Story: String Of Hearts (Chapter 14 Contd.)


Chapter-14 (Contd)
String Of Hearts

Radhika woke up to a bright morning. It was breezy. Lovely. Joyful and beautiful morning. Nothing would down her spirits nor would it lead her enthusiasm to an ashtray. For it to make it more spectacular she went on to explore the beautiful mansion. Suddenly there was this intense possessiveness that took over her mind when she leisurely lay her eyes on it. It was exhilarating. Freeing. Liberating. Felt like she finally found a home. She smiled wide at the servants who passed her and she asked around the place to finally know around the area. It was quite enjoyable place.

Her smile dimmed when her stomach growled suddenly. Yeah, she needed to find the kitchen. Biting on her right hand forefinger she walked into an unknown corridor. A delicate smell of something baking entered into her lungs when she took a deep breath of it. She followed sniffing through the corridor and finally found the kitchen.

She smiled relieved. Finally. Seems like the chef was making a treat for the morning breakfast. She got in smiling wide but then her feet stopped in its tracks. Her eyes widened looking at the spread on the kitchen counter.

Wow. Pasta. Scrambled eggs. Pancakes. Sandwiches…..

She had been staring before it settled on the person making it. Oh dear me, how was he again toiling in the kitchen this early in the morning. Oh no no no. Something must be really wrong for him to start on cooking again. A sigh escaped her lips. This man had serious psychological issues. She stood wondering. Well, that’s the therapy procedure. Cooking really helps they say. She shrugged. He really was weird.

He had on a grey t-shirt and track pants. His hair was damp and messy. He looked laid back and very much at home except the grim look on his face. He was making pancakes.

Weird. Weird. Weird.

She walked in and stood beside the counter looking down at the delicious smelling break fast.

“Are we having a feast at home?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

He stiffened but did not look up. Grinch. She muttered under her breath when his face got all grim.

“No.” He said curtly.

She scowled inside. At least he could try replying her.

“Are you in therapy?” She blurted out suddenly.

She winced and bit her lip.

That got his attention when his head snapped up and his face got wiped with the grim. Instead he was frowning.

“What?” He asked looking all apprehensive too much to talk to her.

She smiled.

“Nevermind. You carry on.” She said hastily.

He stared at for a second and looked down at the pan.

“What are you doing here?” He asked very much sounding displeased.

She scowled at him.

“I was hungry.” She said while looking down.

Her mouth opened up and it watered looking at the scrambled eggs before his hand covered it.

“Stop drooling over my breakfast.” He snapped in a drawl.

Her face reddened and she wiped her mouth.

“Make your own.” He said quietly and looked across at her flatly.

The brown in his eyes lightened.

She gave him a pointed look.

“What are you going to eat all this breakfast alone?” She asked petulantly.

He sighed while drawing the pancake over a plate. The smell was so light and fluffy. She almost felt the pancake over her tongue.

“Yes.” He said monosyllabically again.

She scowled at him and his breakfast.

“Are you a bison?” She muttered under her breath.

His head snapped and he stared at her sharply.

“What did you just say?” He asked almost angrily.

Whoa. Angry pants and sharp ears.

“Nothing.” She said hastily and smiled….”How did you learn to cook so nicely?” She asked changing her tone into a sweet one.

He looked at her suspiciously for a second before it replaced with a little pride. Thank god.

“It’s a habit acquired when living alone.” He responded while, wiping the already clean counter.

It was neat before. But he constantly wiped it. Oh dear the OCD. He really was a clean freak.

“Why were you alone?” She asked blinking up into his eyes.

He looked down at her shaking his head. The t-shirt stretched across his arms and back while he flexed making another batch of scrambled eggs.

“Because I like to be alone.” He replied while moving away from her.

She followed him to the refrigerator.

“Why do you like to be alone?” She asked again trying to understand into his life.

He turned around with apples in hand. His face now looked grim.

“Are you trying to be annoying?” He asked her irritated finally.

She blinked back innocently at him.

“I was just asking…” She murmured sulkily but brightened up immediately….”So, why do you like to live alone?” She asked curiously.

His eyes narrowed and he walked past her and to the counter.

“Because to avoid a company like yours.” He snapped.

Her eyes widened.

“Jeez, I was only asking. So much temper.” She muttered under her breath.

He stared down at her when she got beside him.

“Give me that knife.” He tilted his head to the knife board.

Radhika looked pleased that he asked her to do something. She looked down at the knives. Her eyes stuck to the shiny blades.

“Wow, there are so many….” She whispered and now she was confused….”Which one do you want me to…” She started before his hand slid around her waist firmly.

His hand was warm over her skin. She had on a pink half sleeved tank crop shirt but she felt his touch deep into her flesh. Like a brand. Possessive brand.

Her eyes widened when his hand flexed and he moved her to the side. More like pushed her to the side.

“Hey, how rude….” She almost cried out.

He got the knife and stared down at her.

“This one.” He pointed at a small flat knife….”Have you ever boiled an egg?” He asked sarcastically.

“Of course I did.” Cheeks burning bright, Radhika defended herself.

She looked around again.

“Did you dismiss the kitchen staff?” She asked wondering.

A sigh escaped his lips again while he cut the fruits.

“Do you always have a question to ask?” He counter questioned her instead.

She drew back smiling.

“Because you never answer anyway.” She replied brightly.

He stared at her face and then his gaze slid down to her lips for more than a second. He was close and she feel his body heat. He looked way tall, strong and all hard muscles. His brows furrowed but he looked away and went back to cutting fruits.

