A story starts with Game~Chapter 6

Hiii guyzz back with another chappy of game thankss alot guyx for ur support thank u sooo muchhhhhhhhh u dont knw how i m feeling love u alot guyz n thanks to silent readers alsooo just keep supporting n stay blesses n yeah i want to clear one thing that now swarag n sanlak are living in delhi not kolkata sorry for mis type n now start…..


The episode starts with Dp standing in the dark room n holding a picture in his hand in the picture there are 4 boys n back of the picture friends forever is written

A fb shows

4 young boys are shown they are Dp, shehkar, Rp, and kamal they are laughinggg seeing their principal infront of them

Principal shouts: who did thiss with me tell me durga u tell

Dp control his laugh: sirr i dont knw

Shekar intrpt n says: i knw sir….. while rp dp n kamal glares him

Prin:han tell shekar who did this

Shek:Sir actually i heard mr. Varma talking about ur beautiful silky hairs i think he is jealous of u thats y he exchange ur oil bottle with chemical

Dp n rp n kamal look at shekr shocked while he winks

Prin taps shek shouldr n shout:varmaaaaaaa n goes

Four again burst into laughter

Dp laughing:sheko y did u lie h knw its kamal plan then

Shek:offo durga he make u n rp punish so thats the punishment for taht blad head n this hair salon princi n giggles

Kam:yess its mine n sheko plan how can they trouble our frnds u knw na we r besties for life time if anyone punish r harm anyone of us then he will b gone u knw na we r

Dp n rp n shek: cib…. at union n smiles (crazy idiot besties)

Four share a group hugs n takes a picture of them side hugging

Fb ends

Dp:we promise that if one of us will harm then we will not leave the person who make us cry or hurt us but i never ever thought my best friends for life can do this thing with me n snatch my happiness ( a tears escaped from his eyes on pic)… I never ever thought that money matters more from our precious friendship n hanged the picture in the wall n wipes his tears…. N close the room

Scene shift

Swara is shown holding a locket tight in her hands n thinking something

Fb shows

A 6 years girl is shown sitting on a bench angrily when someone comes n puts hand on her eyes

Voice:guess who

Girl:ur trick will not work on me this time

Voice:my sweet shonaa sorry na i forgot plzzzzzz look what i have brought for u

The girl is revealed is to b shona

Swa:noo ways i m not looking n don’t talk to me go go

The person ties a locket on swara necks n a sweet tunes plays from the locket

Swara who is sitting angry smiles hearing the tune n hugs the person

Swa:u knw this my fav tune i love u…. U r the best person i have ever have

Per:i love u tooo n u r the sweetest person i ever have

Swa:i also have brought something for u


Swa:close ur eyes

Person closes his eyes….. Swara takes out a simple heart shaped pendant n ties on the neck of the person

Per:shona its very beautiful thank u soo much i will always keep her with me like always u r with me

Swa: yes n i will also keeps this with me n never ever give it to anyone

Swa smiles n both hugs

Fb ends

Swara wipes her tears n sees towards locket

Swa: i knw u will nevr broke ur promise cuz its ur shona promise we promise each other that we will never ever aprt but our fate made us away…. I am living in a guilt of killing u if that day i did not b stubborn then u r with us n we r b complete n happy family but dont wrry soon we will b but for that i have to find u at any cost n i will find u but who is the person who knws taht i m trying to find out thr truth of that day n mostly how can he knw taht i m. Trying to find this locket too if this is someone trap for me or maa baba or its just all bcz someone did not want me to knw the truth( she looks suspicious) of that day completly…. But for world we all dies on that day then how can they knw…. I dnt knw whats all this but i have too find soon n for this i have to go kolkata where its all started where our life turning point starts (she wipes her tears n look on n kisses the locket)

Scene shift

Xyz place

Ragini comes to kamal narayan home n about to knock the door when she heard him talking with someone…. She is shocked to hear kamals confrontation tears starts rolling she is about to rush when the vase breaks n she hurriedly hides herself

Kam:who is their who is their i said n finds everywhere but did not see anyone n goes

Rags sees him going n takes a sigh of relief n about to go when she hears a tune n she is shockef to hear that…. She turns n sees kamal standing n giving her a evil smirk

Rag:ssiiiirrr……. Uuuu actuallyyyy iii mm finnnndiinggg….. Voo

Kam:finding evidence against me to destroy me

Rag:nnoo sir y would i u knw na i m loyal to u (she said in a fear)

Kamal comes near her

Kam:i knw u r loyal to me but u knw na without proof i did not believe (he said pinching her cheeks )°

