. Still he did not come home from work. She was bored and completely off again. Well, that was the reason why she tagged along with him yesterday. It was too hard to get him. He was always busy. But in Delhi, he worked in the study. That had given her liberty to move around him. Whenever she wanted. Even when he scowled at her time and again for dusting his library in the study. Even he grunted his displeasure at her impertinence into his work space, she did not care.

Then an idea got to her for returning his sweet gift. She could cook something for him. He always made breakfast for her anyway. There’s always an extra plate in the kitchen for her. She shrugged at the strangeness of it. He communicate with little things rather than talking. He would be tired coming back home. What better thing would be but give him a surprise by cooking for him.

She got up excited with the thought again. She squared her shoulders bravely. Of course, she could cook. It wasn’t a big deal. Her mind thought defensively. She took a deep breath and entered into the kitchen.

Half an later of going back from the pantry and into the kitchen and then back to the pantry, made her too confused and bewildered at what she found. Broccoli. Zucchini. Bell peppers. Beans. Leafy veggies. Everything was set in order. Goodness. He didn’t just have compulsive disorder but he wad a perfectionist in everything. The kitchen and pantry were too squeaky clean.

Vegetable biryani. Yes. That’s right. Her shoulders drooped again and she stared sullenly at the counter. She sighed. Time to call her mother.

Radhika dialled her number and waited for it to go in a ring. She put her shoulder as support to the mobile while she moved about taking out more groceries.

It connected and her mother’s delicate polished voice travelled into her ears through her phone.

“You are calling me at this hour. Is everything fine?” Her mother asked worried.

Radhika rolled her eyes. Trust her mom to be anxious everytime she called her. It was like she was worried everytime. She felt being a child again.

“It’s nothing mom. I just called you to ask about this recipe.” She said in a little embarrassed voice.

There was a pause.

“You are cooking?” She asked blankly….”Since when?”

Radhika sighed. Okay. Maybe, she had made quite a accidents in the kitchen. It doesn’t mean that she was bad at it. Right?

“Since now.” She retorted, while looking critically at a cauliflower.

She heard her mother sigh.

“Who has been cooking since you got married?” She asked sounding annoyed.

He cheeks turned pink.

“He does the cooking. Most of the time.” She cringed and answered.

Her mother gasped horrified by just the idea of it.

“You…how can you allow that. Radhika, darling, you are utterly impossible.” She reprimanded.

Radhika’s face started burning and she scowled. She shouldn’t have mother.

“Come on, mamma, it’s just cooking.” She shrugged.

She heard an exasperated sigh and she closed her eyes. Now it comes the lecture.

“My poor son-in-law. I don’t know how he is bearing you. I used to get anxious if you walked out of the house. Wondering about what mess awaits. Now, Arjun has taken all my worry. Bless the kid. I’m so much relieved now.” She went on muttering and scolding Radhika.

Radhika’s jaw settled and she waited for her mother finish ranting on her. She scowled now fiercely.

“Mom! Seriously now. Who’s side are you on!” She cried out angrily.

When she met silence on the other end she fumed.

“Fine. I’ll check the recipe on the internet.” She said finally in disbelief at her mother’s insistence.

That’s what he did. Even when he was coldly silent. People just were fascinated by him. He did that. Easily and slyly making everyone fall in love with him. Ugh.

She almost cut the call when her mother pacified her.

“Alright. Don’t be angry now.” She said in a soothing tone.

Radhika sighed and straightened.

“Are you going to tell me the recipe or what mamma?” She asked irritated.

She heard another of her delicate sighs.

“Fine. Are you noting down then?” She asked her quietly in a calm tone.

Radhika shook her head and put the phone down on the counter and shifted the call on speaker mode.

“No. I’ll follow you through.” She replied while looking down at the veggies cryptically.

There was a sigh yet again.

“Heaven help me then. I should be calling a fire engine to your place after you finish cooking.” Her mother muttered under her breath.

And Radhika put her hands over her hips.

“Very funny mamma.” She glared at the phone.

There was a small chuckle from her side.

“Do I need to cut the veggies now?” She asked while biting down at her lower lip.

“Of course you have to cut the veggies. Before that you wash them thoroughly. You know that right?” Her mother asked suspiciously.

She rolled her eyes.

“Of course.” She mumbled instead of arguing.

“What do you plan on making by the way?” She asked finally.

Radhika smiled fully now.

“Vegetable biryani.” She said brightly.

Her mother just sighed.

“Make sure you don’t burn anything or yourself.” She cautioned her dryly.

Radhika shook her head and sighed. Of course, she would remember the incident about a one time smoke alarm that set off when she forgot a pie in the oven.

“Alright.” She replied meekly.

For two hours she struggled around the kitchen. Sweating and panting she made her mother almost have a heart attack. She cut the call finally and looked around the things she made with pride swelling up in a flow in her heart. The kitchen smelled with various delicious things.

She removed the apron sighing. She walked into her room and took a long shower to get off the smell of the kitchen. She finally felt a little better and walked back towards the front hall. It was almost twelve. Where was he? She walked towards the dinning hall and sat down on the chair. Few minutes later her eyes drooped and her head rested on the table. Just like that she dozed off. She didn’t know how long she sat there slumbering like an idiot.

She jerked up from the sleep and jumped out of it when she heard the front door bang. Her eyes tried to focus in the dark as there were only gaslights around. She blinked away the bleariness and looked around to get focus. She heard him coming down the hall. She recognised his footsteps. They were sure, firm and determined. As if he had a purpose in every walk of his life. Never being languid or strolling. Too in the mind to know that his steps. Very well aware of what his step would take him to. She waited for him to enter into the kitchen which he did a minute later. She watched his tall figure loom around. His shadow falling on the table. All thin and toned in his suit. The dim light awashed on his face. He was all dark hued. Lost in his own world while the revolving of her thoughts centred only on him walking around.

He seemed tired, grim, deep in a thought. She watched in sleepy eyed fascination at him removing the coat. He first took off the pins of the sleeves. The blue shirt stretched tight over his upper chest. His shoulders flexed while he reached to the door of the refrigerator. He opened it and took out a water bottle. She remained silent while he seemed unaware of her presence. She watched still awed by his sharp looks. He gulped down half of the bottle and Radhika suddenly cleared her throat.

He straightened and she saw him turn around towards her. His eyes narrowed instantly on her. He gulped down the rest of the water. She smiled and he looked down at her lips. He stiffened and his jaw hardened. Her smile dimmed at his non return of her smile. He put down the empty bottle on the table.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a raspy voice.

She frowned while slid his right hand over his dishevelled hair while sliding away his gaze from hers. She blinked. No ‘oh it’s you’ or ‘how are you’ but just a rude push away. She suddenly felt her throat dry. She did not have a reply to that. The light in her eyes dimmed recognizing displeasure in his voice at her presence.

“I was waiting for you.” She said honestly and a little awkwardly.

He straightened and glanced into her eyes before sitting down on the chair opposite to hers.

“Why?” He asked tonelessly.

Radhika blinked. Something was amiss here. What was that she did not know.

She shrugged.

“I made you dinner.” She said frowning a little.

Her face burned. Maybe she shouldn’t have. He cleared that to her quite bluntly.

“Wasn’t necessary.” He said, while giving her a measuring a look.

She gulped a little and looked down at the table. She smiled a little.

“You sent me the paint bottles and I thought….” She started lamely.

He cut her off sharply.

“I did not.” He said shortly and roughly.

She stared into his face and her body went cold from inside. She tightened her hand over another.

“You did not?” She asked through a convulse in her throat.

He looked away from her and walked upto the refrigerator again.

“My secretary picked it up.” He said carelessly.

A shard of ice pierced her heart.

She straightened in defense.

“How did you know that I ran out of the brushes and the oil paints?” She asked looking straight at him.

He stiffened and turned around holding another bottle in hand.

“I got a call from your suppliers.” He said while gulping down half of the bottle again….”Apparently I was the contact of your workshop.” He completed while narrowing his eyes at her.

Her cheeks heated up. It was. She had kept him as contact for emergency sake. Well, what does she know. He did not like that.

She had none the answer for it as her throat started to burn and sting her eyes.

“Alright.” She said while getting up.

She turned around to walk away but his voice stopped her in her tracks.

“This is how it should be.” He said in a cold voice and Radhika turned.

She waited stiffly for him to go on more and her pained eyes caught his. He stiffened looking into her face and sliding his gaze all over.

“This is what we signed up for. It wasn’t written in the contract for us to interfere into each other’s life.” He went on coolly while giving her harsh once over.

When she remained silent and hurting he went on more.

“I hope you understand the boundary here. You don’t cook for me. You don’t wait for me. You don’t move into my space nor I should.” He concluded, spearing her with his cold words and strange unfamiliar voice that made an extreme humiliation course into her blood.

She stiffened with his each words.

“Of course.” She flung back over her shoulder, while her voice came out raspy and hoarse with unshed tears.

She walked away with her hands folded into fists. The burn of embarrassment making her body colder by the minute. She walked while sliding back a tear which ran down her cheek.

