A story starts with Game~Chapter 7 (ragsan n swalak)

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Its almost a 3 days of swalak meeting and ragsan fight…. Swara is continously trying to find out About the person where as Laksh is completly manipulated by ram n starts changing his behavior….. Sanskar is not leaving any chance to torture laksh and ragini respectively he give her one week tym to come to him pay rent n on other side ragini worst dream come n stood infront her she did not come out of her room from 2 days after sawing his face…..

In morning

Swara is sitting at her office n looking at the letter which she just got know suddenly her phone rings n picks the call


Othr:missing me

Swara facial expression changes into anger

Swa:not even my worst dream mr. Maheshwari

San:ahhhhhh ur attitude still same as b4 which can smash anyone(on call)

Swa:not anyone but can smash u for sure now tell me y did u call any work (least intrested)

San:yeah asking u did u got the letter


San:what what i send u a letter did u got it

Swa:yeah i got one but dnt knw it was urs so y did send

San:great now have a look at that n reply me back saying this he hanged up the call

Swara frowns n look at the letter n tores it n open it n get angry after reading it she pick her up mobile n calls sanskar

Swa:how dare u

San:what  dare i

Swa:what do u think i m a fool that i will come in ur trap soo easily listen mr. Maheshwari i m not ur servant who u want to b ur bodyguard just go to hell wid u n ur offer n banged the phone angry

Knock knock

Swa takes a breathe


Peon:mam there is letter for u

Swa:give it n leave

Peon leaves

Scene shift

Laksh comes office with stern look n directly head to sanksar cabin


Sanskar is sitting frustated when someone knocks the door


Laksh comes n greets him”gud morning”

After seeing laksh sanky become more irritated

San:go n bring coffee


San(shouts): i said na get lost n bring

Lak(calmly): i m not bringing

Sanky looks at him glaring

San:what did u say(sternly)

Lak looking into his eyes: i said i m nkt bringing cuz i m not ur servant i m ur employ n u should knw how behave wid employ (coldly)

San(sarcastically): now u will teach me how to behave wid employee n stands n hold laksh collar furiously

Lak calmy remove his grip: sir its not the way to treat ur employee if u want u can fire me still looking at him

San: dnt look at mee got that look down while talking n dnt u dare to show me attitude u lower class

Lak:we cant judge people by class we judge people by their heart

San(angry): shut up just shut up if u say a single word then u will b dead just get lost n dnt show me ur face

Laksh smiles: thank u sir n leave banged the door

Sanky sits on his chair frustated n banged hard on table

San:urghhhhh first that reporter then this attitude n now this lower class everyone is getting into my nerves urghhhhhhh i will destroy u 3 for sure u trio did wrng by messing wid sanskar maheshwari (rage)

Scene shift

Laksh is shown walking n lost in his thoughts

Fb shows

Rp is shown sitting n crying(fake) laksh comes home n sees RP he goes to him worried

Lak:baba what happened y r crying

Rp wipes his fake tears:aray beta when did u come nothing just something went inside my eyes

Lak holds rp hands: no baba tell me y r u crying

Rp holds laksh hand: do u want to knw he asked

Lak:yes baba

Rp:ok so hear its all bcz of ur boss n his father


Rp:means its all bcz of durga parsad maheshwari

Lak:but how can he is responsible

Rp: u knw when u r small i worked in a company its durga parsad company MM industries where i worked i m loyal to them….. He makes me worked like a servant peon works is also done by mee…. He always ill treat me but still i never complain but one day they blame me that i stole
their company papers n gives to their rival n accused me n hand me to police after that no one gives me job thats i make u work
In ur small age which i dont i m sorry my son i m not a good father(he said wid fake cry)

A tear fall from laksh eyes

Lak:baba plz dont cry u r the best baba n about that maheshwari then i will handle him now for what he did wid u i never forgive them bcz of them we all suffers (anger)

Rp:no beta u dont do anything just left their job

Lak:i cant if i left then i have to pay money

Rp:then u can make a situation in whixh they can fired u

Lak:yess baba

Rp: ok from now u r working for my frnd he knws what they do wid me now he will make them suffer but he want u to b wid him(upset)

Lak smiles:ofcourse i will help him i never forgive them who make ny family cry

Rp smiles:thats like my son…laksh u have to leave for kolkata for this

Lak:kolkata but y

Rp:once u reached u will got to knw

Laksh smiles n leave while rp smirks

Fb ends

Scene shift

Ragini is shown sitting at a corner n continuously sobbing

“U cant loose u have to fight bacha u cant loose” this words eco in her head

She opens her eyes n wipes her tears

Rag:yes i cant loose hope ragini u have to fight for ur family u have too (she said wid determination)

