The story of all saas bahu dramas….


Hello guys…I am writing this just for fun…The characters in the story does relate to the various serials especially saas bahu ones…hope u wud love it..Such saas bahu serials r just like fairy tales…All the serials wud have the same storyline…Here is a such a common story line that we see in most of the serials(N.B –this work is just 4 fun….don’t take it more srsly..Exagerrations wud be there..Don’t mind)
Epi 1.A girl and a boy meets….
Epi 56.Thay becomes frnds..
Epi.150.The boy proposes the girl
Epi.175.The girl tells that she wud reply to him after thinking…
Epi.241.The boy asks the girl if she had made any plans for the shaadi
Epi..300.The girl tells that she was already married..
Epi.356.The girl takes divorce and meets her old boyfrnd
Epi.400.They finally decides to marry…
Epi.462.The mother in law of the girl makes her to all kind of jobs….
Epi.501.Finally she becomes pregnant…
Epi.706..She gives birth to a child (usually mother caries babies for 10 months..But in such serials babies takes birth after 1-2 years or more…  ) she became a mother her mother in law started becoming mor nice towards her…. last someone in the house dies…
Epi..1000.The show ends without any particular climaxxxxxxxxxx……..

Hope u liked it..than u 4 reading…Do comment

Credit to: kitty

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  1. Agree dear
    it usually takes a lot of time to end these indian serials too much dragging

  2. Absolutely correct , serial Aur pyaar ho gaya main hero & heroine meets in 1st ep , friendsin 50 ep, propose- 130ep (hero) ,heroine process 150 ep, marriage happen in 250ep, serial finished in 300 ep…lol

  3. hahahaxx

  4. It is awsome….Well I guess it is peak time for us to say gudbye to such saas bahu dramas and support youth serials like Girls on top (MTV) that tells logical stories….

  5. Very nice:-D you rocked it dear;-)

  6. Yes its peak time to shut the bullshit ………..we youngsters need a break man ……..change channel but every story is same …….. so boring

  7. hehe i loved it and enjoyed it to the core…………its high time they stop this saas bahu good for nothing serials…………..

  8. keep a fullstop 2 saas bahu ku ulla poi kolnum pola irukum but mudiyaadhe irritating idiots. I love EK DUJE KE VAASTE

  9. Hahaha…???i agree with u such acrazu saas bahu dramas…I dont understand that wat happens if they does no prolong each and every track..kit has become routene in every serial…well I agree with u ha…????????…..

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