A story starts with Game~Chapter 4

Hi guyz i m back with another epi thank u for comnting n liking it n thnkx to silent readers also hope u like todays chappy ? sorry fr gramtical mistakes



The episode starts with swara getting ready for the first day of her duty she wears a blue jeans n baby pink cotton shirt with sleevless jacket

Swara takes out a pic under bed n talks with her

Swa: finally the day is arrived for which i have waited for yearss from now the destruction of his will start n he will pay for his deeds for what he did to my family for what he did to u
(Tear escaped from her eyes) u knw how much i misses u sometimes i wish on that day i have to b on ur place but fate wants Something else .( she chocked remeber something) my heart says u r with me… U r alive but i always loose my hope ( she wipes her tears) but now ur shona will never loose hope its ur shona promise ( she kiss the photo n hide it) n takes his stuff n leaves

Scene shift

Laksh is  ready in black shirt n jeans to go to for interview…. He is happy bcz for the first tym he got support from his father…. He was smiling widely…

Suj:come have breakfast

Lak:maa i m getting late i will eat later

Rp: sujata make him eat sugar curd its gud

Laksh smiles n took blessings from rp

Rp smiles n bless him sujata make him eat n he leaves

Rp pov: go my name sake son go… From today destruction of 2 lives will start first urs n scnd of those maheshwari…..i m just w8ing for the day when the truth will come out n maheshwaris will b ruined he smirks evily

Scene shift

XYZ place

Ragini comes to office wearing jeans n peach color kurti

Ragini kncks on cabin

Boss: come in

Rag:sir u called me

Boss:yes come in have a seat

She seat down

Rag:sir what happend to ur face

Bos:this…. This is bcz of u

Rag:sorry sir i didnt understand

Boss: i’ll tell u

(Guyz imagine rags boss yuraj)


Sanskar comes in his office with full rage

Recep: sir….. Sir is in meeting

He shows his palm n goes

Conference room

Yuvraj is doing presentation

Sanskar comes n hold his hand n drag to his cabin

Sanky push yuvi on his chair

Yuv:what the hell is this mr. Maheshwari

San smirks: tahts great u knw who am i then u also knw that y will i came here (he sits in chair n put his both legs on his table)

Yuvi caresess his collar n smirks

Yuv:i knw u want to knw that who make this video right

San:smart boy

Yuv:but u r forgetting that its my office n its against our rule to give any info about our articles n i will not tell u

San:ooo really if u dnt u knw really very well that what can i do also i can shut ur whole news channel n make u suffer ( he takes out a bundle of money n throws on his face) take this n tell me

Yuv:if i will not tell u then

San:then i have 2nd option to. Smirk

Yuv looks confused

Sanky claps his hands n his PA comes n gives him some papers

San:sign it

Yuv:whats this

San:this is transfer papers from now ur news channel will b mine

Yuv: n y do u think so i will sign it

Sanky smiles: i knw that u will ask this question so i have back up plan too n shows him videp in which his family is tied in a chair

Yuv become shock: wh… Aatt… Is this

San:ur sweet family in my under if u did not sign these papers or tell me the name of the culprit u will suffer

Yuv: mr. Maheshwari plzzzz free them i’ll tell u plz

San: 5, 4, 3……

Yuv:sir her name is ragini n she live in a orphange home “happy home”

San wickedlyy smiles: ragini n smirks

San: ur family is safe n pats his shoulder. N starts to leave( yuv take a sigh of relief)…. But u tell me her name then i also should give u something in return(yuvi smiles n says what sir)… He smirks n punch hard on his face n leaves

Fb end

Rag:what??  I m sorry sir i dont knw that how much will happen to u

Yuv:from ur sorry nothing will change bcz of u my family lives come in danger n my channel to i cant take risk now………… Mr maheshwari wnts to meet u at mm industry go n meet them n never ever show ur face

Rag:but sir plzz i

Yuv:i said leave he shouts

Rags jerk n leaves from their crying

Rags step out from their office

Rag pov: u did not do it right mr. Egoistic…. U will pay for it….. U will come n will apologize to sir n thats my promise to myself(she wipes her tears) n goes

At office

Yuvi smiles seeing rags from cabin… He calls n inform this to someone

Yuvi pov

What do u think sanskar maheshwari its u who make me confess her name no no its all our plan…. The family u think its mine is our plan n u r our puppet soon u four will destroy eo  n for ur gift i will return it to u with full interest.. Now our puppet(ragini) will make u pay n smirks

Pov ends

Scene shift

Sanskar is moving in his cabin frustrated

San:who is this ragini…. I m damn sure she is related to that cheap boy if i will see them. Both i will destroy they both did wrng to mess with sanskar maheshwari n that girl first pay to mee how dare she record my news how dare she to leak it i m not gonna leave them n sees from his cabin something  n make a call after call he smirksss

Scene shift

Laksh is sitting tensly someone came n tap his shoulder he looks up

Man:sir u got this job

Lak( shocked + happy): whatt??