His hair fell over his forehead and the way his wrist veins looked profound while he cut the fruits. It was mesmerising. She slid her hands over the kitchen counter and put her chin on it and watched him work. He looked very nice. Silent. Grave. Smart. Handsome. Tanned. Amazing….

He sighed again.

“You can make your breakfast instead of staring at me.” He murmured gruffly.

Her cheek flushed red. Her eyes widened. Did he have eyes in the side of his head too. How can he know that she was staring at him without actually seeing her.

She hurried and stood on her toes and curled her hand around his neck before pulling his head down to check the side.

“Hey! What the hell…” He muttered before becoming stiff and straight.

She almost hung in the air.

“Stop going all stiff. I’m just seeing if you have eyes here too.” She protested.

His hand came around hers over his neck.

“Get off me!” He grunted before taking off her hand from around his.

She only let go after sliding her hands in his hair and frowning heavily.

His hair was all dishevelled now and he looked at her as if she….

“Are you crazy?” He asked her looking as if she was not just crazy but deranged.

The expression on his face and the way his hair looked like a bird nest. It was so funny that she burst into a laugh.

“Maybe.” She giggled.

He stared at her for a second and she laughed hard when his eyes went all flat.

“Your hair looks like….” She started again.

He suddenly became conscious and all red. He slid his hands over his hair and he tried to set his black locks right.

“Shut up.” He retorted.

But a small unseeing smile crept over his lips.

She pushed closer and hung onto his arm again.

“Aww, you are smiling.” She said with a smile and teasing.

It wiped away and a grim settled in before looking away.

“What….what are you talking about?” He asked flustering up, but sounding even more gruff and raspy.

Oh gee. He was embarrassed but he wouldn’t show. His voice was though good. Why wouldn’t he talk to her more often.

He tried to push away from her.

“Let go.” He grunted, and she let go of his arm pouting.

“Calm down.” She said soothingly….”I’m not going to eat you up.” She said while picking up a fork.

“Did you just try to soothe me?” He asked in a calm steely threaten.

Her eyes widened.

“I did not.” She said drawing back.

Crap. Apparently he did not like to be soothed. Note to the future. No soothing.

She pushed a forkful of scrambled eggs into her mouth hastily.

“Wow! This is so good.” She exclaimed.

He came around her and took the plate out of her hands.

“Make your own.” He said severely.

She gave him a sulky face.

“Do you even know the words…’Sharing is caring?” She asked giving him a once over.

He slid a fork in the eggs and shoved it in his mouth and she scowled.

“I don’t care nor I share.” He replied arrogantly.

She stared him in the eye and put her hand over hip tilting it to the right.

“Not even with your wife?” She asked pointedly.

The fork was half way to his mouth before he stared at her. His eyes moved over her hips and then at her face before sliding all over again at her body. She became uncomfortable suddenly as his eyes caught hers in a stare. He remained silent and she tensed up even more.

“What are you looking at me like that?” She asked in a breath, as flutters grew more in her stomach when his gaze became dark.

“Looking at you as my wife.” He whispered huskily.

Goosebumps rose on her skin when he said that and his eyes darkened even more. He leaned back on the counter and kept looking at her like that.

He looked away suddenly and shook his head snapping the pull that he created with his eyes to hers. She blinked.

“Make your breakfast. Eat it. And leave.” He said gruffly harsh.

His shoulders were tensed and hard. He dis not look at her but sorting through the refrigerator.

She blinked and frowned. Well, what was that. Why was he always pushing away?

A sigh escaped her lips. He seem to dismiss her presence completely suddenly.

Well, he could dismiss her alright. She tilted her chip up in the air. Let’s see how much he doesn’t care.

She slid out of the slippers looking at him all the time. Jumping a little she got up on the counter and turned to the other side. He worried for a second before closing her eyes.

He seem to move out of the fridge saying…

“What are you still doi…..” The words froze on Arjun lips when he saw her falling backwards to the floor.

“What the hell.” He muttered before rushing forward towards her.

She fell into his arms before her head could hit the floor hard. Radhika closed her eyes tight. She gasped when his hands for around her waist tight and he held her closer to his chest.

Oh thank god. The racing of her heart slowed down finally. A deep jubilant exhilaration escaped her lips.

She opened her eyes and giggled looking at his face. The scared expression of his face really pleased her.

“Have you lost your mind?” He asked her breathing heavily.

“You do care.” She said knowingly.

His eyes narrowed a little.

“Did you do it on purpose?” He asked her a little incredulously.

She slid her hands around his neck.

“Yes.” She said cheerily.

He stared into her eyes. A displeased frown marred his forehead.

“What if you fell to the ground and hurt yourself?” He asked gruffly.

She smiled wide.

“But you did not let me hurt myself.” She replied optimistically.

His face cleared off the frown immediately and his hands tightened on her waist. His Adams apple bobbed as his eyes slid to her smiling lips and then into her eyes.

“Why are you so happy?” He whisper asked her.

She did not stop smiling.

“Because it is a beautiful bright morning.” She said cheerfully.

He looked into her unblinkingly. She was still in his arms with his right hand under her legs and one around her waist. She stared into the light brown of his eyes. They weren’t dark anymore. There wasn’t shadow anymore but the twinkling of her own showed in his in reflection.

“Your brightness is a lot to me.” He whispered back.

Her forehead folded.

“Why?” She asked now all curious.

“Because it’s just is.” He said vaguely.

But that did not closed her mouth shut because he smiled finally and fully and that him look really really good looking. His teeth were well even, lined and white. The light in his eyes blinded hers and she kept into his warm lit up face now unblinkingly.

