A Story Starts WiD Game~ragsan n swalak(chap8)


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The episode starts with ragini walking on road n lost in her thoughts

Rag pov:
What happened to me y dont i push him when he holds my hand y dont i shout at him also knowing that his father is also responsible for my family death (she stops n looks herself at car mirror some past flashes in her eyes a tear escaped from her eyes she wipes) no ragini u cant fall weak baba says na make ur past ur strength not ur weakness and in the battle of revenge u cant back off n mr. Sanskar maheshwari like u make people to work on ur finger tips so get ready from tomorrow u get ready to work on my finger tips ragini can leave u but ishika never she determinely look at her face n smirks n goes from there

Scene shift

Shek:mishti calm down dnt make past ur weakness make it ur strength

Sum(crying):how shehkar how can i make my past my strength i lost my daughter n my son n now i have only shona she also goes there u hear na what she says to repent her mistake what does she mean how can she repent its not her fault we blame her for her betterment only but now look what happened she starts hating us she did not even consider as her parents she think we did not love her now what we will do u knw na he is out of jail if he got to knw that we are alive then…. Then what will happen u thought( sobbing n shouts)

Tears start flowing from shehkar eyes

Shek:mishtiii plzz calm down i promise nothing will happen to shona (he hugs n console her)

Sum:lets go to them they can help us

Shek:no mishti we cant

Sum:plzzz shek(she holds his hands) i knw u both can do anything now only plzzz for our shona sakes (she begs)

Shek holds his head n nods teary eyes

Scene shift

At mumbai airport

Laksh comes n shows his pasport to counter

Man:sir plz w8 at waiting area ur flight will b take off after an hour

Lak:thankx n goes

#waiting lounge

Laksh sees here n there n find no place to sit then he sees a girl reading magazine her face is covered he goes n sits next to her cuz he did not find anyother place

Lak pov:
Am i doing right…… Our education thought us to b loyal with the ones who gives u work but what did u do laksh soon u r going to betrayal them where u work u left many jobs for ur self respect now where is ur self respect when u stole there information …… its right or wrong i always teach everyone to b loyal but now i m also on there path but i m for good reason na i just want them to realize that they did not do good with my baba he suffers bcz of them (inner voice:but laksh ur baba always torture u physically and mentally) yes he do but he said na bcz of maheshwari he do that with ne(inner voice:may b he is lying) no he can’t lie y will he lie with me n that uncle who is wid baba he also says that maheshwari did wrong with them also no laksh u r doing correct by destroying maheshwari they are responsible for ur this state indirectly bcz of them i never got parents love(inner voice: u told this to ur mind then how will u make ur heart believe in that)

Lak:no laksh u r doing right stay calm n believe urself u doing this for ur family betterment yes for my Family(he said determined)


He turns n see Swara sitting nxt to him n looking at him shocked

Swalak:uuuu at union

Lak: i mean swara u here

Swa:(losty): i m going to kolkata for work n u

Lak(avoiding eye): vo i m also going for some work

Swa:did ur boss send u or threaten (sarcastically)

Lak:y u always bring my boss in every matter n i dont work him now so its better if u dnt talk about him (rudely)

Swa look at him amused the way he talk now is totally changed or she can say the one who met know is totally change from the one whom she met 4 days ago

Lak(looking down): vo i mean its better if u dnt talk about him cuz i  not work for him now

Swa:hmm its ok n takes her bags n starts to go when lak holds her hands n look at her

She turns n look at him

Lak:vo i m sorry i was just stressed thats y talked in that tune i m sorry(hopefull)

Benaam rishta wo..
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho na sake jo bayaan, darmiyan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan

Plays in bg

Swa slightly smiles: its ok laksh i understand

Laksh smiles n they both share a eyelock

Some announcement make them come to reality

Laksh leaves her hand n swara too sees here n there both sees people watching them they feel awkward

Lak:vo u sit here i’ll just come n leaves from there without hearing her reply

Swara sits quietly n sees here n there n starts feeling restless

@outside airport

Ragini comes out of taxi n pays the driver n takes her luggage n head towards entrance


Swa: y i m feeling restless like someone close to me is very near to me n starts thinking
Ragini enters inside the airport n she feels the same She looks here n there

Rag: y i do feel someone from my family is close to me


2 little girls are playing in park

Girl1: let’s play hide n seek i will count u hide ok

Girl2 smiles n runs to hide

Girl1: 1 2 3…….. And 10 I m coming

She goes n starts finding she finds everywhere but did not find the girl she become restless she runs everywhere n starts shouting her name after sometime she goes near a tree n shouts her names she feel restless n starts crying sitting on ground.

