a story that remains incomplete (episode 1) growing up


So very few of u commented but its ok I completely understand u must be not liking the story but I have a lot filled inside me so I just want to share with u all and I literally had tears in my eyes when I saw atleast five comments at first I felt like someone is there for me and understands me………so here goes the first update!!!!!

Nandini was in 4th class when she joined a proper coaching of her parents frnds named SPACE that was the turning point of her life where dhe was going to meet her love ……..1 year passed away the whole year was exciting joyful and passionate she was the most praised girl all over the coaching everyone liked her as she was friendly to every body everyone elder or younger admired her and she had a elder sister named mukti and younger named alya ,nandini was kinda a second mother to alya as there was a gap between them approx 8 years and mukti was 2 years elder than nandini ,she had a keen interest in science and she had decided that she had to become a doctor but the specialization was still a question mark…..and she got a best frnd soha in her coaching she was beautiful and stupid

Promoted to 5th
Half of the year was gone and a new entry MANIK! On the very first day they were introduced to each other as the teacher said..’’so guyz here is manik studing in amity international school and the scholar has a brilliant mind and we have got an opportunity to teach him say him hello!’’he turned towards manik and told I will introduce everyone to u and the first was nandini she didn’t even cared if he came or not but the words used to address manic made her very furious she thought she got one enemy and she needs to change the perception of the teacher so in a rude manner she said hi and said am nandidi sun valley school and everyone became abit confused what happened to her?manik didn’t gave her damn and continued hiii….and it all continued soha was mesmerized by the intro of manik so tried to look attractive and give a good impression on manik looked really cute handsome hunk(I know they r just in fifth but still as he is mummas boy so u know branded clthes fine haircut and all..)

Nandini and manik had a tough time giving challenges to each other and that’s how there frndship began they usually discussed problems asking doubts from each other they always started with a fight that I am right no I am right but later on landing upon some other topic and then started fighting but what matterd ws they actually spent most of the time together…..and slowly gradually they realized if both of them are together no one can beat them up in studies so they decided that they will fight less and try to cooperate.on the other hand soha was getting jealous from nandini she wanted to have a frndship with him but manik didn’t like those people who lack in studies nandini always tried to make them frnds but he used to run away soha felt like nandini doesn’t want her to be his frnd that’s why she started ignoring nandini becoz of that nandini started being sad.manik and nandini always discussed formal things sometimes manik thought to talk to her about it but then refused tht what will his frnds thnk and he knew he has started growing a soft corner for nandini but never wanted to accept that as both of them were completely different where as nandini was really pissed of her life first of all she need to manage studies then frnd problem family dramas and all faltu jhanjhats so she was also like what the hell my life has become she felt good with manik but why she didn’t cared about it and that’s how 5th passed and then results manik got 99% where as nandini got 98% manik was pretedting to be happy but was not happy nandini was lost in her own world she didn’t even bothered to ask manik about his results

Promoted to 6th
This time manik decided to talk to her and nandini was glad that manik came to her and she finally discussed the problem of soha and manik decided to talk to soha .nandini lived near coaching so she came byherself but the ones who lived far away were provided the cab system and unfortunately soha and manik had the same route of cab and use to go together and manik decided to talk to soha in cab separately nandini strictly told manik not to tell soha that she told him to talk…….and the departure came…
Suspense soha and manik talk will soha talk to nandini ever again lets see
Thanks a lot everyone to read pls do read it….hpoe u all like it see u soon keep commenting I will keep u updated…

Coming up-nandini to create a misunderstanding and reveal her crushhh….

Credit to: nandini

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  1. Hmm…good going..waiting for ur next uodate

    1. Thanks its only becoz of ur support next update coming soonnn….

  2. vry nic prt dear…. looking forward for nxt prt….
    thanks again fr sharing the story wid us…

    1. Thanks for reading…I love sharing it wit u….

  3. What misunderstanding

    1. Its in the next update dear coming soon ……its a life changing misunderstanding….

  4. its nice but do u really think that crush and all happens in that little age and in school a school bus is provided and I think cabs aren’t provided na………… just kidding…… in my 5th standard,I only know abt 2 things……1.study 2. playing games……….pls don’t get disappointed am just saying my opinion but na good thing is u have completed 3 classes in 1 episode………. pls go ahead with ur story and keep updating………

    1. Thanku for ur suggestion and opinion that’s very kind of you I needed it….but may be u don’t know what nowadays children think of am really aware about it and having a crush at the age of eleven is really common and cabs are provided in school most importantly u didn’t read the update carefully its mentioned as coaching and no school so…….i like ur habbit of using na na!!!and I came to a conclusion u don’t read my blog with any interest as I skipped 2 classes not three and I will keep updating but most probably the next epi will be the end and a long one as I write in a short way….thanks once again?

  5. Good going dear…..
    Waiting for next part….

    1. Thanks….

      Thee nnext update is cccoming. Soooonnn……..

  6. nandu there are so many slient no need to hurt.they r not comenting bt they are reading ur ff.so write what u want write.i will support .

    1. Thank u for ur support but am ending it in the next episode ..thanks once again ❤

  7. Awesome episode …I just loved it. ..I still remember in my childhood in the class I was also thinking of the good student as my competitor. …it’s pretty good story…it’s in love with its my n can relate to myself toooo….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. Plzzzz it’s my humble request plzz continue dearrr n don’t end this story so soon…love you loads

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