Fb shows

Ragini gets ready in yellow kurti wid white leggings she takes her bag n left

She goes  to kamal narayan house

Rag:sir u called me

Kam:yes ishika come i want u to meet someone

Ragini/ishika smiles n sits

Kam: ishika meet Rajnath goenka my partner

A man comes in brown suite wid a evil smirk on his face its rajnath goenka

Ragini bcm shocked n numb for the minute after seeing the person she hears cries of a child in her ears she fight wid her tears to not flow from her eyes

Rag:gud morninggg sir(she said in one breathe try hard not to chocked)

Raj smiles: gud morning ms….

Rag fakes smile:ishikaaa sirrr

Raj:ms. Ishika greet nyx to meet u he forward his hand

Rags sees towards his hand wid fear something snaped in her head she quickly shake hand n take it back

Kamal gives her money

Rag:sir this

Kam:this is ur ammount n u r going to kolkata after 4 days

Rags childhood flashed in her mind after hearing ‘kolkata’

Rag: yesss sirrr(cracking voice)

Kam: r u okay

Rag:yes sirrr just throat pain (she chocked a litl)

Raj:oh so in that case u should leave n take rest n yeas ms. Ishika do preparation too

Rag fakes smiles n hurriedly greets them n leaves from their

Kamal n raj laugh seeing her ns smirks

Ragini hurriedly goes n hides herself in room n locked the door baby cries still ringed her head sheee shouts “stopppppppppppp” n starts crying

Fb ends
Ragini have tears

Rag:bcz of u everything ruined if u did not come that day then we all will b happy my family will alive but u 3 destroys my family but firstly i destroyed that durga parsad maheshwari son’s i never thought that he will do that but now i will make their life hell its my promise to my family”she said wid rage her eyes reflect his anger n pain

She starts packing her bags

She goes n comes out wearing white anarkali wid side braid

Scene shift

Swara opens the letter n sees its ticket to kolkata wid small note

‘ ur all answers is their where it starts’

She looks at ticket and then note she quickly stands n leaves

She goes to her home n starts packing her bag

Scene shift

Sanskar comes in home wid full rage n throws everything in her room he sees a packet n throws it

Dp comes n ask him what happened

San:everyone is getting on my nerves i willnot leave them i will nake them suffer they have to suffer

Dp makes him calm down

Sanskar phone rings he pick up the call

San:yeah…. What how can u b so careless…… Tomrw…… Ok i will b attend the meeting tell then i n coming n cuts the call

Dp:what happened beta

San:nothing dad i have to go kolkata for meeting i have to leave at night

Dp stumbles hearing kolkata


Sanskar look at dp confused

Dp:i mean sanskar its necessary to go i mean i can go n attend

San hold dp by shoulders

San:no dad u stay here wid mom i will b back in a week dnt worry i will not go to our old house i will stay at our company’s house


San:dnt wry i will convinced maa

Dp nods n they both goes to Ap n after soo much try they make her agree

Ap:but first u have to go temple then


Ap:no sanskar just go n tie thread plz fo it for ur maa

San:ok maa dnt blackmail mee i m going n till then i return tell servants to pack my bag

Ap dp blesses him n he leave

Ap: i just pray our past never comes infront of him she said worriedly

Dp hugs her n assures
Scene shift

Laksh goes home n sees rp talking wid a man his back face laksh


Rp n the man turns

THE man turns to b rajnath goenka

Rp:ahh laksh come come n meet mr. Rajnath goenka u r going to work with him n leaving for kolkata now

Laksh comes n takes blessing

Raj:bless u my child

Raj:soo this is ur passport n this is address where u will live

Laksh smiles: thank u soo much sir

Raj:call me uncle

Rp:what happened did u left ur job

Lak:no baba boss fires me n tells everything

Rp:i m proud of u no need to b nice with those people who dnt worth of it u did right n did u have the information which we brought

Laksh nods yes n takes a pen drive

Raj n rp looks at eo n smirks

Raj:laksh u go i will reach kolkata in 3 days then we will discuss what will do nxt

Lak:ok uncle

Laksh takez blessing from rp n raj n goes sujata who is weeping silently at a corner

Lak:maa r u okay

Suji fakes smile: han chora just missing u

Lak smiles:dnt wrry maa i will b back soon n takes blessing

Suj:may God protect u my child

Laksh smiles n goes taking his suitcase

Sujata collapsed in the floor n starts crying

Suj:dont go laksh dont go….  u dont knw laksh what they r going to do with u n others beta its all their trap my son its all their game but i believed in my God they will protect u i knw he will n u will never forget ur path (she wipez her tears)

