A Story Starts Wid Game~Ragsan n swalak (chap~9)


Hiii guyzzz fizoo back wid boring chappy asual….. Guyz do u all not likinggg it i got less cmnts in previous but its alright cuz i m stopping this ff for sometime due to exams n family wedding sooryy guyzz n yupp thanks to al of yewh who supports n silent readers alsooo hope u like this one love u alll


The episode starts with swara reaching hotel she pays the driver n headed towards entrance she goes to reception

Voice and swara at union: i need one room

Both recognized their voice n looks at eo n passes a smile ofcourse its laksh

Rec:sorry mam sir only 1 room is vacant

Swa:ok give me the keys

Laksh looks at her amused

Lak:noo give me

Swa:no laksh i came first so i will stay

Lak:no i said first soo i will stay

Swa:i said na i will stay(anger)

Lak:and i said na i will stay(anger)

Now both bcm angry n starts arguing over the room all looked at them amused when one person come n takes the room key but they still arguing

Lak:ok enough i just want to stay here at 1 night we can share a room

Swa after thinking:ok

Both turns towards the reception n get a sweet smile in return n direction to go

Both inocently smiles n headed outside

Swa:its just bcz of u…. If u dont start arguing na then i will b staying here

Lak:oo hello ms its u who started u can talk polietly also na but no its against ur rule right

Swa:urghhhh first done mistake n blame other huh

Lak:whenever i commit mistake i have guts to accept that also

Swa:ooo really

Lak fakes smile: yes n now without wasting tym on arguing  u can think also where to go cuz its late night u will not get any place to stay also

Swa: u think na cuz u wanna go

Lak:really n u planning to stay here on road

Swa:there is one more hotel i m going there n holds her luggage n starts to leave

Lak:i came from there only n no room available

Swara makes a irritating face n huffs n starts thinking n after sometime she see laksh trying to making some call

Swa:i have one place to go if u want u can come wid me u can go from their tommorw

Laksh after sometym thinking nods ok

Both swalak leaves

Scene shift

Sanskar enter in his house n throws all his bags on floor frustratedly n put his off his tie n throws on his bed n goes to washroom to fresh n up

He comes out of room wearing casuals shirt n pajama n goes to kitchen n make coffee for himself

San to himself: wooow the great sanskar maheshwari is making coffee for him self first time in his life huh (again ragini eyes flahses infront of her n his coffee splits on his hand)ahhhhhhh my hand(he hold his hand) What the hell y that stupid girl stupid eyes coming infront of meee urghhhh if i would have seen her face na then today she will b gone lucky one who got save huhh but y should i bother about her to hell with her n sanskar never ever things affected on u got that n frowns n goes n applies ice on his hands n pour coffee in cup n sips it

San:not bad u can make a gud coffee n smiles

Scene shift

Ragini comes in a house which is given by kamal to stay she stands outside the house n remember something

Fb shows

1 man and women with 2 girls are shown stepping out of the car

Women:are u sure he will understand

Man:yes mishti i knw my frnd he will understand me

The man n women reveal as shekar and shomi and 2 girls are swaragini who r 6 years old n sharmishta is shown 4 months pregnant

Shehkar hold misthi hands n swaragini hand as well n rings the bell….. A man wearing suite open the door n look at them amused

Shek smiles: kamal

Kamal looks away and walk inside

Shehkar enters along with misthi n swarag

Kam: y did u come here

Mishti is about to say when shek hold her hand

Shek:dont u meet ur best frnd

Kamal laughs

Kam:best frnd who u…. The one who take my bride n marry her on my wedding day shehkar gadodia

Shek comes n holds his hand

Shek:if i know it was u then i will never do that pleads understand mee

Kamal jerk his hands n looks away

Shek bcm sad n his eyes bcm moist

Swarag notice this n release their hands from shomi n goes to kamal n pulls his shirt

Kamal looks down n finds swarag glaring him

Swa:how u make my papa cry

Rag:yes how u do that i will not leave u…. U bad uncle

Shekshom and kamal looked at swarag confused cuz they are looking at kamal in anger n glaring him

