Story: String Of Hearts (Chapter 13 Contd.)


Contd Chap

Radhika stirred in her sleep and burrowed herself deeper in the pillow. It vibrated back and moved up and down. She frowned in her sleep. Why is her pillow making noises and moving?

She grabbed onto its cover and and pulled at it only to hear it groan in response.

Well, she could do with a moving pillow but she couldn’t do with it making noises and disturbing her sleep.

“Shut up, I’m trying to sleep here.” She mumbled irritated and burrowed in and deeper.

It rumbled back in response. She wondered at the new improved technology and its design of new improved ‘talking and moving pillows’. Since when did she buy those? Her forehead lined in confusion and the crescent of her cheeks and ears heated up.

Well, she wondered where her thoughts were going again. The trail of that thought was derailing now.

“I think you had enough sleep and I say you should get off my lap now.” A voice deep, gruff and sleep ridden travelled into her ears warmly.

Radhika blinked off the few winks of sleep. Her eyelashes drew up bleary eyed and lazy.

She observed three things.

1. The car window came into her vision.

Observation. She definitely wasn’t in her bed.

2. Everything came back to her like a swift blow of a breeze on her face in a memory. Of how they travelled out of the mansion and how stupidly he stuck the car in the ice filled lane and how she thought that they were clogged forever in here and that they probably were dead and were already in heaven. Then she wondered. She could be a person to settle in heaven and but that wasn’t the guarantee. The guarantee was, he was to be hundred percent already enrolled in hell. And then realization set in….. it’s an impossibility that he would be in heaven along with her. That is a sure laugh. She realized something finally. They weren’t dead and she wasn’t in heaven and he in hell.

Observation. She was very much safe and not dead and was warmly surrounded by heat instead of cold.

3. They weren’t stuck in an ice ball.

Observation. They freaking weren’t surrounded by ice anymore!

Then she remembered the things that she blurted out thinking that they will be dead . Embarrassment coursed inside her veins and burst colour into her cheeks and flushed her neck and ears.

Incredibly great move, girl. You suck.

She glowered at her thoughts and her stomach rumbled in response.

Awesome. With all the frantic crazy thinking she was hungry now.

“Are you done mumbling?” He asked exasperated.

Her eyes widened large.

Did she talk this aloud?

“Yeah, you did and still are doing. I will let go of the ‘me being enrolled in hell’ that you just blabbered. Only if you god damn get off my lap.” His chest grumbled super annoyed now, as his hands tightened on her waist.

Sheesh, Seems like he wasn’t a morning person.

She finally moved her head away from his chest and looked up rubbing her eyes.

“What?” She asked scowling.

His eyes swirling brown with specks of gold in it looked down at her flatly.

“Get off my lap.” He ordered, his voice was quiet though, but his tone was imperious and authoritative.

She drew back.

“Yes, boss…..hitler.” She mumbled the word under her breath sarcastically and rolled her eyes, while moving out of his lap.

She sat facing him on the opposite seat of the car while she stretched her arms and legs.

“What did you just say?” He asked narrowing his eyes across at her.

She saw his hair was dishevelled and his face lined with tired slumber. He seemed to be very much haggard. The light pink t-shirt stretched over his biceps as he lifted them up and strained to move as he winced a little.

He glared across at her while stretching his legs and groaning in visible pain. Radhika stared across at his movements bemused.

“You sure have gained a lot of weight.” He muttered accusingly.

Instantly she stiffened at his words and her eyes narrowed in an equally pissed off glare.

“And, you sure do complain and whine like a bratty kid.” She shot back in equally insulting tone.

He stated across at her and his eyes flared dangerously close to being incredibly furious.

Uh oh…

He moved back still trying to shake off the stiffness of the muscles.

“I take back my words.” He said quietly as his voice went three notches down.

She frowned in confusion.

“What words?” She asked carefully.

His eyes snapped back at her and they brightened up into sparkling brown.

“I have zero restrain when it comes to you.” He said even more quietly and he made a show of moving his wrist and opening and closing his palms as he continued talk in such a steely voice.

Radhika gulped hard. He seemed on the verge of….

“Because my hands are itching to throttle…..” He said in a raised voice and he made a move towards her.

She screeched and moved put of the car in an abrupt panicked move.

“Look! We aren’t covered in ice anymore.” She said hastily to divert his anger.

He came out of the car wearing a permanent black scowl across his face.

Well. He was the one to insist last night of providing her a warmth. His eyes were still glaring daggers at her while he got out of the car.

