i am extremely sorry yesterday the episode of game of destiny was posted with the name as story of faith i am extremely sorry for that blunder guys now coming to the story
Episode 4

Abhi got happy seeing him and Dadi and as Divya (Abhi’s mother) entered his smile faded off its not because he was not happy to see his mother but he was tensed as he was fear that two persons of same mentality were at home at same day he was thinking “Crap what the hell is happening today first that radio is coming and now maa is also here hope nothing get mess up and everything sought out finely” then Abhi came out of his thoughts when Divya called his name and he went near her with smiling face and touched her and Dadi’s feet then Pragya came in and Divya said
Divya: Abhi! Why you didn’t came home at last weekend got this much busy that you don’t have time for your mother also now.
Abhi: Nothing like that ma I didn’t got leave as I was completing some pending work that day so..
Kaustuki: he is telling lie dadi he went with his friends last weekend that’s why we didn’t came and you know I said him a lot to take me for outing on Saturday and Sunday if you are not taking us to Dadi and Dadu he didn’t listened that also and came late night also you know.
Hearing that Abhi’s eyes got widened and he looked at Pragya and she shook her head in disbelief gestured that handle yourself to him
Divya making her sit near her: Really..
Kaustuki : I never lie dadi you know that very well
Divya : Right! My gudiya never lies and Abhi now will you answer that is this was the work that you was completing late night parties…
Abhi: Arey no…. It was not a late night party I was just got late because my car broke down that day
Divya: Oh I see now parties are more important than us
Abhi realised that he just blurted out the truth as Kaustuki was giggling and Kabir was also accompanying her then Abhi stared her and she ran from there and went directly to hide behind Pragya
Abhi: It’s nothing like that maa this girl is trying to manipulate you against your son don’t hear her
Divya: shut up don’t say anything about my gudiya
All laughed as Abhi was being punished just then he received a call and went to attend it and Kabir also followed him taking an excuse then Divya called Pragya to sit with her to have a casual chit chat
Screen shifts to Abhi he was in his room and after ending the call he was going to join the family members again just then he saw Kabir there and stopped
Kabir: Where are you going in ladies come sit here
Abhi: What happen what you want to talk with me separately Baba?
Kabir: tell me one thing Abhi do we look like a great tension to you?
Abhi: yes you all are tension for me today (in joking manner)
Kabir: we are tension for you?(shocked) oh if is it so then tell me why then we will never trouble you…
Abhi: because I took leave today to spend time with my wife and daughter and suddenly you arrived but that is not tension for me I am happy that you are here but tension is someone else who will be here by evening
Kabir: And who is that tension
Abhi: Who else can be you know very well that about whom I am talking about
Kabir: I know her about the person it means… No! don’t tell that radio is coming please
Abhi: Exactly she is coming don’t know what storm she is going to bring in our lives now.
Kabir: I am 100% sure that this time she will not bring storm but this time there will be a disaster I am sure.
Abhi: she herself is disaster on earth baba mamu always use to say that his wife is the only disaster at earth which is with him
Kabir laughed : ok what was her reaction after knowing that radio is coming
Abhi : what else she is tensed as usual that why after 6 years she is coming and the one more tension she is having as well as I also have
Kabir; and what is that?
Abhi: she is coming at the time of her delivery it just one month left and now she is coming then it is sure that she will not go without looking child’s face and then I am damn sure she is fill maa’s ear regarding this then that whole crap from which I was trying to keep her away that astrology crap she will trap her easily into that again.
Kabir: Hmm that’s the point of tension but what if she is coming casually just to meet her daughter
Abhi: Oh please baba you also know that she never accepted her as daughter and you remember last time when she came we thought the same but what happen she was here to blame my daughter and Pragya toh always remain at her gun point milk fell down then she will say oh Pragya your hands are unlucky this is bad sign, if salt fell more in food then also Pragya it is a bad sign you girl always giving bad signs to this home, if water fell then also Pragya it is great sin, diya got off then Pragya it is not good that aarti diya got off, spoon fell down Prgya it is a bad indication it is all happening because of you. I mean seriously! Spoon falling a bad indication baba what worst can happen if the spoon will fell down she is totally intolerable I wonder how she spend her childhood there.
He said in a flow that he is taking off his frustration and then kabir said
Kabir: it seems you are totally frustrated upon her.
Abhi stood up and keeping his one hand on his waist and one hand on forehead
Abhi: not only from her from my own mother also I am totally frustrated baba totally even an inch is not left that’s why I was resisting coming home from some time.
Kabir: that’s the point but running away from problems like this is not good also right!
Abhi: baba running away from problem seriously! you think that I am doing so remember last month when I was there with them and just caught cold because I was wet in rain what she did
Kabir: What?