Kamal smiles n kneel down infront of both

Kam:ooo so u both are angry that i make ur papa cry han

Swarag nods angrily

Kamal laughs n pulls both of their cheeks

Kam:ok i will not make ur papa cry but if u both agree on making me ur frnd then

Swarag look at shekar who smiles through his years n happily hug kamal

Who caresses both swarag hairs with a evil smirk on his face

Kam break the hug

Kam:do u want choclates

Swarag happily nods yes

Kamal smile n brings choclate n gives swara who happily eats then he go to shehkar n hug him

Shek(moist eyes): thank u sooo much kamal thank u sooo much for forgiving me

Kamal smiles

Kam:let the past will b past u both sit i will bring something to bring

Rag goes behind him to ask water n sees him angrily eyeing the knife infront of his hand with rage

Kam: i will destroy u Shehkar u n that durga snatched everything for me now its high time to pay back n evily laughs

Rags sees him n got scared n goes to shekshom n sits scaredly btwn them

Shehkar caresses her hairs

Rags look at kamal with fear while he looks at rags n smirks

Fb ends

Rag is standing at dehleez of the same house with moist eyes

Rags sarcastically laughs on herself on her fate who bring her again where its all started from where that evil enters in their lives to destroy their lives to snatch their childhood from them to kill her family to ruin his father…. The days of her childhood and the wounds of her childhood still refresh in her heart whenever she tries to forgot them its hurt its hurt her soul her heart which is a soul reason of her revenge…. Yes she came back to that evil house the same place which she enters years ago n that evil plan to destroy them now she will plan in his own house to destroy him to make him tooo begg for that like she begged years ago like he make her family begged her parents for their childrens live her sister which is her heartbeat her reason to life n her small brother who makes her smile yah her brother who makes her fight with her soul sister her better halves the memories of her childhood still in her heart to give her strength to fight for right n now she will fight for right n make them bl**dy people to show their real places which is worst then that seems Ragini Gadodia is back u devil “she smirks n wipes all her tears n steps inside the house with determination to destroy him ”

She arranges everything n then take her mobile n call kamal

Rag:yes sir i have reached ur house is perfectly fine yes i have no prblm here dnt worry….. Yes sir i knw what i have to do tomorrow u dnt worry i planed everything n will give u update when eveything is done ok bye sir gud nite sleep well

“Sleep well” yeah he should sleep well cuz from now onwards his sleep will b snatched just like my childhood is snatched she smirks n lays down on her bed n closes her eyes ignoring the tears which is continuously flowing n telling her she is NoT her but she least care n dozed off

Scene shift

Swalak are standing at entrance of house … The house is small and enough of 6 people to live peacefully it has garden n some rides n a bench to sit….. Swara look at everything with moist eyes and sees a name plate ‘Gadodia house’ yes its their kolkata house where they live in childhood where she spent the best time of her life she caresses tha nameplate n remeber something

Fb shows

Swarag are shown sitting at bench with lots of colors markers n papers swarag are shown writing on wood peice with colorful marker

Swarag:Done says swarag smiling widely n look at wooden piece in which ‘ Gadodia house’ is written with beautiful colors both swarag gives hifi to eo n runs inside n sits on shehkar lap n closes his eyes

Shek:aray princesses whats thiss

Swarag: Surpriseeeeeeeee shouted swarag n show them the name plate

Shek smiles n caresses both hairs

Shek:its so beautifull who made it


Shek stands

Shek:ok now we will fix it at outside ok

Swarag jumps in happiness

Shek goes n fix the nameplate beneath bell

Swarag smiles widely n holds eo hands n kisses shekar cheeks n runs to play

Shek:arayyy shehkar look at duo n smile shaking his hand n goes caressing the name plate

Fb ends

Swara eyes are moist n she looks at name plate wid pain…. Laksh notice this n fake coughs…. Swara jerks n hurriedly wipes her tears n hurriedly take out keys under the carpet n opens the door


Laksh is kept looking at her and enter inside the house

Laksh analyzed the placed while swara keep standing at entrance looking at name plate

