a story that remains incomplete…..(purpose) Episode 1


Hi guyzz……am nandini and am writing this fan fiction just becoz I have this story in my mind and I want to share it I don’t care about the comments but if u feel like it touches ur heart then comment .This story is really close to my heart I suffered a lot in my small sweet life but whatever I have gone through I cant share it with anyone not even my frndss…

So my story deals with like we all know nowadays career,money that’s what all is needed to live a particular life the so called perfect life where actually people have forgotten the importance of love the value of love,if we talk to people about love stories come up like after marriage love comes automatic,2 lovers get separated becoz of their families religions age boundation or sometimes the love is untold or one sided becoz of the fear of rejection we don’t express our feelings so the person in front never comes to know about ur feelings and if he loves u also it is like one sided always….love is so different it can Happen anytime without any reason with anyone at any age no boundations love cares bout no one it is immortal I don’t know if u all comment or not but my story is short will end soon and will have a happy ending…….somewhere its like very centi types but everything ends goooddd

The characters are nandini and manik but the story is completely diff am a grt fan of kyy so I thought to give this name and the frnds will be mentioned somewhere with same names as mukti cabir etcc.the story is a complete journey of manan’s life till they die.nandini is rich focused on studies and a bubbly helpful girl who enjoys her life where as manic is also a focused rich boy but is like serious types he wants to be on the top of the world caring about the society and the only child of his parents where as nandini is having a elder sis and a younger sis yes!!!!they r trimurtis they have completely diiff habits but their choises are always the same….and they don’t know it

Thanks a lot all of u for reading I am glad u read it and and and all the ff are doing grt special thanks to-

Medhavi di,anu,sunitha K,DIYA,joe,divanshi,akansha,sindhu verma for my inspiration reading ur ffs I felt like I can also express so thank uuu love u all from the bottom of my heart..keep reading

Credit to: nandini

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  1. Interesting……
    Plz continue….

    1. Thanks a lot I will surely continue am glad u read and commented am feeling so happy……

  2. Hmm..eagerly waiting for ur epi to start

    1. ? eagerly waiting for ur next comment on my next update thanks a lot for reading my blog and specially commenting will start soon may be today itself….❤

  3. Nyc….plz continue….if possible write anotjer update also

    1. Yes I will surely try and thank you for reading and praising it means a lot to me ??

  4. its really nic dear…..
    i am so glad tht u felt like sharing it wid us….

    1. Thanks yar u liked and commented I feel relieved that after sharing it u support and like it thanks once again I don’t know u all but u all are really very important part of my life…?

  5. Nice yaar

    1. Thanks hayati i love ur name its very unique and hope u like it further ??

  6. Interesting would like to read further updates

    1. Thank u for commenting ya I know its interesting…….lets see what happens next

  7. its vry nice nandu ….. plss update nxt ff soon if possible im vry happy to read all d ffs dis makes me feel lke m wtchng manan n m feelng dem… <3

    1. Yep its on the way coming soon…thanks for commenting I also feel really good

  8. Wowwww, I just loooooooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeddd this intro…..you’ve veryyyyyyy good writing skills. ..looking forward to this story….keep it up. eagerly waiting …love you loads, all the best

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