Abhi: She said that Pragya beta your husband’s stars are facing in different direction so he is falling ill you have to keep fast for two days to make him well and my sweet simple silly wife agreed upon it as without any hesitation and as a result she was suffering from immunity loss because she didn’t had anything as food for two days and as a result two days she spent in hospital baba two days and that also in this condition thank god my nothing happen to her and my child otherwise anything worst could have happened now tell me who can do this and you know one thing I can’t take out frustration on anyone because if I will say this to maa that don’t include her into your craps then she will say my son forgot me he has became full slave of wife and as usual I can’t scold Pragya also because it is not her mistake she is living in such environment since childhood so she can’t resist and if she will do then her mother in law aka my sweet mother she will say that her daughter in law doesn’t agree upon her you know how much I am trying to take her out from that world of crap but no this is like a mud pond the more I am trying to take her out the more is in sinking in it because she is not getting proper relieve from those thoughts and it is not like that she is not frustrated she is extremely frustrated It is visible from her face but being a good and caring person she will not share it I am sure.
Kabir making him relax: you are right it is not good that she is coming but beta let me tell you one thing you should take out your frustration right! What’s the need of getting irritated from inside and then someday it will result worst then anything can be happen as conclusion.
Abhi: I am able to take out my frustration by sharing my problem with you as you are the one with whom my thoughts get matched otherwise you know your bahu and my wife she is having so many secrets and not sharing with anyone I can say that because I am observing it from day one and whenever I ask she use to give reply as nothing and whenever she gets frustrated she use to go somewhere out and after half an hour she returns also and that time gets fresh I don’t know why but she pretends that she is not in worst mood and frustrated at all but I didn’t asked anything because I want that she should share this with me on her own sometimes I think that she will surely get brain ham rage if she continued thinking like this for sure.
Kabir slapping his back: Oye idiot don’t say such things which can come true ok idiot fellow always saying something opposite control over your tongue
Abhi: Baba don’t you get frustrated with this behaviour of maa?
Kabir: I get frustrated a lot but whenever I feel so I use to talk with your daughter and my granddaughter who makes my day fine again you know how much you are lucky that you got a daughter otherwise still there are some places where daughter are being killed on their birth itself
Abhi: if I am lucky then you are also lucky because I am having one but you are having two daughters right and I remember when they both are coming back to india because they are not interested in talking with me I think that’s why neither they call me nor pick up my call from last one week I am trying.
Kabir: they are coming soon but now leave all this and think that how to make that radio run from here
Abhi: I don’t know in this matter I have become totally dumb
Kabir: But I know who can help
Abhi: Who?
Kabir smiles and called Kaustuki and as she came Abhi smiles and said
Abhi: How this idea didn’t came in my mind?
Kaustuki: Because you are not smarter then dadu na..
Abhi gets irked at her answer and Kabir laughs saying agreed then he asked
Kabir: Kaustuki tell me one thing do you like your nani
Kaustuki : I don’t like that radio no she always use to trouble mummy a lot no extremely no from my side
Kabir pulls her cheeks : then you have to help us as we are planning to send that radio away soon from house so that she will not trouble your mummy
Kaustuki; Ok I will help you but on one condition I want a DVD of INTERNATIONAL VILLAGERS then only I will help
Abhi: no need of that TV is there all the time these songs are telecasted on it you can watch their ok
Kaustuki: Papa don’t inter fare in between dadu and me otherwise I will get you scold because I have two big elder support with me understood one is dadu and one is dadi.
Abhi: Bete sahab if you have big elder support with you then I have the greatest support and believe me in front of that support your two support are also fail.
Kaustuki widening her eyes: whose support do you have? George Bush!
Abhi smiling: No I have support of your mother she is enough for you then dadu and dadi will also don’t come to save you if I told her that you are demanding such stupid things from your dadu
Kaustuki: Oh it is cheating you blackmailing me this is not right
Abhi: everything is right.. and don’t think I am warning you I can do so
Kaustuki : wait I will tell you . Dadi……..
Abhi smiles : Pragya…….
Kaustuki in scared voice: I didn’t do anything mummy for god swear papa is trapping me I haven’t do anything seriously don’t come…..(turning towards Abhi) this is totally a trap papa not fare I am saying ok so dadu tell me what I have to do because he will not let me see my YO YO Honey Singh
Abhi: Excuse me! Your YO YO Honey Singh!
Kabir: Oh ho just leave it Abhi and Kaustu bachha listen first tell do you know what your nani use to do always whenever she comes home
Kaustuki: don’t remember much but yes last time when she came here her schedule was in early morning she use to read astrology edition of newspaper then after that she use to watch the same on television and then she use to watch some crap serials and…… Arey dadu all the time she use to watch those craps only nothing else work she have…..
Kabir: then it is easy come here I will tell you all that what can we do
He shares the plan which is muted and then Abhi and Kaustuki in chorus said “Superb” and screen freezes on their happy faces.
Uff… so much frustration is there dont know why everyone is scared of radio lolz i mean Pragya’s aunty and what plan they have made to make her run from their home lets see weather they will get successful or not and wait i minute Pragya is having a secret really ! what is it ? to know about it stay tuned as you will get your answers extremely soon in few episodes itself so see ya till then enjoy this episode and leave your precious feed back and yes Sharaya rocking start sweety superb episode hope you killed that tanu and that budhiya too 😉 you know whom i am talking about lolz

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  1. Hai surbhi nice epi yaar….abhi having this much care for prags so nice to see… ?