Laksh look at her n says

Lak:nice place

Swara jerk n look at him n weak smile

Lak:soo its ur house

Swa:how do u knw

Lak:ofcourse the way u r looking at this place seems its connected to u

Swa smiles: yes its my house where i spent the most valuable days of mt life she smile through her tears

Laksh feels pain looking at her like this n tries to enliten mood

Lak:do u have something to eat cuz mice are running inside my stomach he said holding his stomach n makes a puppy face

Swa smiles seeing his face

Swa:emmm i dnt knw cooking but u w8 here i will b back till then fresh n up n she leaves outside

After sometime she returns holding  food in her hand n see laksh roaming here n there holding his stomach she smiles n goes to her n tap her shoulder

Laksh turns n sees food he grabs n goes on table n serve on plate n come near swara…..swara look at him confused……. He make a morsel of. Food n put it near her lips

Lak: its bad to avoid food when u r upset

Swa:i m nt hungry u eat (calmly)

Lak keep the morsel at same place

Lak:my hand is paining i also want eat…. But if u dont eat then i will also not eat (he look at her sadly n keep at same place)

Swa look at him n then morsel she goes n sit on couch…. Laksh come n sit next to her n keep the morsel….. Swara irritadely sighs n looks at him while he smiles n eat the morsel

Lak holding his hand n do exercise to reduce pain

Swara take the plate n make a morsel n keep infront him

He smiles n eat after sometime they both finish their food swara makes herself n laksh eat like this n laksh kept staring at her n smiles

Swara washes the plates n swalak dust the whole house n set all the rooms 

Lak:done says laksh setting room at downstairs

Swa:u keep ur bags here n take rest i will bring coffee at neighbour house for u she starts to leave when laksh hold her hand

Swara turns n looks at him

Lak:vo u take rest i will go

Swa:no its ok i

Lak:i said na u go n fresh up

Swa nods n smiles

Lak smiles back n leaves

Swara goes to her room n sees the walls where swaragini picture was hanged before she goes n touch that place n remebers how shehkar throughs all her pictures from house n she theft one picture from that n hide with herself n whenever she feels alone she kept talking to that pic to reduce her pain but its gives her more pain…. She wipes her tears hearing laksh voice n hurriedly goes n fresh up n changes her dress n comes out wearing simple pajama n tee

Swara goes downstairs both swalak sit on couch n drinks the coffee while laksh starts blabbering about of his life without any pain n worries…. Swara kept listening t0 him she knows he is lying his eyes are showing his pain while his voice is telling how happy he is……. Swara just kept silent n listens to him

Lak: don’t u think i talk alot

Swara smiles nodding no

Lak:pakka na

She nods yes

Lak: gud but u can answer by talking also or feeling uncomfortable

Swa:vo nothing like that just feeling tired

Lak:hmm mee too lets sleep its late

Swara nods

Lak:gud nite

Swa: gud nite

Both goes n sleeps

Swa: i knw u r alive n soon u will b with us with ur family i miss u

She dozed off with hope

At laksh

Lak:tomrw is big day for u Laksh n for that maheshwari also i will not leave them who insult my father

He dozed off with destruction in his eyes

Next day

Swa wakes up n gets ready n goes downstairs n amazed too see breakfast ready on table she looks here n there n did nt find laksh

She goes n sees a chit

‘Good morning…. Dont worry i have gone out for some work eat breakfast n i will return at evening…. Laksh’

She smiles n eats the breakfast after sometimes she goes out


Sanskar is driving his car angrily suddenly someone comes infront of his car…. He stopped his car with a jerk

San:Damnnnnn n hit his hand on staring n comes out of his car

San:r u blind or what cant u see he roared n seee a girl lying on floor unconscious he goes n remove the dupatta from her face n mesmerized to see her he feels he knw her her face looks familiar to him….. He taps her cheeks n pick her up in bridal style n make her sit on car n drives his car… After sometime he reaches at his homr n picks her up n make her lies on bed n calls the doc

Doc checks n informs she faint due to shock…. Sanskar thanks n doc leaves

Scene shift

Laksh comes home n finds swara he finds every where n makes call but no respond…. He become worried n goes for finding her

