A story of perfect girl and imperfect boy (ragsan/sangini) introduction


Hi guys again it’s me sriya here with a ragsan or sangini ff.

A story of a perfect girl and imperfect boy

Introduction: –

Ragini Kapoor: – a perfectionist business woman wants everything perfect whether her life partner or friend or anyone bla bla doesn’t like people who are imperfect according to her.

Sanskar maheshwari: – a careless boy who is totally imperfect wastes his parents money doesn’t do any work??.

Dp and ap maheshwari: – parents of sanskar wants sanskar to become something in his life totally fed up of him.

Shekhar and mishti Kapoor: – modern and caring parents of ragini is proud of her. They belong to a rich family.

So guys how was the introduction want happens when a perfect girl and imperfect boy meets what destiny has stored for these two people. Love you all bye take care???.

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  1. Rafeee

    nice intro

    1. Sriya

      thanks Rafeee for the comment love u loads>>>3 xx

  2. Nice intro sriya .

  3. really awesome……different concept….
    loved it?

  4. Megha123

    Yeah ! Loved the concept plzzzzzz continue

  5. Astra

    What happens…?? Waiting..for nxt one.
    Nyc dear?

  6. Superb

  7. AMkideewani

    Superb concept

  8. Shana98

    awesome cant wait to read more

  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic promo
    Please continue DEAR
    Waiting for the first one………..

    1. Sriya

      thanks Spp Love you loads what is your real name dear???

  10. Richa19

    Awesome dear!!!

    1. Sriya

      thanks Richa19 for the comment love u loads xx

  11. nice intro….waiting for the story

  12. Akshata

    nice intro

  13. Superb yaar. Very nice intro. Love ragsan ??

  14. Lila


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