Scene shift

Swara climb the stairs hurriedly with her suitcase


She stops n turns n sees a man wearing black suit looking at her

Swa whispers:baba

Yes the man is shekar

Shek comes to her

Shek:swara where r u going with bag(coldly))


Sheksum look at swara shocked

Sum:r u gone mad y r going there(shouts)

Swa(calmly): to rectify my mistake

Shek:swara dnt do anything for which u will regret

Swa: i m still regreting mr. Gadodia but no one cares (mockingly)


Sum: go to ur room

Swa:sorry mr n mrs gadodia u both that right many years agp n leaves from their

Sheksum: swaraaaaaaa stoppp dont come if u leave this house

Swa: i m not intrested to come back too n leaves

Sumi collapsed on the floor with a thudddddd

Sum:shekar she is not listening i dnt want to loose my another daughter shekhar i cant (crying)

Shekar close his eyes n tears start flowing from both eyes he goezn hold sumi wid her shoulders

Shek:dnt worry misthi this tym i will protect ny daughter till my death
Both hugs eo n cries

Scene shift

Ragini is shown outside the temple her face is covered with her dupatta only her eyes are shown

Rags remember something

Fb shows

A girl is shown she is 12 years old n the girl is known other then ragini she is shown standing outside the temple

Rag: i trust u but what u did u snatch my whole family(her eyes are red) maa says when we need u….. U always come n help but when i need u where were u haan i lost everyone everyone
(Tears start brimming) but i promise today…. Now i will only come to ur temple when i will punish all those people who snatch my childhood my life n thats my promise n goes from their wid rage

Fb ends

Rags sees the temple

Rag:still i did not forget that day of my life i never forgive my promise nor will now i will punish all of them who r responsible for my family death now i will destroy their life n that day my familu values will win the truth will win n i will come to u n question u

She closes her eyes suddenly winds starts blowing fast a car comes n a young man stepped out he took off his glasses he is our sanky he tooks further steps to temple he stops at the temple stairs n look here n there n sign a man

Man:yes sir

San:go n bring raksha dhaga from temple

Man nods n goes

Ragini opens her eyes n her heart starts beating fastly she looks here n there a man comes and give her thread she smiles n takes rags turns
Man comes n stands infront of sanky n gives him thread rags cant c sanky n she starts climbing the stairs

Rags is trying to tide thread on her hand….. Sanky is also trying to tie thread…. At last stairs rags ankel got twisted n she is about to fall when 2 muscular hands holds her by her waste

She looks up n find some familiar face staring her she is lost in his eyes who shows deep passion affection she is just lost in it he is staring at her shiny brown orbs seems himself lost….. Both are looking at eo eyes forgetting the world   temple rings make them to come reality

Tose naina jab se mile plays in bg

Sanky makes her stand….. Ragini is shocked too see him

Rag in mind:what happened to mee when i see in his eyes…. Ragini u hate him n he is ur target dnt forget

San:sorry ms

His voice jerk her thoughs

Ragini just nods n about to take her thread when their both hands touched both feel a current pass through their body both look at eo eyes

San in. Mind: y my heart says i knw her

Tose naina jab se mile play

Rag:sorry n takes her thread

Sanky takes his thread both stands at a same time both forehead touches with thud


Ragsan look at eo frustated

Ragini is about to go when sanky holds her hands n cups her face n again touch their forehead with thud

Ragini looks at him in a shocked her heart starts beating fast

(Guys rags face is covrd with her stole like mask)

Tose naina plays bg

San:ohhh dnt think vo maa says when ur head touched with someone then u should do at scnd tym also  othrwise u will get horns on ur head i did not believe this but my maa never lies…
Sorry ms who ever u are ( he said to her avoiding her gaze . n hurriedly put on his glasses n leaves from their)

Rags is still standing in same position when some sounds make her come to reality

Rag:what was that….. How can he talk soo calmly n something diffrentforget it ragini he just pretended otherwise his types of person never worth of anything u just focus on ur plan yes just focus ragini n goes from their

To b continued

Precap: raglak n swasan some past

Whats their plan?

Why r sujata n sheksum n dp ap is worry?

Whats ragini plan for sanskar?

Will swarag ever knws the truth?

Will love blossom in these??

Who was the main culprit??

Hey guyzzz i knw i m very late sorry for that just wish u like todays chappy hope i m not boring u all at all guyz do votes n comnts n let me knw love u al n thanks for supporting keep smiling take care ?


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