It was quite freezing though and she made an ‘ew’ face looking down at the mud water and pools of it everywhere around on the equally muddy broken road. Seems like the ice had melted away. This wasn’t what she planned out for when she travelled out of the mansion the night before. Sighing heavily and pulling the coat tighter around her she turned around to walk forward.

She felt his body stiffen beside her and her body did the same looking around.

“Holy crap.” She murmured with rounded eyes.

“Just great.” He mumbled while sighing exasperated.

It was an abandoned road with an only open way which cleared into a thick green jungle. There wasn’t another diversion and last night they drove right into a freezing ball attached to a dried out tree.

They were nowhere near around anything looking like ‘alot of people do reside here town’ place. Forget a lot of people, there wasn’t even a sort of life growing here which lead to her screaming inside the mind kind of panicked. She wasn’t freaking out. Haha, no, no, no, no……

Dammit, she was FREAKING OUT!

Her insides started twisting and she felt the bile rise up her throat. Right then, she looked across at him.

He was looking back at her cautiously.

“Are you going to be sick?” He asked, his voice a little panicked.

Radhika found somewhere in herself to gulp down the acid. She twisted her face into a smiling one.

He looked completely weirded out by her now.

“Oh, haha, no, not at all. Don’t worry. I’m here, aren’t I. We don’t need to get panicked now. It happens all the time.” She said smilingly a little loud, and her hand circle around his shoulder patting it soothingly.

She flinched at her own too over excited tone.

He stared down at her serenely and he didn’t look much convinced. His eyes moved down to the arms that she had around him.

“Get your hands off my shoulder.” He warned her in a quiet threatening voice.

Radhika’s eyes widened and she folded back in fear.

Her hands drew away instantly and she rubbed the back of her head mumbling under her breath.

“Geez, a girl on a period would behave better.” She muttered.

He froze and looked back at her narrowing his eyes.

“What did you just say?” He asked her in a cool voice, which held a quality of on the tether of being really really very very angry kind of tone.

She spluttered a little and replied hastily.

“Let’s go this way. I think it would lead to the main road.” She said pointing to the left side of the woods.

Oh, heavens. She hoped that it was the right way.

He peered at the direction of the her left hand and his face set in complete distrust.

“Are you sure?” He asked her while looking around sceptically at the closed off area.

He looked down at his mobile and raised it up trying to get a bar.

“No signal.” He muttered in a disappointed voice.

There is only one way to find the civilisation and that is to move toward the way she pointed right now.

Radhika snorted while nodding her head patronisingly.

“Oh, shush now and follow my lead. The GPS system is embedded in my mind. Trust me, it’s pointing right now that way.” She said proudly while moving in the direction of the narrow lane of a woody area.

She slid her eyes towards heavenwards and prayed silently. Oh dear god, prove me right this time.

She looked back to see him shrug.

“Alright.” He agreed carelessly and followed her lead.

She smiled happily and walked into the twig covered ground. They stepped towards inside the jungle. The sun now was covered by the trees and branches and mostly sheltered them against its blistering heat. Great. An overnight winter and an overnight summer. It was like the environment was having fun playing them around like this.

The whole morning drew away with them trying to find a way into the forest and them trying to find a way out of it. All the while she cant stop remembering a similar incident she had encountered when in a camp long back. He in turn grunted and scowled at her heavily time to time when she chattered away about her experience in the camp.

They both were sweating, panting and were out of breath while they reached to a dead end. It was the same place that they had come back to. Crap. They were walking around in circles since morning and now till the evening.

Radhika dreaded to look across at him. She smiled sideways panting heavily.

“Happens all the time.” She mumbled trying to cover up her mess up.

He glared back at her while his hair stuck to his forehead and sweat trickled down from the side of his face to down to his jaw. It travelled down and stuck to his t-shirt.

“f**king GPS system embedded in your mind, huh?” He asked her in a gruff angry voice.

Radhika flinched visibly at his tone.

Her face scrunched up in a regret mask.

“I may have a tiny bit exaggerated a little.” She said in a low embarrassed tone while showing with her right hand thumb and forefinger how little is her mess up.

He looked thunderous. Furious and about to burst out in flames.

Radhika gulped hard.

“Exaggerated a tiny bit?” He asked her in a low threatening incredulous voice, as if he couldn’t believe her.

Sheesh, what’s with him today and giving her third degree.

She folded her hands under her chest.

