Episode 5
Kabir was on the way to home after family get to gather and here the screen shifts to Abhi’s home he was busy with Kaustuki and suddenly the door bell rings and they both shouted in chorus “Pragya … door bell” and Kaustuki giggled then Abhi pulled her ears and said
Abhi: One more time you took your mother’s name I swear I will punish you this time..
Kaustuki making pouty face: that’s not fare I was mimicking you only you can’t punish me.
Abhi: then also you can call her mummy right! Why you are calling her by name you know anyone can point out that you are bad girl.
Kaustuki : OK I am sorry now I am going to open the door because it seems mummy is busy because she hasn’t responded..

Abhi smiled : ok go
Kaustuki rushed to door and looked out of key hole and without opening the door she rushed to Abhi
Abhi: did you opened the door? Who is there?
Kaustuki : Papa
Abhi looking at some of the files : Haan Beta !
Kaustuki shouted: Radio Alert
Abhi widening his eyes: What ! she came so early she was about to come in evening it’s just 3:00pm gosh now

Abhi and Kaustuki in chorus: The life turned into hell
And they both went out and to their surprise she was in as usual taunting at Pragya she said “Almost your whole life you have spent with me but still didn’t got it how to set your home I said it last time right that your home should be full according to astrologer’s advice but no you didn’t want to hear me right”
Pragya was listening leaning her head down and there Abhi and Kaustu were fuming on her then uncle said in her support “Oho Kamya it is not necessary that your own home is a hell than you will make others home also hell understood now shut up and let me talk with my daughter” he smiled and kissed Pragya’s forehead and asked about her well beings she said that she is alright and then went in the kitchen for getting busy in work because she didn’t want to listen her aunty and she was getting more strong feelings that she is here for again making her life hell and suddenly her aunt came in and said

Kamya : Listen Pragya you should do as what I say because already you are having some faults in your stars anything worst could happen beta I am saying this for your well being you know right!
Abhi was inside his room till now he wasn’t came out to meet them because he doesn’t like her according to him she is the one who can destroy everyone’s life but he can’t do anything because she is her aunt so she doesn’t want to listen a word about her still and when Kaustu came in and hugged him and he understood that again she is troubling her so he said
Abhi: she is hurting her right!
Kaustuki nodded in yes and he thought something then shouted out her name
Abhi: Pragya…….. Pragya….. where are my files yr last night itself I kept them here now they are not
Pragya : coming …

While Pragya was leaving Kamya asked
Kamya: Son in law is at home today
Pragya controlling herself as her voice was getting heavy : yes he is on leave as he got leave today from office
Kamya : Why ? Is he ill?
Pragya: NO actually he got selected for working with the senior reporter and he will not get weekend leaves so…
Kamya : see Pragya you are not obeying me that is why this is happening now son-in-law got this much work load see..
Before she could complete Pragya cuts her off : I am sorry I will keep in mind from next time
Again a voice came : Pragya…
Pragya rushed from there and before entering into the room she wiped her tears as she was hiding them and making a mindset that she is fine entered in the room.
Pragya: What happen why are you yelling like this I have kept your all files here itself then what happen?

Abhi signs Kaustuki to close the door and she does so with the help of chair and Pragya was looking at him confusingly then Abhi and Kaustuki stood together and both looked at her in angry look folding their arms because it was clearly visible that she had cried then Abhi said
Abhi: You are telling yourself or should we find some other way to find out?
Pragya sensed that about what they are asking and she tried to ignore them but Abhi said
Abhi : Mrs. Pragya Mehta look at us
Kaustuki : Yes as now you are standing in our courtroom
Pragya: What you people are saying I am unable to understand if you don’t have any work then please tell me I have other works also.
Abhi: Kaustuki are you looking at your mother she is having work strange na!
Kaustuki : Yes I am looking Papa and I think till nani is here she will have work she is very busy person you know we didn’t matter to her anymore VIP person busy person.
Pragya: Now what is this all drama will you tell me?
Abhi : We are not doing drama Pragya you are doing drama you are trying to hide your problem with your own family…
Pragya was speechless then Kaustu looked at time and said
Kaustuki : Papa time for TV I know what will happen now so I am going to prepare for it..
She left and winked on Abhi and Abhi also did so.. and he continued
Abhi: we are family right! We must share what problems we are going through the way you are hiding things from me na Pragya sometimes I feel that you never accepted me you are still there at that point where you was.

Pragya was already feeling like hell and then there words by Abhi was feeling like she is stabbed by someone and she said
Pragya: Now why are you saying like this at least you don’t say this
Abhi: then tell me what shall I do its being hardly half an hour spent your aunt is here and your eyes are filled with tears from the moment she entered in house and you are not ready to tell me what is the problem and what she said and not about this matter if I start listing the things na they are so long you use to wake up in mid nights shouting some names and when I ask about that you use to say that you saw a bad dream and sometimes you leave house for more than half an hours without informing anyone of us I didn’t asked all that also I felt that there must be something that you don’t want to share with me so I didn’t forced for that too but at least you can share this na… it is the matter happened in our home you can share that or I don’t have right to ask questions now.