She fits n jerk his hand

Rag:siirr what r u dooinng

Kam:seeing ur loyality n comes more near her

Rag:siiirrrrr vooooo (she is sweating)

Kamal laughs n says:relax ishika relax i m just having fun i kwn u r very loyal to me n never do suxh things bcz of which i have to suffer bcz i think u knw me better right soo tell me u r ready to do which i said

Rags faintly smirks: yess sir i m ready n wipes her face (she control her anget seeing him)

They talk for sometime

Kam:soo u knw what u have to do soo in 2 days u r going kolkata ok

Rags nods :yes sir i take ur leave n starts to leave

Kam:ishika make sure u will not fail

Rags turn n makes a determined face:sir this time i will never loose n smiles n leaves

Kamal smirks after she goes

Kam: now the real games begins my dear frnds n laughs his evil laugh

Scene shift

MM industry

Sanskar is sitting n close his eyez

Fb continues

Ajay holds swara hand n tried to push her when someone hits hard on his face n its knwn othet then sanskr whp is glaring ajay

San:how dare u to misbehave with her(he holds his collar) dont u knw the meaning of respect i m gonna kill u if i ever seen u with any girl n trying to misbehave n smirks which is not seen by swara

Swara has tears in her eyes

Ajay push sanskar n hit him hard on his stomach

Aja:u mr sanskar maheshwari b in ur limit never ever try to stop me otherwise

Sanskar comes to him n says:otherwise what han u will hit me han come hit me

Ajay slap him n sanskar slap him back ajay is about to punch sanskr when swara hold his hand n drag sanskar with her

Sanskar turns n smirk at ajay then again make a angry yound man look

Swara drag n push him in the garden

Sanskar comes n hold her by his shouldera

San:r u dumb or u cant speak he is trying to misbehave with u n u r not even stop him y did u not stop himor slap him r u mad what if happens to u he said angrily

Swara jerk hos hand

Swa:look its my problem dnt intrfere n who says u to come n do fight its my problem n i can handle it n starts to leave when sanskar hold her tight

San:r u mental or abnormal u have to say thanks to me but insteaf u r showing me attitude what do u think of urself i m not dying to help u

Swa glaring: i dont beg u to show some heroic actions n save me its ur choice understand now leave my way

San jerk her:u knw what ur types of people dont worth of helping n starts to leave but acts like paining ahhhhh

Swa who stops by hearing his scream ask what happend

San:non of ur business n acts like difficulty in walk

Swara who know feels sorry for her behavior hold his hand n support him

San:leave me i can go by my self dnt bother urself

Swa:shut up n n ….. Soorryyyy

San smiles:what did u say

Swa:i said i m sorry now walk



San:finally u accept ur mistake n says sorry then friends

Swa:i just say sorry not to b frnds

San:if u r helping me then for sure u r my frnd cuz i dnt take help from strangers n smiles

Swa makes him sit in bench n starts to leave when he hold her hand hand she turns n glare while he smiles

San:will u b my frnd plzzzz

Swa litt smiles: yes i will n leaves

Sanky smirks after she gone

San:finally i done it

Fb ends

Present: sanky smirks thinking of that moment when someone knocks onthe door


Laksh comes in

Lak:sir ur file

Sanky looks at him n then time

San:how many minutes i have gave u


San:n what tym did u come

Lak:50 (he looks down)

San:gud u accepted ur mistake now for ur late work u have to b here for night

Lak:sir my haanndd…..

San:i did not ask u to give me reason or say but vuts its my order cuz u r my servant i m not urs( coldly)

Lak lower his gaze: sorry sir

San:gud now always talk to me in that tune only n yes takes these all files n makes corrections

Lak:yes sir n takes files n goes

San:lower class huh i will show u ur place soon its just starting n smirks

Scene shift

Ragini is walking on road thinking about recent incidents

Rag: in childhood we play games n now our life play games with us i always dream a happy life with my family but bcz of that man my dream shatters n now i will shatters all his dream for sure n sees towards her home n is shocked to see the scenerio

Rag: dadu dida granny she shouts n goes to her dadu dida n granny who is crying n begging to people to not throw them out of the house

Rag:dadu what happned

Dad:look na lado they are throwing us out of the house tell them we live here from 40 years how can they make us leave

Rag:y r u doing this…. This is government place how can u do this with us we r living here from many years did u have any notice

Man:look mam we have legal notice to vacant this place…. The great buisness man sanskar maheshwari has buyed this place from govt n want to make a hotel here so u have to vacant this place