Girl1 is sitting n crying when she felt someone touch her shoulders she turns n finds girl2 looking at her n tears are shown on her eyes as well.. GIRL1 hugs girl2 n starts crying while girl2 is also crying but consoling girl1

Girl2:sshhhhhh ragu y r crying look i m here only

Yes girl1 is ragini

Girl2(sobbing): shona where did u go i find u everwhere but did not find i thought u leave me alone

Yes girl2 is ragini

Swa:how can u say that i leave u i m always with u near ur heart n wipes rags tears

Rag: but i find u everywhere n when did not find i become restless n wipes swara tears n says u dont cry

Swa: i was just teasing u but u starts crying like a baby u knw na i never ever can leave u alone

Rag: u knw ma i m tubelight (puppy face)

Swa laughs

Swa:han i knw now never ever say that ok i m near ur heart when ever u feel like this put ur hand near ur heart n think i always b near u

Rag: u also do same

Both smiles n hold eo hands

Swaragini plays in bg
Flashback ends

Rags open her eyes n sees everyone staring at her she removed her hand from her heart n wipes her tears n takes her luggage n steps inside

At w8ing area

Swara does the same

Swa: i m always with u ragu always n i knw u r also wid me like my shadow n one day u will wid us

She smiles through her tears while swaragini sad tunes plays in bg

Scene shift

Sanskar is in his car n recent things were flashing through his eyes he close his eyes frustated n ragini eyes come infront of him he opens his eyes n sees outside window

Sanky pov
What the hell is happening wid me…why i m thinking about her…  Why did i nOt shout at her why did i say sorry to her which i never say till now to anyone… Y i felt something diffrent when i touch her… Y my heartbeat rises when i see her urghhhh sanskar whats this y y y what the hell is happen wid u she is just a ordinary girl who intenitially fall on u just for ur money( inner voice: but her eyes show something else) u dont care what her eyes show or what not to hell wid that girl first that raginiii now this girl both are getting into my nerves (he frustated bangeddd his hand on his car)

Driver:sir we reached

San nods n comes out of his car

Scene shift


Rag is holding her passport when she dashed into someone

Rag: sorry vo i dnt see u ( she said picking up her bag)

Per:its ok but seems coffee split on ur clothes sorry for that

Rags stands n looks up to find familiar face looking at her confused

Per: i have seen u somewhere

Rag looks at the person when suddenly something snapped in her mind n she says: LAksh right

Yes the person is laksh

Lak:yes n u

Rag think:no ragini u tell her that u r ragini but now u have to say u r ishika u cant take risk now

Rag smiles: ishika

Lak: but ur name

Rag:vo actually i lied cuz i dnt feel like telling my name n now after meeting wid u thought to tell sorry

Lak smiles:no no its ok no prblm anyways nice to meet u n sorry for this

Rags looks at her clothes n then laksh

Rag:no its ok i will clean my self see n leaves taking her luggage

Lak also leaves

@w8ing area

Swara is sitting looking down a tear escaped from her eyes to her hand she look at her tear drop on her hand ‘ This is my fate’ she thought

Lak comes n sees swara looking at her hand n realize that she is crying


Swara looks up n find laksh she hurriedly wipes her tears n fake smile
Lak:no need to fake smile when u dnt need to n sits nxt to her

Swa: sometimes u need to plaster a face to hide u from world

Lak: n y u need too

Swa: i can ask u the same (she said looking at him)

Lak(not looking at her): i m not hiding anything n i dont need to

Swa:really laksh (she said looking to him)

Lak looks at her : yes (determined)

Swa fakes smile

Lak: go n wash ur face

Swa nods n goes

Lak: i dont tell her anything still she knows what i m feeling sometimes i feel i m not the laksh which i used to b then i remember maa saying’ Time changes everyone ‘ so may b i m also getting change by the affect of time yes laksh don’t think to much u r not wrong

@womens washroom

Rags come out changing her dress n hears someone weeping she look n found a girl hiding her face silently sobbing dont know why her heart ached hearing her cry her heart says to go n hugs her n console her but minds says’ Do i knw her’ she brushed off her thoughts n washes her face she wipes her face with towel n sees towards girl who washes her face but she cant see her face

They heard the annocment of kolkata flights

The girl hurriedly wipes her face n rush towards outside but her watch stuck at something she turns n find her watch stuck at rags stole she did not look up n releases her watch n runs outside

Rag:strange but y i feel i knw her n she needs me n goes taking her bags

Scene shift


Ap n Dp are sitting quietly

Ap: jii i m feeling restless i think we should not send him there

Dp:nothing will happen to him annu dont worry our son is strong n cant let anything happen to him n morover he does not knw the full thing


Dp:annupurna i said na relax

There door bell rings

Dp: u sit i will go

Dp goes n opens the door he is shocked to c the person a unknwn tear escaped his eyes

Scene shift

At plane

Swara comes n sees her seat number n sees a man reading news paper sitting on her seat

