Death is the ending of everything for those who do not believe in the life hereafter but for the righteous people it’s just the beginning of their never ending life! People’s die but their names never do! Days pass by and the world progresses with the advent of every morning! every new day brings hopes and happiness! and we come across smiling faces around us but reality is A coin has two sides! Beside these happy faces there is a tragic face hidden which is full of sorrows of life!

There is always a smiling sister who is waiting for her elder brother’s arrival who has just gone to protect his motherland! She waits for her brother to come and love her she waits for her brother to come and scold her cutely for making her mother sad! She waits for her brother so that he can tease her and she can complain to her mother about that! She waits for her brother’s advice and that’s never fight with your siblings! There is always a younger brother who is waiting for her elder brother to come back so that they can again talk about all random things! He always desperately waits to listen the standard sentence that his brother always says him (DON’T CALL PAPA POPSII) ….

There is always a father more likely to be bestfriend who waits anxiously for his son’s arrival, he is always ready to save his son from his mothers scolding and is always there to support every right decision of his son! he saves all his affection and advices for his pride who has just went to save the motherland.

His mother is always learning new recipes so that she can try when his son is back home! His mother has already bought his favorite shirt for him as a gift for his birthday because before leaving to perform his duty his son asked her (MAA THIS TIME I WANT SAME T SHIRT AS LIKE PAPA USED TO WEAR AND I WANT THAT ON MY BIRTHDAY). Their eldest Son is braving the hostile weather and defending the pride of his pure country!

He plans to how he would give surprise to all waiting at his home. He imagines how he will share his all stories of his missions with his parents and siblings! He imagines how he will spend quality of time with his family! But then a turn comes where his motherland calls him for protection! he responds to it and fulfils his responsibility! He saves all the people from avalanche. When it was his time to save himself he saw that the country flag was there and noticed that if avalanche would strike there then this flag will bury under the deep ice which was not a respectable thing so he went back and looking him going towards the avalanche his friends were about to shout but their senior stopped them as if they will shout then more avalanche will occur and they were helpless now the only thing which was in their hand was waiting for him to return but unfortunately it didn’t happened he went there and reached to flag he took that and started running towards the safe place where the others were but as he was not able to escape from that high speed avalanche he knew that he will be struck there! so he wore that flag as he thought that burying the flag like any waste is not good so let’s wear this because he thought if I will die today then also I have to go home in this flag so better I should wear it now so he wore the flag as a shawl and yes it happened there was all white bed sheet of white ice not evn single colour was visible it was clear that he was now under that ice! And with it he embraced martyrdom! He knew before his life his duty his responsibility comes first! Before going for long sleep he managed to do something that he knew will somehow ease down the pain of his family they will go through! The brave son dies who selflessly fulfilled his responsibility!

His life doesn’t comes to an end here! For those who lay their lives for their country are always alive in the heart of people! The same son comes back to home but this time his body is wrapped up in National flag! Now his sister could never tell him how much she was missing his pranks! Now his brother could never tell how much he was missing him, now his father could never tell him how much he was proud of him! Now his mother could never tell him that she bought same T shirt that he wanted! The last letter she got from her son! Her son shared a song with her saying that he wrote it when first time he had to live separately from them(his parents):
hold my finger and teach me (to walk) once again,
pick me up, O mother.
wipe my face clean with your scarf,
the world seems to be grimy..

when life shows me eyes (prov., means when life frowns upon me, or tries to scare me)
I am reminded of your anger..
even when you scolded me, it was like flowers..
O mother, why isn’t the entire world like you..
my forehead is feverish since morning,
why don’t you put your palm there on it mother..
‘Did you eat something?
Why are you late?’
— no one asks me here..

you called me a diamond sometimes, and sometimes a gem,
why did you bring me up like that, mother?
this world doesn’t see me with the same eyes as yours,
won’t you scold the world? you will right?

I have to complain against everybody,
all trouble me, mother.
now hide me, call me near you,
I feel lonely here in my heart.

After reading this letter! His mother blurted out all the pain! She cried as much as she could afterall she lost her son! Thou her son was born to die she knew it but the relation between mother and son is a precious one!
These sons of soil never fear anything but God! They sacrifice their life for their motherland! Their bravery is something that we can’t imagine of! What we can just do is pay them Tribute! We can never imagine their hurdles,their hard work, their sacrifices!

