A Story of Love and Revenge(Naagin+Kawach) Part:2

Thanks Jasmine, RSTHEFFWRITER,siddhi, Sara, Rithik,zain,Farah,shagun and all for giving love to this fan fiction. Let start Part 2.

Recap: Rithik and Tanvi’s marriage,Rajri’s Sangeet,Shesa and Shivanya kill Saleish,Manjaulika’s entry.

The Episode starts in Raheja house. All leaves. Yamini says to Rithik to stop. Rithik says what happened Maa, is all OK? Yamini says what will OK! if you don’t marry till 12:00, your Markesh dosh will start, no, I can’t this happen! Rithik says what we do now! Yamini says I’ve an idea. you go to mandir. I’m coming. Rithik leaves.
Yamini goes to Shivanya. Shivanya says you!is everything OK! Yamini says you will think I’m taking your life’s big decision but I’m thinking as a mother. Shivanya says so! Yamini says marry my son, Rithik. Shivanya thinks how can I refuse as its my mission. Shivanya says you’ve favours on me , how I can refuse? Yamini says OK! then come to Mandir. Shivanya says OK!
Swalika says Now,I’ll control Rajbeer and we know where are keys of grave, so its not difficult for us to find Keys. She does black magic and controls Rajbeer. Rajbeer get control by Swalika. Rajbeer goes to his house mandir and get keys from mandir. Pari sees him. Rajbeer comes outside. Pari comes following him. Pari sees him sitting in car. She says Rajbeer. Rajbeer ignores her and leaves. Pari too follows him. Rajbeer enters old haveli and goes to Swalika. Manjaulika smirks. Swalika says manjaulika! you’ve a work too there. A voice comes from grave, I’ve see , marriage will soon start there, go immediately. Manjauliaka leaves. Rajbeer gives Swalika keys. Swalika says its not only keys, its your independence keys,it will create a storm in Bundelas and Rahejas life. She spells and blows towards Rajbeer. Rajbeer falls.

Shivanya reaches Mandir. Rithik smiles. Marriage starts. Pundit says Mantars. pundit says who will do Kanyadaan? Rithik says Maa. Yamini says I’ll and do kanyadaan. Shivanya sees outside and smiles. Phere starts. Rivanya completes phere. pundit asks Rithik to make shivanaya wear Mangalsutra. Rithik does and Rithik then puts sindoor in Shivanya’s hairline. pundit asks them to take their elders’ aashirwaad. They take yamini’s aashirwaad. Yamini bless them. They leave.
Yamini reaches home. All are seen crying. All see at Yamini. Rithik comes. Shivanya comes in veil in BRIDAL dress. Tanvi says who is she? Yamini says take off your veil. Shivanya takes off her veil. Tanvi and all are shocked.Ankush comes to Yamini and says what is this? on 1side , Saleish is dead and on the other side, you’ve make them marry! Yamini says Everyone has to pay for for their deeds. Ankush tries to slap her but shivanya holds his hand, Ankush sees Shivanya.

Swalika says Maa! I’m to open your grave’s lock. A voice comes yes, you’ll open this lock. Swalika opens lock of grave. Smoke appears around the grave. Swalika says maa! Saudamini appears. Saudamini tune plays. She shouts Saudamini is back. I’ll take revenge from those rahejas and bundelas. Pari enters haveli. Pari sees Rajbeer unconscious and runs towards Rajbeer. Swalika and Saudamini sees pari. Swalika says let give her Rajbeer back. She spells and blows towards Rajbeer. Rajbeer wakes up. Pari says Rajbeer and hugs him. Rajbeer says How I come here? Pari says I see you leaving from house and I follow you. Swalika says Because I call her. Pari sees at Swalika.

Screen freezes on Pari,Shivanya, Swalika and Ankush.

Precap: Ramya shoots Manjauliaka.

Hera enters.

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  1. Siddhi

    Amazing update asap

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      RSTHEFFWRITER is author of mohabbatein

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  4. Jasminerahul

    oh so swalika controlled rajbeer with black magic n got keys n released soudamini from d grave.oh…duno what she n majaulika will do now.pari rajbeer hug was emotional.yamini got shivanya married 2 rotik 2 save his life.y did yamini say that evetyone has 2 pay 4 theirr deeds?Does she know that shailesh n ankush r killers?loved shivanya stopping ankush from slapping yamini.plz add rajbeer pari n rivanya scenes

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine. I’ll try to add rajri’s scenes.

  5. Ramya.riya

    Nice episode….

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  6. So nice!

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  8. Have a request please update part 3 and 4 together you did like in kkb, and yes add rivanya scenes. Ff is rocking day by day.

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      Thanks Rithik and OK! I’ll update 2 parts.

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