“You look so good with a smile.” She said hoarsely.

It wiped away instantly and she cursed herself inside.

Just open your big and spoil everything. He let go of her instantly and he closed her eyes and cursed herself again.

He had such good smile, she thought forlornly.

He cleared his throat and moved over to the counter. She fell back into a sullen mood at his silence.

“Fine. I’ll leave you alone.” She said in a small voice and crossed the counter at where he stood.

Her widened when he caught her hand from hand. She turned to see him sighing.

“You can have the breakfast.” He said relenting finally.

She smiled amicably and slid next him on the counter chair.

He chuckled a little at her enthusiasm. She looked down at the spread and it watered her mouth.

“There is a lot.” She laughed….”What should I eat?” She asked sliding her to the pancakes and eggs.

A plate slid across her right hand.

“Eat this.” He said moving the plate closer to her with his index finger.

Her eyes widened.

“Oh, my god!” She cried out in exclaim and looked across at his amused face….”You made me a burger.” She said being pleased and extremely happy suddenly.

He stared at her flatly while forking a pancake.

“No need to be so happy. I knew that you wouldn’t leave my breakfast alone.” He said dryly.

She did not let it dim her smile.

“I knew that you were a happy bunny from inside.” She said while punching his shoulder affectionately.

He froze and stared into her dangerously.

Oh no.

“You said that now. You don’t say it again.” He warned her looking all grim suddenly.

She folded and gulped hard. Oh geez, bipolar much.

“Alright, Mr. Grumpy pants. I wont say it again.” She said raising her hands in the air in surrender.

He sighed and closed his eyes.

She brightened up after taking a huge bite of the burger.

“lerdssrnkdk….” She murmured.

He stared at her and chuckled.

“What?” He asked thoroughly amused now.

She chewed on the burger fast.

“Let’s go shopping.” She said energetically.

He lost the amused and also the smile. He finished the eggs and the polished off the pancakes.

“No.” He said in vehement emphatic decline.

Her lips pursed.

“Aw why?” She asked unhappily and with a frown.

He sighed wiped his hands with the tissue paper and gave her a look.

“I’m never going to shop with you again.” He said firmly and got off the chair.

Radhika scowled now but hopped off the counter chair too.

She caught hold of his arm.

“Please.” She tried again in a persisting sweet voice.

He looked down at her sideways and then at her hand around his upper arm.

“You are like a small koala bear.” He said sighing and half chuckling.

She looked down at her hand and smiled.

“So are you coming?” She asked again.

He closed his eyes and shook his head.

“No.” He denied again and but his eyes opened…”You can used my credit card though.” He concluded softly.

She let of his arm irritated now.

“I have my own money.” She said with pride.

His left eyebrow raised at her confident tone. He seem to want to argue the point.

“You don’t want to use the money I put in your account?” He asked curiously.

She stiffened.

“No.” She replied instantly.

He looked all serious now.

“Why?” He asked quietly.

She looked anywhere else but him.

“I just don’t.” She shrugged.

He kept staring at her grimly. His eyes sharpened looking all very very displeased.

He shook his head and seem to let go of it.

“You want me to look at you as my wife and you don’t behave as one.” He murmured under his breath.

Radhika leaned in to hear him clearly.

“What?” She asked frowning.

“Nothing.” He sighed and went on.

“Well, your money. Your shopping. Why do I need to tag along?” He asked dryly.

Because she wanted to spend time with him. Her eyes slid away.

“I just do.” She said evasively.

He sighed.

“Yes, that’s what I was asking. Why do you want me to come along?” He asked softly while sliding his brown eyes all over her face.

She opened her mouth and hesitated.

He leaned back on the wall and waited for her reply.

He knew well why she wanted him to come but he wanted her to say it out loud. He stood there looking all handsome and laid back and very much like the person she was falling for helplessly.

“I…I just do.” She replied lamely again.

He smiled humourlessly and got off the wall.

“That’s not the answer.” He said smiling an unseeing one and turned around….”When you are ready to give the right one, come to me.” He replied gruffly and walked away.

She stared and blinked repeatedly before her heart calmed down.

A deep sigh escaped her lips.


After the breakfast Radhika moved about the mansion for an hour before she too left for the workshop. After a long time she had gone into working with the charcoal and colours again. It was very healing and lightened her heart immediately of all the worries.

She was immersed so into it that she forgot the time and place. Until one of the friends in the workshop reminded of her the time. She instantly got everything in her work bag and moved out of the work shop. It was five already and he would be back before four. She got into the car and pumped it on the road before wondering about how she was going to answer him.

She reached home and burst into the door excitedly. She got into her room and hurriedly took a bath and wore a different jeans and top. She walked out of the room and moved into the hall and frowned looking around.

She stopped a hurrying maid.

“Where is the master? He didn’t come home yet?” She asked.

The maid flustered when she addressed.

“…no, madam. He did not come yet.” She said hastily and ran off somewhere in the hall.

Radhika watched bemused at the running girl.

Well, why didn’t he come home? So weird.

She walked out of the hall like a deflated balloon. Work. Work. Work. He was busy in Delhi and he was busy here too. Not fair.

Radhika blinked twice before her eyes widened when she saw him walking into the hall by the front door. He was wearing a grey suit with a black strapped bag around his right shoulder. Her face brightened up and she opened her mouth to greet before he moved past her.

Oh, how rude.

She was just about to say before he muttered.

“I have a meeting.” He said breathing hard.

She frowned. What? Had he run back home or what? Because he sounded like he was on a water break before running off into a marathon.