Radhika got into her room and made way to her work bag. Her lips thinned out and her eyes burned again. She took the paint bottles and threw those right across the room. The bag went sliding on the floor and stopped with a thud over the wall. She slid back on the bed and cursed herself for ever signing the papers and getting married to the man who never wanted her or did want her ever in the future. She was stuck in a mess now being an unwanted wife.


Arjun looked down at the table and his fists curled. His jaw hardened. He looked across at the spread of the food and his heart speared a little. He could drag her down and settle her ruffled feathers. Pull her into his lap and kiss away her tears and pain. Slid away the tears falling down her heated cheeks with his fingers and lips. Damn. She was that honest. Everything was clear in her face. Her eyes glittered with emotions that sizzled and burned his soul. She never looked never beautiful wearing everything honestly in her eyes. He felt a jackass for making her cry when she put out the effort for both of them. She shouldn’t try. That was her biggest mistake. She shouldn’t break into his heart. It was too much of her presence. And he f**ked up. Got closer. And he shouldn’t have. He shouldn’t have f**king gotten closer to her. Now she was all over his mind leaving a print of her in his thoughts. Making him think constantly. Worrying about her. He didn’t want to entangle with her.

Never was his plan to include her in his life. But, he was foolish enough to believe her father that she was involved in the deceit. She wasn’t. She was sweet. Beautiful. Unassuming. Strong willed. Funny. Bright. Sprightly. Everything that was against deceiving someone.

She wasn’t what he planned for. His face turned grim and granite. She barged into his life uninvited. With that sweet smile and ever more sweeter scent and soft body and skin. She wasn’t a smoky siren or was a seductress. She was just plain innocent and that made his blood heat up and go south. And he did not think of her for scoring one more woman. She was much more than. Meant more than that. And that was her fault. Her mistake. She wasn’t going to his saving Angel. He was repelled by it suddenly. He was better in the midst of darkness. He did not want her to pull him up and desire for the innocence of hers. He wanted her too much to want her in his life. Before it became a need it was important to make it clear to her bluntly. Which he did. Harshly. Roughly. If anything else she was too stubborn to give up. The quality that he liked in her. Immensely that too.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and the deliciousness of the food entered into his lungs. His right eyebrow raised impressed and he peered into the flavoured rice bowl. He slid the bowl closer and helped himself half of it since he was too hungry. He could make it up to her hurt by polishing off the food. But he wondered at her cooking skills. He frowned down at the suspiciously. It smelled delicious but did it taste as good as it looked?

He sighed heavily. He looked heavenwards. Maybe this was his punishment for hurting her. Without cringing much he pushed the spoonful of the rice. Both of his eyebrows raised. It was good. Too good. He soon forgot everything and gorged on the food in front. Well, she did great and he felt contended finally.

After finishing the dinner he walked towards the stairs but a second later he moved towards the right of the front hall. He walked while turning down the gaslights. The mansion was rather old and there weren’t any productive lights but the old ones. He liked living here. It was where his childhood was and it was where he would live until his dying day. As proud as his father was to own a place like this, Arjun was too as proud to be his son. The only sadness was his father wasn’t alive to see his son getting all back his glory. The sadness that would remain forever piercing his heart. Nor his brother. Not his mother. It was too lonely without his loved ones. He couldn’t lose another. His jaw settled. He wouldn’t think about it anymore. He worried too much.

Lost in thought he finally reached towards a bedroom and he stood stupefied at the door. He looked around getting aware of his presence and where he walked towards. He cursed himself and almost turned around but the niggling of a guilt in his mind took over his cautious sense and he pushed open the door. He swore softly. She never locked the door. He did not see anyone as gullible as her. She trusted wholeheartedly and took over someone’s mind without much talking but rather smiling.

He walked into the room and was surprised to find it drowned in darkness. The only source of light was coming from the large windows. The moonlight though was rather dim. He sighed and walked towards the windows and bolted the doors. The room was too cold. He switched on the heater and shook his head exasperated.

“Careless minx.” He muttered under his breath.

He peered into the dark and glanced towards the bed but he couldn’t see a thing. He walked towards the wall gaslight and finally located one closer to bed. Arjun turned the key of it and flickering of the orange light flooded in around the room. It was rather dim but he found his eyes towards the bed more clearly now.

He went towards it and looked down at her slumbering figure. She had the sheets down her legs and her arms around her middle. She was wearing a satin blue night suit. f**k. She was going to catch her death. She shivered and he cursed some more and pulled up the sheets and tucked it around her shoulders. Her hair was all black and shiny and everywhere on the pillow. Midnight dark. He took off his shoes and slid down beside her on the bed and his fingers moved over her tresses and scalp unconsciously soothing her back into the peaceful sleep. His fingers trailed down the dried tears over her cheek and he stiffened. She sighed and rolled towards his side and he froze. She pulled him down completely by almost toppling over his body and he was locked by her legs around his. He took in a sharp intake of breath when her head burrowed into his chest while her hand surrounded around his wait tight.

Great. He shook his head and closed his eyes while feeling her cold body warm up over his. Her gentle breathing trickled over his chest warmly. His hand hesitated before he placed it around her waist more firmly and pushed her into his body more. He was tired and he has little energy to go upstairs. She felt nice, warm and soft against his chest. He had been working for the whole week without a break and he had none the less time for himself. He took a deep breath of her recently shampooed hair and a deep calm settled over his mind and he fell back into a deep slumber instantly.


Arjun got out of the sleep frowning. He opened his eyes and blinked twice only to since at the sunrays peeking through the curtains and falling right over his face. He grunted and tried to flip over his front but a heavy weight over his left arm made it hard to even slid away a little. He frowned some more and looked down. His narrowed over the splay of long dark hair all over his chest. He frowned and his fingers flexed on the softest of the silk. He stiffened as awareness shot through his body of her sprawled on top of him. His eyes moved over the wall clock and he straightened on the bed. Damn. He was late for work. He tried to get up but his whole left side started to ache. He scowled down into her face which was almost burrowed into his chest. Did she gain weight or what?

He moved her away gently on the bed and turned her over the front. She burrowed inside the sheets curling herself into a ball. He shook his head and groaned heavily while his left arm became lead. He rubbed it and got up glaring at her slumbering figure. He moved towards the windows and pulled the curtains and the sun light flooded in completely. He got his revenge when she groaned. Good. He grinned and took his shoes and walked out of the room. He froze suddenly and his eyes snapped sharply at the corner end of the wall. He stared unblinkingly at the brushes and oil paints thrown in what it seemed like immense anger and frustrated pain. His fingers folded into a fist.

He grimly walked up to his room and showered. He made way to the kitchen and made himself a little breakfast and put another up and covered it. He bit into a warm toast and almost walked towards the front door but he hesitated and moved towards the left. To make sure of what he did not know. Something did though compel him to walk another way.

He got into the room and looked around and his eyes fell on the bed. He sighed looking at her sleeping figure. Impossible. He shook his head and smiled. It had been an hour he woke and still she was sleeping like a log there. If only she was his. He stared hard at her and his smile vanished and his back straightened. He turned around. If only she was his, she would have been sleeping still with her being loved all night. His jaw hardened and something pierced the left side of his chest. And she wasn’t his. He walked away with the thought still lingering in his mind and staying back of her face constantly running over his eyes.


Radhika woke late in the afternoon with feeling relaxed and unsettled at the same time. She glanced down on the bed and her forehead folded. Was it her dream? Or was it…..

She snapped out of the many questions quietly hastily. What would she do with such things. She wasn’t going there with it anywhere. It was void. An empty void which only gave her back hurt and coldness and nothing else. She got ready for work but it was too late. She thought of not going as no feeling of any inspiration struck her mind to lift up the paint brush. She got into the kitchen to make herself a sandwich at least. She walked towards the counter and stiffened when she found a plate filled with food. She stood there frowning down with million questions running around her mind.

What was the point in making her a plate. What was he trying to prove? It seemed like an insult to her face. Like he was pitying on her. Her body started to burn as deep humiliation coursed through her instantly. She looked down at the pancakes distastefully but her traitorous stomach growled. The hunger got the better of her finally. She searched in the fridge for the food she made last night and there were none the bowls. Where did it all go. He couldn’t have had the dinner since he told her bluntly that he did not need it. She shook her head perplexed. Mrs. Webbers, the head maid must have taken it and given to the servants. Since Radhika always told her to do so whenever the food was placed in the fridge. He never ate anything kept or frozen in it. He would always cook for himself with fresh groceries. She shrugged.


The coming week was the same routine. She really made sure this time that her feet did not take her towards his study or his room. Nor was her will anymore stronger to bear his insults. He made sure of that. Radhika only got into the kitchen when she got through the servants that he left the house. She came back in the evening and stayed back in the room after having early dinner. This continued for another week. If finally settled in her mind that she was living in a dorm. Not uttered about the weird arrangement of the newly married couple. It stopped caring about people in the first week itself. As that’s what she had signed up for . A lifetime of insult and humiliation.

Just the next day as a routine thing she walked into her room and froze suddenly in her tracks. Her eyes stayed glued to the bed. There was a packet of something. She frowned at it for quite a while. Putting down the work bag she moved towards the bed. She hesitated but she pulled the cover of it. She found the note first.