“Without heroes, we are all plain people, and don’t know how far we can go.” – Bernard Malamud


Guys i m seriously sorry if you felt bored or I wasted your time! I just went through 62 episode of Surbhi’s Story of faith season 2 and then i thought to write this OS! *Story of Pulkit* .Here i just do not refer to only one pulkit! There are many like him who sacrifice their life for their motherland! So i just thought to write this! Hope you liked it!

And yeah some of you, or the ones who are new to this website they must be thinking why i wrote this! Guys You can refer this to STORY OF SOLDIERS! pulkit was just a character from Surbhi’s ff! I thought to pay tribute to all Soldiers! Sorry if it wasted your precious time!

Thank you guys! ?
Stay blessed

Credit to: SOPRISE!

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  1. Riyashri

    U r Unbelievable !! I loved this OS to the core …..I hav only bookmarked some of the Best Writings that I had read In my Heart …. This one is the First in My Heart Forever !! I would never ever forget this…..U r seriously A Great Writer !! The way u conveyed each and every line is Amazing with Full of emotions made me to inspire U more and more….
    I inspire all the superheros who serve for our motherland !! And u hav become A superhero in My heart by giving such a tribute to them!! Hats off to u !!
    Whoever u r U hav such An Amazing Talent !! I would love to read all your further updates….U should get all the Happiness in your Life in all possible ways……Live A Happy Life …Stay Blessed Forever !! Keep Writing !! I would support u for sure !! Keep Rocking …..
    Will be Loving u forever !!! I am your Forever Fan !!! Thanq soooooooooooooooo much for giving such A Wonderful Writing !!!! Love u …….
    And I think u should be the Jabra fan of Surbhi Di!! If u r person I know then U r The Precious Gift I hav ever got !! I wish u r the person who I think…

    1. Riyashri

      Crazble if it’s u who wrote this …then I would tell u how I found it…
      When I started reading I guessed it to be u ….Then I was sure by the way of the writing…..and became very sure that would be u seeing your last part…..
      Confirmed seeing the name of the writer….Soprise…I am sure at first u thought of typing somiya …then thought of typing surprise ….finally ended up with soprise…….I am gonna kill u the next time if u r hiding yourself…….Seriously u think I can’t find My CrazBle……O can as u and your writings r connected to my heart… U r A Precious Gem to me…..LOVE U FOREVER AND EVER!!!

  2. Ohh dear its awesome though we knw the story already it bought me tears again loved it???

  3. Maya

    Hats off to ur dedication to soldiers! Yes I also know how soldiers spend their lives to safeguard their nations! U know y? Ok i tell u…I don’t whether u all know but In Singapore its compulsory for all male citizens of age 18 and above to do their National service for 2 yrs. So they have to go thr military training and spend less time with their family…although there is not really any disasters or wars happening here…they still go thr the same kind of scenarios and mentally prepare for it in all ways..i know how they go thr all this frm my Dad and also some of my frnds who share abt it…So its tough in being army but its all for the safety for the nation and its ppl! No matter which country it is all soldiers are really sacrificing…either they sacrifice their moments with family or their life…its not easy to do so…not every one can do that! And ya i know its u Soprise Somiya! (SS) ??…always thinking DD ( differently different) and yes I am also hard core fan of Surbhi’s SOF! Its not a bookmark to me….its a landmark story that i have experienced in my reading journey…so when u wrote something related to that…i just feel like emotional! A myraid of emotions that is unavoidable to me! Love u for that???????? love u zillion times ?????????????????

  4. Vaishali

    awesome awesome awesome one of my fav characters in ff’s and sometimes i imagine him a lot he inspired me a lot by his patience his care his love his understanding if i start saying him i would keep on saying i think it must be somiya dii as she is also crazy abt pulkit just like me so only i guessed sry if i guessed wrongU r Unbelievable !! I loved this OS to the core ….Whoever u r U hav such An Amazing Talent !!U r seriously A Great Writer !! The way u conveyed each and every line is Amazing with Full of emotions i just loved it now i got to know another jabra fan of surbhi dii who crazily reads her ff after it has been finished one of my fav epiosdes in surbhi dii ff is episode 10 62 63 51 56 and obviously all the ones of course these r my best set i would read this whenever i hv time and i will not at all feel bore love u so much surbhi dii this ff is like conveying our love to u superb soprise i just want to know who is behind this name soprise loved it a lot i got a wide smile when i saw the name STORY OF PULKIT it just amazed me after a long time i am seeing the name pulkit loved it a lot

  5. Really nice.. When I read 62th episode of surbhi’s ff I cried a lot and now u made me cry… The way you wrote this is superb… It makes us to go through the same feel… And I guess this is somiya who finally ended up with the name soprise??? I’m sorry and don’t feel bad if my guess is wrong, please..

