A Story of Love and Revenge(Naagin+Kawach) Part:3 & 4

Thanks Siddhi,Lucky, RSTHEFFWRITER,Jasmine,Riya,Shrinjal, Ragini,Rithik and all for giving love to all for giving love to this fan fiction. and its part 3 and 4 on Rithik’s request. Let’s start.
Recap: Shivanya agree for marrying rithik, Rajbeer gives keys to swalika,
Shivanya holds Ankush’s hand, Swalika opens saudamini’s grave lock.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ 3

The episode starts in Old haveli. Pari says Kaira! How can you do that? Swalika say first, stop failing me kaira, I’m Swalika, daughter of witch.
Pari says what???? Swalika says yes. Saudamini says yes, she sid saying truth. Now, we take revenge from those Bundelas and Rahejas. Pari says What they have done with you? because of that you’ll take revenge. Saudamini says if you’re dare to listen then listen truth, FB starts….
Saudamini enters raheja house. she starts black magic on viren. Chhaya come to know about Saudamini. She calls Hera. Saudamini runs from there. FB ends.
Pari says how can you fall so low that you want another man who is already married. Saudamini says why we have to tolerate that pain? Pari says all women lose name because of women like you. Pari spits on Saudamini. Saudamini says oh! so you’ll tell me that I’m like that! Pari says yes you’re like that!
Shivanya says firstly, I was servant of this house and now, I’m daughter-in-law of this house and can’t see that anyone torture my mother-in-law or any other woman either he is you or anyone else. Ankush says live in your limits. Yamini says you live in your as…. Ankush says just shut up and leave.
Rivanya leaves and enters their room. Rithik says Shivanya. shiavna turns and says yes, say. Rithik trys to romance with Shivanya but Shivanya stops him and says I just married you as your mother has favours on me and it will take sometime. Rithik sleeps while shiavmaya wakes up. She sid shocked to see Manjauliaka. Manjauliaka says oh! you’re thinking that i’m here,yes, I want to take revenge from that Ramya but I’ve not a body, so , FB starts….
Shivanya is seen going to Mandir. She sees a beggar type woman here. She goes to her. She sid none other than Manjauliaka. Manjauliaka says you’re marrying, can I come to see your marriage from a far?Shivanya says yes. Manjauliaka says can I come? Shivanya says of course, you can come. Manjauliaka says see, if there’s is no problem to anyone, Shivanya says ,yes you can but why you want to see just marriage because you always ask people for money. Manjauliaka says I get happiness, seeing someone’s marriage. Manjauliaka thanks her. Manjauliaka sees marriage from far. Shivanya smiles seeing her. FB ends.
Pari say what of our family, what they’ve does to you,why you want to destroy them? Saudamini continues saying because,FB starts….
Saudamini enters bundela house as a servant. Saudmini starts dancing and entertaining haveli guests. She controls Jagath with her black magic.
Janki comes to know about that and asks saroj for Help, Saroj says only chaya knows who can kill them. Chaya says Hera Ji can help us.
Chaya then stabs Saudamini, Janki, Jagad, Kamo dadi, saroj and Viren and Saudamini dies saying she will not spare them. Heera tells Saudamini’s soul will not leave body till 2 days and will come back to destroy them, so she will call her guru . Guru comes and with yagna gets key and lock from havan and they all lock Saudamini’s body in den. Kamo dadi keeps keys in mandir and thinks Now, no evil spirit or human can know about this. FB ends.
Saudamini says my Manjauliaka will take revenge from viren and chaya and I’ll take revenge from that jadad ,janki,kamo dadi and saroj. Swalika says and I’ll take revenge from guru and Hera and smirks.
They evil laugh. Pari says Rajbeer, let’s go! Swalika says no! Pari says no! you come her with your wish but will leave with my wish. She starts using her powers.
Hera comes with her guru and says when evil comes, truth too comes to defeat evil. Guru asks Rajri to leave.Rajri leaves. Saudamini ask Swalika to fight with them and she wants to go as her powers are weak,now. Swalika says don’t worry,I’ll fight with them. Saudamini leaves. Guru takes out some type ash and spells. He throws it on Swalika. Swalika dies saying A eavil spirit can’t die easily and turns in ash. Guru asks Hera to leave. Hera says OK! they leave.
Shivanya says what you’ll do now? Manjauliaka says I’ll enter your body. Shivanya says but from which and why you want revenge? Manjauliaka says from Ramya,FB starts….
Manjauliaka and Saleish are seen. Manjauliaka think only one time I enter in that house, I’ll take my mother’s revenge. Ramya comes and sees them. She separates them and shoot Manjauliaka with gun. Manjauliaka dies. Ramya confronts Saleish and ask him to leave. Ramya is then safe as police can’t find Manjauliaka’s dead body.FB ends.
