Story of a Girl – Ragini (pt 8) by Aliya: will ragini gets saved??

Let’s begin…

Sanskar was shocked by the recent hpngs… As wat hpnd jst mins ago he just Can’t register it…
He looked at ragini he was more Shocked as Ragini was sleeping lifeless…
He held his cheek…
San; i m not understanding ragini are you fine… Or i just no now also i m feeling the pain..
At the time piya entered and sees him who was shocked and holding his cheek

Piya: wat hpnd sanskar???
San: slapped me
Piya: who??
San: ra..raa..ragini
Piya shocked+happy:wat?ragooo…
She goes to her
San: i don’t know.. She shakes me.. Bt she is
Piya checks her and sees the monitor
Piya: are you sure?
San: yes…
Piya:ragoo…ragoo…she held her hand..

Piya smiles through tears:its a positive sighn in her
San too smiles
Piya: wat u said to her that she slapped you..
San remembers saying bad abt swara..
San: woh kuch nahi..i was just saying college stories..
He crossed his finger (again a lie?)

Soon swaraj Comes there… Sanskar takes a leave from
Time passes…

Next day morning
Sanskar again comes

Sanskar sits near Ragini:u slapped me yesterday… Do u know it’s still paining
At the time piya comes: bechaara
San smiles sarcastically at piya
Piya:and today ragini is going back to Kolkata
San in a to of his voice: wat?
Piya looks at him weirdly: wat?? She’s going to her home..
San: hmm… He was sad… May be this was their last meet…

His eyes fall on something red colour which is spreading in the white bedsheet
Piya:oh no…hemorrhage

She shouts for nurse….

They takes her to ot

San was shocked… He runs behind them…

San stands outside the ot

San sees her in the glass…
He sees her..
Doctors were pumping her….
She breaths heavily

At the time swarag shemish comes and they were shocked

Sw: wat hpnd to her sanskar
San doesn’t know anything he was lost seeing Ragini
Sw crying:sanskar.. Wat hpnd to her?
At the the time piya comes
Piya:swara.. Ragini is having internal injuries… Its still not healed.. Thankgod it hapnd here.. if it hpns in ambulace may be it was impossible to save is advising that we should not take risk by shifting her to Kolkata..
Raj: bt piya
Piya: there’s no other way Raj.. we should not take her to Kolkata…
Raj nods
While shemish cries seeing their daughters state
Piya: aunty uncle.. Thankgod that she’s safe now.. And now u should not cry. Plz…

Days passed..
San used to come hospital daily.. He bonded with shemish rajpi and laksh.. By not swara.. Bcs he was somewhere scared of her glare.. He was scared that his truth may come out….

San use to share his every experience with lifeless ragini…he also used to tell bad abt swara.. Thinking that she vl react bt no response..

San: sweetheart… Don’t you get irritated by me.. So get up
San smiles: again i vl start.. Today if you slap me also i wont stop..aaj swara nahi aayi…i feel peace wn she is not here…i feel like she is a villain of our story..hai na..har jagah mujhpar shaq karti hai..i feel like she should be on cid…jungli ke jaise behave karti hai…mujhe aise dekhti hai jaise ki woh kabhi bhi mere khoon pi sakti hai…chudail kahi ki…oh god..why god is swara was the only girl to be sweetheart’s sister…u know wat she was best to be in gang of witches…chudail daayan….

Voice:aur kuch baaki hai…?
San turns and was shocked to see SWARA
Sw glares him
San murmurs: sweetheart save me somehow from this witch
Sw angrily: wat you said?

To be continued…..

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