Man smiles: yes sir our boss selected u
Lak:but he did nt take my interview

Man:sir u r the lucky one otherwise boss will never do job without qualification may b he was related to u come n sign papers u can join from today

Lak tensly smiles: OK thank u soo much

Lak pov: i got the job without interview its very weird for me but i m happy cuz i need that job at any cost when that men says me about is boss i feel awkward cuz i dnt have any frnds or related to any one then y should any one give me company to his job………  i sign the papers widout reading bcz i m eagerly want to meet my boss i hope i fulfil all his expectations n from getting this job i can study law tooo i cant express my feeling bcz today i have my baba maa blessings tahts y god fulfil my wish but hava a unknwn fear too

Laksh thoughts disturb by the man

Man:laksh sir called u in his cabin

Laksh smiles n headed towrds cabin

Laksh knocks the door

Lak:may i come in sir

Voice:yess mr. Sharma come in

Lak:thank u soo much sir i dnt knw how to thank u…. U gave me job withoit interview u dnt knw i really needed it thank u so much i dnt knw how to repay u

Voice: by serving me  (he turns his chair n yes ur guess is right is our sanky only)

Lak shok: u

San smirks:yesss me what do u think who else can give u this much favour

Lak: i m sorry i m self centerd man i cant work under u…. I dnt want ur job n starts to leave

San:ok pay me 1 crore n leave


San:u forget u sign the papers n smirks

Laksh remembers n curses

San: soo from now u r my servant go n get me coffee


San:gooooo he shouts

Laksh nods n goes while sanky smirks

San:now u will pay mr. Laksh for messing with sanskar maheshwari

Scene shift

Swara is sitting on his cabin studying cases

Peon:mam may i come in


Peon:mam someone comes n gives this n afyer giving this he runs fast

Swa:ok give me she takes it……. Its a letter

She reads letter

” swara gadodia D/O shekar gadodia…i will directly come to the point….  The one u is finding is alive n i knw where is he/she i knw u will not believe me i send u proof also till then  w8 for my next letter

From ur well wisher”

Swa takes out a locket which is attached to letter she become shocked seeing this

Swa(tears starts flowing): no this cant happen how can it…. U r alive…. I cant believe this nmy heart is correct that means u r alive n with me…. . But who is he who knws for whom i m finding n my office adress to taht means someone is following me(she looks suspicious)

Peon sees this n runs n goes n knocks someone car window

Peon:sir ur work is done

Man smiles n give hik bundle of money n says his driver to leave


Swa: did someone trying to trap me who can be…. If this is done by him no no how can this b possible he is not here but who else can it b did he/she is really alive if yes then i will surely find u thats my promise

Her thoughts was distrb by the phone ring

Swa takes a call n after call she says

Swa:sanskar maheshwari

Se remember something


A girl is wearing glasses is shown sitting on a chair n continously involved in a book (she is our swara who is sitting on her class)

Her all class were continuously making fun of her n teasing her saying book worm but she least bothered n continue involved in reading

Stu: hey chashmish wanna go date with me say yes u will have fun n laughs

Swara avoid them n starts to leave when some one hold her hands she turns n about to slap the person but he holds his hand (his face is shown he is non other than sanskar)

San:hey easy ms i m seeing from many days everyone makes fun of u n tease u but u did not answer them n avoid them n leave without saying anything are u dumb

Swara eyed him

San:i mean deaf or u cant speak or hear is there any problem with u

Swara release her hand from sanskar grip

Swa: i dont care……  n leave from there without saying anything

San:attitude han not bad

Fb ends

Her thoughts were distrb by the men

Man:u called me

Swa:yes rahul we have to leave for MM industry there is a complain against sanskar maheshwari

Rah: sure mam

Both leaves

Scene shift

Ragini is walking in road n stops near a board written “MM industry”

Rag: mr. Egoistic now u r gone n about to go…. When someone cars came infront of her n person came out of car

Rag(shocking): uuuuu

To b continued

Precap: some drama

Who is the person???

Whom swara is finding?

What was the past of swasan?

Who gives letter to swara??

For which truth rp is talking???

Any guesses guyz

Thank u soo much guyz for ur love n support plz do comnt n votes n tell me u r liking this story na plzzz frnds n take care keep smiling?


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