A Story of Love and Revenge(Naagin+Kawach) Part: 6

Thanks RSTHEFFWRITER,Ragini,Lucky, Jasmine,Mini,Durga,Rithik,Sara and all for reading and giving such a good response for mahasangham.
Please accept that Shakti,Natasha and Tipsy from kawach are not included in my fan fiction. Sorry if i hurt your feelings. Let’s start Part 6.

Recap: Shivanya and Shesa saves Pragya and Aaliya and kill Nikhil,Pari is naagin,Shivanya ,Shesa and Pari fight with Saudamini, Swalika and Manjauliaka, Tanu brainwashes Abhi.

The episode starts in Shiv Mandir. Shivanya tells Yogi Raj about Swalika,Manjauliaka and Saudamini. Shesa says guru Dev ,Pari is naagin. Yogi Raj says What? Shivanya says yes, And tells about pari skin changing into snake skin. Pari says please yogi Raj tell me my reality.Yogi Raj says so listen, FlashBack
Shivanya’s mother gives birth to three kids. Shivanya’s father comes and says what will be the names of our kids. Shivanya’s mother signs to Shivanya and says this one will be name,Shivanya. Shivanya’s father signs to Shesa and says She will be named, Shesa. Shivanya’s mother signs to third one and says I’ll decide this one’s name. Shivanya’s father says OK! Shivanya’s mother says Pari.

Shivanya says what happened then? Yogi Raj says Remember Shivanya, You was seeing your parents’ death scene and was consoling a girl like you who was weeping! Shivanya recalls the scene. Shivanya says yes, Guru Dev signs to Shesa and says they were taking you. Shesa says yes. Yogi Raj says Shivanya try to save you. Pari says then what happened! Yogi Raj continues saying,
your parents’ murders take that girl who was weeping instead of Shesa and that girl try to save herself but fall from cliff, And then your parents’ murderers leave from there, Pari says then that girl dead or…. Yogi Raj says The girl which fall from cliff, was you,Pari. Pari looks at Shesa and Shivanya in shock. Trio hug. Shivanya says Shiv Ji has give us our sister back. Shesa says yes Shivanya. Pari says I’ve no words to thank Shiv Ji,He give my sisters back. Pari says but why poison can’t effect me???? Guru Dev says Because your poison is more powerful than that poison.

All Naagin/Naagin come. Shivanya says the time for which we was waiting has come. Shivanya ,Shesa and Pari do Shiv Tandav. Shiv Ji appears. Shivanya says Shiv Ji, give me vardaan,so I gat free from that evil spirit and kill her. Light falls on Shivanya from Shiv Ji’s hand. Pari says Shiv Ji, Give me powers to kill that Saudamini and Swalika. Light too falls on Pari.

Shesa says Shiv Ji, I’ve no-one in this world except my sisters, I want to help them ,I protect them,Give me powers to protect them from every problem. Shiv Ji says you can lost your own life, Shivanya says Shesa says no Shesa, we don’t want to lost you. Shesa says I’m ready. Pari says no Shesa. Light falls on Shesa. Naagin tune plays.

Shesa says now ,every problem have to face me before going to my sisters. Pari says Shesa, your life is too important for us. Shivanya says however our life is longer than humans but we have to fave problems too. Pari says Now, our mission is to destroy our parents’ murderers and those evil spirits. Shesa, Shivanya and Pari join their hands. Pari says let’s go. Shivanya says Shesa, will you come???? Shesa says of course. Trio turns into sanke and leaves.

In Raheja House….
Rithik gets call and picks. He says OK. He goes to Yamini and says Suri Uncle is coming tomorrow. Yamini says OK! and thinks all murderers are coming to their death on their own risk. She says what of Anky Ji???? Rithik says we’ll do his last rituals.
Shivanya/Rainaa turns into Rainaa, and thinks because of me, Shivanya’s father-in-law is dead. How will I face her???? I know she give importance to relations. What I’ll answer her. She save my life but I can’t….
Shivanya comes with Shesa and Pari. Trio tuns into human. Shivanya says thanks Rainaa for helping me. Rainaa says but who is she???? Shesa says she is our sister. Rithik comes. All are shocked seeing him.
Screen freezes on Rivanya, Rainaa,Shesa and Pari.

Precap: Rithik says you’re a naagin! Saudamini appears.

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  3. Jasminerahul

    what a twist!pari is d lost sis of shivanya n sesha.tandav was superb.the sisters joined 2gether 2 destroy evils.thats nice.ritik saw their real form?how will he react?
    Naagins shivanya n pari have their soulmate.but sesha is single.plz give someone 2 sesha also

  4. Ramya.riya

    Very nice episode… even pari is a naagin..wow…

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    Nice ! But write in dialogue way

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