A story starts with Game~Chapter 5

Hi guyz i m back plzz plzz do cmnts guyzzz n if u r not liking then plz tell me i will quit it n guyz its ragsan n swalak only cuz i think many of u are not reading this bcz of pairs….. N thankx who cmnt n support me n silent readers to Let’s start


The episode starts with ragini who is walking angrily on the road suddenly one car come infront of her she is shocked to see the person as well as angry some flashes come infront of her mind n tears start flowing


Scene shift to MM industry

San: so mr. Laksh sharma go n bring coffee for me

Lak:but sir….

San coldly: i dont like when someone intrpt go n bring otherwise he smirks

Laksh nods n goes…. After sometime he come n give him coffee

Sanky sip it n throws it on laksh

San:what is this…. Is this u called coffee now go n bring another fastttt(he angrily)

Laksh control his emotions n goes out nodding he goes n again bring n sanky again throws it n again do the same n now this tym laksh

Lak:sir will u please tell me which type coffee u like (he is now pissed off)

San: u r aksing mee he raising his eyebrow

Lak:i think nobody is here expect u (coldly)

San stands up n hold his hand:how dare u to talk to me in taht tune go n bring coffee right now n this tym make sure i like it otherwise get ready for consequence. (He jerk his hand n sits on his sit n sign him to leave)

Laksh leaves n one tear escaped from his eyes n sees towards his hand which is burn bcz of the hot coffee n from his opposite direction swara is coming both misses to see eo

@sanky cabin

San is checking some files n is involved in it n without knocking someone come n sits on his chair n put his both legs on table

San:what the hell… Who the hell r u??  He stands n is shocked to c the person

San:u… U r that emmmm…. (N remebers)…. Swaaraa

Yes the person is non other than swara

Swa:ooo glad mr. Maheshwari u remeber me otherwise i thought u will have forgot me till now (she mockingly)

San smirks: u knw na that beautiful things cant b forgetten so easily… Tell me how did u remeber me

Swa put her legs down n says: for giving u warning

San:warning n mee really(sarcastic)

Swa:yes u bcz their is complaint against u n this is ur last chance to not threaten people otherwise…



Rahul comes n gives him letter

Swa:if u will not stop to threatening people then u will b punished n ur company will have to face the consequence the choice is urs n yes dont try to threaten those people who knws ur true colors n one more thing the girl for whixh u threten the manager will never come to u

San:ooh soo that girl complain against me n u r giving me warning ms swara

Swa:call me mam mr. Sanskar maheshwari n dont try to mess with me

San: n who r u to say me this

Swa: senior officer i hope u got it now(she said eyeing him) n leaves

San:still attitude han ms. Swara not bad n that girl ch ch ch now their home sweet home will have to face the destruction whixh is on the way n smirks


Laksh is coming with coffee n is lost in his own thoughts n opposite site swara is coming suddenly both bump into eo n the coffee fell on swara clothes

Lak:sor.. rry i did not see u coming i m very sorry i did not do that intentionally plz forgive me (he said in trembling voice)

Swara sees him n then his hand which is burnt

Swa(serious): its ok but b careful next time n put some ointment on ur hand too

Laksh look at her n she also look at him both share  a small eyelock

Lak in trembling voice:thhannkkx

She nods n leaves

Laksh again goes n bring coffee but this time the peon make it n he goes n give it to sanskar

San:what is this n is about to throw coffee when laksh hold his hand

Lak:sir w8 a min this coffee is not made by me it is made by a peon who make ur coffee daily i dont understand now in this what u have problem if u have problem with me then u can tell me n for that day u r doing then again i m sorry (calmly)

Sanky jerked his hand: who said u to say peon make this…. . I m giving u last warning the work which u will got is done by u only not with anyother person n now go n complete this file in 20 mins got it

Laksh nods n leaves the cabin n sanky relax his head on his chair

Sanky: urrgghhh first this lowerclass boy n then that girl who dare to make my video n give it to news also n dare to complain against me n also to that swara my past well still she has same attitude n senior officer han not bad finally she fulfilled her dream but poor swara how dare she come to my cabin n dare to give me warning too u said me to face the consequence but now u will face but not only u but that girl what her name yeah ra.. gi.. ni ragini yes she will also face to dare to complain n something strikes his mind n he make a call after that he smirks….. Now ms. Ragini the darer now i will see how can u will not meet me

