HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA AND AISHWARYA (I am angry on both of you You guys never told me you birthdates well I had never asked you so it’s my mistake so I forgive you so here is an os for the both of you… Love you )
On your birthday friends wish you many things, but I will wish you only two: always and never. Never feel blue and always be happy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY πŸ™‚
Aishwarya :
May the dream that means most to you, start coming true this year. Happy Birthday!

Twinkle’s Pov
β€œ Oh god he looks like a great god on earth Look at his perfectly shaped body his abs his face cut I am going to faint β€œ I thought to myself looking at a boy who was perhaps shouting at me for poring his water bottle down I did because He was skiing next me head down and when I asked him to move he did not so I just …..” Are you in your senses who the hell wakes someone up by pouring water on him β€œ He asked β€œI do” I replied bluntly None of the boys in the college have ever talked to me like this he is special I am β€œTwinkle Taneja β€œ the girlfriend of Yuvraj Luthra and no one dares coming close to he is hot and you know what Makes me feel good 3 years elder to me and moreover he is the one who apologies first during our fight but now I am bored of him want to try someone new well this boy who has just left seems to be the best option β€œ I thought to myself determined to find out his name …
β€œ Kunj Sarna β€œ finally I fond out his name it took me 3 months to just know his name Now I need to talk to him but if i start first wont he think i am desperate control Twinkle control I need to wait for the right time
I scribbled his name on the back board of the college along with a few bad words well Fights often lead to love stories right …
β€œ Twinkle Taneja β€œ I heard him call out he came close to me and pinned me to the wall I must tell he smells really good to β€œYes β€œ I replied in full attitude β€œWhat do you think of yourself ?” He questioned me β€œ A human β€œ I replied with full attitude β€œ I have never seen such a girl in my life I don’t even know you how the hell did you even write my name on the black board with all those bad words β€œ He asked β€œ So what β€œ I replied coldly β€œ You better stay away from me or the next time I see you I would surely …” He said β€œ What would you do ha what can you do Mr. don’t ever think you can frighten me with your talks get it β€œ I said and pushed him back I saw him looking shocked at me so like the icing on the cake I showed him the MIDDLE finger while leaving just to spice up our fights I am enjoying these fights

The next six months passed with our regular catfights sometimes I would make him feel insulted infant of the whole college sometimes he would do the same with me I remember once I had put itching powder in his football jersey He as itching the whole time and I laughed my as* out seeing him itch while stopping the ball but he is no less he made me feel embarrassed in front of the whole college by placing a cockroach in my bag I was so scared
β€œ Those who wish to go for the camp can give your names to Mrs.Mishra β€œ Announced our professor I was the first one to do so I made sure that Kunj also enrolled his name otherwise the trip would have been useless The next month was full of surprises I could sense something wrong with Kunj he tried ignoring me I mean what the hell how on earth can he ignore β€œMe” I thought to myself I tried so hard irritating him but he was least bothered I now decided to give up on him but how could I … I wasted the whole year on him 3 months to find his name 6 months to plan tricks against him shopped for the best outfits bought matching accessories …I ignored my boyfriend for him and what not Me and Uv are now no more talking to each other he thinks I ma busy with studies and hence need a break from our 6 years relationship but I have never felt for UV this why I have never been so much bothered about his ignorance towards me Uv never mattered to me much why so ?? …. Wait have I fallen for Kunj β€œNo this cant be true I am just using him as a time pass right I am Uv’s girlfriend β€œ My mind complained β€œ You where his girlfriend you have broken up β€œ My heart replied calmly Amongst my heart and my mind talks I am left totally confused DO I LOVE KUNJ ????