-Wear this for tonight’s dinner. We are going out-

She looked down at the long dark blue one off shoulder dress. She gasped at the richness of the colour and the softness of the fabric. It was figure hugging and beautiful. Who was this secretary that picked up everything for him she needed to find out. There was thought behind every thing that her husband sent her which he did not buy himself. As he said. Made clear of it. The light in her eyes dimmed. She remembered his words no when they signed the papers. In public they were married. Alone they were single. In every sense of word. A sigh. This charade. How long was it going to continue.

She walked towards her wardrobe and sorted into it until her mind turned raw of thinking things. She looked at the clock and walked towards the bathroom finally to get ready. After a really long bath she changed into the gown finally from her night clothes. If they were married there was also a need to pull an act to show the world that everything is well and good between them. She still ignored the papers. The business baron got hitched. One of those read and Radhika flinched away. She knew that nothing good would have been written about her. She shied away from everything of what rotated around his life. Maybe she should have been more clingy. But the distaste of their relationship in his eyes made her take several steps back.

She arranged her hair over her head into a loose flower bun. A sigh escaped her lips looking at the dress that fit perfectly to her body. She applied a little make up. Specially focussing over her eyes because the dress needed some drama and the smoky shade of the mascara matched well with the colour of the dress. A pair of platinum earrings and she was done with the things. She put one and while doing it her eyes rounded in alert at the door as it moved opened abruptly. She saw in the mirror him walking into the room. She was struck dumb suddenly when her eyes moved over his attire in the glass wall. What was he doing here? He wouldn’t enter into her room even if the house was on fire.

He was all dressed up looking all sharp in a blue suit. His hair was all gelled back. Radhika drew up her shoulders. Seems like it was some big business dinner. She used to go with her father. The irony was now she was with her pretend husband. Nothing has changed from what she felt before. He walked a little front and he froze suddenly when his eyes fell over her back. She stared entranced at him. She was looking at him after like a lot of weeks. It felt like months. More than so. For all the things he did not need a wife. At last he did for the reason to pretend reluctantly. He looked like a stanger now. More firm. More direct. More determined. More sharp and more ruthless. His cheekbones were shape angles. His square jaw more cold cut and meaner. His brown eyes devoid of anything. A sigh escaped her lips looking at the hard mask he wore around her. As if she was more a rival than being his wife.

She tried to turn around but her eyes drew down to his hands. There was this deep maroon velvet jewellery box caught firmly by his long tanned fingers. She looked up into his face in the mirror and suddenly her eyes weariness in his gaze. Like he was too tired. His skin tone though was darker. He must have baked in the sun for all that she knew. The silence remained mutual. He came forward and she kept looking at him coming towards her in slow sure saunter of steps. He stood behind her and caught her gaze finally over the mirror. There wasn’t any regret or guilt but just plain flatness of stare. She maintained his eyes on hers quite placidly. His eyes moved over her back and she stiffened and remained unmoved and awkwardly. Was something stuck there or something?

His eyes came back to her growing dark and she frowned at the sudden in his gaze. He bend down and kept the box on the table beside the mirror all the while holding her gaze. He pulled himself up and suddenly moved closer to her. Radhika moved a step front while he straightened as she pulled away. He moved a step closer again and she was locked to the mirror with face front. He was looking down again and she stiffened instantly as his fingers moved over back. Her eyes widened when pulled the zipper of the dress. Crap. She forgot to zip it from the back.

A low inaudible breath escaped her lips as his warm fingers slid slowly up her spine from below. Goosebumps rose up her flesh but he wasn’t looking at her. His dark head was bent and his eyes were sharply focused over the business at hand. Which he seem to deal with a lot of attention.

“You are unaware of everything.” He stated than said in a very gruff voice.

Her jaw settled while she recognised the slight admonishing in his tone. She remained mute to show her defiance. He zipped up the dress and buttoned it at the top. Her face burned at while his fingers lingered.

She kept looking down and waited quite a while for him to move back. Since his heat and strength penetrated her mind and body and irked her more. She jumped as something cold circled around her neck and her eyes flew towards the mirror. Her gaze clashed with the glittering sharp shine of the clean cut diamonds. What?

Her wide eyes moved up fast and they met his brown gaze incessant on her eyes. She looked down at the delicate white gold and diamond necklace.

She stiffened while a bitter taste hurried up her throat of having something which his secretary picked up around her neck. It made her flinch back.

“It wasn’t necessary.” She said stiffly.

It was cold, beautiful and an emotionless gift.

His eyes narrowed on hers in the mirror.

“It is necessary.” He clipped rather softly and cut her off.

As was her habit, Radhika bit her tongue to argue. She remained silent and he stared back at her anticipating a word lash but what the was the point. It wasn’t necessary anymore.

He saw her shutting down like that and his face did not show anymore emotion that it was before except stiffening.

He moved back still with his eyes on her.

“Ten minutes.” He muttered, in short crisp words and walked away.

Radhika tamed herself to not throw the ruby coloured box over his head for sounding like an oven machine which talked time about the baking. She deliberately made late and walked around in her room aimlessly. After half an hour she set foot out of the room suddenly afraid that he would haul her out of it. She did not want that as it would spoil her hair style. It was more important to maintain herself as an elite wife than being his actual one.

She walked out of the mansion and towards the car. He was leaned back over the front. That gave her ample satisfaction than anything else. Good. Serves him right for making her feel humiliated each time. Fake or none she still has the power to make him wait for her.

She walked around the car without much giving him a glance. He straightened and his eyes dug holes in the side of her head but she did not look back. He got in the car without much talking either. Oh, goody. These two years were going to be incredible.

The drive was silent and strain less and rather very coolly mutual. Both of them were looking out of the limousine window rather than at each other. It was more like being invisible. Radhika did not feel she was in the presence of a person let alone being with her husband.

The car stopped at the venue finally. Thank god. It started to get stifling all of a sudden. She needed fresh air to breath. She looked out at the spread of reporters’ with rather wide eyes. Damn. Finally facing the reality of this drama. Her palms started to sweat with nervousness.

“Don’t show that in your face. It is too readable.” He muttered.

She jumped suddenly while feeling his presence for the first time since she got into the car. It felt like he had frozen himself there without speaking a word.

His eyes were trained on her twitching nervous fingers. She stopped instantly doing that.

He looked out of the window again and his eyes narrowed at the hungry looking reporters with numerous cameras.

“They eat alive emotions. The best thing you can do is to become a white board. Vulnerability shouldn’t be encouraged.” He advised her more coldly.

She listened intently. Maybe this was the reason for the way he was. He bottled down everything so tightly. It was impossible now for him to burst out. He seem to have made peace with it. She recognised another thing. Seemed like he was cautioning her against himself. Well, what would she know if he was warning her with it or was being plain him.

She shook her head. Complicated and perplexing. She was out of her depth here. She was someone with very simple thoughts and normal life. He wasn’t exactly likeminded with her. That might be the reason he was bearing her company and her presence in his life. The thoughts made her more colder from inside.

She jumped suddenly when his hand held her own over her knee. She looked sideways warily at him to find his gaze trained outside of the window.

“Let’s go.” He muttered.

Radhika’s heart gave a trepid jerk at his tone. It was time to pull up an act. Of what he meant so silkily. She took a deep breath and emptied her mind of the sinking thoughts. He got out first and the hullabaloo started immediately. She heard the frantic movements everywhere of cameras and reporters’ flying towards where he stood.

She saw him push his hand towards her in the car to help her get out of the limousine. She took hold of his hand and pulled herself out of it smoothly. She took a deep relieved breath for not falling down flat on the carpet. The clumsiness would have made news in the papers next day. His hand came immediate to hold hers and she stiffened. She looked around at the cameras and the lights. He pulled her hand and she looked up instantly.

He glanced down at her smiling. Even if she wore an inch heel he towered over her and looked down dangerously like a the building behind his head.

She blinked twice and sucked in a breath as he smiled down at her that boyish charming one. The titling of his thin lips in a crook and twinkling of an eye. The sparkling of his even white teeth. She was rendered speechless suddenly. He could smile like this? She had seen him smile once. When at the restaurant. But it wasn’t like this one. Which made her toes curl. Like the warm evening sun spreading its first orange rays over the damp grass. His eyes stayed glued to hers when his hand all warm and strong came around her back and he drew her closer to his chest while several of the flashlight went clicking at once. A tingling sensation covered up her skin.

“Smile, darling. Don’t give them feed of me being a ghastly husband.” He said softly and sweetly down at her.

The moment that she was in. Where everything blurred away except him broke like a shard of glass breaking into pieces even more. Her back straightened and she stiffened in his arms and her face whitened. Was the smile for the cameras?

Something bitter pooled in her mouth. He frowned when she became snap straight in his arms.

His left hand came up over her face and curled his hand around her cheek. His eyes drew down to her lips.

“If you had spent the night in my bed, then there might have been more colour in your face.” He murmured, while his thumb finger moved over her right cheek.

Her eyes widened and she coloured up instantly as his words registered into her mind. Her face started burning a pathway from the touch and slid of his finger over her cheek to all over her body. As if he was touching her in places only he could with his eyes.

His eyes darkened and he smiled at her instant response.

