A story of perfect girl and imperfect boy (ragsan/sangini) first episode


Hi guys sriya here with the first episode of ragsan/sangini ff.

********Episode 1*********

We see a girl working and checking the files in the office. A person comes there and says mam I have finished the work please check it if any changes to be made. The girl checks and says you have done the work incorrectly and imperfectly because of that you are fired now get out of from here. The person says mam please forgive me the girl says no you know very well I hate imperfect people or work despite after knowing that you have done the work imperfectly so you are fired from this job. The person leaves crying from there. The girl is revealed to be ragini Kapoor.

We see a person doing car racing. He was driving in 100 speed his friend was sitting with him says arre mujhe koi bachao main mar jaunga apni hi dost ke wajhe se. The boy says chup kar warna har jaunga. Finally the boy wins the car racing competition. He goes to take the award every girl surrounds him he gives flying kisses to all the girls. The boy is revealed to be Sanskar maheshwari.

He reaches to his home and sees a party going on and all business man and woman are present in the party. He goes to change his dress and comes wearing a white shirt and black blazer and black pants looking handsome and breathtaking. Each and every girl was staring him. A girl enters the party she was wearing a white knee length frock with matching heels and earings. Sanskar gets mesmerised seeing her.

Screen freezes on sanskar.

Precap: – the girl and sanskar to dance.

So guys whom do you think the girl was??? Love you everyone for the lovely comments ????.

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  1. Love it ??

  2. Interesting

  3. Richa19

    Awesome start dear….

  4. Ragini, nice

  5. AMkideewani

    Awesomely fantastic, I think it’s Ragini

  6. Lila

    Lovely. Hopefully ragini

  7. Nice epi…think so its ragini

  8. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    The girl is Ragini
    Waiting for the next one………

  9. loved it love rags

  10. Akshata


  11. i think its Ragini…….nyway episode is super duper awesome?

  12. Fantastic episode yaar sriya….n ofcourse shez ma priencess ragini/tejas 😉 😉 ….keep rockng dear…watng for nxt episode 🙂

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