“Alright, man, chill. What’s wrong if we couldn’t find the way. We should try again and that will happen only if you stop blistering and fuming like a crazy boar head on a loose, Mr. Angry pants.” She said scowlingly at his attitude.

His face from thunderous twisted stone hard. Oh oh, he seemed ready to pounce and Radhika felt the need to slap her big mouth shut.

He took a threatening step towards her. The thick twig under his left shoe broke under the pressure of his anger.

“What did you just call me?” He asked her thunderous but his voice was low and quiet and rumbly.

Geez, if one could get passive angry he would beat everyone in the competition and he would win the game altogether with one silent look.

She turned her eyes to the left side of the forest.

“Let’s go there. The grass looks trampled. Seems like many had walked this way.” She said hurriedly.

She turned around to see him glaring at her with his hands on his jean clad hips.

“You must be god damned out of your mind if you think that I would trust you again.” He said in a growly, gruff and harsh voice.

Radhika pursed her lips and her face scrunched up in heavy disapproval. She put her hands over her hips too in defense.

It was battle of wills.

“If you curse at me again…I..I…”She looked down at the muddy earth fuming in anger…”I will shove this muddy cake in your mouth.” She hissed in a warning.

He turned around sliding away her threat like as if swatting away a fly.

“Better a muddy cake in the mouth than talking to an imbecile of a woman.” He muttered under his breath.

Radhika gasped. Imbecile?

Who the hell was he calling her an imbecile the jerk?

Before she could open her mouth he already was walking away into a different clearing of the forest.

Oh, goodness, what’s with him today? Yesterday he couldn’t get enough closer to her and now he was running away from her as if she had SARs.

Well, if she could tell then he was a complete loon head. Hmm, he had OCD. He had a bat like hearing. And just now, she got to know he had multiple personality disorder.

Awesome. Just plain freaking awesome.

“Hey, that’s the wrong way you’re going and you’ll regret it later for not following my advice!” She shouted after his disappearing back.

He shot back in a flat voice.

“People following your advice would die the next instant you provide them with your intuitive knowledge!”

Radhika gritted her teeth in frustration. Fine by her. She can find her own way out of the forest and he could stay forever stuck in this god forsaken place.

Evening fell around and soon the sun rays started to dim while she walked. Something moved and she heard a slithering sound and some strange movement across a tree. She peered in the darkness and a high squeal alerted her and she jumped three feet off the ground.

“Oh, god, goodness in heaven, what was that?” She whispered suddenly frightened.

Something slithered on the ground and she turned around instantly.

“Heck with it and to hell with the pride.” She muttered her breath and walked towards where he disappeared into the forest.

With furtive eyes she looked around cautiously. Her body jerked each time she heard a rustling of a sound. Fear made her senses heightened. She could literally smell the wild life. She was afraid of a tiger or a cheetah springing down on her from a tree or from across the woods.

“Dear, miss, goddess jungle, please don’t swallow me up. If you’re a girl then you would understand what a girl goes through…..” She started praying.

A deep animal growl made her screech in terror.

“Alright. Alright, you surely are not a girl. No need to take an offence.” She screamed and ran faster and frantic uncaring about the twigs grazing her hands and legs.

Her heart started thudding loudly in her chest as if it would come out of her throat and into her mouth.

She collided hard with a wall and she screamed closing her eyes.

“Oh, my god, I told you that I’m sorry!”

A deep annoyed voice travelled into her ears and calmed her down instantly cutting off her scream right there and then.

“Are you done screaming like a little girl?” He asked her dryly.

Radhika opened her eyes and she peered into the darkness. The moonlight was full beaming and its soft silvery light fell across the trees shadowing his tall looming body. He stood there with arms folded over his chest looking down at her with serene dark brown eyes.

She was panting heavily as her hand took the support of the thick trunk of a tree.

“Oh, it’s only you.” She said relieved and breathless.

Her heart rate slowed down.

He shook his head.

“God damn melodrama.” He mumbled under his breath and Radhika scowled at his back.

She thought of hitting his head with a stone but thought of it better as he might come use for protecting her against the wild animals that she surely knew were lurking around in the darkness.

She would throw his body before hers first if something like a tiger attacked them. She smiled widely at such a blo*dy thirsty thought and moved forward to follow his trail.

With much huffing and puffing they reached a closed off space again.

She stared flatly across at his bent panting figure.

“Oh, wow, you found the way out of jungle and also located the main road. You’ve got such awesome super human powers. Oh, my hero.” She cheered mockingly across at him.