She enters in Shivanya’s body. She goes to Ramya’s room. She lifts Ramya Ramya in air and says Your time is over. you’ll die today. Ramya asks her to leave her. Ramya says it means you are naagin. Manjauliaka in Shivanya’s body says I don’t know who the naagin is,now? but remember; you shoot that girl and then safe because police dont find her body. Ramya is hocked hearing this. Ramya falls. Shivanya/Manjauliaka checks her heartbeat. She thinks One is die today, others will die soon.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ 4
In morning,
The episode starts in Bundela house. Rajri comes. Dadi says Pari and Rajbeer, How does this happen? Pari tells her. Dadi says I’m calling Hera. Pari says I’ve already call her. Hera comes and says I’m there. Pari says Please, help us. Hera says it have a solution but….
Pari says but what? Hera asks her to form with her. She goes with Hera. Hera says you’ve To go to shiv mandir. There , yogi raj and guru dev will tell you a solution. and here, I and guru Ji will do a sadhna and get powers to kill all of them. Pari says OK! I’ll go now. Hera says, not now! at night. Pari says OK! Hera say we have to kill them soon otherwise their powers will increase and they will destroy all of us. Pari says I will be kawach of my family. I can’t let them do anything to my family. Hera says come. They come in hall. Hera says we’ve to leave. Dadi says but…. Pari says let them leave, I tell you. Guru and Hera leaves. Pari tells them. Dadi says but how will you go alone. Pari says I can do anything for my family,don’t worry.
Shivanya wakes up. She recalls yesterday’s incident. She thinks is all right, I’ve to see! She goes downstairs. all are seen happy. Tanvi says I go to mom! She enters Ramya’s room and shouts. All goes there and are shocked. Ankush says see, one more is killed. We’ve to something. Yes, Guru Maa can help us. Ramya and Saleish’s Last rights will happen till evening. they does Saleish and Ramya’s last rights.
In evening, Rahjas leave. They reach Guru Maa’s cave. Shivanya trispes to enter her cave but can’t. guru Maa says Are you naagin as naagin can’t enter in this cave. Manjauliaka comes to Shivanya. Shivanya thinks today she will help me. Manjauliaka says I’m thinking of coming in your body, see , I’m coming. Manjauliaka enters in Shivanya’s body.
Manjauliaka/Shivanya enters cave and says is I’m naagin? Guru Maa says no! Guru Maa gives them rings and says these will protect you from naagins. Yamini throws ring in havan and says I do not need a ring, because I have does nothing, I’m not afraid of anything as I trust on god, lord shiv will protect me. Keep you ring with you. and Rithik if you’re my son then don’t take that rings. Rithik says OK! and asks Shivanya/Manjauliaka to do same. Manjauliaka/Shivanya thinks if I don’t do that, there will be a doubt in their minds andi can tlet this happen and says OK!
Pari thinks Today, I’ve to be kawach of my family. I’ll destroy those evil spirits. Rajbeer comes and says Pari! can I form with you? Rajri’s tune plays. Pari says Hera ji ask me to go alone and I don’t want to take risk. Rajbeer says OK!
Saudamini comes in old haveli. She says Bhaironath and Hera turn you into ash. I can’t change you into lplike you used to be but can change you into a soul.She spells and blows towards ash. Ash turns into Swaliaka’s soul. Swalika shouts I’m back, I’ll take revenge from Hera and Bhaironath. They will die by My hands. Saudamini says I’ll kill Jagad today. He’ll die today And smirks.
She goes to bundela house and reaches near jagad. She take a knife and stabs jagad. Pari sees and shouts papa! all comes. Saudamini spthinks let them show their feelings on this death and leaves. All cry. Pari says Papa is no more. Rajbeer says, I’ll not spare them , Pari says they are evil spirits, you do papa’s last rights. I’ll go shiv mandir soon.
Rahejas come home. Rivanya comes in their room. Rithik says I get fresh and leaves. Manjauliaka comes out of Shivanya’s body. Manjauliaka says how are you feeling? Shivangi says Why are you doing this? Manjauliaka says for revenge! but tell me why you can’t enter in that cave? Shivanya says mind on your own business. Manjauliaka says there’s a big secret which you don’t want to tell me . Tell me! otherwise I’ll kill your Rithik! Shivanya shouts no! don’t do anything to Rithik! Manjauliaka says oh! oh! too much love for Pati! Shivanya says just get lost! Manjauliaka says OK! but only 2 hours. Enjoy yourself! She leaves. Shivanya thinks Is Manjauliaka was saying right? is I’m in love with Rithik?
Shesa comes and says who was she? Shivanya tells her. Shesa says it means, its a night ,you can get free from her. Shivanya says what? Shesa says this night, Shiv Ji will give us vardaan, which we want, today snake’s skin will appear on their body.
Shivanya says but who will be here in my place? Shesa says she will be in your place of you! Shivanya says oh! Both smiles.

Precap: Aaliya goes to Nikhil. Manjauliaka kills Ankush. Tanu shoots Pragya. Shivanya and Shesa sees Pari.

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