She hardly kept up with long strides.

“A meeting?” She asked hastily, and walking beside him.

He looked down at her sideways before he flung the bag over the hall sofa.

“Yeah.” He replied curtly.

“But you just got home.” She said irritated when he did not stop in his walk.

He shrugged.

“It’s an important meeting.” He replied moving fast up the stairs.

She breath hard while looking at his disappearing figure.

What the hell?

She waited for him to come down and he came down fifteen minutes later wearing another suit and looking all showered and fresh. Wow, he was quick.

He did nt stop nor he looked at her when he moved past her again. Radhika closed and sighed and she followed him nevertheless to the kitchen.

“Is the meeting important?” She asked curiously.

He moved towards the refrigerator and took out some eggs.

“Very.” He replied flatly.

Radhika frowned when he moved towards counter. Why was he doing it when she here to do?

“Let me make you eggs.” She hurried to his side and tried to the eggs from his hand.

He looked down at her finally.

“Do you know how I eat my eggs?” He asked quietly and very gravely.

She blinked twice. Jeez, really now…

“Well, If you tell me how to…..” She started to reply before he cut her off.

“Let it be. I’m very fussy with my food. You don’t have to do it..” He said while taking out a pan.

“But…” She started but stared surprised when he moved fast and already was frying the eggs.

He made it half boiled and then went on to put sandwiches in the toaster.

He then put both the eggs and sandwich into the toaster. He moved and took out an orange juice carton before taking swig from it.

She watched fascinated as his hands flexed and his muscles bunched in the suit while he took out the sandwiches into a plate.

He came across her holding a steaming sandwich wrapped in a tissue paper. He handed one to her before he had a huge into one.

“Thanks.” She mumbled while eating the sandwich.

So, this is how he lived always. Making his own food. Running to the office. Coming home. Hurrying back. Waking up again. Running to the office. Wow. He had a busy life. But where did she fit in now in his life?

He came around her again and moved close and she stared with half a sandwich in her mouth. His hand came closer to her face. His thumb moved her right cheek while he looked down into her eyes.

“You have paint here.” He said softly, while rubbing his finger over her heated cheek.

“Have you been in the work shop?” He asked finally.

She blinked again. His body heat entered into hers.

“Yes.” She replied, while swallowing down the sandwich.

“Good.” He said pleased and moved back.

She felt at loss and suddenly cold when he did that.

“When are you coming back home?” She called him back.

He looked back at her while walking.

“Late.” He said vaguely.

She scowled heavily.

“I will be so bored by myself.” She complained loudly.

For this she came back hurrying from the work shop. Oh fish, she had been better there.

He stopped walking and turned around. He looked at her long face and into her almost tear filled eyes.

He sighed heavily.

“Do you want to come along?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

She brightened up immediately.

“Of course.” She replied promptly.

He shook his head.

“But I will be in a meeting.” He said in a dry voice.

She moved fast around the counter and almost fell on her face. He walked towards her and held her by the arms.

His face all serious and reprimanding.

“Careful.” He warned her annoyed.

She smiled into his pensive face and he stared at her lips. He let go immediately.

“It’s fine. I will just roam around your office.” She said cheerfully.

He gave a side glance while taking the work bag from the sofa. He strapped over his blue suited shoulder.

“It’s not a park for you to roam about my office.” He said flippantly.

She grinned deliciously.

“I know.” She said almost joyfully.

He looked across at her annoyed while walking out of the mansion.

“What are you so happy about? We aren’t going to a picnic.” He said irritated.

She got around his car and slid in next to him.

“Can we go to a picnic next week?” She asked eagerly.

He shook his head in negative.

“No.” He said sharply.

She pursed her lips and gave an angry look.

“Why do you always say no to everything?” She asked irritated.

“Because you never stop asking.” He replied smiling at her scowling face.

She frowned trying to understand of what he said.

“What?” She asked leaning in.

He stared at her flatly.

“Just put on your seat belt.” He almost barked into her face a little.

She jumped back at his voice.

“Okay. Alright.” She said drawing back.

He started the car while looking at her with narrowed eyes.

After a second of silence she had enough.

“Where is your office?” She asked finally and smiling.

His jaw hardened and he gave her a glare.

“Somewhere where you shouldn’t be right now.” He replied warily.

She sighed. He wouldn’t let go would he.

“I’ll just sit in a quiet place. Alright.” She said while trying to soothe his worries.

He gave a her look before changing gears and chuckled in wry humour.

“I don’t trust you to sit quiet. It isn’t your forte exactly, is it?” He asked her instead.

She pursed her lips and looked front.

“Fine. I’ll just stay quiet now. Then you’ll believe me.” She said firmly.

He gave her a ironic smile.

“You aren’t keeping quiet now.” He shot back.

Her upper lip pursed up. She remained silent and fuming and he kept smiling happily and nice.


They both reached his office which was wide and big. It was all six storeyed and she kept looking at it with wide eyes. He kept giving her side glances.

“Mosquitoes and flies are going to make home in your mouth. Keep it shut.” He said moving his finger under her lower jaw.

She gave him a look before she followed him inside. It was really a big office. He walked into a new aisle where he stopped suddenly.

“You sit quiet here alright.” He said a little pensively.

She sighed. Why was he so afraid of? What was he so afraid of?

A strain covered his forehead. He looked down into her face frowning.

“You don’t run down or walk about into walls and hurt yourself, alright?” He said again sounding weirdly worriedly.

Wow. She wasn’t a five year old.

“I’m not a kid.” She said staring flatly into his eyes.

He looked down at his watch.

