a story that remains incomplete (episode 2)

So hallo guyzzz……………….its me nandini again I know am back after a long long time and ya am really very sorry as well I hope u remember me …………….i updated 2 months ago I guess so u must have forgotten what I wrote so u may go to the 79th page u will get my update…..i was not able to update as many problems were going around and I was all messed up this update goes to my regular readers who are:bisha,janvi,hayathi,priya,kavya,deepu,and yess my lovely reader ROMA….
p.s-it is in a form of story no dialogues and point of views……

So here it goes………….
Recap-soha and manik in the cab

Soha was behaving as if it was her first date while manik behaved weird he was confused everything was as complicated for him like a earphone becomes after u keep it unmanaged he knew if he wanted everything to be sorted out he needs to confront to nandini as well as soha.for him the perfect statrt of the convo would be studies so he started off well with putting up a question “so how r ur studies going on u r liking all the new syllabus?”while on the other hand soha who was expecting a informal nice question something bout her life became hell dazed she was like what the hell is this is he here to be friends or is he counseling me for studies but controlling herself she spoke “yah well its all new but am liking a bit “ although she hated studies but she knew manik likes it so going against her wish…u know
Now with this stupid convo they begun and landed on being good friends manik took it in a positive way while soha took in a wrong way thinking its more than being friends…..

4 years passed(promoted to 10th) soha and manik were good friends soha never came to know that manik is her friend all becoz of nandini she kept on avoiding her manik and nandini talked rarely that to on general topics like discussions on tests unfortunately no actually fortunately in 10th boards soha got failed due to her distraction in studies and had to repeat 10th while nandini discovered she liked manik but wasn’t sure about him if he felt the same so she never shared her feelings mean while manik was liking nandini but was not sure if he liked her or it was just a simple attraction due to teenage….
In past 4 years many things changed now from a childish girl nandini became a beautiful admirable and hot girl whom boys liked but knew shw wouldn’t give a damn becoz she likes someone secretly and very much focused and manik was always a hunk.sometimes nandini thought why she likes him so much but never found it she even started thinking she should give chance to a boy who is more capable for her but she couldn’t now soha was not in between manik and nandini they both thought they have nothing in common but destiny proved them wrong…

While a class was going on students were discussing what they r planning ahead in that class they came to know their first common interest both of them wanted to be a doctor and that to a cardiologist every one including both of them were shocked manik never wanted to be teased being a pair with nandini on this topic also as some students used to pair them due to their compatibility so he changed his interest and said-“I wanna be a doc,a neurologist but the specialization is not decided yet so it can change” both of them liked somewhere to be called as a pair but being a closed book idiots never shared it and this mistake changed their life In future as the time passed both of them finished their 12th and now it was a tym for their forever bye bye .they were having a farewell in 12th on that day both of them decided to take a step ahead yessss!!!!a step ahead and that was to shake hands (I know it’s a terrible step but for them it was a huge one)every one was supposed to have a partner for the entry manik thought of asking nandini but before he could he saw her with his very own best friend dhruv coming .he was jealous from his own friend don’t know why nut he was feeling betrayed by nandini she was never commited to him but he felt so on the other hand nandini was feeling nervous to ask manik so she said a yes to dhruv when she looked at manik she was mesmerized by his looks he was looking stunning but as she looked into his eyes she felt guilty even she didn’t knew why later on manik also got one girl and went in the party was on and the madness also ther were many games to be played and diff theme dances also for this couples were to be made it could be acc to their entry but some disagreed it and said to rearrange the set so coupons were made girls were given the coupons randomly and same with boys the girl and boy who got the same number were to be together and obviously manik and nandini were together the games started the first one was science related next one was dance on the newspaper third one was guide the one on ur side similarly many games while all these games nandini and manik were stealing glances from each other admiring each other feeling eo touching understanding and many more the most interesting was the dance on newspaper where their whole body was brushing with eo’s they were falling for each other completely but manik had the thought of betrayal also he was jealous and angry at nandini but when he touched her his body got thrills he was like he never wanted to leave her.nandini was enjoying being with manik at times she wanted to explain herself through her innocent eyes but manik refused then finally after all this dinner was to be done and u know how boys are specially at this age party without alcohol is something impossible task so here they go mani was served even at first he refused but later on took it watching dhruv and nandini together …………….he became completely drunk he was out of his senses he just dragged nandini aside took her to a lonely place and pinned her to the wall nandini was hell shocked she didn’t got time to recollect things and react she was just standing numb when she ffelt a soft touch over her lips she was shivering manik was touching her lips deliberately he wanted to suck it all the gloss the shine the sweetness everything as soon as he reached to her lips she just slapped him hard and with all her force threw him side to her surprise instead being angry manik started laughing
sarcastically and said “yess why will u let me kiss u u will only allow that stupid dhruv right go ahead then ask him for one or wait am so wrong he must have given u already “and before he could complete and stand up nandini sat on his laps and by cupping his face grabbed him in a kiss and unquestionably manik reciprocated it.it was a long one and finally they parted unwillingly manik again cupped her face to kiss her again but a voice interrupted his action nandini spoke manik u r drunk lets just leave from here we r late I guess the party is over whispering in his ears listening to it manik came close to her very close went near her ear and whispered ok fine but u need to promise me u will be with me for some more time after we go out she nodded and said lets go

Inside the party people searched for both of them but could not find them and thought they must have left and all of them went they closed the area even the lights were switched off
They both saw all gates closed no networks in the cells and decided to go to the terrace .they lay under the stars holding each others hands exploring things about each other and drifted into sleep next day in the morning nearly 4 in the morning the sun shone and nandini woke up she saw herself in his arms and headed a inch back by this sudden jerk manik woke up with a severe pain an looked confusingly here and there on asking nandini told everything to him he was embarrassed and happy both at the same time they had to wait till 8 for some one to come and open the gate till then they satisfied each other saying it was a mistake and we should forget it and became the so called best friends exchanged each others number and talking on random topics as the gate opened they both went to their respective places and the rest whole day kept on thinking bout each other nandini thought of msging him but backed off and thought he should first ………………..few days passed no msgs no meeting and nothing.
Thank u people for reading please do comment and tell how was it and lemme know if I should continue or not love u all if u think it was good atleast put a thumbs up in comment box even if u read it once plsss…………….ignore typing mistakes most probably I will update the next episode today itself no promises and yes one more thing am really very sorry if someone found it yak!!u can let me know in the comment box also if any complaints are there like if am going too fast and yess the coming up story………
Coming up-10 years leap…………………..manan meet as dr manik malhotra and dr nandini murthy…

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