Scene shift

Ragini is standing numb seeing the person she hurriedly wipes her tears n make a determine face

Rag: Mr. Rajvanshi u when did u come back

Yes guyz its kamal rajvanshi only

Kam smiles:just one hour ago

Rag:sir u would have called me y did u come here

Kam: no no i was just passing then see u then thought to meet u come sit i want to talk to u something important

Rag:sir i will meet u at ur house at evening i m going for some work i will b back in a min

Kam:going to MM industry

Rag widen her eyes: s.. ii. rr u

Kamal laughs: what do u think i dont knw what is going on my back i knw each n every moment of urs now without wasting a tym sit

Rags nods n sit

Rags pov: how did he knw that i m going to MM industry did she knw i m no no he should not otherwise he would have been kill me till now but how can he release the proves which i gave to police is enough to b hanged then (her inner voice ragini u r forgetting he is kamal narayan the worst person who can do anyting ) yes how can i forget him my worst night mare he think that i m his worker but he did not knw my true identity… What u did to me years ago i will never forget n this tym i will make sure that me myself destroy u… But first i have to find out who is with u in this n did the person is alive or not

Pov ends n she towards kamal who is actually smirking she clench her fits seeing her


Rag:yes sir

Kam:i want to tell u something very important n make sure expect u no one should knw this otherwise u knw what can i do

Rag smiles: yes sir u can tell me

Kamal tells something to rag/ishi whixh shocks her

Kam: i think u understand what i want to do

Rag( trembling): yesss siiirr

Kam:gud ur home is come

Rags sees n nods n leaves

Kamal smirks seeing her going

Kamal pov: what did u thought i dont knw who r u…. And… Why r u here… U r thinking that if i knw who u r then i will kill u like i did years ago with ur loved ones but u dont knw that u r my pawn to destroy all of them who make my life hell n i knw that u soon u will find out truth n on that day u will regret for getting save on that day my lado my doll n laughs evily

Kamal calls someone n then smirks


Dp n Ap are sitting n talking about sanskar when someone come n gives DP a letter after reading the letter he drops n sit with a thud n Ap also reads it n starts crying

Ap:no jii this cant happen plz do something i dont want time repeats its histroy

Dp: He is back!!  I dont knw what to do he can do anything no no he cant no i have to do something n picks his phone n calls someone

Dp:yes… Hmmm…. No this time we cannot b sit like this….. Hmm u have to come back then we will think what can we do n cuts the call n nods to Ap

Scene shift

Swara comes home n sees the door is already open n goes inside n is shocked to see sharmishta lying uncouncious she shout MAA!!!

Swa:maa n hurriedly goes n put her head on her lap n tap her cheeks

Swa:maa what happened open ur eyes plzzz maa open ur eyes n she starts crying she pick her up n lied her on room n sprinkled some water on mishti face

Swa:maaaaa n n tap her cheeks

Sumi in sleep murmurs: plz leave my daughter plz leave her

Swa crying:maaa wake up maaa see i m here

Sumi shouts:shooonaaaaaa n wakes up

Swa:maa i m here see nothing happened to mee she cupped somi face

Sumi sees her n hugged her: shona u r okay na nothing happened to u knw did something happend with u (crying)

Swara have happy tears in her eyes bcz after many years sumi concerns about her n call her shona she hugged her maa n assures her she is fine….. After sometime sumi realize her position n jerk swara

Swa:maa what happened

Sumi: nothing swara u go i m fine now

Swa again becomes pale n nods okay n stands to leave n turns n says:maa i m fine n if u need anything u can tell me n leaves

After swara goes sumi starts crying n prays

Sumi: i cant let anything happened to shona he is back n if something to her also then i cant live after he goes she is only we have we cant take chance we have to do something plzz GOD save my shona from him plzzz n cries

Scene shift

Sanskar is sitting on his cabin n thinking something


After swara leaves sanskar goes to his frnds

Rah:what happened ur charm did not work n chukkles

San:shut up rahul i will see for how long my charm did not work on that attitude afterall no one can save from sanskar n smirks

