A story starts with Game~Chapter 3

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“Reason to live”

The episode starts with laksh sitting on a bench helplessly

Lak pov
Y always me GOD first u snatch my parents whom i never knw who r they n when u give me my maa baba… I thought i was the luckiest person…. I remember…… When i m 6 baba told me that i m not their son they adopted me i thought how lucky i m that i have another maa baba but tym passes baba make me doing labour that tym i do it just bcz happiness of my maa baba i see how many when i got hurt or ill maa wants to b with me care for me but bcz of baba she never do n baba he never pay any heed to me….. On doing my labour work i got badly injured one boy help me i dnt knw him i saw he wore a white shirt n blue shorts like uniform. N have bag too…. That day i asked baba to make me study too but baba says he dnt have money if i want do work n study by myself i felt very bad i cried whole night but no one comes( tears started flowing from his eyes) but on next day i promised myself that i will work hard n will study (he wipes his tears) then i started finding jobs i got 3 jobs, one in garage n 2nd at tea stall n 3 at sales boy i save my money n got admission in skool that was the happiest day of my life from that day i worked very hard do studies n work hard day n night…  i came home at night, n then i study whole night my whole night passes without sleeping.. When i complete my schooling baba wants me to do more job bcz the money i earn is not enough… When i left my 1 job for my self respect he beat me very harshly with belt… He never cares for me sometimes i curse my parents who left me n sometime u bcz u gave us this life… Thats true u gave me life but give me a reason to live also plz give me a reason to smile plz give me a reason to happy plz

Pov end

Laksh is crying helplessly thinking how he suffered from childhood.. How he used to cry whole night… How harshly his father beat him.. How he never cares for him he is just craving for love.. ???

Laksh wipes his tears n goes at tea stall n ask for news paper n starts searching job he dials some number n after some time he cuts the call.. He smiles

Scene shift

Ragini comes n hugs her granny for back

Gran:ohoo someone is happy today what happened some one purpose u n winks

Rag:uffuuu granny more than that guesss???

Gran:emmm dnt tell u got selected

Rag:yessss n hugs again her happily

Gran:may God bless u my baccha lets celebrate with ice cream

Rags:ice cream she asked dull

Gran:again u make this face ok i knw u hate ice cream if u cant eat so what i will eats ur too lets go n drag her

Rags remeber something n cntrol herself she hears a giggling sounds of 2 peoples 

Granny shakes her n ask is she ok

Rags smiles n nods yess

Scene shift

“Today breaking news a great business man sanskar maheswsri hit a young boy n throws money on his face showing his power infront of whole world” is this the way to serve mankind??  Is this the real face of cruel buisness man??  ”

Dp sees this n shocks n shouts sanskarrrr

Sanskar come downstairs n asked what happened???

Dp shows him news n is equally shocked

San:who the hell made this…. He clench his fits in anger….. I m damn sure that is done by this cheap man thats y his face is not b seen this bl**dy just want to trap me i m not gonna leave him npw he will pay

Dp:relax sanskar first we have to stop this channel to show this news otherwise our investors will think us cruel

San: yes dad u r right but i will make sure this channel will b close n who make this video will suffer alot ??

Scene shift

Rags sees this news n smirked
” Mr egoistic i hope till knw u got ur present for troubling poor ”

Scene shift

Rp sees this news n evily laughs seeing this

Rp: i want to just thanks the person who make this i just wish to destroy u all n one day i will surely will with the help of ur own family member n u all will b begging me like i beg infront u but u all did not listen n laughs evily just then he sees laksh coming n ask did u got the job

Lak:yes baba i got appointment tomrw i have to go their with my certificate then they will tell me n sees the news n shocked

Lak:who make this ? he shouts

Rp: y r u shouting

Lak:bcz the man he hitted is non other than me


Lak:yes baba

Rp comes n hugs laksh

Rp:its ok beta u dnt knw this cruel world they r like that only… Poor people will suffer bcz of them but they dnt care (he taps his shoulder) but u r very strong n if something happens with u then u also fight back with them ok n hugs him again n evily smiles

Laksh feels very happy first tym in his life rp hugs him n talks something politely

Lak:yes baba i will pakka n smiles

Rp:ok u go n take rest i bring food for u

Laksh happily goes inside his room thanking God for fulfil his wish

Rp smirks

Scene shift

Swara is sitting n reading book when landline phone rings n she goes to pick up

Swa:yes( calmly)

Voice: shona

Swa:baba(happily) how r u

Shek:fine n u

Swa:me 2 baba n baba u kn…

Shek:swara i will talk to u later first tell me where is mishti

Swa:(controlling her cry) in room

Shek: go n tell her to pick the call i want to talk to her something imp

Swa:ok baba n …  B4 she could speak he cuts the call

She goes n knocks shomi rooms n says ur husband call n says to tell u that pick his calls he wants to talk( she says brokenly) n without waiting for reply she runs from their crying

Scene shift

Isolated place

Man:did the news spread

Man2:yes sir

Man laughs n says good n give him bundle of money

Man2: sir vo… Man2 phones rings n after calk he seems happy

Man2:sir (he tells which is muted) man laughs evily

Man: i dont think i have to do anything they themselves will destroy eo

Evil tunes plays

Man: book my tickets for kolkata tomrw its high time to go their n yeah tell my beloved also b ready kamal is backkkk n laughss his evil laughs

To b continued…. 

Precap: laksh new boss guess???

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