“I’m getting late. You just be careful.” He said distractedly before walking away in big long strides.

She opened her mouth to call him but he already walked away into another corridor. What the hell? Did he think she really was a kid? She shook her head bemused at his worry. A snort escaped her lips. She doesn’t walk into walls. Of course not. She was very careful while walking. He only was making fun of her.

Sighing heavily she looked around. Oh what now? It wasn’t really entertaining. He was too busy always. At least in Delhi he used to work in the study and she had been in the habit of being in his company always. Here she didn’t know at all that he was this into being a workaholic. How was she going to spend the evenings now. Sigh. She had been better in the work shop. It was so boring looking around all into these dim beige walls.

She walked along in the corridor of where he disappeared of into.


Arjun was too engrossed in the meeting held that he forgot something really important. He forgot what was it during the presentation. The large hall was filled with the board members and they were talking about the profit and run of the business. It was a very important thing to do right now but he was too distracted suddenly which he never was.

He sighed and looked sideways before he straightened and the most important thing was standing right there near at the large glass window which was covered by the pull down. How did he forget her there?

Damn, he looked around to see if anyone was watching but mostly the meeting was too busy to look anywhere else. She seem to not know what was going on inside because she was too busy making fish faces to the window.

He almost laughed but he cleared his throat instead while four or five questioning glances slid across at his side. He maintained a poker face but he cannot help glancing back at her now dancing figure.

Great. Wasn’t she aware of her surroundings. She seem to think it was only a mirror. He should have reprimanded her more for sitting quietly in one place. Now he really did forget what was the meeting about. He can’t help looking back at her. She was too cute to be ignored.

He shook his head firmly and slid his gaze back to the presentation going on. After a while he glanced back at her to find her looking at the mirror. He took the glass of water and had a sip of it observing her.

She started staring at the mirror and he froze suddenly when she removed her coat and looked at herself up and down not so happily. Her hands went over the blue tank top she was wearing. He spat out the water coughing a little. He excused himself and got up. It was enough of a view of her curvy body in full display there that he grew uncomfortable suddenly. He walked towards the window and pulled up the drawers. Her eyes widened looking at his flat eyes and then she looked towards the people present in the hall before a panic set in. A deep blush covered her face and she flustered up. She set right her hair and put on the coat and started coughing heavily. She avoided his eyes and ran off into the corridor. He started chuckling and later laughed a little hard before the presentation stopped and each of the men sat there and looked at him as if he had gone crazy standing there laughing at the window.

He sobered up and moved towards the chair. After a while he got engrossed again deeply. An hour later the meeting still went on with his employees becoming wary by each passing hour. It was finished later after the last presentation.

Arjun got and tried to crane his neck side to side. He was very tired and it was very late. He walked out of the hall and kept wondering about something. What was it? He shook his head and reached out of the building. He walked up to his car and almost got in before his eyes widened.

Oh, shit.

He hurried inside searching for her and moved up and down through the elevator but he found her no where else. A slow dread curled up his spine and he ran around his office frantically in search of her. He walked back where he left her and pulled at his hair as weird desperation affected his mind.

He remembered her smiling unassumingly innocent face and a slow worry crippled his mind. His shoulders sagged as he sat down on the lobby couch. He covered his face with his hands and leaned his elbows on his legs.

He heard foot step sounds and his gaze locked on a pair of jean clad legs. He followed his gaze up and looked into her smiling face. Anger rose up high looking at her smile.

He got up fast and held her arms hard and hurting and he saw her smile fall off and a wince replace it. He did not care.

“Have you f**king lost your mind!” He thundered in her face…..”When I said you to sit in one place. You god damn sit in one place!” He almost shouted.

He saw her eyes fill up and redden and she struggled to get out of his hold.

“I was doing the same thing.” She said teary eyed…..”You only left me for hours.”

He gulped hard looking at her tears and his hold loosened. He looked down at her skin reddening because of his hold. He closed his eyes and moved back regretting already for shouting into his face.

“I said I will be in a meeting, didn’t I.” He murmured now gruffly.

She rubbed her arms and he felt guilty that he hurt her.

“You could have ended the meeting.” She said now very quietly.

He felt even more a jerk for looking at her unsmiling face.

He sighed.

“Fine. What do you want me to do?” He asked her warily.

Her face brightened up immediately.

“Dinner. I’m hungry.” She said smiling again.

He shook his head.

“No. I’m really tired.” He said irritated now.

She glowered at his face and murmured something under her breath.

“Fine.” He said sighing and muttered under his breath…..”I just have to grit my teeth now forever.”

She leaned in closer.

“What? Why do you always murmur things?” She asked, straining hard to hear what he said.

He gave her a glare and her eyes widened.

“Alright. Alright. Fine.” She moved back in surrender.


Radhika sighed with him all silent and grim sitting beside her in the car. His hand flexed on the steering wheel and she remained silent lest he throttled her for opening her mouth. What was his problem? He was the one who left her there in that humongous office of his and expected her to sit quietly. What was she a child? He thought so and it wasn’t at all similar to being his wife. It was very uns*xy and way not hot. It felt as if he was baby sitting her. Oh gee, that was so not cool. But the lost look on his face while scolded really had been disturbing. It wasn’t like she would actually leave him there and run away or that hurt herself.

“Why are you so silent?” She asked in a low voice, because she couldn’t be bear the grim vibrations coming off his body anymore.

He looked back at her gravely.

“What do you want me to say?” He counter asked.

She thought of many of the things that she could ask him. She settled for a simple one.

“Why were you so worried just now?” She asked curiously.