“That’s like a good girl.” He murmured, and circled his hand more firmly over her back.

The cameras seemed not enough to get pictures of the two of them which surprised her. He walked forward while the place to make way for him started immediately. That was his affect.

He had his hand around her waist protectively through out they walked on the carpet and in the crowd he did not let her go. Until they both reached together towards the hall door.

He moved back and took hold of her hand instant. So this is how the act should be. She suddenly wasn’t surprised anymore after his smile. He was capable of manipulating anyone with it. The master player.

There were immediate introductions. People smiling and hugging. Him introducing her as his wife. The socialites. The people. Wearing beautiful dinner gowns. The place was huge and filled with delicate aircraft and glass decor. Everything was white and polished.

He got both them a white wine glass

“I don’t drink.” She blurted out immediate, whole he offered her one.

His eyes stuck to her face curiously.

“Never?” He asked gruffly.

She remembered the time having been drunk along with Sam. One time. The next day hangover was too horrible. She promised herself to never drink again.

She shook her head.

“Never.” She said shortly.

There went her promise to stay silent. Ugh.

He tilted his head to the side as if lost in thought.

“Fair enough.” He muttered, and she did not ask any explanation at his remark either.

She bit her tongue to not just blabber. His disarming charm and company again was getting to her. She might as well cling to his arm and push away all the stares that he was getting from the numerous doe eyed woman. Most of them gazed up awed at his face. She wasn’t going to be a woman mooning after him as others. Radhika squelched the need to scowl. He seemed as always unaware of everything.

They moved towards the table where the dinner was slathered with delicious spreads of every country. It was mesmerising. The silver spoons, crockery and the cutlery. The white table cloth over the large wide rectangular wood looked pristine. Very prim. Shining with elegance, class and refinery. The table filled up entirely the large dinning hall. The glass chandeliers occupied every corner of the ceiling. The floor was maroon carpeted. Radhika was just struck by the arrangements. It was spectacular.

She had gone with her father to these dinners. But nothing compared to this one. It seemed like she had climbed several steps a ladder of the social circle. Of course the credit went to her ‘pretend husband’. Whatever he was now to her. A stranger or an acquaintance. She saw him talk with numerous of the elite businessmen. He was at his smiling best. Wonderful. And she got porcupines. Thorns. And freezing coldness.

She sighed and walked around smiling too and talking with the socialites and business men and their wives. He kept introducing her with lot of people and it felt strangely pleasing that he was involving her and pulling her towards where he stood.

“Where are you going?” He asked sharply and caught her hand again….”I have to introduce you to more of the people.” He said distracted and smiling at a few men passing by.

“I….” She started to say, but he dragged her towards another group of people.

A while later she walked towards the drinks bar and she asked for a water glass. She stiffened while recognising a person walking towards the counter. Radhika straightened. A fear curled up her spine instantly. Her father. In Mumbai?

He came forward with mocking eyes and the same sternness’ of demeanour. She gulped hard.

“Dad.” She came forward, but he cut her off with a hand slash.

She moved back a step while the light in her eyes dimmed while looking at her father after alot of months later. Apparently he did not miss her. The smile which started to appear on her face disappeared instantly.

He moved towards the counter and she waited for his acknowledgement of her.

“Seems like you’re happy where are.” He stated flatly.

Radhika blinked at the platinum plated glasses and the grey in his hair was the same. She never saw anything but anger in those cold grey eyes of his. He was wearing beige coloured suit. The many of the less colours he always chose. She but back a smile. Dad was always going to be the same.

“I am.” She said honestly.

She was happy. Doing what she liked. Working for what she dreamed. Except the pain of being a pawn between her father and her husband. It the biggest truth of her life.

“What have you been doing?” He asked suddenly without actually looking at her.

His voice was the same gruff aged with sharpness and no less unemotional quality. He was a business baron after all. He balanced everyone in his life in the same measure.

She was surprised at his enquiry. As he never did that.

“I’m working in the art gallery.” She said in a small voice, as a deep embarrassment coloured her cheeks.

He looked back at her superiorly through his glasses.

“Work?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Oh crap. She bit her lip for blurting it out. She started to sweat at the distaste and displeasure darkening his face. She felt like coming back to the place where she hid everything and kept as a secret of whatever she did in her life. In the company of her husband she had no filter. What came in her mind she blurted it out. Except he never minded. Sweat trickled down the back of her neck. Dear god, she felt a ocean of difference between the men.

“I….I……” She started to stutter, while her fingers nervously fidgeted alot.

She jumped while feeling a hand slid over her back. Her head moved to the side and her eyes caught her pair of dark brown eyes. The caught breath in her lungs got out of her lips and her shoulder sagged relieved. His brows furrowed and his other hand curled over her fidgeting hands. His body was warm and hard. Like the shield and armour of a soldier. His eyes moved all over her face and his gaze narrowed while looking at the front. He straightened but he did not let go off her waist.

He smiled at her father and the latter looked at him with a sneering smile.

“Son-in-law.” He bit out while his eyes fired up…..”Seeing you after a long time.” He stated distastefully while pulling back a drink.

She saw her husband smiling equally in a measure.

“Raghav Mishra. Long time indeed.” He greeted back coolly while dismissing the relation between them.

It made her father straighten in anger.

Damn. Radhika stiffened and tried to move away. He looked down at her smiling and she stared.

“By the way, have you seen my wife?” He asked in a sardonic tone while he looked at her father narrow his eyes at her…..”Your daughter that is. Isn’t she shining and confident.” He concluded while straightening her spine with his hand glide her back.

Her cheeks heated up. Her father smiled back at him patronisingly.

“Woman are better inside the closed doors. They stay at home looking pretty.” He said glibly.

Just like how a furniture should be. She couldn’t win her own father’s heart. Or change his opinion. There wasn’t anybody understanding whet she felt or what she thought.

Radhika’s face burned and she flinched back and tried to move out of his arms and walk away but the stubborn hold of his banded hard arms around her made her stay put where she was. What the hell was he trying to do here? She needed to run.

She heard him chuckle darkly. His body vibrated with it and it sent shivers down her body.

“That’s the difference.” He looked down at her while saying that…..”I like my wife to do what she likes. Not stay back at home and look pretty.” He concluded while looking back at her with narrowed eyes.

“Will see you in the annual meeting. Hope until then your firm stays safe.” He warned with ruthless coldness while turning her around.

He walked forward while his body vibrated with something she did not know. She had least time to see her father’s reaction. She knew he was looking murderous at both of them.

“I…..” She started to open her mouth but the black anger written over his face rendered her mute abruptly.

“One of these days….” He growled down at her while tightening his hand over her waist….”You got to have some courage to speak up to your father.” He grunted angrily….”What if I’m not there for you alw….” He started again exasperated and looking down at her stinging eyes he turned wary and cautious.

The words remained hung in the air between them. What if he wasn’t there for her always? She completed his thought. He wouldn’t be. In two years he wouldn’t be there in her life. His eyes darkened in anger in response of her unsaid words flashing in her eyes. He moved back from her turning into the same stone he was before. His hands lingered on her waist for a second as he drew back from her not just physically but mentally too.

She accepted the fact just like the swift slash of pain it brought into her heart as he moved back.

He walked away with that without giving her the assurance of his presence in her life and she did not expect from him either. She sighed heavily and rubbed her arms suddenly feeling cold and empty. She walked towards another refreshment counter.

She looked down at the juice glass in her hand blankly. The bright orange liquid in it reflected her face.

Felling a hand over her arm she suddenly pulled out of the numerous thoughts circling in her mind.

A woman’s face young and beautiful came into her vision. She was slim and an inch taller than her. Wearing a silver coloured dressed and with wavy dark hair the woman smiled at her brightly. Her lips were painted red. It was the luscious rose colour.

Radhika smiled confused though not recognising her at all.

The woman’s black eyes slid all over her face and that elegant right eyebrow raised coolly. She understood the smile. It was something of a smugness and sneer. Like she was measuring her up to something.

“Oh, my my, you’re pretty.” She said in a light throaty voice.

Radhika stared bewildered at her.

“I’m sorry but do I know you?” She asked looking at the woman fully.

No. She did not know her. She seemed like one of those high school bullies who would torture the wallflowers. Radhika straightened. She felt the vibe of her and it was enough for her mind to know the danger of such a woman. Manipulative and sly.

She put out one elegant hand in a careless push away while taking a glass from the counter.

“Oh, one of Arjun’s friend.” She said with a shrug.

Radhika nodded her head.

“Oh.” She said in a non committable tone.

“I’m Amita by the way.” She said while taking a sip of the pineapple juice.

Radhika smiled a little.

“Radhika.” She said in short reply, while trying to walk away from a small talk which she did not want and like at all.

“Oh, there is she is.” Amita said hastily and smugly while looking around the hall.