She scowled heavily across at him.

He straightened and glared across at her still breathing hard. He had on a bag that he got from the car. There were water bottles in it that were almost on the verge of becoming empty. He had a chocolate bar that she ate long back and since then they were on nothing but water. Her stomach growled angrily in hunger.

“Quit being sarcastic and funny or I will throw you into the forest as a bait for the wild animals and trust me you’ll surely be a tasty snack for the hyenas here.” He threatened her in an low gruff threatening drawl.

Radhika didn’t care much of his threat. He had been like this since morning but she straightened as he threatened about the hyenas.

She looked around into the darkened woods around gulping hard in fear.

There were rustling sounds, furtive fast animal running of four feet near the trees and also from time to time they heard hooting and screeching sounds coming from far off. It was the sound of the wild around. She looked up at a tree in the shadows and saw a large brown owl with black spots across its wings stare down at her with its wide luminous orange eyes.

“There are hyenas here in the forest?” She asked in a shaky fear filled voice.

She across at him while he looked around the place.

“Yes. There are and those might spring up on us from around any where now…” He stared down at her gravely serious….”You wouldn’t have a place to run before those will tear you apart and eat you alive.” He replied in a flat wry tone.

Radhika felt her palm close into a fist. She should beat herself for asking him first. He was a complete brute.

He smirked at the pallor of her face. He really scared her with that one.

He ignored her the next moment and went on to collecting twigs from off the ground.

Radhika frowned in confusion.

“What are you doing?” She whisper hisses at him.

He stared at her from his bent form.

“It’s dark. We can’t find a way out unless we get found out by the wild animals and become their dinner. Better idea is to spend the night here.” He said in a matter of fact voice.

Radhika thought about it and looked around at the ground and her lips curled up.

“I cant sleep on the ground and its cold.” She said in a piqued tone.

He straightened up and gave her a side glare.

“I’m sorry Ms. Bratty that I couldn’t find you a nice hotel. I regret to tell you that you have to make do with the cold hard ground for the night.” He said saccharinely sweet and sarcastically.

Radhika scowled at him in reply. He shook his head while smiling mockingly in return. He ignored her presence once again.

She remained because both of them were tired, hungry, sweaty, and messy. Her clothes were torn in places. Her t-shirt was mostly ripped at the ends because of the twigs and branches of the trees grazed sharply into the clothes. Her blue faded denims were covered with mid and dirt. He was in the same state as she was in. His hair was dishevelled and looked completely thatched in different directions and mud mostly covered his clothes. Oh, they were quite a few messy bunch now.

He carried the long twigs and made a nice collection of it in the centre. He took out something from the bag. It was a golden coloured lighter. Radhika frowned. Where did he get a lighter? From what she observed he wasn’t a smoker. Well, few things about him she really did not know. He was always evasive and furtive with her. Like as if he was trying to hide himself from her. He sat across at the small bonfire kind he created while he flicked a small flame over the twig end. Few minutes later the twig started burning up at the end and he threw that at the remaining twigs.

Radhika sighed and moved around clearing an area on the dry hard layer of the mud. She found quite few grassy bits and collected those to make a bed kind of like spread. It took about fifteen minutes to settled down finally on it. She smiled as the grass was springy and soft and it provided the feel of a little comfort.

They were facing each other and the fire was in the middle. He stared across at the movements of her toiling around thoroughly amusingly. Her lips thinned out. What a gentleman he was to help her. She mumbled curses under her breath.

His lips quirked up at the ends.

“You really are a princess, aren’t you?” He mocked her in a drawl.

Radhika stared across at him flatly.

“Shut up.” She said in reply.

He chuckled and threw another twig into the slow curling warm fire. She drew the thin scarf around her shoulders from around her neck.

After a second more of staring into the fire and fighting battles with him in silence and with her eyes, Radhika suddenly heard a furtive crawling under her feet. Her blood ran cold and she screamed jumping three feet up into the air.

“Oh, my god! Snake!” She screeched.

He came around while she was jumping on her toes like a monkey.

“What the hell….calm down for f**k’s sake!” He gritted at her through clenched teeth.

The scream died in her throat when she saw size of the thing. That couldn’t be a snake. Her forehead folded and she bent down and observed the thing.

She felt relief course through her mind and a smile covered her lips.

“Oh, how cute. Its a furry rabbit.” Radhika cooed sitting on her hunches while taking the brown adorable looking rabbit.