He changed the gear and turned the car into another lane.

“I shouldn’t have been worried?” He asked instead.

She blinked into the side of his face. Wow, a question to a question. He was good at this. She stared at his profile. He looked really without the coat. Very much not the busy person she had been with all the evening.

Well, he was very worried. Did she feel good about that. The butterflies in her stomach answered that. She was happy but she wasn’t either. The look of his face really watered her eyes. She did not like it one bit. He was good all grim and in control. The sad and desperate anguish on his face hurt her too much.

“I don’t know.” She answered finally.

He slid his brown deep fathomless eyes to hers.

“You don’t know that I should be or I shouldn’t be worried?” He asked her quizzically.

Her brows furrowed. God, he wouldn’t leave it alone. She opened her mouth to ask something else in a snap but her mind shut down completely. He knew well how to make her grow quiet.

“Were you always this vague and secretive?” She asked annoyed.

Whatever she asked he drew it away from her mind asking something else much complicated to her. It was very irritating. She knew least about him in the process of all that.

He smiled sardonically.

“Well, it depends on the company. I could share my secrets but if not your big mouth.” He said satirically.

She wanted to punch his shoulder for that. She did not have a big mouth. Her chin tilted up. He was just being a jerk.

“I’m a very reliable person. All my friends say so.” She retorted immediately.

His left eye brow raised at that.

“I bet they do.” He said mockingly.

The smugness in his voice rubbed off her wrong.

“What does that mean?” She asked incensed at his persistent arrogance.

The car stopped suddenly and she grabbed his arm to steady herself.

“It means if you shut up we can have dinner.” He replied dryly.

She scowled at him and looked front to see that he stopped at a posh looking restaurant. Looking at it she suddenly set herself going all conscious.

“I’m not dressed for a fancy dinner.” She snapped at him.

She was in inky blue jeans and tank top with a demon jacket on. Her hair pulled up in a pony tail sans any make up on her face. She looked like going to college than entering into a plush restaurant. He though looked too rich and very much suitable for the place.

His eyes settled on her and he gave a once over with raised eyebrows.

“You look fine.” He drawled unaffected….”And anyway who is going to look at you the plain Jane.” He concluded derisively.

Her cheeks fumed red and she gave him an ample glare. It hurt suddenly. Oh his attitude.

“I’m not coming with you.” She said firmly.

He shrugged.

“Better. I’ll have dinner by myself. Peacefully.” He grinned and out of the car.

She wanted to slap his arrogant face but she stopped herself before that. Her hands itched for it. Her stomach growled and she looked forlornly at the restaurant. Minutes ticked by and she sat there in anger. The hunger got the better of her and she shrugged carelessly. Whatever. Who had she there to impress. Let people think whatever they want to.

With that confident thought, she got out of the car and hurried fast to reach him. He was already at the sliding doors of the restaurant.

“Wait!” She panted breathlessly.

He looked sideways at her when she reached him.

“What?” He asked….”I thought you weren’t dressed appropriate for the restaurant.” He asked her with a raised eyebrow.

She gave him a pointed look.

“I am now.” She replied in a cold snap.

He shook his head and smiled when she walked front.

They reached a corner and Radhika settled herself in a chair opposite to his. The place was sombre and quiet with many of people having silent and cosy dinner. The lights were pretty dim and it looked all romantic. Wow. His choice was good. He kept staring at her all the while she looked around in fascination. It was very unnerving to have his eyes on her and only her. He wasn’t looking elsewhere. He had his left hand spread on the chair with him leaned back completely on it. The white shirt and deep blue coloured pants looked really good on him. He had kept the coat over the back of the chair.

“What?” She asked after a while of his staring at her.

Hear rose all over her skin. He just shook his head without much replying. Okay. Alright. He was bent on making uncomfortable. But she wasn’t going to get embarrassed.

The waiter came hurriedly towards their table.

“Your order, Sir, mam?” The man asked meekly.

Radhika took hold of the copy and looked over it.

“Thai chicken curry. Plain rice. Potato green salad.” She murmured and looked closing the menu…”And Lemon pudding cake with raspberry coulis on top of it.” She concluded smiling.

He looked on amused at her while she ordered all that.

“And for Sir…” The waiter started to ask but Radhika cut him off.

“Uh…She smiled….”Only plain water for sir.” She said slowly….

“What?” Her husband almost barked, while all the humour left his face.

And when the waiter looked confused….”He is just not hungry.” Radhika dismissed him before the waiter cleared his throat and went off writing the order.

He stared at her stolidly.

“I’m hungry.” He said tightly, while calmly narrowing his eyes at her.

She looked mock concerned.

“Oh, really.” She said worriedly…”I didn’t know. That’s sad.” She concluded smiling wide.

He stared at her flatly.

“You think you don’t order my dinner and I would just watch you eat yours?” He drawled scornfully.

She smiled smugly and nodded her head.

“Of course, you are going to watch me eat.” She said cheerily….”You don’t have a choice since you don’t have a credit card to pay.” She concluded with a delicious giggle.

He froze. Straightened. And checked his coat and also the pant pockets. She bit her lip to not laugh hard. This was so good. He deserved it for calling her a plain Jane.

His eyes narrowed at her.

“What did you do?” He asked dangerously.

Her eyes widened at his anger.

“Me?” She pointed at herself innocently…”What did I do. You are the one who left the wallet in the car.”

He stared at her and then he shook his head remembering. He almost got up but she stopped him.

“Where are you going when you don’t even have your car keys?” She asked now thoroughly amused at his expense.

