A story starts with Game~ ragsan n swalak intro

Hi guyz fizo here thought to write a new story hope u like it basically its a mystry n game hope u all enjoy but i will not continue it i will update it when i m. Free n hope pairs are always ragsan n swalak

Character sketch

Sanskar maheshwari: a hot n handsome young businesses man n heir of MM industries a rude robot serious n arrogant person never ever care about anyone except without his family always shows his power n wealth against people a perfectionist u can say a egoistic person who rarely cares (have a past no one knws)

Dp n ap parents of sanskar no utara pari n adarsh

Laksh sharma: an adopted son of rp n sujata..who always craved for his parents love….a hardworking boy who complete his studies with his own earn a topper OF collage whole collage hates him bcz of his sharpness but few cares…do 3 part time jobs for his parents needs never care for himself n nothing imp for his more than his self respect always wanted to bcme a lawyer(have a past)

Ram sharma: father of laksh but never cares about him a greedy person hates maheshwAri due to some past n want to ruin them n ex employe of mm industries

Sujata sharma:mother of laksh a helpless mother who wants to give love to laksh but bcz of rp never do but loved him she cannot conceive

Swara gadodia: a emotionless girl who never speak or communicate with anyone always craved for love of her parents alwsys wants to become a officer she never smiles from heart she n her books just 2 things she have in the world lived in mumbai n have a past

Shekar gadodia: father of swara n a buisness lived in usa away from family never got tym for his family a reserved person or a heartless father have a past

Sharmishta gadodia:wife of shekar n mom of swara a working women lived with swara in mumbai but never talk to her they r strangers for eo have less emotions have a past

Ragini/ishika: an orphan lived in oldage home with old people she is a girl who always smile but just for others a caring n pure hearted girl have many emotions but never shows to anyone she has only one aim to destroy one person in his life have a past

Kamal rajwanshi(from udaan): one n only villan of gadodias n maheshwari hate them to the core n wants to destroy them lived in central jail

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  1. Ragz_teju


  2. Hmmm….suspense , past and hatred ……sounds interesting…..i loved introduction……eagerly waiting for story to start…..

  3. intersting
    love ragini

  4. Sreevijayan

    Nice intro dear..eagerly waiting fr ragsan

  5. A.xx

    great,,,when will u update heal my wounds.xx

      1. Silent_writer

        N on sat i will updte HMW

  6. AMkideewani

    Superb dear it’s very interessting?

  7. Berdilla


  8. Waiting for ragsan scenes

  9. Akshata


  10. Interesting….waiting for first epi….

  11. Sally_blr

    Looks like Ragsan and Swalak. Great intro. It is complete contrast to Heal My wounds. Superb

    1. Silent_writer

      Thnk u? n yes it is

  12. Astha

    u r just rocking dear……. waiting for 1st epi…… update soon.

    1. Silent_writer

      Thnk u dearr?

      1. a writer couldn’t be silent. sorry if u don’t like it but i don’t read ffs except some specific the only thing which convince me to reply was ur id name SILENT_WRITER so i commented sorry again

  13. Interesting episode…love ragini character ..

  14. ohhh interesting everyone has some secrets awesome

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