Pragya sat on bed covering her face with her palms trying hard to control but finally tears rolled down from her eyes and Abhi sat beside her covering her shoulders with his arms she started saying
Pragya : Again she is here again and again I am in all that you know I want to leave this all but the hard I try the much I try someone comes and drags me into this again I wonder why I am here is this the place for me every time when she comes here she have some motive first time she came after our marriage with the motive of filling negative thoughts in my mind so that I can’t live with the peace of mind then second time after almost 5 years later when our Kaustu was about four years old that time she was here to make me believe that my daughter will have my luck as well as my bad luck and I should stay away from her for sometimes that time when I resisted she yelled at me that if anything wrong will happen to her then I will be responsible for it..

Abhi cutting her off: But nothing happened right then why you are worried
Pragya: what if nothing happened if anything happen then also she will blame me I don’t bother that she will blame me but the thing which bother me a lot is what she says people also have believe on that and again I will be blamed and now she is again here I know something will happen for sure you know leaving her I am having everyone’s support weather it is Arjun Bhai (Kamya’s son) or Radhika di (Kamya’s daughter) both love me more than themselves and Mamu he is also there but still I feel that I am all alone extremely feel alone whenever she comes in front of me I didn’t feel anything beside regression just regression is there in my mind whenever I see her (grinning her teeth in anger) why ma why you left me here alone I am happy for one thing that Kirti is not living in such environment but me I every time I feel like my life has become just a play for everyone nothing else who so ever wants just drags me where he or she wants and you are expecting that I should share all this with you tell me do you have any solutions for these problems do you have ?? I thought that after marriage atleast I will be free of these things but see my destiny she is not ready to leave me.
Abhi gently rubs her back to console her as she was trying hard to cry like that anyone shouldn’t hear and Abhi said

Abhi: Still you think there is no one for you Pragya how can you say that
Pragya looking at him : who is there for me tell me (having tears in her eyes)
Abhi: we are there right ! your daughter is there I am there we are here and still you are saying that you are alone no Pragya you are not whenever you feel that you are alone just turn around and look behind you will always find me there with you…
Pragya was touched by his words and then realised what she said wrong
Pragya: Sorry…
Abhi smiles : It’s Ok now listen to me don’t listen her just hear from one ear and let it be out from another or just try to ignore her as I know Mamu will handle her easily now if you have done from your crying then may I get my coffee

Pragya smiled : wait for a while
Abhi: that’s like my silly…
They were talking when they heard that someone was shouting from the hall and it was Kamya so to look out what’s the matter and they found that she was arguing with Kaustuki she was saying
Kamya : Just now when you was watching TV it was working and what happened suddenly it stopped I am damn sure that you have done something.

Kaustuki: Arey Nani what I can do with that TV it works like this only works for few minutes and then get shut off suddenly and we have to treat it with slaps that’s why I use to watch my Honey Singh on DVDs.
Kamya: But if is it like that then you should get it repair or change the TV.
Kaustuki: No effect Nani we have made it repair at least six times but no improvement after six months it takes the same stage and bringing the new TV is also not the solution because it will also get the same problem.
Kamya: But why new Tv will work like this.

Kaustuki : Arey nani China ka maal hai na..
Kamya: What this much big house and Chinese products
Kaustuki : what to say I have asked Papa several time to buy either Indian or Japanese products but no effect he says that we should save money that why these cheap Chinese products even in food also he likes Chinese what to do (making a pouty face)
Kamya: Arey then I will talk to son-in-law about this if it will continue like this then how will I watch my daily soaps and my daily programs
Kaustuki shouted : No no no don’t ask Papa about so you know what I heard him talking to nanu that he was saying to him to bring Chinese nani also and nanu said that it is best radio will not speak atleast then.
Kamya: achha aisa kaha unhone (oh he said like that?)

Kaustuki : of course nani and you know I have watched your horoscope today it was written that if you messed up with anyone or talked with anyone then you will get stuck in some kind of blast.
Kamya: blast which kind of blast and I have read my horoscope nothing was written in that like that
Kaustuki: you must have read the one which comes in hindi newspaper right!
Kamya: of course
Kaustuki : I have read in English newspaper and believe me the horoscope in English is much more powerful and effective I know that..

Kamya gets feared : really! Ok then tell me which kind of blast it can be?
Kaustuki: any kind nani may be it is possible that this TV get blast when you are trying to watch it Chinese hai na everything is possible nani….
And now Kamya was totally feared then Kaustu jumps and went to Abhi and winks on him and Pragya was looking at both father and daughter confusingly then Abhi whispered in Pragya’s ears
Abhi: our Kaustu had disconnected the dish itself from the main connection
Pragya widened her eyes in shock and both said in chorus to her : Arey mummy stop getting shock bade bade shehron me aise chhoti chhoti batein hoti rehti hain
And saying so they both winks on her and Abhi kissed Kaustu’s cheed saying well done bachha.

wait some more fun is there by Kaustu and look at this radio it is really bad uff and now only one thing to say
if you feel bored then tomatoes are most welcome

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