Rags eyes filled wit rage: sanskar maheshwari n tears start flowing she wipes her tears n turn to her dadu side

Rag:dadu granny u all trust me naa i promise that no one can make us leave this place not any buisness man also n turns to manager side

Rag:sir can we have extension for 1 month i promise we will soon find a new place n shift there but plz give us sometime bcz we r living here from many years n govt can’t make us leave from here they have to give us sometime

Man:mam i cant do anything if u want time u can talk to mr. Maheshwari may b he can give u tym bcz now its there property

Rag:can u talk to mr. Maheshwari on my behalf plz sir

Man:i can try mam n calls

At office

Sanskar is rotating in his chair….. His phone rings n hw smirks seeing the caller identity…. After some rings he picks up the call

After call he smirks

San: now ur attitude will b crushed ms. Ragini n smirks

@happy home

Man comes to ragini who is sitting numb

Man:mam sir have given u permision to live here for how many months u want but
Rag looks up:but waht??

Man:he give u 2 conditions….. 1 u have to give rent of this place 50, 000 per month each month in advanced or 2 condition u have to work for him if u cant pay the rent then

Rags wipes her tears: tell ur great sir taht i accepted his 1 condition i will pay him his rent on the very 1 date n yeah tell him also in his dreams also i will never work with him or bow down infront of him also(she said with rage)

Man nods n infrm this to sanky


Sanskar break his phone in frustation

San:this girl is getting into my nerves what did she think herself she did favour on me paying me rent….. U did not did right to challenge me ragini u have to pay soon very soon

N bang his hand


Swara is making something for herself lost in her thoughts n letter n about that men when her hand got burned

Swa winced in pain:aahhhhhh

Sumi comes n hold her hand

Sum:are u mad swara who said u make food i already make it cant u take care of urself(angry) come i will put ointment

Swara sees shomi with teary eyes: maa this burn is nothing infront of which u n baba gave me from many years

Sumi shouts:swaraaa mind ur tongue

Swa:y maa y would i….. I cant take this burden anymore i m dying each n every moment u n baba never cares for me n baba who did not come here from many years nor show us his face dnt knw whats he is doing there

Sumi slaps swara

Sum:shut up swaraaa….. Yes its true me n ur baba never shows care to u but tahts not mean we dnt care but u knw what u never worth of our care bcz of u i lost my daughter my son bcz of u our life changes i will never ever forgive u never n goes from there cryingly

Swara runs outside crying

Scene shift

@MM industry

Its already night n laksh is working continuously n is alone…… Sanskar come n see his state n smirks

San:mr sharma

Laksh sees him n stands

Lak:yes sir

San:how many files are left

Lak:sir this is last one

San:gud now u can go do the work tmrw….. smirks

Lak smiles:thank u sir n start packing his stuff

San:but u have to make sure u come on tym at sharp 7

Lak:but sir tyming is 9 na n 7

San coldly: r u my boss

Laksh nods no

San:then do what i said n forward his hand to shake with him

Laksh also frwrd but sanky presses his hand soooo hard at his wound a tear escaped from Laksh eyes but still he smiles

Sanky sees his tear n leave his hand n without eye contact leave him n goes without uttering

Laksh look on then see his hand n leaves from their


Swara is weeping n walking numb on the road and on the other side laksh is also walking n silently crying both are opposite to eo

A car is coming with full speed towards swara who is lost in her thoughts…… Laksh who is walking sees car coming towards swara with full speed…. He hurriedly runs n push her n both fall on the ground with thudddd!!!!!!

Laksh is on top of swara n his burnt hand is beneath swara head protecting her n swara eyes are closed n tears are continuously flowing….. A tear from laksh eyes fall on swara face… She opens her eyes n saw towards laksh n stare at his face… Laksh opens his eyes n see towards swara he look into her eyes tears are continuously flowing from both eyes
(Benam rishta wo plays in bg) both share a painful eye-lock…. Both can see their pain in their eyess

Horn sounds make them come to reality… Both broke their eye lock n laksh slowly takes out his hand n hold his hand n stands n makes swara also stand

Swara sees towards his hand n then him n utters a “Sorry”
Laksh looks at her

Lak:do u wanna die

Swara looks at him confused

Lak:dnt look at me like this… I m continuously shouting u to move but u did not listen what happend if i didnot push u…. What if something happened (he pause n look at her) did u ever thought what will happen to ur family after that did u care about them(he almost say this in anger)