Radhika wasn’t interested but her eyes moved as casually at the direction of her gaze. She saw a tall woman walk across the hall with lot of men surrounding her. One of them was her husband. The woman was very fair, with red highlights in her hair that matched the burgundy coloured dress she wore. It was one off shoulder and plain that reached down to the floor and which wasn’t free flowing but hugged her thin frame well. She was utterly beautiful. Round face and large dark eyes. Lips wide and luscious red. Rubies hanged down her ears and sparkled. Diamond ring and a platinum bracelet. She spoke of money, power and elegance. There were all talking and laughing about something she couldn’t hear. And also she wasn’t interested in but she got curious about the woman. She had an air of an entrepreneur. A strong willed businesswoman. It showed in the way she talked confidently and smiled surely. Like she knew the affect of her smile around the men.

“Who?” She asked suddenly.

Amita gave her the rounded stare. As if she hasn’t seen someone like her.

“She is the business head of the Zycon Industries’. Sangeeta Varma.” She said in a ridiculously surprised and incredulous tone.

Like the information was the general knowledge question and Radhika’s not knowing was horrible display of weak IQ.

Radhika was impressed but not too much. When she remained flat in the stare Amita gave her chuckle. Radhika smiled not really pleased with her company. She needed to leave. The woman was talking to her as if Radhika owed something from her.

“How can you not know. She was engaged to Arjun. Though they have parted ways they are still friends. No bad blood you know.” She said while looking front and smiling.

Radhika froze at her words. Her eyes snapped back to the pair. Him and her. Suddenly it struck her. The accord. How Amita was seeing them together and how he looked beside her closely laughing and smiling. The insides of her started to convulse. He was successful and she was too. Suiting each other like a glove fits the hand. She didn’t know a thing in his life but this piece of information just shocked her back into ice. She knew he wouldn’t involve her in anything of his life but missing this was……the feeling just choked her.

Amita looked back at her and smiled sadly.

“Aw poor you. Don’t get shocked. Maybe he did not tell you because to not make you jealous.” She said finally in a mock.

She smiled and went on nodding her head at both of them.

“Who wouldn’t be jealous. Look at the both of them. So perfect.” Amita’s eyes came back to hers and she winked….”if you hadn’t stolen him away….”

She trailed off while smiling at the people around.

“Oh, and here is the picture of them at a business dinner.” She said hastily again and brightly and pushed a phone in Radhika’s hand…..”It was only clicked last week.” She concluded deliciously.

Last week?

Radhika looked down at the picture. She did not see them both but the intimacy in the picture. He had his hand down the small of her back. Seeing that Radhika’s eyes started to burn. Last week? Her lower lip quivered. She was getting to know all this about her own husband from someone else a stranger. That he was going out with his ex. Dinning with her. Smiling down at her. Having his arms around her back. Pulling her closer to his chest. While she waited for a chance to see him. Waited for some acknowledgement. waited for him to come see her and if she was doing well. Waited for hours longer. Turning sad immensely that he didn’t ask if she had dinner or if she was alive. And here he was smiling warmly down. Getting closer to a woman. Her vision blurred with the tears sparkling in her eyes.

The phone was taken away abruptly from her hand.

“Oh, I just saw a friend.” She said brightly again and she patted Radhika’s arm….”You take care darling.”

Amita hastened away and Radhika still stared down at her hand. A hot tear rolled down her cheek. And another and another. She looked up at where he stood. The distance between them not measuring to steps but oceans apart. But she not know that he wouldn’t even have a little respect towards her. If not bearing her. She deserved to know before the contract didn’t she that he had been engaged?

He did not give her the respect. It hit directly at her self preserve. She moved back panicked while he looked around searching and Radhika immediately hid herself behind a darkened wall. She put her hand over her mouth and tears rolled down her face hotly. Her whole body vibrated with shame and humiliation. Why did she ever come to the party. She wouldn’t have not known anything. Oh, how it hurt her now. It was making her head to breath. There were a few people moving around and some glanced at her. She wasn’t going to create a scene here at all now.

She took deep breaths and wiped the tears fast with the back of her hand. It shouldn’t matter to her. He shouldn’t matter to her. She walked into the powder room and washed her face and touched up her make up again. It had been a mess. She looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath again while closing her eyes.

She walked out of the powder room feeling worse than hell. Just as she circled around the aisle, she was pulled back by a strong pair of banded hands. A squeak escaped her lips and she was about to scream but a familiar voice travelled into her right ear.

“Took you long enough to come out.” He murmured into her ear, while his hot breath fell over her bare shoulder.

The image of his hands around that woman slide before her eyes and she propelled out of his arms in one big struggle. Everywhere it started to burn and she was repelled by his touch suddenly.

He straightened and frowned down at her while she moved back a step.

“Is everything alright? You look pale.” He murmured and got closer while cupping her right cheek.

Radhika flinched back and his eyes narrowed as his hand hung in the air. He looked at her like that for about a second.

He tried to move forward again towards her.

“I don’t feel well. I would like to go home. I’ll take a cab.” She said hastily and turned around.

He caught her hand and pulled her back. She rearranged her face and looked up into his eyes. His jaw settled while looking into her eyes.

“You’re crying.” He stated and asked in a even more hard tone…..”Why? Is it your father again? Did he say…..

She cut him off while the rush of anger coursed into her blood.

“I just don’t feel well and want to go home! Don’t you understand the simple thing?” She fired back in a snap.

His jaw ticked looking at the anger in her eyes.

“Fine.” He sneered…..”Let’s go then.” He growled low and pulled her hand towards the door.

She didn’t want to see his face let alone go with him.

“No!” She snapped and pulled her hand hard out of his hold…..”I’ll go alone. You go have your dinner.” She said furiously.

He glared and took hold of her hand again and looked around.

“Shut the f**k up.” He warned her in a low voice, as few people glanced across at both of them.

She remained silent and winced when his hold on her hand got tighter. She looked around self consciously and remained mum. He walked her out of the great hall and kept pulling her towards where the limo was parked. The night’s cold air flew over her face in a gush and she shivered. She pushed her jn the car roughly and got in beside her.

She stiffened and changed into another seat opposite to his. His jaw grinded when she pulled away from him disgusted. He pulled out the tie and threw that on the floor of the car. Radhika ignored him and moved into the far corner of the limo and stared out.

Half an later they reached the mansion and Radhika pushed herself out of the car and stomped her feet on the freshly cut grass. It crunched under her heels.

He walked beside glaring daggers into the side of her head. When they reached inside the hall he caught hold of her upper hand while the servants disappeared looking at the furious faces they both had on.

His fingers bit into her flesh and he stared down at her.

“What is wrong with you?” He asked angrily.

“Don’t touch me! It’s disgusting….” She said while fresh tears filled up her eyes.

She pulled away again and rubbed her hand.

He caught her eyes and stubbornly walked into her space.

“What has happened? Why are you like this suddenly?” He growled low in his throat.

She stared up into his defiantly even though there tears in her eyes.

“Where were you last weekend?” She asked in a bitter voice.

He frowned down at her while still being angry.

“What?” He asked in a low quite confused voice.

Her jaw settled and her voice wavered as he held her eyes and tried to see into her mind.

“When were you going to tell me that you were engaged before and that you were having dinner with her last week?” She asked angrily while her eyes flashed.

His face cleared off the frown and a deep darkening of rushing anger coloured his face red.

“Who told you this? Your father?” He asked in a sardonic sneer.

Her anger snapped up instantly.

“Why the hell are you bringing my father into this!” She shouted.

He took hold of her arms tightly forgetting that he was hurting her alot with his fingers over her flesh.

“Because he is the one messing up with your head always!” He thundered back instantly.

She laughed humourlessly.

“Just tell me the truth. At least give me some respect if not ignoring me all the time!” She snapped.

His jaw hardened and he glared down into her eyes.

“I wasn’t engaged. We were almost but it did not happen. She is just a business partner and That was four f**king years ago dammit!” He growled down at her while almost pulling her up.

His heated breath fell over her lips angrily.

She remembered the picture and how cosy they both looked. A snort escaped her lips.

“Apparently you did not forget her since you dined with her last week.” She said acidly in mock.

His brown eyes blazed and his face turned thunderous.

He seemed to want to throttle her and pushed her away instantly. That made her move back unsteadily over her feet.

“I’m not going to give you explanations. It is just a contract that we are in. You should remember your place before daring to question me about my life!” He cut her with his words in a harsh slash.

Extreme anger rose up her spine while looking across at him.

“I should remember my place! Of all the days you spent with me……that was all a play act?” She cried out incredulously.

She remembered the words he said while they were stuck in the ice and also the morning of that day. All that talk they had. Was that all fake? A lie? Everything that he did for her was a lie?

His eyes turned completely cold and heartless and he straightened.

“The days and time and words I said means nothing to me. You were foolish enough to believe in the promises.” He said ruthlessly and killing her spirit.

Hot tears fell down her eyes slid over her cold cheeks. She broke down crying.

“Yes, I was fo…foolish enough to believe all that. I was stupid to have a hope with you.” She struggled with the tears and hoarse voice.

She saw his throat working up and down and he took a step towards her while his eyes softened suddenly.

Radhika moved back. She rubbed her cheeks with the back of her while wrenching the jewellery off her neck.

“You know what.” She said in a cold voice…”You…..” She pointed at him, while a tear rolled down her right eye and she looked around….”This house…..” She gestured the diamonds…..”And this piece of rich thing….” She said furiously and locked her eyes into his grim ones….”Can go f**k yourselves!” She snapped crying hard, and threw the jewellery right across the floor.