The little thing must have burrowed through the ground and had come out now seeing the fire.

He sat down too and smiled wryly across at her. His hand caressed the thick fur of the rabbit.

The fire alighted his face and the shadows moved across at his bent face. The place was surrounded by orange light.

“Yes, it’s cute.” He smiled and it spread her lips wide too…”Very cute for a very tasty dinner.” He concluded still grinning.

Radhika’s smile wiped off her lips and she jerked away from him. Oh, my god, he was going to kill the rabbit.

“You can’t eat the rabbit! I just nicknamed it.” She cried out incredulously.

He looked back at her flatly.

“And what’s that?” He asked her dryly.

Radhika looked a little thrown off but she found a name frantically somehow.

“Bunny.” She replied stiffly.

He stared across at her for a second long before he threw his head back and laughed hard for quiet a while and she stared across at him with flat eyes and waited patiently for him calm down. He looked down at the rabbit in her hand and then at her face and he started with another of his roaring laughter which vibrated around the trees. Radhika looked around frightened that the wild animals would come running towards them if he didn’t stop guffawing like a maniac.

Finally his laughter toned down into light chuckles.

“And she finds the lamest of all lame nicknames. You named a bunny a bunny.” He said through a gruff voice filled with incredible mirth.

Radhika gave him a pointed look.

“It’s not a lame nickname.” She said in retort and defended herself by drawing the rabbit closer to her middle.

He stared back at her unaffected.

“Give it to me.” He said a little sternly.

Radhika’s eyes widened. She stared at him in disbelief.

“You are serious?” She asked in a gasp.

He looked everyway a little too hard and mean. His profile in the shadow of the burning fire cut a very rough figure.

“Deadly.” He replied immediately.

Radhika immediately got up and moved far away from him. She drew the rabbit closer to her tightly.

“You have gone crazy. I’m not going to give the rabbit to you.” She said fiercely.

He got up slowly and stretched himself straight to his height. She gulped hard looking at the hard glint in his narrowed gaze. He looked predatory.

“Stop being a kid. We need to survive the night. For that we need food.” He drawled lazily and moved a step towards her.

Radhika screeched.

“Don’t you dare come any closer!” She ran around the fire.

He walked after and her heart thudded.

“Hey, come on now. It’s only a rabbit.” He said in an uncaring voice.

She looked back at scowlingly while she creating a large distance them.

“So? You are going to make a meal of it? How heartless and a big jerk can you be!” She retorted in a high pitched voice.

He grinned suddenly. His face turned into smooth lines warming up in a mirth filled smile. His dishevelled hair fell over his forehead and made him look much laid back and carefree. His eyes sparkled a laughter and she stared back at him incredulously.

Goodness, the jerk was having fun at her expense.

“Give me it.” He said again while running fast towards her.

Radhika screamed but she had least time to run when his hands reached for the rabbit.

She struggled against him.

“No! No! No! What the hell are you doing?” She shouted and at the same time he grunted and moved roughly sideways.

With horrified widened eyes she saw the rabbit flew up in the air. It moved fast down and into the fire. The fire sparkled up and hissed more.

“Oh, my god!” She screamed.

“Oh, shit!” She heard him curse.

They both ran to the fire but Radhika beat at his shoulder wailing.

“You killed the bunny!” She cried out.

He glared down at her while rubbing the area where she hit him on his shoulder.

“I did not. You threw it into the fire.” He accused her instead.

With tear filled eyes she got down on her hunches and so did he fast while looking down into the fire.

Radhika blinked back the tears. She frowned. There was nothing in the twigs. What? Where did the rabbit go? Something was moving closer to the fire.

He pushed her roughly to the side to look down too.

Radhika eyes widened recognising the small animal. She knew well the dark colour and combination of white and black fur. She felt him stiffen completely too as he recognized the thing.

“Oh, dear god….” She murmured.

And immediately panic set in.

“It’s a skunk!” They both shouted in union.

But before they could flee from there the animal got anxious hearing their loud words and it immediately sprayed its nastiest liquid on their faces and front. It was the defence mechanism of the animal.

Radhika felt like gagging and dying right there. It was the smell of something for days.

“Oh, my god! It sprayed on us.” She got up and shouted.

He coughed and let out quite a few heavy curses with the liquid still all over his face.

“Quick.” He caught her hand and walked her fast to the right side of the forest.

Radhika looked across at him frowning.