  6. Really it’s gives sweet as well as some sad memories yaar really it just brushed my memories of surbhi’s ff yaar..

  7. superbb yarrr…………………………………..salute

  8. Awesome os I loved it a lot….u r an amazing writer…the way u conveyed the feelings in this so is amazing….???????????

  9. It was awesome I really loved it hats off for giving wonderful story I loved it to the core

  10. super….

  11. Firstly a very biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg hats off to u.. And hugeeeee applause for u for thinking about this tribute to the soldiers????????????????????????????????????????????????.. Really it was outstanding to the core?????????????… Definitely It will be very hard time to military peoples.. They r awake for whole day and night to protect us… They lost their sleep to make us to sleep peacefully.. They r away from their families to protect us.. Even they lost their lives for their motherland.. Military mens r always great..??????I always admire them.. Definitely we all should be very grateful to them.. Rather than military mens we all should be grateful for some one too yes their families????????.. They r away from their son and brother.. Really they are great..Because of them we are happy here.. And u did a great job by giving them a tribute.. That to with my favourite writer’s ff yes ofcourse surbhi di is favorite for all of them??..Seriously u rocked it…I must really say u stoled my heart????.. I am very much impressed with ur os.. I love pulkit character very very very much in dii’s ff u made a os with my favourite character too.. Now I become ur greatest fan than before.. Hmm Wat did I said ‘than before’ yes I said that only I know who u r.. But I won’t tell because it’s a strict order from some one.. So I won’t????.. Again it was truly outstanding.. I am very proud of u for writing this.. Love u soooooooooooo much.. Keep smiling???Stay blessed??

  12. Reshma Pradeep

    Whoever You Are…..The way you wrote the Content na……..Its AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE……… Pata hei kyoon, Surbhi ki Episode bhi Mujhe Ruladhiya dha……..Ab Ye bhi………Ye padkar phirse Vo Sab kuch Yaad aagaya……….I Never Ever Forget that Episode in my life……….First time I Cried a lotttttttttt by reading a Story……….

  13. SURBHI

    no comments ok because you tell me that what should i say i am not able to say anything just wait for sometime my next update will tell you everything and yup great salute to you yr just it

  14. Maahi

    I am totally muted ———– dizzz time more than ur writing style ur thoughts dominated the tribute for soldiers nd yaaaaa they r best creation of god who nvr evr worries abt thmselves but nly serves fr nation all vil b saying tht hw a soldier’s family vil b in fear but no one nvr knows wat a soldier would b flng besides being a proud son of nation yet he is also a lovely son to mother nd crazzy bro to his sis nd understandable son to his father wat would b running in his mind ven he thinks abt thm I am soooooo happy tht u mentioned it here nd cmng to SOPRISE I think its Somu bcoz u always think different nd hatsss off fr ur dizz thought surrendered my heart at ur feet fr ur dizz amazing thought PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN keep rocking

  15. Nice! I liked this os a lot a salute to all the soilders

  16. Sharaya

    Awesome awesome awesome really loved it a lot I love this soprise a lottt and hats off to you for writing this much perfectly awesome loved it a lotttttt!! Be strong because when I see you I’ll give a bone crushing hug so the bones might be broke so be strong and yeah I won’t leave you if I found you means I will give one of my favourite dish as I don’t know anything rather than eating and dish so be ready for it..

  17. Cutiepie Achu

    I am dumbstruck… I can’t say anything… So wonderful ff… Hats off to u..

  18. Awesome ff it is one of my favourite character i cried when i read abt purkit so emotional we should respect them it is dedicated to those who in and be soldier my chacha is working in militry i am proud of him he used to tell me abt them and their training i were a boy means surely i would have joined army hav a nice day salute to those died for our nation Jai Hind God bless them and give peace to their soul

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