Arjun’s back straightened and he stiffened and the hair over the back of his neck raised up when he heard for the first a curse come out of her mouth. That too the one for that he always got scolded by her. He looked at the stream of tears falling down her cheeks and also at the pain filling her eyes. He gulped hard while he saw her break down in front of his eyes. His throat started to close up and his eyes started to burn as well.

“I didn’t mean to…..” He started but she raised her hand for him to stay where he was before she turned and ran towards the aisle of her room.

He couldn’t let her walk away.

“Listen! Damn you….” He started but she pushed the door over his face and he started beating at the door.

His heart started to thud hard under his chest and he thought it would burst out.

” Radhika, Open the door!” He growled and tried to turn the knob frantically.

No curse words escaped his lips. He couldn’t anymore.

He cursed himself for saying all the wrong words. He shouldn’t have. He shouldn’t have made her cry like that. He beat the door again with his fist and put his forehead over it.

Radhika sat over the bed and she started to cry afresh. He put her hand over her forehead and shook her head while tears streamed down her cheeks.

He was right. She was foolish enough to have a hope for someone who was out of her league. He made it thoroughly clear today. She didn’t know that it would hurt like this. Her heart was breaking into million pieces. Then she remembered she had said the ‘f’ word and her hand went over her mouth in shock. She got up fast and went over the bathroom and washed her mouth with the soap to punish herself for it. She winced as the soapy taste filled up her mouth. That’s what her grandmother would have done.

She looked at herself in the mirror and her mind compared her with the woman he had his arms around. Fresh tears filled her eyes. She would never come up to his level. He had a different life style. She couldn’t measure upto him. He was successful. He was too handsome. He was everything that she couldn’t have ever. And he was going out with another woman while being married to her. Fake or not. It was clear she would never be part in his life. It was humiliating and an insult. She felt a fool for always smiling and laughing in his company while he never saw her like how she saw him. As her husband. She wasn’t going to be his wife ever. She should remember her place. A deep shard of ice pierced her heart and spread all over making it an ice ball.


Arjun walked back to his room feeling empty as hell. He sagged down the bed and put his hand over his face and closed his eyes. Her face came into his vision. It was burned his brain now. Why would he say something mean like that to her? When he did not mean any of the things he said to her. It was only because she questioned about another woman. Which was ridiculous. She pushed away from him as if repelled by his touch. It made him mad and angry as hell.

He showered and changed into a grey t-shirt and track pants and slid down the bed. He couldn’t close his eyes because he was afraid of the image of her crying coming into his eyes again. He got up with his jaw ticking. He walked to and fro and upto her room. But he couldn’t beat at the door again. He didn’t have the courage to.

He walked upto his room and got down into the bed again. The left of his chest turned into a warm organ that started beating rapidly. Hurting inside. Painfully convulsing. Shrivelling. Rapidly reforming into something else. Loving someone so much so that it leaped out of his chest. And he gasped hard by the force of such a profound affect and acknowledgement of it. He got out of the bed and fast walked out of his room. His eyes started to sting.

He walked upto her room and turned the knob frantically. She did not open the door.

“Open the door, darling. I have to say something to you.” He said in hoarseness of voice, and beat at the door twice.

“I know I hurt you.” He said in a deep pain filled voice and he gulped hard….”I’m sorry for that but you made me so mad….” He trailed off while he waited patiently for her to open the door.

But she didn’t.

“Baby, open the door…….Please…” He said softly gruff again.

He could hear nothing from the other side. He looked at the door and his eyes started to burn.

He closed his eyes tight and finally moved back for her to have some space. She wasn’t going to listen but he was desperate now. He pulled at his locks and walked back to his room again.

He fell back into a very disturbed sleep after a long while.

Radhika was in the balcony. She lied down on the recliner and looked up at the stars while her eyes flowed continuously. She never felt so lonely. Never felt so unwanted. Never felt so unloved. It was the worst feeling in the world and hot tears flowed down her face again.


Arjun started to sweat profusely. His hands clenched on the sheets hard. He heard the door open. The bright light flood in. His eyes focussing on a pair of dainty feet clad in black heels. They were moving towards the door and his heart leaped up and hurt. He saw the door close and darkness drown around. He gasped. His breathing stopped. His lungs convulse up and his eyes opened instantly.

He looked around and got up breathing hard. His body was covered in a lot of sweat. The wet t-shirt stuck to his skin. He got off the bed as rising panic took course into his blood. He ran down the stairs and moved over to her room while almost slipping down to the floor.

It was open. His eyes frantically searched inside to find it empty. Anxiety curled up his spine and he pulled at his locks. He walked into the hall. In his study. Into the garden. Back inside the hall. Asked the servants. He found her nowhere. He was going to go mad and crazy. Break loose out of his mind and break all the things in the house. He walked into the kitchen helplessly and not finding a way or a sane thought.

He froze suddenly and he blinked. His back straightened. He stiffened as a deep hallow filled up his heart. She was by the refrigerator taking out a water bottle. She was in a black night dress. Her eyes devoid of any light. There were deep shadows under her eyes. Her hair was open and flowing. There wasn’t a smile to greet. There wasn’t any playfulness in her face. She looked pale and worse and still managed to look beautiful. She did not look into his eyes or at his face when he got inside the kitchen.

She walked forward and his heart started to beat fast. Something overwhelming took over his mind. She was here still. In his kitchen. Moving around. Staying. Still. After all of what he said and did. She still was here. Determined and defiant. He was an a*sh*le. A complete cad and jerk. A failure. He failed her. He hurt her.

She did not look at him while walking past him closely. He turned and looked at her disappearing figure and his eyes started to fill up. He turned to the kitchen counter and a desperation took over his mind. He started to breath hard. To distract himself he turned his shaking fingers to cooking.

He cut the veggies. Boiled some eggs and potatoes. Put the coffee for heating. Made some toast and pancakes. Cut some onions and tomatoes for the omelette. Fried the bacon. He poured hot milk in a bowl and also the cereal. Her favourite. The candy loops. Made two glasses of orange. He worked and sweated an hour in the kitchen. Nothing dimmed the pain. A gashing open wound. With nothing the medicine.

He washed his hands and took a deep breath while looking at the lot kind of breakfast he made. It might as well be a filling lunch.

He sat by the kitchen counter and waited. He looked at the clock. Half an hour passed by and she did not come. Two hours later he still waited. He glanced at the door but she was a no show.

He forked a pancake finally. He moves it towards his lips but he didn’t find the appetite to eat it. He pushed away from the counter and walked out of the kitchen.


Half an hour later he got ready but not for office but to work in the study. He couldn’t take his feet out of the mansion. He couldn’t without feeling an fear take over his mind.

He called up his secretary to bring him his files to his study. Through out the afternoon he drowned himself in the work and reading papers. He did not let a moment of rest. He was afraid of the many feeling taking over his mind. His stomach started to growl hungrily.

He moved a file and looked around the table restlessly for something. He wanted something for his mind. He was about to get to order some tea from the kitchen. His secretary moved about taking out books from the far corner of the stacks of library wall.

He almost got up before a steaming cup of tea filled up his vision towards his right side. He looked down at it unblinking while his eyes travelled up the hand which offered it on the table. He sat back staring unblinkingly still into her face.

He kept staring into her blank face. She was looking down while putting the tea cup over the table. She changed into a long blue skirt and black tank top. Her hair was freshly showered and wet. The scent of roses entered into his lungs. He couldn’t think anymore looking up into her face.

He gulped hard and looked down at the tea cup. He felt her move back while holding the empty tray in her hand. She wasn’t speaking to him. He could read nothing in her face. She was blank. Freezing him out. It seemed like she had barred for him to enter into her thoughts or world yet still she brought him tea knowing that he craved for tea at this hour. His lips thinned out and his eyes focused over the cup. His hand curled up into hurtful fist.

He sagged back on the swivelling chair. He closed his eyes tight. She was killing him with kindness and silence. He couldn’t take it. But he needed to give her time. It would be worse if by making her come out from that phase. She was going to run if he ever did that. And he did not want her to run. Never.

He took hold of the tea cup and sipped on it while turning his attention over the files. He worked through. Soon evening drew down and he expected for her to come into the study at five with the tea tray in hand. He was anticipating it. She always did with smiling face. Dusting around his library while it was clean though. Only to make him annoyed. Chattering away about random things he did not know. Silly things.

Now the loss of it seemed like the loss of an addiction. He was craving for it like a meth addict. He glanced across at the door when it moved. He sat up straight but the light dimmed out of his eyes while looking a maid bring in his tea. His jaw hardened. He looked away exasperated. She never missed his evening tea.

He scowled. He grew restless again. He had given enough time for her now. He got up and moved back the chair and walked out of the study. He reached the kitchen and his eyes narrowed on her figure.

She was beside the Mrs. Webbers. Seeing to what she was cooking and moving around. He couldn’t see her face. He didn’t care the gasps coming out of the mouths of the maids around. Well, he never crossed into the kitchen while at work. They might as well be shocked. He didn’t care because he had a wife to get attention from.

He moved over the counter and opened his mouth to speak.