He sat back with his jaw ticking fast and hard. Oh dear, he was so angry. She was so afraid. It was very funny.

“Give me the keys.” He said through gritted teeth.

She looked around and leaned on the table.

“Don’t create a scene or the people are going to throw you out.” She whispered almost grinning.

He leaned back and watched with murder in his eyes.

The order came to the table after five minutes of them looking into each others eyes in a battle of wills. Well, he made her wait all day long and also in his office. He left her all alone and did not even have the courtesy to take her home first to change when he made a decision to come to this posh restaurant. What did he expect from her? Flowers and smiles after all that. Well, here there are only thorns now. He should just beat it.

She happily tucked in while he watched her all through it.

“What?” She asked carelessly while pushing a forkful in her mouth…”I neither care nor I share so stop ogling my food.” She said his words nonchalantly and in a snap.

He nodded his head with a ticking jaw.

He straightened suddenly and smiled coolly. She blinked bemused at his sudden change in mood. Her mind cautioned and she grew very very alert.

What?” She asked suspiciously, with the fork half way to her mouth.

He looked deep in her eyes and then slid his gaze all over her face. His gaze went heated suddenly as the brown in his eyes darkened to a coffee shade.

“Why did you want to come along with me to my office?” He drawled slow and deliberate.

Her cheeks flushed profusely and she reddened getting hot through the clothes. He leaned closer to her face on the table and caught her fork held hand.

She blinked as his minty breath fell over her lips when he took the bite of the chicken. Her heart beat raced as his thumb finger slid over her wrist vein slowly. It went wild and fast at his touch.

He leaned away while his jaw worked slowly. He smiled suddenly and it took her breath away when he leaned again and loosened her finger hold on the fork and replaced it with a spoon instead. He did it so smoothly. So sleekly. It was impossible not to understand that he wasn’t having food with his own hands instead. He spooned the rice and curry and again leaned closer to her lips before his lips closed over the spoon.

He leaned back and used the paper napkin to dab his mouth. His eyebrows raised quizzically at her silence.

“I asked you something.” He said bemusedly in a deep drawl.

She blinked. Her face reddened and she avoided his eyes.

“I just did.” She replied lamely, and she closed her eyes and cursed herself for sounding so breathy and affected.

She saw him watch her warily. He was clearly not really happy with her but he didn’t show it.

“Do you have any other answer than ‘I just did’ and ‘I just don’t?” He asked her wryly.

He leaned in and she saw flatly that he took her spoon held hand and polished off the food. Her appetite left altogether while he moved closer to her face. His breath warmed her skin.

His thumb finger suddenly swiped at the corner of her lips and she stared wide into his eyes. He sucked on his thumb while she watched his move without a blink. This close to his face she could see the specks of gold in his eyes. They were vibrant and sparkling almost downing her deeply into a pull and allure.

“If you want to spend time with me, you just have to say it.” He whispered huskily softly.

He searched into her eyes and she pulled back immediately. Oh, he was the very devil. Charming. Handsome. Arrogant. Dark. Condescending. Rude. Bad . Jerk. Soft. Good. Warm. Smiling. Grinning. The very devil’s charismatic. She had heard about it. The myth but seeing him look at her like that. It was too real now.

“Why would I say that?” She snapped looking anywhere else but him.

She looked back at him before set righting her face. His face was stolid except the emotions swirled in his eyes. The silent brewing displeasure simmering in his unwavering gaze on hers passed across at her grimly.

He nodded his head.

“Alright. Don’t expect from me anything then.” He said drawing back over his chair.

She frowned. The warning in his tone alerted her.

“What do you mean?” She asked worrying a little.

He did not look at her but polished off the cake. She scowled. She remained hungry here and he deliberately ate her dinner.

“What?” He asked.

Oh, she was fed with his question to question replies.

She gave him a droll stare.

“Of what you just said.” She asked irritated.

He took a huge gulp of the water from the glass.

“What did I just say?” He asked again deliberately.

She let out a frustrated growl.

“Oh, forget it.” She retorted, glowering at him.

She got off the chair and moved around him and made a sullen walk to the door. She made way and treaded outside in blistering anger.

He got around beside her near the parking lot.

“Keys.” He said plainly, while sliding his hand towards her.

She gave him a side glare. She pushed her chin in the air.

“I don’t have them.” She replied flatly.

He sighed.

“Stop being a child.” He said exasperated with her finally.

Child? Child! She gasped. Oh now she was a child.

“Don’t you understand that I don’t have them.” She shot back loudly.

His jaw set and he looked around consciously.

“Don’t be silly.” He snapped…”Give me the keys.” He said warningly coming towards her.

She moved back and brightened up suddenly.

“Can I drive the car?” She asked energetically and looked at the shiny red Camaro with stars in her eyes.

She never drove a Camaro. Oh she loved his car. It was so happening and cool.

He stared at her point blank into her eyes.

“No.” He bit out.

Her shoulders shrugged and the smile on her face wiped away.

He always said no to her. Always a no. Why did she tag along with him. He was so insolent and sardonic. She hardly could understand his moods.

“Fine.” She replied in a small voice, and turned around.

She sounded like a deflated balloon

“Alright.” He complied sighing.

She turned around instantly.

“Really?” She asked with wide eyes.

He looked at her gravely.

“Only if you drive it good.” He warned her sharply.

Geez, Mr. Always Angry Pants. She muttered under her breath.

“Of course.” She said instead smilingly.

He stared at her very very suspiciously and apprehensively.

“I’m going to regret this bad.” He muttered under his breath.

She ignored that and walked happily to the car.