“Where are we going?” She asked still shouting a little in panic.

He gave her fierce scowl.

“To get the disgusting smell off our bodies. I don’t think you mind it as you usually smell the same.” He muttered sarcastically while smiling across at her mockingly.

Radhika felt like punching him.

“You’re a jerk.” She shot back in reply.

“And you are an idiot. You screamed and frightened the skunk and it attacked us with it’s spray.” He said in a deep throated annoyed voice.

His wide t-shirt back was to her face and he walked front with her left hand in his held tightly together.

They were now walking into a clearing area where the grass was lighter and the ground was a little wet. There was a huge tree she could make out in the darkness with the help of the moonlight.

She fumed though gasping.

“You shouted too and I wasn’t the only one to be frightened of a skunk, Mr. Dare Devil.” She retorted though mildly because she was wondering how they were going to get rid of the most disgusting smell off their clothes and faces.

She got surprised alot when the area cleared out completely into a large lake. The moving water was shinning in the darkness in the moonlight. The air was breezy and cool and amazing.

He let go off her hand and moved closer to the bank of the lake. Her eyes widened when he didn’t look back but removed his tshirt off his head slowly.

Her cheeks heated up.

“What are you doing?” She asked in a surprised embarrassed voice.

He turns and looked back at her while being completely shirtless and very much toned with the jeans hung low over his hips.

“Getting into the water what else.” He replied looking at her flatly.

She stood rooted to the wet earth in complete freeze out. She blinked twice not to stare at his abs.

When she did not move he looked back again at her with an eyebrow raise.

“You coming?” He asked her softly.

Radhika moved her head in a vigorous negative.

“No. It looks cold.” She murmured avoiding his intense brown eyes.

He shrugged and moved forward.

“Dare is not for the wuss.” He muttered under his breath.

Radhika stiffened and shouted at his back.

“Hey! I’m not a wuss.” She said in defense.

He only chuckled while splashed into the water.

She sniffed and bile rose up to her throat with the smell on her clothes and face. Oh god, it was disgusting. She was going to die holding her breath forever now.

She scowled now helplessly. Fine. Whatever. How cold can the water be anyway. She hoped that there won’t be any crocodiles in the lake. The thought made her shiver in fright.

Oh whatever the heck. She moved a step closer to the lake. Far off the distance there was this thick white mist circulating closer to the forest and moving faster towards the lake. Except a few hooting sounds it was quite eerie all around here. She feared of a wild animal jumping on her from somewhere. She jumped when she heard something from behind her in the darkness. That made her move inside the lake. How did he find this place?

A hiss of breath left her lips feeling the water dampen her clothes.

His splashing abruptly as he looked at her coming into the water.

He grinned while his hair lay on his head all dishevelled and wet. He swam towards her.

“So finally the wuss got the dare, huh?” He asked with a smirk.

Radhika ignored his words. What’s the point in reacting. He was always making of her even if she retorted. There wasn’t any point in arguing with him.

He tilted to the side and smiled a little at her. He got a little closer.

“What happened, my darling wife? Tired already?” He asked her smugly.

She rolled her eyes. She swam a little away. The water was cool and nice. It was flowing against her legs soothingly. They were aching too much because of all the walk she had done since the morning.

“There is no point in arguing with you. You always want to win.” She grumbled sulkily.

He chuckled and it vibrated in the silence quite deliciously. Now he was in a teasing mood. Great.

“What if I want to win. ” He shrugged and continued….”You have to fight back equally. I like you fiery and all sparked up. It makes your eyes go beautifully big and round.” He drawled huskily while looking deep into her eyes.

Great. Now he was in a talking mode too. What happened to him in the morning though that made him all behave like a porcupine? Well, he was a Mr. Mysterious and also Mr. Weird.

She bristled in irritation.

“So, everything should be according to you then? What if I don’t want to fight with you?” She asked him belligerently.

He grinned wide and his breath cool minty hit her forehead.

“You already are doing it, my sweet darling.” He said in a mocking voice.

Radhika’s cheeks heated up. She glared daggers at him. Oh, he was intelligent, wasn’t he.

He moved back splashing around. Though the smile on his face was now warm and affectionate.

“Don’t worry. I like you however you are. Fighting or glaring in silence.” He chuckled looking at her red face….” You’re are cute in everything and its entertaining.” He concluded softly.

Now she fumed.

“So, I’m just an entertainment then?” She asked stiffly.