Swa shouts: no they did not care they should b happy after that n y did u save me u should let me die… May b after my death they realized that i did not do it intenitially may b they love me may b they forgivve me may b they can smile mayy b i can live in peace with them may bb( she said this in crying n sit in road n starts sobbing)

Laksh heart pinched looking at her… He goes n sit beside her

Lak:u need to b alone sometime without worries i knw this kind of place where u will b in peace

Swa looks at him n he nods n makes her stand n they start walking there is a silence btwn them

Swara look at his hand n finally spoke

Swa(weak voice): u did not put ointment on ur hand

Laksh look at her n fakes smile

Lak:i didnot get time

Swa litt smiles: u did not get time or ur cruel boss did not let u put n make u work till late night

Laksh looks at her surprise

Lak:so u remeber me n knw my boss to

Swa:yeah very well i did not forget anything so easily (she said twinkling her red eyes)

Laksh smiles n again silence

Lak:we have reached

Swara looks on

Swalak comes to the park where Laksh comes there is complete silence sound of cold breeze make them feel relax… Both sit on bench n closes their eyes….. They feel relax n light

After sometime swara opens her eyes n looks at laksh who is staring her

Laksh smiles

Swa:Thank u

Lak:for what??

Swa:for making me feel light

Lak smiles: no problem whenever u feel like heavy came here u will feel relax n relief…. I come here from childhood whenever i feel alone (she can clearly see his pain)

Swa smiles: swara

Lak:what?? No no my name is laksh not swara

Swara laughs

Swa:aray my name is swara

Lak:u look beautiful while laughing stay always like this (he said looking at her)

She stops laughing n look at him n fakes smile

Swa:may b fate don’t want to see me like this(she said broken n lost voice)

Lak:soo what fate dont want u to…. U urself smile for urself (he said smiling)

Swa:when i got reason for smile na then surely i will now lets go


Swa:my home

Lak:but y

Swa:u ask soo many questions come

Lak:no way what if u kidnapped me then (he said scary)

Swa smiles: dont wrry officers dnt kidnap inocent people

Lak:thats mean u r officer


Lak:woow tahts great n they starts walking


Swalak reached GM n swara makes laksh sit n goes n bring aid box n starts putting ointment while laksh kept staring at her

Lak:ur home is beautiful

Swa:its house only its not become home yet

Lak: can i ask u something


Lak: i dont knw y r like this or what u did but my aunt says” whenever u cant forgive urself for some mistake its ur biggest punishment ” dont punish urself more that ur life become burden for u at least give urself a chance to rectify to urself n others may b this time u dnt do such things (he said looking into her eyes both share a eyelock)

Swa(still looking): but sometime u done that kind of things whixh is unforgettable n u cant rectify it n can i say u something


Swa:sometimes its better to cry instead of hiding ur pain in ur heart may b u feel light sitting in peace but ur heart dont get it fully soo cry ur heart out then put a orignal smile not a fake one…..

Laksh look at her amused

Swa:may b our pain is somewhat same tahts y we can see it without speaking n done the aid

Laksh smiles they both become quite laksh starts leaving when he turns

Swalak: thanks both say in union

Then smiles


Lak:bye n goes

Swara closes door n then goes to her room n dozed off thinking about laksh words

@rp house

Laksh comes home…. Rp without wasting a min slap hard on his face

Lak:baba (cntrol his tears)

Rp:what baba did u see the time where were u from morning u dont even infrm us where the hell u r n did u get the job (angry)

Lak:baba i got the job n i m at office sir did not allow us to use mobiles n tells the whole incident

Rp:which company

Lak:MM industry

Rp looks at shocked

Rp:what MM industry u work for them

Lak:yes baba

Rp smirks:Laksh beta come n sit i brought something for eating n goes n bring food n starts feeding him… Laksh is happy

Rp:but beta u knw this big big companies they make u work like servants n treat u as a slave but u did not let them do with u bcz u have rights did not let use them ur weakness ok beta fight for ur right wheater u chose wrong path but its for ur good na u understand what i m saying

Lak keep a thinking face:yes baba now i understand what to do n goes to his room

Rp smirks n goes to his room

Laksh dozed off thinking about Rp words

Scene shift

Rag pov

“From tomrw ur backward countdown starts mr. Egotistic ”

N dozed off

Scene shift

Sanky pov

“U will pay for mess with me ms. Attitide n from tmrw its starts” smirk

N dozed off

To b continued

Precap: letter n 4 to go kolkata

Sorrt guyz for being late now a days becoming very late latif soorry for that but bcz of my test i got late in upload hope u like todays chappy do comnts n let me knw keep supporting n love u stay blessed keep smiling tc?


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