Radhika stared at the steering wheel so excitedly. He sat beside her shaking his head in regret already. She could laugh looking at the expression of his face but she bit her lower lip and tamed it. Oh, she couldn’t do that. She had already taken advantage of his sudden softness towards her. It was fun to watch him struggle like that.

She took in a deep breath and started the car and as it purred on the road Radhika just felt it course through her veins.

“Oh, my god. It’s drives so smooth!” She cried out while taking a turn of the steering wheel.

Her hands flexed on it feeling empowered already. He shook his head and grinned at her gleeful excitement.

“Careful but.” He warned her softly.

She smiled wide while looking front at the way but a mischievous streak entered into her mind while looking at him sit all stiff and pensively.

Slowly and slowly she increased the speed and watched him tense up instantly.

“Slow down.” He said warningly again, but this time getting really alert.

She ignored him and enjoyed the ride while the road disappeared fast under the wheels.

“What the hell you…..” He started to say…”I said slow down.” He gritted again.

“Oh, my god, but it rides so awesome!” She shouted back happily.

Just as she thought to pump it up a police car got behind theirs. Radhika’s eyes widened. Oh dear.

“f**k.” He whispered.

She winced at that. Two times he cursed.

“Stop cursing.” She retorted.

He looked at her as if she was not just crazed, bonkers and out of the head but exactly like how she had escaped a mental asylum.

“Stop the car, you fool.” He snapped at her sharply.

Both of her eyebrows raised up at that.

“Why? We could just drive off fast.” She said shrugging her shoulders and sounding very light.

He stared at her.

“Have you had a criminal record before?” He asked her in disbelief.

She giggled now happily.

“Maybe.” She cheered.

He gave her a glare that could freeze her bones. And it did really have the affect.

“Quit f**king around and stop the car!” He thundered.

She folded back in fear and stopped the car immediately. He closed his eyes when she did that. The car behind theirs stopped too and the police officer got out of it.

Radhika gulped worried. Oh crap. Now she really messed up everything.

The officer walked towards the window and she panicked.

“Now you go to jail.” He muttered dryly.

Her eyes widened. Oh heavens no.

The officer beat at the glass window and Radhika panicked for real now. Her mind went frantic.

She slid down the glass window hastily and looked up at the face of a grave forty something year old man.

“License.” He barked curtly.

Radhika jumped at his voice. Oh dear god. Now she really was going to jail. She did not carry the driving license with her. It was in her car but not in this one.

She looked across at her husband for help but he just ignored her and stared front.

Oh, how brutal was he. He was taking revenge on her now. Fine. She worked up her mind and an idea struck brightening her mood.

She looked at the officer and started fake crying.

“I’m so sorry, officer, I don’t have the license…..” She hiccupped and wailed….”My husband here made me drive the car when I told him not to make me break the laws…” She cried hard.

“What?” He asked with raised surprised voice suddenly.

The officer looked at her crying face and then at his face and moved back from the car.

“Sir, can you come out.” He ordered suddenly.

Radhika smiled inside and looked across him winking.

He stared hard at her murderously.

“I’m going to kill you for this.” He muttered darkly at her and slid out of the car.

Radhika got out too to watch the fun.

“License.” The officer said again to him.

Then he took the officer beside and talked for a long time. Seeming and trying to convince him a lot. She stood there looking around for some stalls because she was suddenly very hungry. Mock acting really worked up his appetite.

She blinked when her husband moved back while the officer moved to his car.

Ten minutes later they stood beside each other watching a truck tow his Camaro. She watched with wide eyes as the car was dragged over the road while the officer saw through the proceedings of it.

She gulped hard. He so was going to kill her. She never thought that the officer would do this. She thought that with a fine and a warning he would leave but not take away his car.

She dreaded to look at him. He stood beside her frozen to the ground with his hands folded over his chest and his coat hung over his right hand. He was looking at his car being dragged like a ragged doll over the road. She felt really bad. She did not mean that to happen.

“I’m so sorry. I did not know that he would tow your car like that.” She said wincingly, before she moved back a safe distance from his side.

He head turned slowly and he looked down at her without an expression.

Uh oh.

“You are sorry?” He asked dangerously low.

She flinched back and nodded her head.

He turned around and faced her and came towards her slowly.

“You dare throw me under the bus and have even more nerve to so say sorry.” His voice raised and punctuated grindingly.

Radhika grew hot and moved back a few back a few steps before she turned around screeching. His face was very scary when out of control angry.

“Oh, my god! He is going to kill me!” She shouted and took a run for an escape.

“Hey! Come back here you little she devil!” He shouted after her.

She winced and cringed. Oh no, he wasn’t just angry. He was thunderingly furious with her. If that was a word.

Arjun looked around furtively and consciously. He got stares and curses flung at him for making a girl run and cry.

“She is just my wife.” He said smiling and sheepishly.

She made him too furious. Irritated. Annoyed. Out of control and desperate with anger. Oh, he was going to throttle her and shake her hard. This was worse than being with a five year old kid. Damn her for coming into his life and messing it up all and every steady thing in his life. Now, he was out of balance and walked around with a scrambled brain.

He looked around to see a few women giving him a dirty look.

He shook his head for saying the wrong thing again. Now people will think that he was a psycho and a domestic abuser……


To be contd


I just remembered how Arjun says that Radhika is neither plain nor lookable or something like that while in the lonavala hotel. Did he say that or what. I don’t remember. But he said something along the lines of that but it was the most fun part of the serial when Radhika badgers him to death constantly through out the trip. Lol. Lotsa fun.


Credit to: Blue

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