Swa:excuse me thats my seat

Per: really where is ur name mention (still holding newspaper)

Swa:excuseee mee (she said a bit angry tune)

Person removed news paper n both are shocked to see eo

Swa:God knows y my fate is this much bad that i have to sit next with u (she said disgustingly)

Per: but my fate is sooo much good that i got chance to sit next to u (smirkingly)

Swa:shut up sanskar n get up from my place

Yes the person is sanskar

San:ohhhoo chill baby shona

Swa:it’s swara(stern look)

San:ok ms atitude sit on ur seat

San gets up n swara goes n sits on her seat n put belt san also does the same

Scene shift another side of plan

Ragini is looking outside window when someone comes n sits next to her she did not bother but still looks outside n thoughts

Rag: i m going to kolkata maa baba the place where my everything is snatched i m going there to punish ur culprit maa baba shona chotu i miss u all i wished that i also dies with u all… Then Now i m not going through this unbearable pain plzz give me strength
Her thoughts get disturbed by the voice

Voice:excuse me mam plz put ur seat belt said the air hostess

Rags puts seat belt n looks next to her n amused to see laksh sitting next to him trying to put seat belt

Rag: will i help??

Lak looks n finds ragini n smiles

Rags smiles n help him

Lak:soo ragi.. I mean ishika going to kolkata han

Rag:yes for some important work(lost)

Lak:its gud u changed ur dress otherwise i will been feeling bad for ur spoiling ur dress

Rags fakes smiles: no it’s ok so u tell y r going kolkata

Scene chnges


Said swalak at same tym but another places

Scene at swasan

San:which work

Swa:non of ur business mr. Maheshwari concertarate on urs

San: i m concentrate on mines only (smirking) then about to say something when again rags eyes flashed in his mind n he jerks

San:what the

Swa:hell said swara completing him n smirks

San turns his face to other side in irritation

Flight takes off

Swa think: i m going to the place where i lost my sister n brother just for stupidity i lost them plzzz God make them alive n i will find them soon dnt knw how maa baba is feeling right now

Scene shift

At mm

Dp has tears in his eyes he murmur : shehko

Ap:who is there n comes n find shehkar n sumi standing both looking pale

Ap smiles: shehkar mishti come come

Sheksum come inside

Shek comes n stands infront of Dp he also has tears in his eyes

Dp immediately hugs him

Dp:soo many years sooo many years sheko

Dp broke the hug
Dp:how r u

Shek: i m f9

Apshum also hugs eo while sumi burst into cry

Ap:mishti what happened

Shek comes n holds misthi

Shek:let’s talk

Four sits at hall

Shehkar explains everything

Ap:that means sanskar jii

Shek look at Ap

Ap:sanskar also goes to kolkata for some work what if this is there plan then she starts crying

Shek:nothing will happen to  them this tym we will fight we will not b quite

Dp:yes the past will not repeat this time…. This tym we will end it

Sum: but annu is right what if this were there plan then who will tell us about this


Trio look at Ap

Ap:jii talk with ram na he can tell us

Shek:whom u r telling to help u the one who is with them who is equal responsible for our family miseries

Sum:if ram not then sujata can help us

Ap:yes sujata is my sister i knw she will help me

Dp:if she wants to b then also she cant bcz ram will never let her last time i did wrong by trust ram not u but this time i will not anything happen

Shek:forget it durga its our past now think something to save our kids

Dp nods

Fb shows

Shek n Dp is fighting while Rp smirks

Fb ends

Dp: i will not make the mistake again said dp holding there picture with shekar

Scene shift

@swasan side (plane)

Swara close her eyes n remeber

Fb shows

after swara leaves sanky smirks n goes to his frnds

San:now say whose charm did not work han

All cheers

Ajay:man gae sanky there is no one like u

San: n no one cant b like me also

Rahul: so u make her frnd when will u make her fall for u

San:just like i make her my frnd n laughs along wid his frnds “u will never change ” said frnd

San smirks never

Nxt day at collg

Swara comes colg asual everyone tease her but she least botherd did not pay any heed to them…… sanky comes n sits nxt to her

San:hi swara whats up

Swa:hi sanskar nothing just w8ing for class to start

San:did u born boring


San: i mean yaa from day 1 i m. Noticing u study only lets bunk today

Swa:no sanskar i m not in a mood but yet happy that sanskar maheshwari notices me also han (smiles)

San:u look gud while smiling

Swa smiles: thanks n fix her glasses

San:hey w8


San:just sit quietly n dont move he takes out her glasses

Swa:sanskar my glasses

San:woooooooooow swara u look soo beautiful widout glasses (he said looking at her)

Swa:sanskar gives me back my glasses n tries to snatch from him

San:if i will not then


Sanky runs outside the class n swara also goes after him sanky runs at terrace swa comes there running she is breathing heavily