“I wan….” He started but Mrs. Webbers cut his off with a relieved sigh.

“Oh, you are here, Master. Thank god! Please take away Mrs. Mehra. The child hasn’t had a bit of anything since morning in her stomach. She fainted in the kitchen before but she is adamant about eating. We are getting worried.” The round face of the woman her eyes turned anxious and so did her voice.

His back stiffened and he instantly pulled her hand and brought her closer to his eyes. He took a sharp breath in looking at the paleness of her face and lips. She looked ready to fait again with gaunt cheeks and colourless skin. She was almost unfocused yet thinned lipped. She was looking down at the cleaning cloth in her hands. It started to hurt deep into his heart and anger came immediate and swift like a blow to his face.

“What stubbornness is this?” He growled down at her…..”You’re gonna fu…..” The curse cut off from his tongue immediately….”You are going to kill yourself like this.” He said while looking down into her weak face.

He gentled his hold over her am for fear that she break into pieces.

She snorted a little while not all looking at him.

“It doesn’t matter to anyone if I do.” She said mockingly.

His jaw gritted and he wanted to strangulate.

“It god damn matters!” He grunted and looked at a girl…..” Take her into the room. I’ll just come.” He muttered while pushing his wife towards the house maid.

They both walked out of the kitchen and Arjun shook his head. He removed the coat. Took out the sleeve pins and rolled up those. He walked towards the pantry and got a basket of veggies in hand. He washed the rice and put it on the burner. He cut the veggies fast and mixed together the cooked rice. He worked fast getting worried by the minute.

Mrs. Webbers looked on with bewildered eyes.

“Sir, I can cook….” She said incredulously with a gasp while she looked on surprised, as the master of the house took hold of her kitchen with panache.

Arjun cut her off.

“It’s fine, Mrs. Webbers.” He said smiling ruefully….”I’m cooking for my wife. Even If she doesn’t eat anything, then she does have a taste for my food.” He concluded firmly.

She shut her mouth instantly.

He took out a tray and slid the steaming plate of mixed rice over it and mango juice glass and water bottle. He about to walk out when his secretary came in searching for him.

“Sir, you have an important video call to attend. The delegated are waiting….” He said a little distracted by the tray in his hand.

He liked at his boss cooking and his mouth hung open. He did not believe at all when the servants told him that the master was in the kitchen and was cooking.

Arjun glared across at the man and he sighed exasperated.

He turned to Mrs. Webbers.

“Take this tray to her room and if she doesn’t eat just call me, alright.” He ordered in a sharp grim voice

“Alright, Sir.” Mrs. Webbers nodded her head.

Arjun walked out of the room hurriedly along with his secretary and had the video conference. It took a while for it to go on. He was almost out of his chair before walking out of the study after it got done with. He reached the kitchen and looked at Mrs. Webber washing the kitchen counter. She looked at him with a sad face and shrug.

He sighed and his jaw settled. He walked out of the kitchen and walked towards her door. He looked at the covered plates on the wooden counter outside her room. He rattled the door knob. It was locked. He took out the key that he had of the room. She cannot keep him out anymore.

He pushed the door open and he looked around. His eyes fell over her form sat on the far end corner of the bed with her legs over the bed and her back settled on the pillows. He walked in with tray in hand and he closed the door.

He felt her straighten over the bed when she heard him walk around her.

“I’m not hungry.” She said blandly.

He did not reply and kept the tray on the bedside table. He sat down opposite to her on the bed. She moved her knees closer to her. He sighed trying to look into her face before she looked away.

He took the plate and spoon. He pulled himself closer to her and locked her to the bed. She looked down her hands with jaw settled. She was angry. He took a spoonful of the rice and slid it over her lips. She moved her to the side instantly. His jaw hardened and he moved the spoon to the right. He tried to push it past her lips but she turned her head right.

“Open your mouth.” He said softly.

“I’m not hungry.” She parroted in a raspy voice.

Anger got better of him and he put the plate beside the bed and caught hold of her face in his hands. She looked at him blankly without much expressing with her eyes. His lips drew down to hers hard and he held her hair clenching it painfully. She stiffened suddenly and tried to push away in shock but he held her small body captured in his arms. Her lips were soft and full and tasted of strawberry. Her breath filled his mouth and he kept kissing her hard without much gentleness. Her front pushed into his chest and he felt his blood heat up feeling her soft curves under her tank top over her bare skin and little gasps of protests she made made his desire for her hike up more. He took advantage into her mouth instantly. She gasped more and he groaned feeling the wet soft inside of her mouth and took her almost into his lap but she started to wriggle out of his arms instantly while his right hand closed up over her waist and over left br*ast. His blood ran to the south and he would have taken her roughly on the bed but he decided otherwise since he did not want their first time to be while they were fighting.

He pushed her back glaring down into her eyes. Finally something. Her face was scrunched up and her hand went over her now thoroughly kissed swollen lips. There was no light in her eyes still. No reddened cheeks. She looked pale still and unhappy.

“You hurt me.” She said in an accusatory tone while feeling her forefinger over her now almost bleeding lower lip.

His jaw settled and he ran his tongue over his lower lip too trying to contain to taste of her mouth into his senses.

“Then we are equal.” He said in hard unforgiving voice.

The protest came immediate.

“When did I ever hurt yo……” She started but he pushed the spoonful of rice into her mouth.

“Shut up before I kiss you again and I wouldn’t be as gentle as I was before.” He said in a gruff and husky voice.

She opened her mouth instantly and received the food without a word or protest hastily. A small smile played at his lips while some colour returned into her cheeks.

He felt relieved when she finished the food and everything on the plate. He tried to talk to her but she pushed away from the bed and walked into the bathroom fast. He sighed, closed his eyes and ran his hand into his hair not knowing what to do with her.

He walked out of the room feeling alot more disturbed than before. She was shutting him out. He didn’t know what to do anymore with her.

In the night he got a call while he had been working in the study. He growled low in his throat displeased. He had been nasty and a crazy boar head on the loose to the servant since he visited his wife in the evening.

“what is it?” He bit out angrily.

“Whoa! Who died and made you an a*sh*le, dude.” A deep voice familiar voice chuckled over the other end of the line.

Arjun sighed and closed his eyes.

“Rohan, how are you?” He asked repenting already for shouting at his friend.

He heard another chuckle.

“I’m good. Seems like it’s not your day or that you are any good?” Rohan asked gruffly.

Arjun looked at the ceiling.

“It certainly isn’t and I’m certainly not good.” He replied with a suffering sigh.

He frowned and straightened over the chair. He stiffened as a caution and alert went into his body. Rohan would only call him if there was something important.

“What the fu….” He started with a curse and he stopped instantly with it…..”What happened?” He asked finally embarrassed that he couldn’t curse anymore.

There was silence persisting and he grew even more alert and Rohan spoke again only to mock him.

“Mother of god, have you turned into a monk. You just stopped a curse.” He said incredulously horrified.

Arjun shook his head and closed and sighed.

“Shut up, douche bag.” He said irritated.

He could hear Rohan laugh hard.

“Atta boy!” He cheered….”That’s the spirit. I was suddenly afraid if you were pu**y whipped.” He laughed.

Now that wasn’t true. He was going to kill Rohan if Arjun ever laid his hands around his neck.

“I’m not pu**y whipped.” He snapped.

How he was going to pu**y whipped if he hadn’t even had her yet. That’s how a guy’s mind worked. He thought about it and shook his head while his mind went down the millions of images of her sprawled in his bed.

Rohan tamed the laugh finally and turned serious.

“What is it that you felt the need to call at home. On my landline?” He asked in a grim voice.

“Yes. There is a problem at your land. The one that you got recently.” He said in a grave voice.

All thoughts wiped out of Arjun’s mind. He straightened immediately. His father’s land.

“What happened?” He asked darkly and becoming ruthless again.

“Your father in law.” Rohan’s voice coloured serious and hard.

Anger rose up his spine and his blood. Damn him. He was messing up Arjun’s life. He did not know what he would do to the old man. He was sure to destroy his business now. No one interfered into his father’s dream. That was a line Raghav Mishra crossed now. He must have known the importance of the his lost land and what it meant to Arjun. Damn, now it was going to be turning a nasty war. He wasn’t afraid his father-in-law and his goons.

“What is he doing now?” He asked suddenly his left hand clenched into a fist.

A sneer escaped Rohan’s lips.

“He is trying to penetrate into the grounds and destroy the construction work of your school.” He said in a icy voice.

Arjun’s jaw hardened. He needed to go there. To Coonoor. If he stayed back here he wouldn’t know the progress of the work there. And he needed desperately to see to it. Or else he couldn’t live with himself anymore with the guilt eating at him forever.

“But I have the cops of my department appointed. You don’t need to worry but I think your presence is needed for the workers to bring their confidence back.” Rohan suggested.

Arjun nodded his head.

“Yes. You are right. I’ll be there tomorrow.” he agreed.

“Alright man. You take care.” Rohan said in a flat voice now.

“How is your sister doing in New York?” Arjun asked suddenly.

Rohan’s voice turned warm immediately.