Scene shift

Ragini wakes up n find herself in lying on bed she sits n holds her head which is paining n remove blanket on hers n starts walking but due to pain in her leg she is about to fall when sanskar comes n hold her from waist both n ragini holds sanskar shirt tightly prevent from falling both looks at eo eyes n lost world seems stops for them……
Tose naina jab se mile
Tose naina jab se mile
Bann gaye silsile (plays in bg)

Both shares a deep eyelock suddenly ragini remember something n she breaks the eyelock n sanskar comes in reality n makes her stand

Rag(widout eye contact):vo i m sorryy

San:hmm its ok

Rag again starts to move but again she is about to fall when san hold her n make her sit

Rag:how did i come here (slowly)

San:vo u came infront of my car n bcm unconscious n i brought u here (he said calmly without looking at her)

Rag look at him amused n then say

Rag:Thanks sir now i think i should leave n about to get up

San:w8 no need to get up u can go tomorrow morning u can inform ur family

Rag: i dont have family(she painly says)

San look at her n for the first time in his life he feel bad for someone with his heart

San: sorry (calmly)

Rag:its ok

After few mins silence

San:what is ur name


San: i m sanskar btw y did u come infront of my car (with some changing tune)

Rag:vo i

San:say fast (coldly)

Rag: actually i m running behind goons they stole my bag

San:ohh so just for ur bag u r running like mad n come infront of my car to die (coldly)( he dont want to talk like that but his ego want)

Rag:no sir i just come from mumbai today for job my whole documents money n appointment letter was in that bag  (she said n her eyes are moist)

San:youuuuuuu he is about to roar at her when he sees she is literally crying he stops n his heart pained looking at her he dont want to shout or talk in that tune but the way he is used to b did not let him to talk to her calmly

Rag stands with difficulty

Rag: thank u sooo much for helping me i cant take more help from u n starts walking when san hold her hand both feel current throughout their bodies san look at her n she does the same

San:i m sorry i dont want to talk in that tune sorry…… The great sanskar maheshwari apologize to someone for
The first tym in his life

San:rest today go tomorrow

Rag slightly nods n sits

San: i’ll just come

Rag again nods after he leaves rags messages someone n smiles 

Sanskar come back with food tray  in his hand n places infront of rag

San:u eat something n have this medicines also n take rest n if u need anything else do tell me

Rag smies n nods

Rag:dont u eat (polietly)

San smiles unknowingly:i will have it later u take rest

Rag nods while san goes out

Rags eat food n eat her medicines too n put the tray aside n sleep


Sanskar who is having his food is lost in his own thoughts first they eyes of rags at temple flash infront his eyes n then her face when she is unconscious flash n then their eyelock flash infront his eyes

San:what the hell is happening with me y i m thinking that both girls are same y i m attracted towards her eyes even thought i hate her…. Y did i not shout at her even thought i want to when i see her eyes moist i bcm calm dont knw y what is this feeling n y i m doing this…… NO sanskar no u cant attracted to any one especially some ordinary girl u r not her servant dont give them too much hope that later she will fly later i will show her real place to her now…. He stands up in anger n goes to her room n stops at the dooor seeing her sleeping peacfully

He is about to shout when his heart stops him

San:no sanskar not now she is sleeping let her sleep today tomorrow i will show her real place n goes to her n pick up tray which is kept next to her n goes out without making any noise

To b continued……

Precap: Ragsan

Is this ragini plane or in real she is hurt???

Y sanky is driving angrily what had happen?

Will laksh got to knw about past?

Y kamal narayan blame shek?

Heheheh guyx slippers vegiess evrything is acceptable i knwww i m lateeeee n lazzyyy what to do my sisters influence heheheheheh sooorrryyyyyyyyyyyy guyzz bear me n one more bad news i wrote my story ‘My desi girl’ at my laptop which is now have some issues n not opening till my laptop dnt get fine i cant write my desi girl cuz its contain 10 chappy of this ff sorry guyzz n nxt will b heal my wounds get ready for excited chappy lovee u all tckr
N last but not least how was the chappy i knw u all want ragsan so b ready n do cmntss plz
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