He shook his head as if she was impossible. His brown eyes caught her fleeting ones and held them captured in his hypnotic gaze. He smiled.

“No, You just make my boring day a little bright.” He said serenely serious.

Her heart skipped a beat.

“Really?” She blurted out untrustingly.

He sighed , shook his head again nd swam around and finally faced her still smiling.

“Baby, If you want a compliment from me you need to do better than that.” He drawled nonchalantly.

And he was back to himself. Radhika frowned.

“What do I have to do better?” She asked a little confused.

He got closer and his body glistened as if a Greek god was coming out of the waters. He had this raw physicality yet his eyes were slow burning embers and also sensitive. He was a combination of cool yet a hot head but a silent and polished one. He was too through of his moves and every step. Nothing was out of his control. Mostly he was mysterious. He kept his life to himself and never bothered caring to tell her about his childhood. The distance he put between them it was very calculative. Makes her go all jittery and nervous. Because he knew that they were not for a life time and he wasn’t keeping bets on it or either was any sad. He looked completely normal which rubbed off her wrong. How can he be so cool about their arrangement. Here she was anxious every day of the time that passed quickly and also of the time that was nearing. She didn’t feel good thinking about the future which wouldn’t have him in it. She felt the danger of getting too attached to him. The end result would be her getting hurt and nobody else.

Nothing better could come out of this arrangement. He would go away merrily unscathed and uncaring. What about her poor heart then? Wouldn’t it break into pieces?

Her focus on the waters shifted when his face came into her vision.

He frowning down at her and his left hand forefinger moved closer to her face and held her chin up to his narrowed speculative gaze.

“What are you thinking so seriously?” He asked gruffly.

Radhika blinked back the focused her mind on the touch of his cool finger on her heated skin.

She shook her head.

“Nothing.” She replied evasively.

His eyes narrowed more. His jaw settled firmly and little gravely.

“Are you sure?” He asked her in a low quite voice.

She nodded her head. No need for him to know about the frantic thoughts in her mind.

“I’m sure. It’s nothing.” She replied now in a unhesitant and firm voice.

His eyes lost the narrowed look at that and lazy assessment came into the pools of brown of his stare. He seems to be thinking something. She was very interested into knowing his thoughts but he stuttered down the look as he caught her staring deep into his eyes. Wow, he was good at this. He can shut out anyone. That was a talent. Shielding the emotions and all. She wondered since how long he was doing this because he seemed so thorough in it.

“Whatever you are thinking, I wonder if I could ever know but I don’t like that you are hiding something from me.” He said quietly while looking down at her lips while his thumb finger moved closer to her lower lip….”I don’t like to keep wondering and you make me do that often. Usually it’s the other way around.” He said the last one smiling ruefully.

Radhika blinked rapidly three times to get around her mind about his evasive words. Even those were heavily shielded. She mostly couldn’t get the meaning of those. Though, she was getting habituated to his round the way loopy words. Now it was more like understanding a well modified code talking robot these days. Sigh. He was a robot.

But, whoa! He found her thoughts not see through. Well, as he said, it was the other way around. She didn’t know that in the process of curiosity to getting to know him better, she had become a mystery to him as well. Well, it was good wasn’t it. If he got to know about how going away from him was making her feel a lot of things. Things which weren’t happy but incredibly sad. It was good that he didn’t know what she was thinking. Good and better.

He moved closer and she gasped when his arm got around her waist and he pushed her on his chest.

His breath fell on her face as he murmured.

“I don’t like you making me think a lot.” He whispered softly.

His words if held a bite of sharpness did not though was angry. Instead his tone was gentle and subdued.

She didn’t know what to answer to such words. He chuckled a little at her silence. The deep bur of his voice travelled a vibration down his chest and rumbled deep all over around them.

“Now when you need to question me only then you chose to remain mum?” He asked her sighing.

Radhika blinked and looked up into his liquid brown eyes.

“I..I…don’t know what to say.” She mumbled lamely.

Goody. Embarrass yourself when you don’t want to with your stuttering.

She mentally kicked herself for replying so breathlessly and affected.

He smiled a little and his hand flexed under her t-shirt and on her waist.

“Why the hesitation still?” He asked her softly.

Why? And he asks why. Great. Because he was so close without an inch of gap between their bodies in the water that she can hardly talk that’s why.

Well, she can retort just the same thing that was on her mind but since her tongue felt weird her brain system thought it was better to let her mouth be just shut as it was.

He his forehead folded at her persistent silence.