“Sam? Yes, she is rocking there. I have one determined little sister. She won’t leave from there until she succeeded with her dream.” He concluded dryly in a humour filled voice……”And, Of course, I have the confidence that Neil is surely taking care of her.” He said in a trust filled voice.

Arjun smiled suddenly and shook his head while really wondering at Rohan’s gullible personality. He wasn’t aware yet that his best friend had a thing for his little sister since ages. How it escaped Rohan’s eyes something which was very apparent to everyone was beyond Arjun’s understanding.

“Yes. Of course. You can trust Neil. He is too protective.” He replied warmly back.

They talked for five minutes more and Arjun cut the call. He needed to travel out of the city. He didn’t how long it would take to bring down the disturbance there.


He got out of the study feeling tired as hell. It was tearing him down the work and the stress over this new project. He needed to see his wife and her sweet face to relax a little. Where was she now? What was she doing? Was she mad at him still? It was so good when she yammered around him. Making sure her presence felt. Her silence was an open wound to his soul that he didn’t want it to heal until her hurt filled up.

He walked into the kitchen and saw her moving around the pantry room. A relieved breath escaped his lips looking at her good and healthy except that she ignored him again. Mrs. Webbers smiled and servants smiled when he walked towards his wife. Let them laugh at him for being looped around his wife’s finger. He was apparently. He walked towards her and her cheeks heated up looking around the giggling girl maids.

“I….” He started to speak but she turned around instantly.

He turned to face her.

“Listen I just wanted to…..” He tried in a softest of the tone but she turned to the right again.

His jaw settled while he tried to look at her face. The thick volume of her straight shiny hair covered her entire face.

She tried to walk away and he caught hold of her arm.

“Enough of this.” He grunted, but she stepped on his left feet and put her weight on it hard.

He glared down at her and looked around at Mrs. Webbers.

“I need to talk to my wife.” He said loudly for the maids to hear …” If you’ll excuse us.” He said while pulling her out of the door.

She tried to struggle out of his hold and glared up at him still without the light and sunshine. He wanted it back. Everything of her. Not just her mere presence.

“What are you doing? You have no shame. They were whispering about us. What would they think about me?” She started more than a sentence angrily with red face.

Her blabbering. That’s what he missed alot since yesterday.

He stared down at her with a smile.

“They would think the master of the house is looped around the little finger of his pretty wife.” He murmured down at her.

She blanched visibly and shrunk back at his words and the smile on his lips dimmed. Damn, he cursed himself for sounding contradicting. Just yesterday night he told her about remembering her place. Now everything of what he said might sound pretty facetious and fake. How was he going to make it good?

He took a step forward and kept going until her back hit the wall of the darkened corridor.

She looked up at him and something circled in her eyes. Like as if she couldn’t help looking deep into his eyes.

“What are you doing?” She asked a little breathless.

Good. It wasn’t worse yet. Some hope there.

He closed up to the wall and pressed himself into her until a gasp escaped her lips. He drew done to her eye level and a planted warm feathery kiss over the right corner of her full red glistening lips. She blinked and her breath stuttering mixed with his.

“I’m going away for the weekend.” He sighed while nuzzling his nose over her soft skin her right cheek.

She smelled of roses and lilacs. Her scent really drove him crazy.

She stiffened and he soothed her back with his fingers moving under her tank top. He held her tight to his chest while his hands moved all over her bare skin. His lips travelled down her neck and he kissed her wetly there while a gasp escaped her lips. He felt her breath a little fast and her chest rubbed with his. Her heart raced over his own fast beating one.

“You will have a lot of time to think.” He murmured while coming back to her lips.

Her eyes large brown unassuming brought in the light back and he smiled while looking down at her lips. He slid his lips softly to hers in an even more feathery light kiss again.

“To think through about this.” He murmured huskily in indication.

He slid his lips again and again over hers.

“There is no going back for me now to show you what it is between us. Make your decision after this.” He whispered gruffly.

He kissed her again at the other corner of her lips. He moved back a little and he felt her lean into his arms with a moan. He groaned and tightened his hands over her waist and his lips crushed over hers more firmly over hers. He cupped her face in his hand and titled his face and touched his tongue over her lower lips for access. Her hands moved over his back and he froze. He took advantage instantly and kissed her more firmly. Her lips moved in a tremor and melded with his. She mimicked his actions and kissed his lower lip a little hesitantly. He showed her the way slowly and she seem to learn quickly. If she kept on rubbing herself against him like this he was going to f**k her against the wall. He growled low in and his hand went up her waist and circled her right br*ast. She gasped and he squeezed her softly and his fingers rubbed the peak over the the thin satin bra she had in. A moan penetrated into his mouth. He never slowed down the kiss. He turned to the side and deepened it more. He pushed her legs apart and his thigh and knee went up. She gasped even more while he rubbed his knee between the soft of her legs. She was warm there.

“Are you wet, darling?” He groaned into her lips, while his tongue moved into the depths and the roof of her mouth.

“Please.” She breathed heavily.

“Yes.” He whispered gruffly, while planting wet kisses down her neck. He wanted to taste every inch of her velvety soft skin. He lifted her up and slid his lips over her collar bone and his teeth nipped at her flesh and marked her there. She squeaked at his sudden roughness and he smiled into her skin. Arjun slid tank top down her left shoulder. His mouth travelled down while his hand worked over her left br*ast and its peak. She fit the perfect size in his hand filling up lusciously. He slid down the bra and lips circled over the top of her br*ast slowly.

A moan escaped her lips while he caught the raised peak between his lips. He smelled her desire and it heated up his blood. His tongue rolled circles over it and she gasped while her fingers bit into his shoulders and his knee worked between her legs.

“Just let it go.” He said over her heated flesh.

“No.” She almost sobbed with the affect drawing down into her body.

“Yes. Cum for me, baby. It is my right.” He grunted roughly and ruthlessly.

His lips and tongue and teeth suddenly bit into the peak of her br*ast and she almost screamed when his mouth caught it. She convulsed over his knee and he shivered and bit his fingers into her waist to not just lift her legs around his waist and take her roughly. But he didn’t and he waited for her to come down from the high. Her skin sizzled with it and his lips gentled over hers in a light kisses.

His forehead slid over hers as he breathed hard. His hands still held her there to the wall as he knew she would dissolve on the floor if he let go of her. She was sagged into his body completely now. Her breath came in short pants too and her eyes opened and caught his. His breath caught in his throat as she opened her eyes and the warm light in her gaze flooded into his body with her inner warmth. His heart started to beat faster over her racing one. She looked thoroughly loved. Her hair was dishevelled. Her lips were swollen from his kisses. The tank top to her shoulders. The skin over her neck was red and his hickey mark displayed proudly over her collar bone. Mine. His mind growled. She was his. Her cheeks were flushed and he wanted her so bad. She looked no less than an experienced seductress. But he knew that she was sweetly innocent as the newly opened morning blush pink rose. Looking at he, he just wanted to have her day and night. He ached and craved for it. He was hard and unsatisfied. Yet it made him feel pleased that she broke apart into his arms. For him. It was his possession.

He had to do this for her. Since he insulted her. Even though it would kill him. He moved her hands up and down soothing her heated skin.

He pecked her lips and held her closer to his chest. His hand pulled hers and he planted a deep warm kiss in the middle of her open palm. She shivered and he smiled inside his mind at her response. She was as affected as he was. He placed it over his beating heart. Her fingers burrowed over his chest deeply and her eyes filled up and her lower lip trembled with his pain reflected in her eyes. He did not want to make her cry again. He hated it now when she did.

“You have to decide now. After I go away. Just call me….” He said hoarsely through a pained voice and with a lot of feeling in his tone….”Tell me if you want me here with you. If not. I’ll go away forever. There won’t be a problem in your life. I will make sure of that. I wont come back. Until the contract ends and then you…..and then you can leave.” He concluded in a quiet gruff voice.

He had to make sure for her to understand that he wasn’t lying or playing with her. Or that he never played with her. Or acted anything. It was genuine until he did know with certainty for sure that he was falling in love with her completely. He made his eyes as honestly clear as he could. For her to look into his soul and understand and never question his motives.

He hated to moved out of her arms around his shoulders. He hated it. He disliked it. But he had to now for a better tomorrow. His jaw hardened and he looked away instantly from her tear filled eyes. His hands reluctantly slid down slowly her waist. His right leg moved out between her clenched legs around his knee. He gently set her down and cupped her face. He started to breath hard and an unknown empty feeling took hold of his mind and he caught her face in his hands. He kissed her one last time hard. He moved back a step and kept moving backwards while taking in her features. He gulped hard. Who knows. This might be the last he might see her. His mind eagerly took print of her image. It burrowed deep into his mind. Maybe, it was for better. They wouldn’t come and wound each other with words and fights. It would end here. With him in love with her and nobody else. She destroyed him for any other woman. It was only her now.

He turned around instantly and walked out of the hall with shoulders bunched and fists clenched hard.

Radhika’s eyes filled up and hot tears slid down her face. A painful squeak escaped her lips. She did not know anymore what to do and what to believe. His honest eyes or the hurt he gave her.. It hurt her more deeply now. She slid down the floor and kept looking at the door and breaking down all over again……..


To be contd….


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