In the month of December there is nothing better than going out on a camp Well I am an athlete and my family is happy with it I live in a joint family and since finding a big house in Mumbai is not easy we have 6 flats in a building on different floors and one such flat is appointed to the Kids we live there along with my Dadi UV lives on the floor above mine I was kid when he used to baby sit me I mean he wasn’t that old but still My Mom and Dad don’t care so much about my absence I mean its rare if they come to know about it I have always been out of the house till 12 – 12:30 with UV, Mahi, Chinki and Cherry Mahi is the only one who is single in our group The first time my dad called me to question my absence was when I was out till 1 am I was with UV his bullet had broken down he had called a friend to repair it Generally girls are afraid to pick their dad’s call on such an issue but I was so happy finally he called me to know why I am late I thought he would be angry he would shout but no he very calmly asked me when will I return To which i replied that I would be back within an hour my dad hanged the call Its not that they don’t love me and it not that I don’t like this freedom I would obviously hate being staked by them but still I feel something missing Uv trusts me He is not that typical kind of Boyfriend who would keep calling me to know where I am so basically i should be happy but don’t know why i feel I need someone who would ask me my whereabouts sometimes stop me from going out or so I was busy in my thoughts when they were disturbed by the announcement of playing a game in the bus we were suppose to play Antarakshi The bus was divided into 2 teams BOY VS GIRLS I was the captain and so was Kunj we enjoyed a lot we reached the camp around 6 in the evening and we were asked to put our tents since it was evening and we could only go on camping the next day we decided to have a bonfire today evening so all of us dispersed to set up our tents each tent was shared by 3 so me and my friends had set up our tent the first I am habitual of setting up the tent
We were sitting around the fire 6 of my friends including me one of my friend called our boyfriend to join us so he joined us with his group I was shocked to see Kunj in his group My heart wanted to dance we decided to play STD When the bottle stopped on Kunj and I asked him a personal question that was does he have a girlfriend he said he was not interested in playing His friends got up to bring him back but I stopped them β€œNo one would go to call him β€œ I said and then we continued to play as I got out I decided to check on him all the while when we were playing I could see him stealing glances with our group β€œ What ha β€œ I asked him β€œ Nothing β€œ He said standing taking the support of the tree his hands folded closing his eyes β€œ I am here to call you β€œ I said β€œ No you can leave β€œ he replied β€œ I am not asking you to comeback I am counting till 5 comeback orals stay here β€œ I said and turned staying the countdown when I reached 1 β€œ I am coming he replied β€œ walking ahead of me It was then when the game begin we enjoyed a lot few of my friends also found their boyfriends in the group me and Kunj came closer
During the campaign me and Kunj were in a team we were out on a treasure hunt we did not win but had fun we found an unknown connection between us
On the way back Kunj asked me a question β€œ What type of buys do you like β€œ His question startled me but how could i stay mum β€œ Why ? are you trying to flirt with me well next year Raksha bandhan I would tie you a rakhi then β€œ I said to which he smiled β€œ No nothing like that if you don’t want to don’t answer β€œ he said the journey was a quite one we would share some occasional glances but nothing else
2 months to go to our finals and then we would be all set to leave the college as independent officers I was glad that i fulfilled my dreams but still that thought of making Kunj fall for me was stuck in my mind we were now the best of friends he would take me out on lunch and sometimes dinner we enjoyed a lot meanwhile I found out Mahi and UV have started dating each other UV felt a bit sad on cheating me But I did not feel that way I was happy for him and Mahi One fine day when I was walking out of the college building into the basketball court I saw Kunj smiling at me he was standing at a distance with all his friends he smiled at me and I smiled back He walked closer to me today he was looking a bit different I mean he was looking handsome in his white shirt he walked closer to me and pulled my hand and sat on his knees the whole college was hooting for him I blushed I knew what was going to come up next β€œ Twinkle I don’t when our cute fights made me fall for you when I came to know about your boyfriend it was the time I realised my feelings for you but then I decided to stay away from you but then in the camp I could not resist my self I thought that I could atlas get your friendship when a month back I came to know that UV has a new girlfriend I was so happy though I had to act being sad with you I have planned for this day since a month so Miss. Twinkle Taneja would you like to be my girlfriend β€œ He asked I nodded my head in a yes and hugged him tight I was on cloud 9 I whispered in his ears β€œ I loved you the day I saw you β€œ

The end …..

Guys how did you like the story ?? was it sweet well it has to be coz it is a real life story just that the age is a bit less and the end is not true I just made the end up well the girl still loves her real life UV more and that Uv has no Mahi ….but they have broken up so she is with her real life KUNJ and making her Uv jealous I hope she falls for her Kunj no no her Uv well I myself am so confused god knows how confused she is
Well, guys I have written this Os in less than an hour Ignore the spelling or grammatical mistakes sorry πŸ™‚
Love you all πŸ™‚
Do comment πŸ™‚


  1. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    That was cute MIli…..short nd sweet…….Nice one
    Write more of such……nd post ur ff’s I am waiting to read them

    Loads of Love πŸ™‚

  2. Priya23

    Hey mili…its just awesome… Love it very much…. Its soooo swttt and cute one…..
    Plzzzzzzzz post ur both ff my revenge wala and love me like…… M waitinggggg 4 it……
    Love u and keep smiling……..

  3. Adya


    |Registered Member

    Mili di !
    That was sooo cute and lovely … I mean fabuloussss…
    Well do write more … Post ur ff soon..
    Love u…

  4. Sara28


    |Registered Member

    Thank you for such an amazing treat. I just loved it! It was toooo cute. Who ever’s story this is, I must say, they have a very interesting a cute life πŸ˜‚ But the story was just wonderful and I loved how straightforward Twinkle was. This was awesome Sidmin. Love you! ❀️

    • SidMin



      Thank you πŸ™‚
      I am glad you Liked it πŸ™‚
      And the girl really has a very cute and interesting life πŸ™‚
      Love you infinity πŸ™‚

  5. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Hey SidMin,
    This story was such a cute one. The way Twinkle messed up things just to make Kunj talk to her was so adorable. I’ll be waiting to read more of them and since I’ve missed out on your previous OSs, I’ll try completing them soon.

    Well, I started a new FF titled “The Fragile Trust”, you may try it out.

    Loads of love,

  6. |Registered Member

    Hey Mili
    Awwww shooooooo cute OS… Loved it… Dear plz post ur my revenge made me meet my true love ff soon plzzzzzzzz…

    Love youβ™₯

  7. Vipul


    |Registered Member

    Hi my white mailer, how are you? firstly do tell me whose love story this is… your???? hehehehe just kidding… well frankly speaking when I saw the title I guess it a real story n in last you prove me right…. dekha kitni inteligent hun main… hehehe achha leave this bakwas…come to the os…

    It was amazing superb simply beautiful…… loved this new twinkle n the climax was mindblowing….. loved it to the core….. aise hi os humare liye likhti raho sid ka ashirvad tumhare sath hai…..
    Post your both ff too… n sorry for late comment..

    Love youβ™₯β™₯


    • SidMin



      Thank you so much
      Wish it had been my story for real well the first time I heard it I found it to be over dramatic like a perfect bollywood movie but then I really meet the other person and their life is well …. quite Interesting
      Will try posting the ff’s soon πŸ™‚
      Love you πŸ™‚

  8. Baby


    |Registered Member

    mili…………. mili ……..mili………………ohhh babaji how do u write sooo sweetly haan…..
    ohh dear srsly sooooo cute yr πŸ˜€
    it was sooooo damn good i hope dat twinkle fall for kunj only……….hahaa
    bcoz well leave dat
    srsly naa m like flying reading dis luv stry uff………………….soooooooo hayeee loved itβ™₯β™₯β™₯
    love u lodsβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

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