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Hiii…friends I am Mahi.. I am new to the world of writing but I am part of TU from almost 1yr…I hope you will accept me as writer…so here is the story… firstly, its not my story, I have read it somewhere, so I m sharing it with u people, hope u will also like it…and if not plss don’t bash me…sorry for mistakes in advance…

Characters are…

Parth- varun kapoor/namish taneja (ur wish)
Suman-tejasswi prakash/helly shah (ur wish)
Annapurna-same as serial mother of parth

Have u ever wondered if love ever exist??? Or how it would feels like ever to love..well i was in those shoes till something came up..
Hi…i m parth..parth sharma..and this is my story..
I woke up frm bed..shaking uncontrollably..the sweat beads on my forehead bcame heavier than block..hallucinations darkened my i grasp hold of my late old grandmother waving a pleasing hand as she legs through me out of the bed as i rolled on red i coughed i spat out blood..the watery blood..something was wrong with my body…i thought doc said..i have 3 more weeks to i grasped the air..i feel the room getting my blurry vision..i could see someone rushing towards me…thats all i can remember..thats all i know….the resyt was totally dark..the pitch black just like i was in hell….

“- mr parth we r sorry to break this news to u..but u have approximately 24 hrs before ur death…i m sorry..”i could hear the doctor say..biting his lips in anguish..and my mother wailed out in pain.. i shrugged my shoulder funny enough to be responded…
“Can i walk”i asked doc..
“Yes ofcourse”..doc said,surprised the news didn’t budge me..

“Than lets make 24 hours memorable”i getting out of the bed..

Doc- ur condition could get crtical..r u sure u want to take risk..

I-“ofcourse its just 24 hours” isaid wearing my clothes..
My mother knew if i had fixed my mind at something that is how it goes…

“I had billion things to do before i die, so lets began the count”with this i was out in the street,hiring a cab..
My first stop was at suman…the girl i liked from high school,she knew all experiences about me and also may be that i like her or may be not..

“F*** the internet,f*** the friends,f*** the p*rn” i keep saying that everyday knowing my life will be never be the same..the more i get addicted, igrew more shy and more i became hermit but this one girl brought me back to life..this one girl could single me out among all genius in the class..for her i was her Albert Einstein, her da vinci with all boxes of tricks..

P-yo! How r u doing??
S- u always getting ready for work..
P-could u dedicate today for me???
S-it depends at what’s at stake before i can do that..
P-ok..lets say its an occasion and everything thing is centered around u..
S-is it date??
P-not exactly lets say party..
S-no problem if i can get the autograph of siddarth malhotra…

“I chuckle while entering the drove through eternity..all icould think of was scent of her hair..””all strawberry flavour..maybe her lotion or hair cream may be of that flavour.. what do i care?? The thing is ilove it..”

“Have u ever been to museum??”i finally found my tongue after minutes of contemplating..

S-yep! Couple of times..for all those artifacts and that type of stuffs..not really my type but i just had to try taking notes..if i had to pass history classes..

P-the n lets go there for different course it’s called “museum fun”

S(amazed)-how do u play that..???

P-we just buy some spray cans and paint the wall in all sort of graffitti..

S(little afraid)-what if we got caught???

P(smirking)-if we get caught we run…

S-sounds interesting.. but r u sure, u can keep up the pace parth..

“I smiled remembering my school time, how i used to win all races from my friends before all thi s*ht”
P(grinned)-i won’t even break a sweat..

“Then we stopped at shop and buy spray cans and all the accessories.. and went to museum..”

“Everything was going well as we keptsigning our names in all the sections of Museum till gaurd caught us doing so”

Gaurd–hey stop there, he screamed while blowing his whistle..
“The alarm screamed as darted to safety..suman was a fast runner so she kept the race kinda pretty well…me??i think was doing well till my heart skipped saveral beats and i came crashing on the tiles, the gaurd caught me up and almost beat me to the pulp and all of sudden in my blurry vision isaw tearful girl, begging them to live me….”her tear were compassionate to river Ganga..”that is all i remember before i was left alone…

S(tears flowing down)-i know its risky from the beginning..

P(smilling awkwardly)-i just wanted to please u..
“I coughed,spitting out blood, my plague coming out again..
P(while holding her hands)-i want to tell u something..
“This is moment of death, i could fill it..So it was the oerfect time to tell her,how i feel for her..and if indeed say NO, it would not be painful since im gonna die anyway..””i could feel curiosity in her eyes as she waited for this anxiously”

P-I’ve been trying to say this from high school but i never had the courage, even since we became friends….

S-parth,i know, i knew u loved me,i knew..between her sobs..and tears flowing more rapidly…
S-i just could not tell u too..,i was afraid of what u will do and how u will feel..”she said while kissing my lips ”

“MY FIRST EVER KISS IN MY LIFE,I FELT LIKE I WAS I ETERNITY,somewhere calm better than this World, is this truly LOVE”

“I could see my grandmother,this time she was not waving but calling me”

P-suman promise me u’ll be okay..promise me u’ll live life normal..promise…..”as when i realised that i have very less time left with me”

S-parth i promise but u r not gonna die…please… please don’t leave me…i love u…pleassss..”she said crying vigorously and pleading me”

“But i myself was helpless, i could not do anything even if i want to…”
P-suman may be i could not be the boyfriend u wished………….
“I coughed out blood..watery blood..thats all i remember…as i left…”

“I could hear suman screaming and crying… sirens wailing.. mom was already there,crying……

“Truth is that i was given 24 hours but hardly spent less than 8 hours the most beautiful time..The time which ispend with my love…my suman….”

A/N-Thank u for giving ur precious time and reading my story…i hope u people liked and i would have conveyed the storyand characters feeling well, if not sorry for wasting your precious time…again thanku for reading my story… best wishes to all… bye….

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  1. awesome for me it RAGSAN

    1. MI_MAHI means lot…

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you ..

  2. Awesome os….U made me emotional…I read it as ragsan os

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you..very much..

  3. Amazing

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you…it means a lot…

  4. Nice os…for me it’s Sharman…..

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you…very much dear..

  5. SRSL

    Awsm..for me it was swasan…

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you…it means a lot..

  6. Mica


    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you….very much….

  7. Chanu

    it ws emotional!
    im soo sad!
    keep writing dr
    be happy always

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you…and ha don’t be sad next time i wiil write a story with a happy ending…

  8. Awesome os and For me it’s Raglak

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you..very much means a lot…

  9. i read raglak love ur story

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you very much…it means alot….

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you very much…it means alot

  10. Ragz_teju

    I imagined ragini as suman while reading awesome os loved it

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you..very much…it Means alot…

  11. Superb…..
    4 me it’s Raglak

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank you very much dear…

  12. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    I imagined has Raglak
    Emotional too
    U r really a good writer Dear
    U way of description was nice
    Thanks for the OS

    1. MI_MAHI

      Your comment made my day dear…i didn’t expected such a good comments….thank u very much…

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome Dear

  13. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    It’s so emotional and heart touching.. Loved it.. Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

      And welcome to TU as a writer??

    2. MI_MAHI

      Thank you dear… it means alot….and Thank you for welcoming and encouraging me to write…it really means alot…

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