San:finding this (he said showing her glasses)

Swa:sanskar give me my glasses back (angry)

San:oooo swara ko gussa agyaaa(swara got angry)

Swa:sanskar look i m saying u last tym give me my glasses back (she said stepping towards him)

San: no first say u will bunk class today

Swa:no i will not give me back(she said extending her hand)

San smirks n hold her hand n pulls her with full force bcz of which she landed on his chest sanky encircled his hand one hand on her waist n 2 on air with her glasses swara looks at him shock she feels current throughout her body

Swa:sann… ssskarrrr leaveeee me
(She said looking down trembling)

San smirks make her look up both shares a eyelock

San:swara u r beautiful


San smiles:swaraaaa

Swa comes to reality: vo give me my glasses

San leave her n gives her glasses back to him

San:btw i was saying u r beautiful(he whispers in her ears while she unkwnly blushes n runs from there

San:wooow sanky in one day ur charm work not bad han n pats himself

Fb ends

Her thoughts were disturbed by air hostess

AH:mam dinner time

Swa smiles n look at sanskar who is lost she amused looKing at him like this

@raglak in plane

In meantime raglak bcm gud frnds

Raglak are eating dinner

Lak while eating remember something

Lak:ishika u knw when i n that man sanskar maheshwari meet for the first time do u knw who make that accidents video n gives to news

Rags chocked hearing it

Lak patted her back

Lak:are u okay

Rag:yeah i m fine n i dont knw who make it but whoever she is she done a great job

Lak:how do u knw she is may b he is who done a great job

Rag instantly: vo girls are rare in these things na thats y n fakes smile

Lak:hmmm may b but whoever the person is would b fine i hope so cuz that man never leave anyone so easily he will definately do sonething to hurt the person

Rags remember how he buy her place n gives her to stay there at 2 conditions

Rag: whoever the person is i m sure soon that egoistic man will pay for all his deeds

Lak:yes he will(lost)



They done there dinner

Lak: emm ishika i m sleepy when we r about to reach do wake me up plz

Rag smiles: i will dont worry

Lak smiles n closes his eyes

Rag thinks: i have to plan asap as i can to get into his life think ragini what can make him weak… his family no ragini u can’t hurt his family they will pay then only when they will see their broken state but i dont find him in airport also nor i seen him in flight he is coming or not…… No he is coming afterall hw cant face such a loose to his company but ragini u have also find out about the new person who is helping that evil in maheshwari company i have to do something to get my answer sooooon

Scene shift to swasan

After having there dinner

Swara is lost in her thoughts

San:thinking about me han

Swa looks at him n fakes smiles

Swa:ofcourse who could b else other then u (mockingly)

San smirks: i knw honey soo what were u thinking

Swa:that a jerk like u how can stay quite today widout speaking much n widout showing his attitude ego (she shot)

San:look swara(he glares) b in ur limit

Swa: from day 1 im in my limit only i m not like u

San smirks: u can’t b like me

Swa: i dont wanna b jerk like u but u knw there is one gud thing in u in that u did not play with anyone’s dignity till now but expert in playing in feelings han (sarcastically)

San:do u still love me (he evily looking at her asked)

Swa: in ur dreams mr. Maheshwari

San:then i would love to being in dreams always

Swa: A jerk like u can never change

San: dont test my patience ms. Swara ooo i mean Mam may b u regret later

Swa:the tym will show u mr. Maheshwari who will regret n whose not smirks n closes her eyes n put earphones on her ears

San look at her in anger n clinch his fits

San thinks: ahhhhh sanskar what happened with u …. she is saying correct y r u not taunting her today… Dont knw y that girl faces flash in my mind whenever i m going to say urghhhhhh dont think about her again u r Sanskar Maheshwari the great business man who can do whatever he wants who just cares for him n his family only n never thinks About any ordinary girl he frowns n closes his eyes

After sometime all landed kolkata

Raglak bids bye to eo while sanky silently leaves widout uttering a word to swara….. Rags sees sanky from far n smirks

Rag:now from tomrow the game begins mr. Maheshwari n smirkz

To b continued………

Precap:whats rags plan

Will swaragini knowz about the truth??

Which past is dp n shek talking who is responsible for their miseries??

Will laksh changed n turn into neg??

Will love blossom btwn them ever??

Will rags presence change sanky??

Stay tuned guyz

Guyz knw the real plot starts here hope u liked the epi do votes n comnts n let me knw ur views…. thanks alot guyz for ur support n do read my new ff ‘My desi Girlz’…… Guyz if u have any suggestions then let me knw n knw u will get the pairs bonding i will try to give as u expected from me n now nxt update iz ‘My Desi Girlz’ for ‘HMW’ ff its a surprise epi soo u all have to w8 litt for that one n till then take care keep smiling stay blessed ❤ n sorry if i bored u guyz?


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