Ajay: sanky what r u upto

San:just w8 n watch guyz

Next day at collage swara is walking through corridor suddenly she bumps into someone n fall but the person hold her

Swara sees him n he is non other than sanskar both share a eyelock

San:r u okay

Swa comes to senses: hmmm thanks n stands

San:only thanks

Swa(sarcastically): so u r expecting a date instead of thanks

San:not a bad idea chasmish n pich her nose

Swa:dont u dare mr whatever u are

San:its sanskar maheshwari

Swa:whatever i dont care n goes

San smiles: soon u will care ms. Swara n smirks n sign something to his frnds n they nods

Sanskar one frnd(ajay) blocked swara way n teases her

Swa:move away

Aj: if i will not then n comes closes to her

Swa:look if u dare to come then i will break ur bones for sure

Aj acts scary: oo no some one plz save me from n laughs loudly n says do u think i will scare of u n hold her hand she was about to slap him but someone comes n holds her hand n give a tight slap to ajay

Swara looks on

Fb ends

His thoughts was disturbed by knock

San: come in

Laksh comes n give him a file

San:urrghh n takes the file n gives him another file n tell him to make a presentation in 30 mins

Lak:but sir its impossible

San:i dont care it is or not the work u have given u should done it on the time otherwise u have to work here for whole night (coldly)

Lak:but sir….

San shouts: how many tyms should i have to tell u dont say but or if in work cant u understand n throws file on his face

Lak politely: sorry n goes out taking the file

San: this cheap will make me crazy n taht girl u both will b punished ?

Laksh is going taking file n bump into DP

Lak:sorry… Sirrr i did not see u i m sorry

Dp:its ok btw are u new here

Lak try to smile: yes sir first day

Dp smiles n sees him he felt pain in his eyes n his hand whixh is burnt

Dp:r u okay

Lak:yes sir n takes his blessing n goes

Dp:strange boy n goes to sanky cabin


Dp knocks the door


Dp smiles n come n sit

Dp:soo howz going

San:dont ask dad today is my worst day

Dp:n y

Sanky tells swara warning n ragini complaint

Dp: but u did wrong y u go n threaten the manager its not gud

San:dad at least u dont say its necessary to find the person who did this n i will leave her but after the complain i will not spare her

Dp:think once again sanskar may b u regret

San smiles:dad i will never regret on anything

Dp nods his head in negative

Dp:who is that new boy i think he is not well u should give him leave

San:oooh Dad he is the same boy for which my news spread

Dp:what that means u urself make him work under u but i dont think he is involved in that

San:dad plz dnt take his side

Dp:i m not taking anyone sides i m just telling what i saw…. I saw something different in his voice n eyes i think he is inocent

Sanky frustated n stands up

San:oooo dad u dnt knw anyone i knw very well he dare to give me challenge now he has to pay for that

Dp:sanskar r u sure

San:100% sure

Dp:ok do what u want i will not stop u but for doing anything listen ur heart first n goes

Dp pov: i just hope someone come n make u completely different plz God never let him go on wrong path

Pov ends

Scene shift

Ragini comes home n is lying on her bed with eyes close


A girl of 7 or 8 years is shown hiding in the bush and is crying bitterly her clothes are torn n her hair are messed up totally she is shivering bcz of fear… She hears someone voice

Voice: Lado my doll where r u come to ur best uncle look i m waiting i have brought ur fav doll where r u

The girl is little ragini who hide

Man: look if u did not come out then he sign towards his men

The sound of exposition hears

Rag shouts: noooooooooooooooooo

Fb ends

Rag:noooooooooooo she jerk n open her eyes she is sweating very badly

Rag to herself: y mee i lost everything on that day my family my supoort system infront of my eyes but i cant save them i lost everthing i never ever imagine someone very close to us will do that i never thought the second person will of our family u did very wrong to tell me kamal narayan now u both get ready to pay for ur deeds bcz this ragini is not weak i will burn u in the fire of my heart n wipes her tears n takes out a thread n ties on her
Rag:ur ragini will fulfil ur promise baba n i will start from that sanskar maheshwari for sure n cries holding it

To b continued……

Precap: confortration n sanky torturs n laksh manipulated

Thank u sooo much guyz for ur love n support thanks crazy sally for some ideas n plz do coments n vote n tell me u liking it or not n take care keep smiling


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