  2. Nice episode.waiting for the next one.

  3. Angita

    Amazingly written and so funny the way radio watches serial and all and all .kaustaki is scared of mama ha.point noted loved it surbhi thanks for the treat of showing the serial .hmm actually surbhi I’m not a game of destiny fan as I never read it.would you mind giving me a short summary of game of destiny pls pls pls pls1

    1. SURBHI

      Agita i will advise you to read episode no 19 there is a short recap of the full episode from 1 to 18 and after that you can continue reading as only 20 21 22 episode no i have uploded yet and today i will upload episode no 23 🙂 hope it will be helpful for you dear

      1. Angita

        Thank you surbhi,that was very thoughtful of you and ya I will do it

  4. Surbhi….I can’t wait.I wanted to know pragya secret.Surbhi ik to ap itni interesting story likhti ho ke hum uss ko parh rahe hotey hai and jaha curiousty or barhti hai waha episode khatam.surbhi mujhe itna maza araha tha…….itni choti episode….But koi baat nahi…….Surbhi i just love abhi’s character and kaustuki…………And as usual episode was ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.Surbhi har bar itni (i have no words)episode deti ho na ke hur baar sochna parta hai kiya kahu………..Mujhe aisa lagta hai ke wo lafZ ap ki episode ke leye bohat chota hoga

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Hamesha ki tarah Ek dum Mast…….Kaustu is Sooooooooo Cuteeee yaar…….Abhi ko tho Vo phasadhiya……Poor Abhi…..I totally in Love with Abhi’s Character…… How he is trying to manage all these things are Have So much of Concern towards Pragya…..& Pragya Ki Secret!!! Really!!! Let’s see what’s that in Coming Episodes…… Anyway, I Enjoyed it a lotttttttttt…….????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Awesome episode yaar really superb bt in a home if there s a person who just trust tz astrology crap na it’s really a big headache for the other person really wat to say abt thm I realy don’t know I thk v HV to take those brain from their head n just washed it by using washing machine n then refit to tat place itself… Lolz??? otherwise give shock treatment to thm n make them to forget their past really soooo stupid bt thank God in my home no one s thr lk tat bt I saw those characters in my frds home coz of tat fellow my frd suffer a lotttttttttttt I got frustrated n b4 entering her house I vl ask whether tat lady s their if not only I used to visit coz I don’t HV control in my anger lk my frd do… Really crap waste thg…

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    Awesomeeeee diiiii i loved it nd kaustu s soo cute i love hr chactr nd abhi’s carng fr pragya i loved it egarllyyy waitng fr te nxt epiiiii dii

  9. Superbb ff abhi and hiis daughter kaustuki so sweet and cute their fights and their love for pragya so sweet awesome ff i love ur ff very much so nice i am excited to read yr next ff hav a nice day God bless u

  10. This kastu na she always gets me like this ???????? and abhi’s convo with her ????? and i love it when abhi calls kabir baba! It’s not new for me but still may be because mujhe pata nhi tha k you guys also use baba for father okay okay mujhe pata h k m pagal hun ?? epi was seri spectacular! Plan is something i m desperate for! Radio is someone i hate! Even abhi’s mom! Well that’s all part of story so let me enjoy everything especially abhi and his daughter’s bond! And kabir and kastu’s bond ? best!

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    Wow! What an amazing bonding of Abhi and Kaustuki! Its soooo goooooood??????????????????? I loved it???????????? After reading this epi half of my tiredness had vanished…..??? nxt time whenever I am tired I think i just read ur updates! Haha I like radio lol so its kind of something new to see radio talking???

  13. Vaishali

    Awesome episode Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Its soooo goooooood??????????????????? I loved it a lot diii ???????????? Awesomeeeee diiiii i loved it nd kaustu s soo cute it’s really a big headache when a person in a family beleives in astrology and hitting others also beleive it na i hate that dii awesome bonding of Abhi and Kaustuki! I totally in Love with Abhi’s Character coz of u only dii i started loving abhi much more abhi’s carng fr pragya i loved it egarllyyy waitng fr te nxt epiiiii dii love u loadzz muahhh

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    Oh m god di!! You are so awesome awesome awesome!!!! Because you never fails me to get like this ??????this episode was so so so so so so so so so so awesome awesome awesome I love the bond between abhi and kaustu. I’m eagerly waiting to know what secret is pragya hiding for that I have to wait for day after tomorrow 🙁 🙁 its okay because till that I can enjoy my another favourite ff games of destiny 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and yes I’ll kill that taju and I will kill that budhiya 9 times lol

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    Abhituki’s Bonding ……………………..Toooooooooooo BEST and Soooooooooooooo PERFECT !!!
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    Secret that pragya is hiding……hmm….To know it I need to wait for 2 days !!!
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    So U r hav really planned it so well Di !! I would now enjoy happily Travelling in 2 Different Worlds…………Happy Happy ….Being Happy Forever !! Love U Surbhi Di !!!

  16. Dii u r incredible day by day love u dii?????

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