Story: NeSam (DT2 Chapter 2)


Chapter-2 ( Drunk Guy)

Neil loosened his tie and sat glowering at his drink, the bar, a cheap pub, wasn’t at all had a speck of grandeur, glitz, and glamour around, the ones he usually goes for. He hadn’t had an ounce of interest to go for the high end streets. This cozy little place, away from the hustle and bustle of city, while he had been driving around aimlessly in his Camaro, had made him stop and reach out the serenity he was trying desparetely to take over his wrought out mind.

He flung back two scotch glasses in one go into his mouth, throwing back his head. It burned down his throat and dissipated into his blood. But, it did not dim his frantic thoughts.

The alcohol though how much he gulped down, did not replace the vacant light green eyes, that had been staring at him since a year. The glimmer in those eyes had always been his only solace but now, the emptiness of his hand and arms. The delicious wait and the smell of sweet lilacs remained just a desperate memory.

His jaw locked into a set, the depths of betrayal came altogether as a punch to his jaw. That deep, clawing, deceit he had been played into like a fool, did not fail to reel him back, with the affect of it

Samaira’s face brought back the demons that he had put to rest, they surf up in his mind always looking at her. His hand shook over the glass.

His hazy mind smiled a little, curving his lips into a wry one.

Years back when he had been a first time vistor to Rohan’s house, he was taken over with so much love and affection by his family. Neil never got it from his father or his mother.

He didn’t want to think about how he spent ages of his childhood, with his mother ignoring him for days, weeks, months and years. After he had turned thirteen, he did done caring about anything. Nor his parents seperating and getting a divorce, when he was seven, nor nothing. He had stopped bothering about them when he turned ten.

The first he saw Samaira, she was a sweet, cute little kid. Rohan was very protective of her and years went by, and he saw the sweet cute kid grow into a beautiful swan. Lovely. Innocent. Chirpy. Humorous. All things that he liked.

But, that was just a mask, wasn’t it. Of more a arrogant girl. Neil had always been hesitant for asking out girls, it was awkward since he was a teenager. He didn’t about letting it all out and laughing in mirth with any of them.

Suha had been a good friend of his. She was this teasing, gorgeous and easy going girl. But, she was just a friend after a date with her.

His memory reverted back to the past.

(She has turned eighteen)

Neil waited outside the door for Suha to come outside. She was taking so much time to get ready. It had always been the case with her. It was only to hang out, but she always makes a diva business altogether.

Neil fumed waiting.

As he knocked the door four times already, when he was about to knock it one more time…he saw a flurry of movement by the other room.

Red flutter ran again, with much fast movements. Neil moved forward and reached the room.

He froze by the door, when he saw an almost naked back, a short mini, deep coloured crimson dress come into view

The hair was pulled up in a ponytail, hair colour burgandy red, swung around to and fro.

Samaira? Was it her?

Of course, it’s her. This was her room.

“Ugh! Mom, can you zip up my dress. I can’t reach it. I’m getting late. Please.” She said frustratedly over her slim shoulder, without fully turning around.

Neil stood there like a fool, his eyes glued to her back, running his gaze all over the porcelain skin.

“Mom! Come on, now. Will you make me late for this day. You know I’ll be turning eighteen tomorrow, and my friends planned an earlier party…Oh, god, look at the time….” She kept mumbling on.
Neil jerked up, and moved forward slowly. He stood behind her, clenching and unclenching his hands. He shook his head. You f**k head! It’s your best friend’s little sister that you’re perving on.

He took hold of the zipper that was down on her hips, she was clutching the dress to her front, on her chest.

Neil felt his breath hitch up, he closed his eyes and pulled it up, being careful not to touch her or her inviting, deliciously soft skin.

He zipped up on the top and hooked the dress tight. His eyes opened as he expelled out a deep shaken breath.

“Oh, thank god, finally….” She started chirpily and turned around.

Her face turned to his. The fresh spark on her now red luscious mouth and light mascara filled eyed shined and smiled in a rosy hue.

Neil’s gaze slid on the make up, eyes, cheeks, lips, slender neck and ears dangled with white stones. His gaze travelled down and froze altogether, seeing beautiful long legs, narrowed waist and hips…

Damn, since when did she hide such a beautiful curvaceous body in those tasteless sweaters and sweatpants. Why?

His body started reacting for the first time to her. He was baffled by the intensity of it.

She was staring up at him shocked, he avoided her gaze, for fear of he didn’t know what she will see in his eyes. The deep darkness. But it unsettled him time and again time, when she stared at him always. At the dinning table, In the hall when he hung out with Rohan.
When she thought that he wasn’t looking at her, she made sure to look at him. Constantly. And when he glanced around, she avoided his eyes and put them on something else. Completely ignoring him. Which he immensly despised it. He liked her eyes on him.

Now, looking at her this close. Feeling her this close. Taking in her softness. Taking in her chirpiness. Taking in the rosy hue of youth on hers cheeks, lips and hair. God, he wanted her. He wanted her with a vengeance.

The serenity of the silence and beating of his heart and moving of his chest vibrated around. His hand raised, on impulse, He removed the locks that fell over her shoulder, over the red shimmery dress. His fingers froze a whisper of touch on her neck.

He heard a sharp intake of breath. He travelled his fingertips to touch the soft creaminess.

His gaze travelled too, down on the one lovely shoulder blade, in a try to remove a stuck strand.

He moved real closer, moving down his finger, his gaze locked obsessively on the moving of his sliding forefinger over her heated skin. Lovely peachy skin.

He reached the area where the dress hung low on her front. His other hand clenched. His breath shortened. Wanting his lips to fall on the skin and taste it. Again and again and again. Quenching his never ending thirst. He was now looking incessantly over her red luscious panting breath of lips. Her eyes closed tight. He leaned in. Almost. Down to her lips. His finger pressing deeper, sliding up again and down, touching her red fiery hair that fell on her shoulders.

But just as about, he was about to kiss her, Suha’s sharp voice travelling into his ears jumped him away from her.

Both of them jumped away. He spun around to face Suha.

She was standing there, dressed in pink, her arms folded together.

“What?” He asked., his voice husky, deep, rumbly, affected and weak.

f**k it, what was he about to do? Shit! He was about to kiss her? How did that happen.

Suha scowled at him standing by the door.

“I said, I was ready.” She hissed, then she walked upto him and put her hand on his bicep, and circled her slender hand on both of his arms.

“Lets, go.” She hissed, Neil dazed turned around too.

Suha dragged him to the door, but she paused and turned around.

“And, Sam, change into something that can get your body in it. The dress looks like it would rip off. It’s so horrible on you…..oh yes, wear that baggy white dress that would hide all that fat…..alright, Sweety.” She said saccharine sweetly.

Neil closed his eyes. He didn’t want to turn around to face her now……

f**k, what did he do…..

……From the fog of the memories, Neil’s head cleared out and came into the present. He stood up unsteady from the bar stool and tottered about, putting money on the counter he walked faster unsteady on ground…..


Haha, take that romance….hmm Neil and Sam past bohot hai….it wil come back in flashes and there is another girl with soooo much more history. Sam reminds him of her. Love is veryyyyyyyyyyy farrrr to come to themmmmmm, dearieessss πŸ˜€

Love u alllll πŸ˜€

plssssss read and tel guys, comment karona…kyunke i wouldnt know if am going on the right track…plsss


til den keep smiling my loveliessss πŸ˜€


Hate Suha very much:/ Do u to?!?!?!?

Credit to: kfar

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