“Are you afraid of me?” He asked her sharply.

“No.” She answered immediately in a snap.

His eyes brows raised bemused.

“Well, the retort comes immediate, huh?” He drawled with eyes dancing in humour.

Radhika squirmed and tried to move out of his hands but he tightened his fingers painfully on her waist.

“There is no point in hiding something from me. I will find out everything soon enough.” He warned her softly shaking her delicate body a little.

He was close enough to feel her racing heart beat. Her damp long tresses shined in the moonlight and she looked completely like an elfian princess so beautiful and equally innocent. Arjun held himself back to not let out the poetic words that were ready to burst out of his mouth.

He frowned gravely. Though her thoughts were mysterious to him. Beautiful as she was her mind though was equally shuttered and closed off from him. He didn’t like it one bit. His mind growled possessively. Her every thought should come to him first before passing into her mind into action. He didn’t trust her. She would run away at the first glimpse of liberty. What about him then? What would he do without her. He was completely habituated to her pertinent presence in his life. Her soft hesitant enquiring questions and huge brown gorgeous eyes and smile. Her bringing in tea into his study at random times. Her distracting him out of the deep work with her moving around him talking continuously and pointlessly about things that, finally he had to let go of the files and see her smiling at him while she dusted his library . How could he make do of her absence when she leaves as the time comes.

He tightened his fingers automatically as a helpless desperation entered into his mind. He wouldn’t let go off her even then. She was his captured bird and he was going to keep her prisoner until his heart was done with her.

She looked up at him bewildered. He did it again. He showed the turmoil in his mind on his face. That wasn’t what he did usually. His jaw hardened. He shuttered her out instantly before she could delve deeper into his soul through his eyes.

He slid his finger on her plump red lower lip.

“Why do I feel that you always are a little uncomfortable with me.” He murmured huskily.

She was all soft, curvy and warm in the cold water. In the morning when he woke up she was pressed to him so close and intimate that his other body parts woke up first before him. He had to get her off his lap before he did something they both regretted doing it in the car. There was a time and place for their first time and he didn’t want it in a strange place but on his bed. Well, if she did allow to him that is. Now, his thoughts were running wild.

She blinked twice before replying. Water droplets trickled her eyelashes and moved down her heated cheeks. The tank top was sticking to her like a second skin and he could feel her pressed to his chest. Her skin glistened porcelain. It called to his sense to draw out every pleasurable reaction out of her. He stared incessantly at her damp inviting neck. Every cell in his body went hay fire at such a thought.

He let go off her abruptly. It was enough self control he had but not anymore.

She frowned in displeasure and he chuckled at the purse of her luscious lips.

“Why do you always shutter me out?” She asked him annoyed sweet voice.

He stiffened immediately. His brows furrowed.

“Why do you think like that?” He asked her in a drawl.

She splashed closer.

“You always do. I don’t know what you are thinking most of the time.” She mumbled sulkily.


He grinned immediately and she scowled at him. Adorable.

“I can ask the same. Do you want to share your thoughts with me?” He enquired instead.

She immediately blushed and her cheeks and neck flushed up. Well, well, well, now he really want to know her thoughts. What could she be thinking that it made her blush so profusely.

“No.” She hisses instantly.

He shrugged uncaring while swimming away from her.

“Well, you got your answer then.” He said flatly.

“That’s not fair.” Came her defensive voice full of displeasure.

He smiled. He turned over his back and paddled his feet backwards in the water.

“You wouldn’t survive if you knew my every thought. The whole blushing thing would continue for eternity if you ever know what I think about you.” He drawled again lasciviously, sliding his narrowed heated stare down to her body in the water.

She blushed again and her luminous eyes shined more in glaring.

“Are you mocking me?” She asked in a threatening voice.

She was as harmless as a fly yet she stood up against him with such gumption. Though she barely reached his upper chest when she squared up against him. Hr would have laughed if she wasn’t so cute.

He smiled slowly.

“Of course not, darling.” He replied softly, and moved towards the shore.

He heard her mutter continuously something under her breath. The smile warming his face never left his lips. He was going to keep her forever. His eyes turned cold. Whatever it takes. He was going to risk it. Everything of his. Until she accepted the fact that she was captured forever. He didn’t still know what he felt but he was afraid of the intensity and helplessness of these new feelings……….


After long long long long long absence of it. Thanks again for the patience. How is the new title? Though I’m going to keep it. Can’t help it. Sorry dear friends.

Credit to: Blue

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